Jo's Fall from Grace

by In2thisshit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A follow up to the introduction of my two friends, Jo and Mike. In this story Jo struggles with the guilt of giving herself to the family pet. Then Jo experiences an epiphany. Life for the two changes. Cum along for the ride.

What had I done? Oh my god, I cannot believe that I willingly had sex with our family pet... and enjoyed it. Maybe that is the source of all this turmoil inside of me. Had I had submitted to Mike's deviate fantasy and was sickened, then maybe this guilt would disappear. But no! I had enjoyed the little beast pounding his hard cock into my wet cunt over and over. Now when I see our dog Pepper as he trots around the house, my eyes fall to his furry sheath as it wiggles beneath his belly. Then the yearning rises within me followed by the crushing weight of my guilt.

What is happening to me? My thoughts drift back to that night and I recall vividly the pale flesh of his doggie cock as it first appeared. Naked and dripping as it pushed into view from it's furry covering. How that pornographic scene caused my heart to beat faster with forbidden excitement! I was spellbound as it became engorged with canine lust. I remember the overwhelming lust I felt deep in my cunt as I watched his hardening cock throb with every beat of his heart. As it oozed it's clear cum from the pointed tip of his cock permeating the night air with its musky scent. Most of all, I still can feel the powerful thrusts as he rutted his doggie cock into my hot and oh so willing cunt. My cunt juices up every time I relive the memory of that night. What am I going to do? I am too ashamed of my feelings to talk about them with the man I love and their isn't anyone else I can go to. How could I? I know that I am sick and perverted but I did enjoy the sex visited on my body that fateful night. I am afraid that Mike thinks me truly a disgusting slut that is unworthy of his love anymore. What am I going to do?

The weekend following that night found Mike and I simply going thru the motions of family life. It seemed all so mechanical. Do this, clean that, feed everyone, and try to pull myself together. Ah, but that was the problem. I could not make sense of my actions of that night. The kids could sense something was wrong but thank god they had the good sense not to pry. It was painfully obvious that we were avoiding one another since Mike and I hardly spoke to one another during those initial days. Judging by our fitful attempts at sleep, I would say we both were struggling with demons during the nights as well. Neither of us seemed willing to speak of what we had done so we were left to sorting out our feeling alone. It has been a struggle trying to separate the euphoric feelings of the sexual high I experienced from the mind numbing guilt that has followed. So without anyone to talk too, all these emotions raging within me are tearing me apart. What am I to do? Where am I to turn?

By that following Monday morning, my battles had taken their toll on me. I was exhausted from another fitful night's sleep. Mike had just left for work and the kids had dashed off to school as I sat down to finish my cup of coffee. Pepper was barking and running about, as is his norm. Terrier's are a hyper breed and it is just part of their nature to be excitable so I thought nothing of his actions. I studied the morning newspaper but after reading the same story for the third time, I put it down. As I raised my cup of luke warm coffee to my lips, Pepper bounded up into my lap and shower my face with kisses. Okay, now he had my attention.

"Okay, Pepp! Let me go change clothes and I'll take you for a walk in the park."

Pepper followed me into the bedroom and bounced up onto our king-size bed. He lay there watching my every move. I stripped my bathrobe off my body and standing in front of the mirror, I ran my hands over my naked flesh and wondered what had changed. My tits are still round and weigh heavy in my hands. My nipples are still sensitive and to prove that I teased them and they hardened at my touch. Mmmmm, I love how that feels! My tummy isn't flat anymore like when I was a teen beauty but my "peter-belly," as Mike calls it, isn't unattractive. True my hips now have a much more pronounced flair but still I think they are sensuous. "What do you think Pepper? Am I still a desirable woman?" I looked over my shoulder to find his head cock at angle as if intently listening to my ramblings. I also noticed that he had been grooming himself. The pink tip of his cock was visible and it was wet and thick and it was getting harder and longer. My eyes were locked onto the obscene vision as more of my pet's cock slipped into view. "Mmmmmmm," a moan broke from my lips as my fingers found their way to my hot dripping cunt.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my confused mind I wondered, was it really Mike that forced me to submit to bestial sex or have I simply been repressing these awful urges all my life. Am I really a slut? Upon thinking about it, I decided that it would be simple to find out the truth. I could walk over to the bed and lay down and prove that I am not capable of such sick and depraved sexual urges.

As if in a trance, I slowly approached the bed where Pepper rested. He snapped to attention scrutinizing my approach. He watched intently as I lay back on the unmade surface and opened my thighs in invitation. His eyes locked onto my exposed sex as I ran my finger thru my labia displaying myself obscenely for my pet. Why was I surprised to find myself so excited? Pepper moved cautiously between my thighs and sniffed my sex. I told myself that I could... and would stop this perverse act before it got out of control. Pepper's tasted my sex with a tentative little lick and his hot tongue struck me like a thunderbolt. "Ohhhhh... damn... nooooo!" My body was responding but my emotions still raged in conflict. A voice screamed in my head to jump from the bed and stop this perverse act. I struggled with my demon but I knew that I had lost as Pepper's tongue licked the length of my hot cunt. I had my answer!

I pulled me legs up to my chest now giving Pepper complete access to my dripping cunt and he buried his tongue deep in my hot hole. It sent shock waves of pleasure coursing thru my body and I enjoyed it. A pornographic fantasy took form in my mind. In my fantasy I am a sex slave and I must submit to this bestial perversion. I reached above my head and held onto the headboard seeing my wrists bound tightly so that I could not escape. People watched as my body was ravaged by this creature. I wasn't willingly giving myself over to the beast. I was forced! I moaned and cried out as Pepper nibbled at my clit as his tongue licked deep into my wet sex. "Ohhhhh, Master your slut is soooo hot! Is this pleasing you?" I envisioned Mike allowing all of our friends to watch me sink into depravity. They stood surrounding the bed as the wicked act unfolded before them. "Master, are all of our friends are watching your slut-wife as she gives herself to this beast? Are you pleased Master? Oh Master my cunt feels sooo fucking good... oh, yes... oh, yesssssss!"

Pepper's wondrous tongue took me higher and higher. I knew my body was very excited and so very hot. Still I was surprised when my orgasm swept over me with such suddenness. Pepper's oral assault on my vagina continued unabated as wave after wave of pleasure pushed me toward a stronger cum. My muscles were tightening as I strained to achieve a glorious release. "Yessssss... now... cumminggggg... now!" My body contorted in pleasure as the tremors of ecstasy rolled thru me. Pepper pushed his snout tight against my flooding cunt and his tongue licked at me furiously so as not to lose a single drop of my essence. This pushed me to even greater heights of joy. "Noooooooooo... can't... take... anyyyyyy... moreeeeeee! Stop pleaseeeee!" But of course Pepper was driven by his animal lust and was unwilling to stop.

My body's energy reserves were sapped and muscles began cramping and knotting. I needed Pepper to stop but my hands were tied above my head and the fantasy audience was crying for more. My helpless body gave them what they wanted, another orgasm. "Ohhhhhhh... yesssss... cumminggggg... moreeeee!" I was drained of all energy and could not hold my legs up any longer. I slumped into the bed, exhausted.

Pepper was agitated that his source of delicious pussy juice was denied him. He growled at me to show his annoyance but I had little reserve left. He became angry and nipped at my cunt in a show of dominance. "Ouch, Pepper! Don't bite Mommy!" But he was lost to his bestial passion. He bared his teeth and growled menacingly. "Okay, baby. Come get your pussy!" Resigned, I opened my thighs as wide as I could allowing Pepper access once again. Pepper sensing my submission stepped onto my belly and slammed his hard doggie cock into my hot cunt.

"Urrrrrggggghhhhh!" He buried himself to his furry sheath on the first brutal stroke and held himself against my vaginal opening. I was startled by his suddenness and unprepared for the depth his hard cock reached. My body was thrilled as the hard cock buried within me literally vibrated as he cock flexed it deep inside of my twat. I looked down the length of my sweaty body, into my dog's dark eyes and told him, "Yes, lover! Fuck meeeeeee! Fuck this slut hard babyyyy! Use my cunt! Fill me with your hot cum!" Pepper seemed to understand my foul words and began rutting his cock into my dripping cunt with bestial fury. His little body pounded into my cunt with jackhammer strokes. His powerful hammering instantly took me to the brink once again. "Yessssss... fuck meeeee! Fuck meeee! Fuck meeee! Fuck meeee!" I wailed my perverse needs at the top of my lungs.

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