Sampling My Neighbor, Gina

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom doesn't take long to notice his new sexy neighbor, Gina. She's gorgeous but a bit small in the breast area. He decides to find out how sexy Gina is and is more than rewarded.

Chapter 1

Gina's a very interesting woman -- she's about medium height, very pretty and has beautiful brunette hair and two attractive children. She has a great personality but the only thing that's sort of unusual about Gina is that she's rather small-breasted. I'd say that for a woman in her middle 30's, Gina's got a decent A-cup set of breasts but nothing more. On occasion, she'll wear something that makes her look slightly larger -- a padded bra or a tight-fitting top that accentuates her bust size, but there's no question that in the breast department, Gina isn't all that big. But, what she might lack in the tit area, Gina makes up for in her overall sexiness and sensuality.

Gina has a very bubbly and overtly sexy personality. Just being around her seems to always give me a hardon and I love just being in her company and feeling horny and wanting to take her by the hand and lead her to the nearest bedroom. Well, about two weeks ago, I had just that opportunity. We were having a party at the home of a couple we all socialized with. Gina and her husband had come to the party and she was looking particulary hot and very sexy. Her top was a white cotton top that did nothing to disguise the shape and style of the bra she was wearing underneath. Given Gina's rather smaller breasts, she can wear sexy hot demi-bras that many women would probably fall out of. Not Gina. Her A-cup breasts were nicely displayed and very sexy looking inside the bra and under the material of what she'd worn to the party that night. She also had on a short skirt and then a pair of nice sandals. Just the outfit for one of those early spring evenings when it's warm than usual for that time of year. While Gina's got a rather small bust, her whole body is very nicely proportional and she's very obviously a mature and very sexy woman. For one thing, Gina's got a very nicely rounded and shaped ass -- oh yeah, it just makes you want to cup both cheeks in your hands and pull her close to you.

At this party, I found myself in Gina's general area of the room more than usual, and it seemed like no time at all that she and I were exchanging very sexually-laden banter back and forth. I'd noticed earlier that her husband had wandered off to another part of the living room, and I allowed myself to start fantasizing what it would be like to lead Gina off into some part of the house and have a hot sexy quickie with her while everyone else, including her husband, were busy chatting up each other. I noticed that Gina began looking hotter than normal and in a matter of only minutes, I could see that her nipples had grown hard and erect underneath her top and were very plainly poking out through her bra and the top she was wearing. I loved that. She seemed to realize her nipples were aroused too, and didn't mind it that I knew. I loved that.

At one point, I asked Gina if she'd ever fucked another man besides her husband. She laughed very sexily and said that would be for me to find out -- that she "never fucked and told". I knew from her answer that the answer must be "Yes" and I wondered then if it was possible for me to take my sexy fantasy into something much more closely resembling reality. I decided to try a really obscure approach and see if Gina would take my bait. "Hey, Gina, have you ever been on a tour of this house?" I asked. She immediately replied, "Yes, I've been her a couple of times, do you want me to show you around?" And without waiting for my response, Gina took my hand and started leading me from where we'd been talking down to a nearby stairway that led up to the floor where the bedrooms where predominantly located.

I could feel my cock growing so hard and so thick as I felt Gina's soft hand taking hold of mine that I could hardly walk, knowing anyone seeing us would see the huge growing lump of hard cock in my groin. I just hoped wherever Gina led me, that we'd get there quickly out of the sight of the mass of people present at the party. I didn't have to worry; Gina seemed to have sex on her mind too and she turned into the first empty bedroom we came to, pushing the door closed behind us.

Seeing the way was clear for us to do something very sexually adventurous and exciting, I took Gina in my arms, pulling her lips close to mine and I began kissing her hotly. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. Here I was standing with Gina in my arms, her sexy body next to mine, and I thought I knew precisely where our little liaison was leading to. I could feel even Gina's small breasts pressed tightly against my chest, and I reached down, cupping the nicely rounded cheeks of her ass in my hand while I allowed my other hand to move up between our bodies, closing completely over the rounded curve of her breast.

"I want you, Tom," Gina moaned quietly as she thrust her pelvis towards my hardening cock. "I want to feel that big hunk of hardness you've got growing in your crotch between the tightness of my horny pussy," she moaned and I took the blatant hints she was sending, moving into instant action.

Feeling my cock pressing tightly against the confines of my pants, I moved my hand down, grabbing a handful of Gina's skirt in my hand and pulling it up towards her waist. Then, I slid my hand down inside the rear of the bikini panties she was wearing, closing my warm muscular palm over the smooth coolness of her naked flesh under my touch. As I stood there with my hand on Gina's naked skin, I felt her moving her hand in between us and she quickly had unfastened my belt, and my pants, pulling them down off my thighs towards my knees. She wanted my cock naked, ready for action, and mentally and physically I was more than ready to fuck her.

I reached up between Gina's chest and mine, closing my hand over her breast and firmly squeezing the nice firm flesh of her tit. She moaned hotly as she felt me squeezing her breast and then I reached down, pulling my pants and my briefs down well below my knees, allowing my cock to be exposed naked and erect within her reach. Gina's hand closed over the throbbing length of my hot manhood and I slid my hand down to her panties in front, pulling the crotch of the panty aside and allowing my fingers to wander up and down over her wet swollen pussy lips. Gina really began moaning at the touch of my probing fingers, and I quickly allowed a finger to slide inside the tightness of her pussy lips and get very wet from her ample moistness. I quickly had two fingers together fucking into Gina's hot pussy and she reached down, grasping my erect cock and guided the head of my dick straight into the mouth of her waiting pussy. Using her other hand, Gina spread her pussy lips with her fingers and then she pushed her pelvis forward, positioning the head of my cock in the lips of her cunt and she bucked her ass forward, causing my cock to enter her pussy about two inches at first. Then, Gina threw her right leg up around my waist, making my cock take her more fully and Gina was positioned with me for just the hot lusty quickie fuck I'd been imagining we might enjoy together. I loved how hot and horny Gina was, and I wanted to throw her back onto the nearby bed, but I was rather enjoying the sexy lustiness of this gorgeous woman taking my cock inside her and actually starting to fuck me. I pushed Gina firmly back against the nearby wall, grabbing her ass in both hands and beginning to thrust my own body back and forth, rapidly starting to fuck Gina with my cock filling and emptying her tight horny pussy.

I couldn't experience this hot fuck without sampling Gina's sexy titties as well. I flipped her cotton top up over the sexy cups of her A-cup demi-bra. I reached between her tits, unfastening the snap and I quickly pulled the twin cups off of her sexy breasts and lowered my lips to her left nipple, flicking my tongue over the very erect little nib of tit and then allowing my whole mouth to consume the hot aroused flesh of her breast. As I expected, while Gina had small breasts, hers were probably even more sensitive to licking and kissing than most women's. Gina began moaning hotly as I licked and suckled her nipples and her ass began fucking my cock even more lustily.

My licking of her nipples and my hands kneading her hot rounded asscheeks quickly brought Gina to the point of orgasm and she was hot moaning and sighing deep under her breath as I felt her tight young pussy start climaxing around the driving thickness of my hot cock. I didn't even care at the moment if Gina was on birth control or not, I just keep pumping my cock in and out, filling her horny pussy with a huge load of powerful jism squirts until my nuts stopped shooting off their load.

We stood there, my cock buried in her satiated pussy, and then I pulled out, helping Gina straighten her top, her panties and her skirt as we left to the room to rejoin the party.

Chapter 2: The Party Continues

The party continued for quite some time after Gina and I had slipped off into one of the bedrooms and enjoyed the hot lusty quickie we'd had. I found it hard to keep my mind on socializing and mingling among everyone there at the party when I'd keep finding my mind drifting involuntarily back to what it was like the moment I pulled Gina's top up and unfastened her bra to expose her sexy small breasts and then felt them in my hands and under my lips. And as I'd always heard and suspected, while Gina's tits weren't that large, they seemed to be even more sensitive to my touch and titillation than women with much larger breasts seemed to be.

I noticed at one point in the evening that Gina wandered off in the same direction she'd gone with me, this time leading another man by the hand. I smiled to myself and found my cock growing very hard and very thick in my pants as I realized that this lucky guy was probably getting his cock sucked and fucked as hotly as I had with Gina. Sure enough, in about 20 minutes, the man filtered back into the room and a few minutes after that I saw Gina appear over in the corner nursing another drink and talking to others there as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. At one point, I noticed that Gina's eyes caught mine and we stood there looking at each other. I loved the sexy "was it good?" look in her eyes and I slowly but secretly nodded my head up and down in response to her questioning look.

I wanted another piece of Gina before the evening was over, but I wasn't sure if she'd be interested in the same thing or not. Maybe Gina's "agenda" was to sample as many different guys in an evening as she could. I didn't know what her personal sexual tastes and desires were but I intended to find out before the party drew to a close.

As I moved closer again to where Gina was chatting among several of the other guys and gals at the party, I could easily see that her nipples were hard and poking out against her top. That made my cock twitch from remembering the sexy feel of her firm small breasts underneath the grasp of my hands. And I'll never forget how sexy Gina's tits felt as I'd closed my lips over her nipples and suckled them firmly as I'd run my tonuge over the aroused little nubs.

Finally, some of the folks began to filter away from the party, heading home and I began to notice that some couples had begun to disappear in the direction of the bedrooms as well. I took the opportunity to move closer to Gina and I found it hard to try to act normal with others standing there when what I really wanted to say was, "Wow, Gina, you sure are one hot woman. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a sexy fuck with a babe that I enjoyed more. Your tits are so sexy and nicely rounded, lady." But, instead, I just sauntered over and acted like I'd done nothing that day but go to work and then come to this party and chat up a few people.

When people moved around so that it was only Gina and I standing there in a corner, I quietly asked, "Gina, you want to go have another round of fun before we leave tonight?"

Gina's reaction seemed to more than tell me she'd enjoyed our little "roll in the hay" earlier but her answer sort of threw me off my pace for a moment. "Sure, Tom, but I've got one slight complication for you. I've got a girlfriend that wants a little hard cock action if you don't mind me sharing you with her."

"Not at all, Gina," I responded as I couldn't believe that I was going to get to experience my first threesome not only with Gina but with another babe that she found sexy as well.

"Great, Tom, listen, go on up to the first bedroom you find empty and close the door shut. I'll get my girlfriend and we'll come up and join you in five minutes. I'll see you shortly."

I acknowledged Gina's plan and I felt my cock growing harder than before as I made my way to the bedroom and closed the door to wait for the two women who were going to join me for another round of hot sex. Sure enough, in about five minutes, the door opened, and in walked Gina, followed by a rather tall blonde whose name was Amy. Gina closed the door and locked it securely to ensure we didn't get interrupted and then she and Amy joined me on the bed. I'd already taken the opportunity to strip down to only my T-shirt and briefs while I'd waited and so I was rearing to go as soon as Gina and Amy got naked or at least as undressed as they wanted to for our playtime.

Amy had shoulder-length blonde hair and her breasts were the exact opposite of Gina's. While Gina's were a decent A-cup in size and roundness, Amy's were every bit a full C-cup and they looked hot underneath the bust-emphasizing bodice of the sexy looking black dress she'd been wearing. It appeared to me that both Gina and Amy had done this before as they both quickly slipped out of their outfits and their bras and panties were also soon lying on the floor near the bed. Gina took me by the hand and made me climb up in the middle of the bed, and then Amy climbed up beside me and started kissing me while her hand wandered down to my groin, and I felt her warm soft hand close firmly around the shaft of my cock and begin stroking up and down. I didn't know precisely what these two sexy ladies had in mind for me and for them but I was enjoying the plan as it was unfolding so far.

While Amy was busy kissing and masturbating my rapidly hardening cock, I found myself wondering what Gina was doing. I managed to look around and Gina was still standing there beside the bed, watching Amy in action with me and Gina was cupping her small round breasts, diddling her aroused nipples and then her hand slid down between her legs, sliding hotly up and down the wet lips of her pussy. I could tell that Gina's cunt was very wet and I knew that there had to be the jism from my earlier fuck with her leaking out and I was sure the other guy who'd gone off down the hall with her had proably shot a big wad of cum up inside her pussy as well. So I felt sure that Gina's pussy was wet not only from our semen but from her own hot juices.

I turned my attentions back to Amy since she was the one lying there with me and stroking my cock to full arousal. While our lips were locked in a hot sexy kiss, my hands ventured down to her chest, and I wrapped my hand over one of Amy's large breasts. Her nipples were very hard and I loved it when she started moaning and pressed her breasts firmly forward into my caresses. In a matter of minutes, I felt Amy's hand let go of my hard thick cock and then I felt the unmistakable feel of a hot wet mouth settle down over the swollen head of my cock. It had to be Gina's sexy mouth taking me inside and I let myself go to enjoy the feeling of her lips and her tongue playing around over the crown of my horny erection.

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