Jo and Mike: A Study in 'Normal' Marriage

by In2thisshit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: This one was written at the urging of two new friends. I hope they... and you like it.

A Study in "Normal" Marriage

As told to In2thisshit by his muse!

I had just arrived home from the night courses that I was attending at the college. I pulled the car into the garage and walked into the kitchen and thought it very odd that the house lights were almost all turned off. That's when I heard Mike, my husband moaning and talking to someone. I could not make out what he was saying but I had heard that lusty voice before many times. It sounded as if Mike was making love to someone and it was coming from the office/den where the PC was set up. Something in the pit of my stomach began to turn. Why I silently moved along the hallway I cannot say. It is the oddest things that stick with you as events unfold that change your life. I distinctly recall that it was Thursday evening and a warm summer breeze bellowed the curtains askew yet my flesh crawled with goose bumps. I felt flushed but chilled. Does that make any sense?

I stood outside the office door for several minutes afraid of what I see should I move any closer. As I listened to Mike's lusty voice it was obviously that he was working himself into a sexually fever. I could hear his words clearly now, "Get on your knees Jo and let him push his big hot cock into your little twat. Let him fuck you hard and deep. That's it you little bitch take his dripping cock deep inside that hot dripping cunt. Fuck him! Fuck him hard."

I stood in the hallway shocked by what I had heard. Normally any woman would have been angered as well but you see I know Jo very well. I am Jo. I peaked around the door and saw my husband sitting in front of our PC without a stitch of clothes on. Mike was stroking himself his penis at a fast and furious pace while telling some image on the screen what he wanted of her. I ducked back out of sight for fear of being caught invading his privacy. I was both disgusted and thrilled by the sight of Mike masturbating his engorged flesh. The image of his hand moving along his hard seven-inch shaft was seared into my brain. I felt a dampness beginning between my legs. I stood with my back to the wall wanting to steal another look around the corner but unable to will myself to move. My body was on fire as the sexual itch began creeping thru my loins.

True it was the last thing that I expected to see when I arrived home from class. What girl wouldn't be slightly embarrassed walking in on her lover while he masturbated? Having been married to Mike now for a little over six years I had never witnessed him masturbating. I knew that he did it judging by all the smut that he thinks he hides from me. I have always consider it part of my husband's quirky way. You see Mike has a "different" view about sex than I. I was raised by very loving parents who were morally strict and according to them, sex was "nasty" and "dirty." It was something that perverts and sinners engaged in. Still to this day I am amazed that they managed to conceive four children. This restrictive upbringing was problematic for my parent and I. I was very curious about sex from the time I was about fifteen and this caused some conflict between my Mom and I. But after meeting Mike I was curious no more. We were eighteen and after dating three or four time, we found ourselves in bed together after attending a party. Mike was poised above me. His naked flesh pressed against my splayed thighs with the tip of his penis at the dripping entrance to my vagina. He paused and asked if I was sure that I wanted to "do it." I smiled up into the eyes of the man I knew I loved, placed my hands on his naked buttocks and pulled his engorged penis into me. Our eyes remained locked together while our hips churned lustily against one another. It was wonderful and beautiful. It still remains one of the best moments of love that I have known yet to this day. The taking of my virginity was painless and I enjoyed the act of sex tremendously. My vagina felt stretched and full and wonderful. Every movement of Mike's penis caused surges of pleasure to radiate throughout my body. We watch each other climb toward our pending orgasm. I felt my love swelling as Mike's penis swelled inside of me. I remember Mike tilting his head upward and groan as his member spewed his gooey seed into my vaginal cavity. My body shook with ecstasy knowing that I was pleasuring my lover. Like I said it was beautiful and neither of us have any regrets, not even when I missed two periods in a row. Mike was shocked when I told him at school that I might be pregnant. But a big smile broke across his handsome face and he dropped to one knee and proposed marriage to me right then and there. Of course I accepted knowing full well I would have to drop out of college but as I said, we have no regrets.

Now six years later, while our children slept comfortably in their beds not fifty feet away, I am skulking around a corner to watch their Daddy masturbate. I was torn by the emotions that were raging through me. I wanted to watch because the scene was so pornographic and I was thrilled to witness it. Yet I didn't want to intrude on something so private. I moved into the shadows of the hallway so that I could watch Mike. My naked husband continued to fist his hard penis, encouraging some cyber-nymph to engage in filthy dirty sex though was becoming too much for me. My body was on fire! My hands felt along seams of my skirt stopping at the hem. Slowly I pulled it up above my hips and slid a hand into my panties. I closed my eyes as my finger traced a path along my dewy vaginal lips. Was I really going to join my husband in self-gratification? I normally don't masturbate except when my privacy is insured. Certainly not in the hallway of my house! But the sight of my husband's naked flesh shinning with perspiration in the dim light cast by the computer monitor was filing me with a desire to touch myself.

"That's it you hot little slut. Look at his cock fucking that tight hole of yours. I've never seen a cock pounding a cunt so fast and hard. I bet it is the best fuck you have ever had, bitch!" Mike was almost yelling at the screen and his fist was a blur as he stroked himself. The scene was so pornographic that I could not help myself. I stood trembling with excitement. I was so turned on I needed better access to my needy body. I ripped the clothing from my hot body trying to be as quiet as I could manage. Naked, my flesh flushed with excitement, I pulled at my hard nipples with one hand and slip my finger into my wet vagina. Soon I was matching the furious tempo of my husband's fist. Panting with desire I no longer cared if I was quiet. Fortunately Mike was intent on the action on screen. He continued to "order" the harlot while her moans and groans boomed over the computer sound system. Wow, it sounded as if she was truly enjoying herself too. The little cyber-harlot was moaning and yelling and barking. BARKING!

My eyes focus on the screen and it was right there in front of me. A blond woman on all fours engaged sexually with and a very large dog. The fingers on my left hand tightened on my nipple to the point that I was afraid I might pinch it off. A third finger wormed its way into my body and my vagina oozed dew that ran down my thighs. My thumb rubbed against my clitoris pulling a deep moan from my chest. This could not be right! This could not possibly be happening! My mind screamed "NO!" but there wasn't any denying that I was excited by the images on the screen. Mike's lusty groans brought my focus back to his fist as it moved up and down in a blur of motion along his shaft. "Now bitch! I'm cumminggggg!" I watched in amazement as sperm ejaculated from the tip of his blood-engorged penis. His manly goo splattered onto his stomach and lap. Finally as the last of his seed oozed from the tip to coat his hand, I came with a moan and shudder.

Suddenly, Mike spun in his chair and our eyes locked on one another. The image of the busty harlot and her pet fornicating on the screen blurred from vision and my legs buckled. I was so weaken by my orgasm that they could hold me upright no longer. I slumped against the wall and slid slowly to the floor. My eyes fixed on my husband's deep brown eyes. Those eyes bore a hole into my very soul bearing my guilt and sin of intrusion. I was so deeply embarrassed. Mike recover quickly, he stood and walked directly over to where I sat slumped against the hallway wall. His five-foot ten-inch frame toward over my trembling body. I was shocked as I realized that his dripping member was only inches away from my face. The still warm goo dripping onto my heaving breasts. It was at that moment that our sex lives changed forever.

"Lick my cock slut!"

I could not believe my ears! Did the man I love just call me a slut? A burn of anger flash along my cheeks but what right did I have being mad at Mike. I was the one who intruded on his privacy. I was the one sitting on the floor, recovering from my recent orgasm. I was the one shaming herself as I continued to finger my wet vagina like some depraved little street harlot. But still, I am his wife and damn it I will not be spoke to that way. Pulling my fingers free of my squishy hole, I set my mind to give Mike a stinging reprimand. I pushed myself to my knees and before I could get to my feet, Mike wrapped his goo-drenched fingers in my hair and pulled my face against his sticky sex. I opened my mouth to protest but Mike pushed his thing into my mouth stifling any words. I have never gone down on any man much less my husband. Whores do that and I most certainly am not a whore. Besides I think it is so depraved and disgusting that I just could never bring myself to do it. Now here I was on my knees in my own house with my mouth filled with a man's... thing. The acrid taste of the remnants of my husband's orgasm spreading across my tongue and the strong and pungent odor of his discharge filled my nostrils. I worked his member in my mouth trying to expel it but Mike held my head firmly against his body. I should be disgusted but instead I felt a surge of excitement course thru my sexually charged body. Then his thing started to stir as if it had a life of its own. Mike's penis grew longer and thicker. It filled my mouth and snaked its way to the back of my throat. If Mike continued to push it any deeper I would most certainly gag, or worse, I might actually vomit. That would serve him right. Then a moan echoed in my ears! I was the one moaning and it seemed to thrill Mike. I raised my eyes to find his eyes closed and the look of ecstasy on his face. My husband was enjoying this debauchery as he forced me to suck his dirty... cock!

Okay I thought to myself. If Mike wants me to play that role then I'll be his little tramp. I decided at that moment that I would give him a real slut for tonight. Tomorrow he would pay but tonight I would do his bidding. I rolled my tongue along the shaft of his... cock! "Mmmmm, baby that feels so good. Suck my big cock!" Mike said in a low growl. He loosened his grip on my hair, thank goodness, because I thought he was going to yank it out by the roots. Mike continued to slow thrust his hips against my face. His cock would slide deep into my throat and his hairy balls would rest against my chin. Just as I felt that I would suffocate, Mike would pull his member back until only the crown of his gland filled my mouth. I licked and sucked on his hard flesh. "Mmmmm," I heard myself moan as I slobbered all over my husband's penis. I told myself that I was just pretending to enjoy this perverted act... but was I really pretending?

I didn't know was what to do with my hands. Watching my husband's shaft disappear into my throat, I became fascinated with his hairy testicles as they slapped against my chin. I took them into my hand and gently fondled his swollen scrotum sack. I rolled each of the bloated nodules between my fingers to Mike's complete enjoyment. My free hand had a mind of its own as it slipped thru my auburn hair covering my pubic mound. Reaching further until my fingers found my wet vagina. I teased the puffy lips letting the slick dew lubricate my fingers. Then as the heat of my passion bubbled over I plunged my fingers in and out of my wet vagina. I was so excited that my body vibrated. I could not recall ever being this hot.

I brushed my clitoris and found it free of its hood and standing out like a tiny penis. I rubbed it and it felt wonderful. I closed my fingers around the tiny nub and I pinched it. I pinched it hard. My ass squirmed as delicious sensation of pleasure and pain shot thru my loins. My moral dilemma was gone, hidden away by the heat of passion. All I wanted... no needed, was to pleasure Mike's cock and my sweet pussy. I attacked Mike's cock with a vengeance, forcing it deeper into my throat. I was moaning like a whore as I rubbed, pinched and pulled at my clitoris. Sweat was running from every pore of my body as I worked us toward completion. My body thrust against my fingers as the maddening sensations increased within my loins. Those wonderful sensations began to radiate through my entire nervous system and a joy that I never experienced consumed me. I was there! I was cumming! Oh my god, I was cumming so very hard. I managed only a muffled, "Mmmmmph," as the cock in my mouth slid deep into my throat stifling my cries of pleasure.

As the wonderful rush of orgasmic pleasure washed over my mind and body, I clung desperately to Mike's thighs. I felt his cock swell in my throat and his body spasmed. Far too late to pull him from my mouth, Mike suddenly sprayed his seed into my belly. I was unprepared for the ejaculation of thick goo that filled my throat. I thought that I would drown on his seed but managed to drink it down. I pushed against Mike muscular thighs and his cock was dislodged from my throat but the damn thing spewed another load of goo into my mouth. Mike held my head in his vise like grip so I was unable to spit it out. My mouth filled with the vile tasting sperm and again I swallowed. Another blast of the warm goo filled my mouth. How much semen can one man have? Like some slut I was forced to drink his entire load. Mike pulled his spent member from my mouth only to wipe the dribbling thing across my face. The pearly fluid stuck to my cheeks, lips and chin. The pungent odor of semen filled my nostrils as the silky goo coated my tongue. Surprisingly, I inhaled deeply of his scent and I savored the flavor of my man. Oh, I felt dizzy and the muscles inside my vagina constricted with pleasure. I wasn't sure that neither the overpowering musky scent nor the acrid taste of Mike's semen was to my liking but there was any denying that my body liked it. My need was just as undeniable; I wanted a hard cock inside of me right then and there!

"Master! Oh, Master, I need your hard cock deep inside of me. Please fuck your hot slut!" The words that echoed in my ears were shocking. Doubly shocking when I realized that they were spoken by me.

Mike smiled down into my pale gray eyes and offered me his hand. I rose on shaky legs bur Mike steadied me. He turned me toward the bedroom and as I walked ahead of him a stinging slap on my bare buttock suddenly stopped me. I looked over my shoulder at my husband and I lowered my eyes from his lustful gaze and asked in a very sultry voice, "Have I displeased you, Master?" An evil sneer came across Mike's face and it frightened me! I knew that "my" Mike would never hurt me but this person, well I wasn't so sure. Another stinging slap to my naked butt cheek started me on my way again. I slowed my walk to a sensuous glide. I made sure that Mike watched my ass. Those bitches in the Victoria's Secret catalogs haven't anything on me. As we entered the bedroom, Mike pointed at our King-sized bed and spoke in a commanding voice, "Sit slut and show me your cunt!" I sat on the very edge of the mattress with my legs wide apart and my vagina fully exposed. I lifted my voluptuous breast in my hands as an offering to Mike. He knelt between my legs and sucked on my red puckered nipples eliciting a moan from me. He sat back on his heels and softly spoke as if in a trace, "Play with your nasty twat!" Slowly my fingers moved across the soft skin of my tummy and thru my pubic hair. I traced my vaginal lips with a fingernail then spread them apart with the fingers of my left hand. Mike stared into the pink depth of my pussy and licked his lips. My middle two fingers of my right hand rubbed my engorged clitoris. Harder and harder I rubbed my clitoris until my feminine juices ran freely from my hole. I am a shy person and it was very embarrassing to be so fully exposed even it was just my husband. Mike watched intently, his face any inches away, as I masturbated furiously. I wanted to cum so badly but the ecstasy stayed just out of reach. Oh my, it did feel so very good though.

"Mmmmm, Master it feels so good. Does it please you that I shame myself before you?"

"Yes, slut. I am pleased. Now hold your cunt lips apart and let me feel inside of you."

I used both hands to open myself for Mike. "Wider!" Mike barked and I stretched my vaginal lips painfully wide. His thick fingers probed me deeply and sensuously. My juices flowed from my body coating his hand with a glistening layer of vaginal dew. I was moving closer to another orgasm so I let my eyes start to close but Mike saw me drifting. "No, slut! Watch as I pleasure your cunt. Do not take your eyes off of your wet twat. Is that clear?" To emphasize his dominance he slapped my vagina sharply with his open hand. We've never done anything like this during foreplay and in reaction my eyes widened and I inhaled loudly. My shock was met with yet another slap on my vaginal lips. The impact of my husband's open hand sent vaginal secretion's spraying everywhere. The violent slap wasn't painful only shocking and it served to establish our roles in this sexual encounter.

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