Working for My Boss - Karla

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom gets hired to a new job as an admin assistant but his sexy boss Karla has more than paperwork in mind for his daytime activities.

Chapter 1

I'd interviewed for the job as the administrative assistant for the director of the communications division. I did all the application process with the secretary and another woman who I'd be working with and on my second visit I finally met the person who would be my actual boss - Karla. I immediately thought she was very sexy although she was obviously a woman in her middle 40's from what I could tell. She was a very snappy dresser and I thought immediately that I'd enjoy working for her and hoped that this job would last for many years. I liked the professional looking outfit Karla was wearing that day, a business suit consisting of a very nice silk blouse, a wool skirt and a matching jacket. I tried to size up her figure but all I could tell from what I could see was that she was very trim and I thought her face was rather pretty and her hair looked wonderful. Her hair was cut just above her shoulders and stylishly highlighted. I couldn't really tell much about her breasts but there was a distinctive swelling underneath her blouse that told me she was probably a B or C-cup in that area. I was almost self-conscious as I sat there and realized that I was actually getting the stirrings of an erection as I mentally tried to undress my potential new boss.

The woman I'd be working with was pretty sexy too, a woman in her 30's who had a very nice set of large breasts and a pretty face and attractive hair. She had possibly a few pounds more than she needed on her figure, but she looked pretty hot as well.

Karla had a small interview with me and then I received a call the next day that I'd been hired. They asked when I could report to my new job and I gave my other employer a two week notice and then made my move.

I had only been in my new position about a day when Karla called me into her office. This time she'd was wearing a skirt and a blouse that buttoned up in front. She'd apparently been wearing a matching jacket with her outfit but it was lying folded neatly on a nearby chair. Karla waved me into a nearby chair beside the side of her desk where she was sitting and she began to ask me questions about myself and my experiences in other recent jobs I'd had. I wasn't sure, but as I sat there watching Karla, I felt like she was sizing me up and occasionally I could see that her eyes were wondering into my crotch area.

After a few minutes, Karla motioned for me to come over beside where she was sitting and look at some of the kinds of materials I'd be working to help her produce. I immediately picked up the faint but very distinctive aroma of Karla's perfume as I stood there next to her and I could also see that she'd left the top two buttons of her blouse unfastened and when she'd bend over to show me something, I got a very hot view down her blouse to the sexy demi-cup bra that was holding her tits. I loved what I was seeing. Karla had some very nice breasts and I only wished it was possible for me to get something more than a peek.

Karla and I finished our little conference and I headed outside her office to my own work space. Again, I had gotten a hardon from the sexiness of looking at her and smelling her sensual perfume. Actually, I returned to my desk for only a few minutes and then I went to the men's room where I stroked my horny cock until I blasted a big load of cum from imagining that I was fucking Karla. She was a married woman but I didn't care about that. She was fucking hot and the more I was around her the stronger my sexy fantasies about her became.

The third day I was in my new position, Karla came to her door and asked me to join her in her office. Unlike the other two times, she pushed the door shut behind me after I walked through it. I really didn't pay any attention to that but as soon as Karla walked over to the couch she had in a corner of her office, I suddenly began to think that I was about to learn even more about my new job's duties. Hmmmmmmm, "duties" I thought to myself and then Karla started talking to me.

"Tom, I didn't mention a very important part of your job here working for me the other day when I interviewed you. I've been watching you since we first met and I think there are some other things you can do for me on a regular basis," Karla said as she sat there with one shapely leg crossed over the other one. "You're a very attractive young man, Tom, and I'm a healthy woman who has certain needs and desires that I need to satisfy occasionally. I'd like for you to become an important part of my daily schedule in all that I need to do," Karla said as she let her fingers toy with the button on her blouse.

As I sat there watching Karla as she was talking to me, I couldn't decide if she was simply referring to another part of my job as her administrative assistant or if she had something far sexier on her mind. I could tell she was sort of nervous in broaching the subject -- well, either it was nervousness or sexual tension. Right then it wasn't apparent.

"Karla, I'll be willing to do whatever you ask me," I replied as I realized once again my cock had begun to thicken and grow hard inside my pants. It had gotten to where every time I was around Karla I ended up in the men's room for a lusty masturbation session to relieve the sexual arousal she made me feel. I didn't think anything would ever come of my hot fantasies about Karla even though I'd had several experiences of fucking co-workers and even fucking some of them at work. But, it's one thing to "get into" a co-worker and another to envision ever doing something sexy with your boss. Well, that's what I was thinking then...

Karla caught on my last words -- "do whatever you ask me" and she immediately responded: "You're willing to do whatever I ask, Tom?"

I nodded my head in acknowledgement and she undraped her leg, and started spreading them wide as she pulled her skirt up high on her thighs and said, "Then, I want you to start by coming over here in front of me and lick my pussy."

For only an instant, I thought I was hearing things, imagining things like I'd want them to be. But, then as I watched Karla move to pull her skirt up high enough to expose her horny pussy to me, I knew I was hearing exactly what she'd said -- Karla was telling me that she wanted me to eat her pussy and I couldn't get over there in front of her fast enough to suit me or her. As Karla scooted her skirt up, exposing her upper thighs to me I could see that she'd "lost" her panties somewhere along the line already. She didn't have any on and all I could see what a sexy naked and already aroused shaved pussy. Oh yeah, Karla had shaved her pussy that morning or the night before and there was no pussy hair on her at all. Her pussy was shaved baby smoooth and just ready to be licked, kissed, fingered and fucked. I was ready.

I knelt in front of Karla, taking just a moment to survey the hot naked flesh I was about to lose myself in. I moved closer, watching Karla settle back onto the couch to get comfortable while she let me at her pussy. I reached underneath her naked asscheeks, pulling her forward nearly to the edge of the seat so I could readily bury my face in her crotch. I grabbed hold of Karla's ass tight so I could control her and then let my tongue slide down the center of her already swollen and very wet pussy slit. Her clit was firm and I diddled it with my tongue and then buried my tongue in her pussy and started nibbling and licking her, listening as she started to moan and encourage me that I was really making it feel good for her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, Tom, do me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, do me, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Karla moaned as I went after her pussy as hotly as I could. I knew that she'd been sitting there just waiting for me to come into her office and I didn't figure it was going to take much to bring my boss off in her first orgasm from my mouth and fingers. I was exactly correct. I loved the taste and the smell of Karla's horny hot pussy. Her pussy tasted like that of a hot hormonal 16-year old and I loved how easily she began to moan and buck her horny orgasm-hungry pussy against my face. I wanted to strip her naked, eat her to orgasm and then mount her and fuck her soundly right then and there... but I know all things would come (and cum) in good time. For now, I concentrated on licking and eating Karla's horny cunt and the moans and sighs she was freely letting me hear just pushed me on in hot sexy enthusiasm. In only a few minutes, I had Karla bucking her pussy against my face like she wanted to fuck my face, and then she screamed that she was cumming and she pressed her pussy against my face as tightly as she could, and I was rewarded by a face full of her hot pussy cum streaming from inside her horny orgasming cunt.

I thought maybe Karla would be at my mercy at that point and I could have my way with her, but Karla was no young babe. She was obviously a woman of vast sexual experience and one hot strong orgasm only took the edge off her sexy needs of the moment. As soon as she'd come down from her climax, she lay there in her chair, wallowing in the sensual feeling of cumming from my oral attentions to her. Then, as she allowed her sexual ardor and horniness to take control again, Karla stood up from her place there on the couch, unfastening her skirt and sliding it down off of her legs onto the floor. Then she quickly unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it off and throwing it onto the floor beside her skirt, and then she took me by the hand and led me to a nearby chair. Leaning over, Karla quickly unfastened my pants and pulled them down off of me along with my boxers.

"Tom, I want to return the pleasure you've just given me by sucking that

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