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Desc: Sex Story: A mysterious encounter in a hotel room from a blindfolded woman's point of view. Women may like this better than the men.

The waiting was hard.

Why was she doing this? She'd told only Heather, whose pithy response had been, "Are you crazy?" None of her other friends would have even believed what she was doing.

Well, at least she wasn't cold. He'd told her to make herself comfortable, so she'd turned up the heat a bit.

The next step would be difficult. Wearing the "collar" He'd sent her was easy. It was a beautiful gold chain, with a charm attached that she didn't understand. The charm had a symbol stamped on it that she'd never seen before. But, taking off all of her clothes and putting on a blindfold,... Well, that was going to take a lot of trust.

"Okay," she told herself, "It's almost time." She took off all of her clothes, except for the "collar," and walked to a spot about six feet in front of the hotel room door. She stood there, facing the door, and knelt down, putting on the blindfold.

She'd been waiting for a few minutes when she heard the hotel room door open. She had no idea how He would get in, how He would get the key, but it seems He'd managed. As soon as she heard the key card in the door, she felt her nipples starting to harden, just like when she would first see him sign onto the Net, each time they met online. She heard the door open and then close, the draft of it raising goose bumps on her arms.

She could feel the draft of his passing her in the hall, and then His looming presence behind her. His arms grasped her elbows, lifting her to her feet. His arms still on her elbows, He guided her to one side of the room, a corner, by the feel of the walls she wasn't quite touching. She could feel the goose bumps rising on her thighs as well as her arms, from the coolness of the walls, that the heater hadn't quite warmed, yet.

His hands rubbed up and down her arms, warming them. He must have felt the goose bumps, must have known she was getting a bit cold. Then, she could feel his hot breath on the back of her shoulder, as He leaned down to kiss the base of her neck, and the goose bumps were forgotten.

His hands slid down her arms and grasped her wrists, pulling them behind her. Holding both of her wrists in one strong hand, she could feel Him reach for something. Then, He was wrapping a soft rope around them, tying her wrists together, then her elbows. Her arms tied tightly behind her back thrust her breasts out, making her nipples lightly touch the wall, hardening them even more than they already were. She could feel the wetness in her pussy starting to ooze out, first warming, then cooling her pussy lips.

After His kiss, he ran his finger nails down the outside of her arms, raising intense goose bumps and making the muscles in her belly lurch. The wetness oozing out of her pussy seemed to increase and start flowing down her inner thighs. Then, He ran His nails up her back, sending a chill up her spine, causing her body to tremble. As He ran His nails down her back, the trembling increased. She wasn't sure she could remain standing, her knees trembling, too.

"As long as you wear my collar, you are mine, my slave. You belong to me, no matter how much distance may separate us." She could barely hear His whisper in her ear. It was the first time she'd ever heard His voice. The sound of His quiet, calm voice, barely heard, made her stomach clench, the trembling inside her body not yet showing outside.

She'd seen His picture, but that hadn't given her much, just His head and shoulders. He wasn't the hunchback of Notre Dame, and he wasn't Sean Connery. She wasn't sure she'd even recognize Him on the street. This was crazy. How could she be in a hotel room, with a man she'd never even met before, a man three times her age.

But, the way she felt chatting with Him, online, the orgasms, one after the other. She'd told herself this was stupid, that He was just a stranger, half a continent away, but she'd come, anyway. She must have had this argument with herself a dozen times since this morning. At one point, she'd decided not to come. But, it seems her body had other ideas. She'd found herself, in the car, driving to the hotel, without being conscious of even getting into the car.

Now, His hand reached around her, cupping her breast, pushing His thumbnail into her nipple. The sharp feeling ignited a lightning stroke that flashed through her body. The argument in her mind was gone, completely forgotten. Her mind was entirely focused on the feeling in her nipple. It was different from the string, the hairpins she'd used during their online sessions. This was real, this was live flesh manipulating her breast and nipple. Her thinking mind was completely lost in the intensity of the feeling.

Then, she felt His fingers forcing their way between her thighs, forcing her to step her feet apart, parting her thighs to let His fingers through. As His fingers pushed up into her pussy, she could feel walls of her vagina stretching around them. The feeling sent shock waves through her body. She could feel an orgasm starting to rise quickly.

"Control your orgasm." His whispered voice was stern, almost harsh. The shock of his voice shoved away the immediacy of her orgasm, but she could feel it coming back. She started forcing control over her body, fighting her impending orgasm, feeling the pressure to cum mounting.

"Hold it back." It was a struggle, a struggle she would lose. She wanted to please Him, wanted it more than anything else at this moment, more than life itself. But, she knew, as she felt his fingers drive deep into her cunt, that it was a losing battle. Her need to cum was intensifying, becoming overwhelming, her body would eventually win, overwhelming her mind in the maelstrom of her orgasm,

She had one last coherent thought, as her body leapt over the cliff of her need. It wasn't her orgasm, it was His, her gift to Him, the giving of herself to Him, body and soul. During her orgasm, she belonged to Him, as she did no other time, as she did to no other person in the world.

She was lying on the bed, not knowing how she got there. Her last memory was of Him holding her up, as her knees buckled. Now, she was on the bed, with her legs off the end, her toes touching the floor. His hand was stroking her cheek and, alternately, her hair. She felt Him kiss her forehead, just above the blindfold, then her nose, her lips, her chin.

Then, as she stirred, she felt His hand move down to her breast, trace a circle around her nipple, and move on down her stomach. Then, just as He was about to reach her clit, her stomach muscles started quivering under his touch. He moved back up to trace his finger around her other nipple, and then, before she realized it, He'd run his finger down over her clit, her pussy lips and along her exposed thigh.

She realized she'd not said a word, since she knelt in front of the hotel room door. She started to open her mouth, to say she knew not what, when suddenly His finger was across her lips. Her need to speak subsided, disappeared.

She felt Him get up off the bed, felt the side of her body, where he'd lain, cool down. She suddenly realized that He was fully clothed, that the only parts of His body she'd felt were His hands and His lips. She heard the rustle of clothing. Was He getting undressed? She hoped so. She wanted to feel His body, feel the hair on His arms and chest.

The rustling had stopped, there was only silence. Was He still there? She strained to hear His breathing, the sound of any movement. Had he left? She hadn't heard the door. She could feel herself starting to panic. What if He'd left? How would she get untied?

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