Samantha's Continued Adventures in the Neighborhood

by In2thisshit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: I'm back with a bang (or two). Last time, I left off telling you all about my visit with the neighbor Sean and I met while walking Max. Her name is Janice and WOW, that woman can sure get my juices boiling. Anyway, I promised that I would let you know how it went with Prince, her pet. Hope all you perverts enjoy my new adventure?

First let me thank all of you for writing to me and letting me know that you have enjoyed my coming out as it were. I never would have guessed that there are so many people out there in cyberspace that shared my perversion. Well, now that I have met Sean and Janice, my dreams are coming true. I have always know that I was a sexual person but now I am free to explore that side of my persona to its fullest. Anyway, I believe we left off our last little "chat" with me dripping wet from Janice's story of bringing Prince into her life. So I will pick it up from that point.

Janice had just finished telling about Prince and her story left me sexual excited and wanting what was to come next very badly. I was so hot that my cunt was dripping wet and I had begun to brazenly rub my pussy in front of this woman. Still I think I surprised myself when I lifted my skirt showing Janice my enflamed sex. I opened my pussy with my fingers and Janice rose from her chair and walked toward the chaise where I lay. I looked into her eyes as I ran my fingers though my cunt lips oh so lightly. Judging from the warm smile on her face, I knew that my actions were welcomed. I offered Janice my fingers, wet with my dew. She knelt next to me and took my fingers into her warm mouth sucking them gently. While she played with my dripping sex, she asked about how I began having sex with dogs.

It was as though Janice and I had known each other all of our lives. I confided in her how my dark secret had controlled my life and passions for so long. She laughed when she heard about how Sean, Max and I "stumbled" onto one another and by the time that I arrived at the part of the story where I was on my knees at the park, she was on hers. I have only had sex with one other female in my life. A girl that I met in college and I had a quick but interesting "affair". Maybe I will tell you more of that a little later!

Janice used her tongue masterfully. She was an artist at work. At times she used broad strokes, licking my labia from bottom to top. Often times the tip of her tongue would play with my little puckered asshole only to slip up through my sex to tease my clitoris. She would part my pussy lips with her tongue and lick in circles at the entrance to my vagina. She actually had me begging for more. Her tongue wormed its way into my body and stiffened to fuck me as if it were a small cock. I held my legs open and pulled my knees back to my breasts as she pleasured my sex. I am sure that Janice knew that I put my story on hold when my voice went from my normal light and quick lilt to my husky and laboring sultry bedroom voice.

My orgasm was tickling at my insides and Janice knew that she was in control of me. Janice used her control over me to her advantage. "Do you like what I am doing Sam?"

"Oh, yesss... please don't stop... must cum... please lick my cunt!" Her tongue licked the length of my hot twat ending with a teasing of my clit. My back was arched and my body straining for release and she stopped again. "Noooo... Janice moreeee... please! I am sooo close... eat my sweet pussy pleaseee!"

"Then you will do as I wish!" She said in a commanding voice.

"Ohhh, yessss... anything at all... pleaseee make meeee cummmmmm!"

Slowly Janice inserted her fingers into my wet twat, one digit at a time until she stretched my pussy with four fingers buried inside of me. Swirling her hand around inside my cunt, fucking me with her fingers she whispered in my ear, "I have plans for us my dear. Plans that will give you ecstasy like you've never dreamed of before. You do want to experience everything that sex can offer you don't you Samantha?"

"Ohhh, yessss... Janice anything... pleaseee fuck meee with your wonderful fingerssss... I sooo close... pleaseee make meeee cummmmmm!"

"Yes my dear, you want more don't you?"

"Yessss... OHHH, FUCK!" Janice folded her thumb into her palm and slipped her whole hand into my twat. "Noooooo," I wailed as she stretched my vaginal opening. I gripped the chaise and closed my eyes steeling myself against the unknown. "OHHHHhhhh, yesssssss!" I realized that I really wasn't in any pain. I was just surprised that Janice would stuff her entire hand into my cunt. Having never experienced a fisting, I was pleasantly surprised by the thrill I felt throughout my vaginal region as her hand sunk into my twat. Her wrist twisted against my clit as she worked her hand deeper into me and she wiggled her fingers touching places never before visited. I could barely breathe it felt so wonderful! "Mmmm yessss, it feels sooo good. I love it!"

At her direction I relaxed and reclined fully on the chaise and just floated on a cloud as Janice played her magic within my cunt. She slowly turned her body so that she straddled my head. I opened my eyes to see what she was doing and just above me was her bushy twat. Her sex was dripping dew and her thick lips were all red and puffy. As she lowered her sweet cunt onto my face, Janice sweet but commanding voice ordered me, "Eat my hot cunt slut!" I thought that she would taste fresh and clean but her twat was gamey and smelled of old sex. To my amazement, gobs of pasty goo slipped from her hole onto my tongue spreading its tangy flavor throughout my mouth. Dog cum! I recognized the flavor as more of the thick liquid oozed from her twat. Janice had fucked Prince that morning and saved his seed for me. Some of you might be sickened by this realization but I wasn't. It enflamed my senses and I eat her cunt more vigorously.

Janice was panting and moaning as my tongue pleasured nasty snatch. She changed her assault on my twat by fucking my cunt with her balled up fist. It was as if a huge cock was pounding my vaginal cavity into submission. I screamed my orgasm into Janice's smothering cunt. Suddenly, Janice's cunt twitched and spasmed as she too came. Her juices flooded my mouth and drenched my face. Our bodies jerked in uncontrollable bliss. We were left exhausted from our loving and when Janice's climax subsided she collapsed atop my panting form.

Still recovering from our first session, Janice knew why I had really come over today. It was planned for and now it was going to happen. "Come along my dear! Prince is waiting."

"SssshhhPlop!" What an awful sound her hand made as it pulled free of my used hole. Once she was standing I looked between my legs and saw my cunt gaping open! My cunt lips were swollen and thick but they flowered open so that I could see deep into my reddened pit. My clit stood like a tiny dick at attention and I watched with fascination as Janice reached down and pinched the little nubbin.

"Come along slut! It's time to let my puppy enjoy his new bitch."

I rose on shaky legs and followed Janice back into her house. She opened the door to Prince's "playroom" and guided me into his lair. Inside were several pieces of leather "furniture" which I can best describe as cushy ottomans of varying sizes and shapes. A couple of plush leather chairs finished the décor. Prince lay sprawled on a day bed positioned so that he could watch the front yard and street. His doggie dick was exposed several inches from its sheath as he had busied himself with the task of grooming his genitals while awaiting my arrival.

"Go say hello to your new lover." I looked into Janice's steel blue eyes and smiled. I leaned into her and kissed her sweet lips. I whispered into her ear, "Thank you."

I dropped to my knees and crawled over to my awaiting lover. As I crawled, my ass swayed like a bitched in heat. Prince raised his leg as I neared as if to offer his hardening cock to my hungry lips. I nuzzled my face into his crotch wetting the flesh of my lips and cheeks with the precum that leaked freely from the tip of his thick cock. I inhaled deeply the musky odor that rose from his crotch. I became intoxicated as his scent filled my senses. I played with the tip of his cock with my tongue teasing it into arousal. My tongue lapped at the sweet precum as it ran down the shaft of his growing hard flesh. The flavor of dog cum coated my tongue and I lusted for more. My warm mouth closed around Prince's cock and it rushed from the protective sheath and slid to the back of my throat. It continued to push deep into my throat until I gagged on its length. Pulling back, I mentally measured the fully hardened cock I sucked on. It was easily nine inches long, maybe ten. The tip was slopped to a point but flared to several inches across at its thick bulging cock head. His shaft was thickly veined and glistened with the mixture of my saliva and the juices oozing from the tip. Evidence of his knot began to appear at the base of his shaft. I knew that I needed to hurry if I was going to mate with this beast. Once his knot became fully engorged it would never fit into my body. I did so want all of inside of me. I wanted to be stretched by this monster and tie with him. I needed to be his bitch in every sense of the meaning. I licked the length of his cock one last time savoring the taste of my lover to be. I reluctantly released Prince's beautiful cock and I turned away crawling a short distance from his reclining hulk. I acted the coquettish little bitch as I crawled away on my hands and knees with my ass swaying. Prince recognized the game immediately jumping to his feet and then springing from the bed. A threatening growl rumbled from his massive chest and he trotted over to me and sniffed at my dripping sex. Tentatively he licked at my swollen labia, his rough tongue causing waves of pleasure to roll through my body. I submitted myself to the beast and opened my leg giving him access to my sex. His thick tongue slipped deep into my sloppy cunt. He whined as his tongue dug deeper into my hole for my hot taste girl juice.

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