Nurse Brenda

by Prairie_Poet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: A nubile young nurse gives a mature man special treatment.

As she leaned over her patient's bed, Brenda felt his hand slide up her waist.

"Now Jim," she chided him in a teasing voice. "What did I tell you about keeping your hands to yourself?" She gave him a flirtatious wink, but didn't push his hand away.

"I know honey," he laughed, "but you feel so good."

"My name is Brenda, not honey," she scolded him, but her smile took the bite out of her words. She laughed at the twinkle in the older man's eyes. His handsome features had attracted her the first time she'd seen him, and his quick wit and teasing personality only served to further the attraction. Even though he was a good twenty years older than she, Brenda felt a very intense sexual spark between them.

As she leaned over him to adjust the bed, she felt his hand slide up to her breast and cup its fullness, kneading gently. Her nipple stiffened beneath his palm. The thin, white cotton of her nurse's uniform provided a minimal barrier between them, and her lacy bra even less. His nightly bed bath had become a sexy game for them over the past few nights. They both enjoyed the caresses, and Brenda figured it wasn't hurting anything. After all, they were both consenting adults. She had shut the door, and then pulled the curtain around his bed just in case anyone walked in.

When she had his bed in a flat position, she pulled down his covers and asked him to sit up so she could unfasten his hospital gown.

"Slip off your gown while I prepare the water for your bath," she instructed in a husky voice. She untied the fastenings in the back of the gown, and helped him slip it off. Her eyes feasted on his naked form, the mat of gray hair covering his chest that narrowed to a vee as it approached his thick, uncut cock. His body was firm and fit, and she knew he was an avid hiker. His penis appeared full and heavy, as if in anticipation of what was to come. She pulled her eyes away and picked up the tub to fill it with warm water. When she walked back toward the bed, his eyes were glued to her full breasts and she knew her still-hard nipples were protruding into the fabric.

"Are you ready, Jim?" she asked him, still pretending to maintain the professional demeanor that was part of their game.

"Yes, nurse," he replied as he lay back on his bed. She began by dipping a soft cloth into the soapy water and then tucking a towel underneath him to catch the drips. As she adjusted the towel, his hands were on her breasts, squeezing and molding them, pushing them together. She continued with her work as if this were all a normal part of a bed bath. As she picked up the cloth and wrung it out gently, his fingers undid the buttons down the front of her dress.

She heard his intake of breath as her lacy white bra was uncovered, then her white garter belt and stockings. He nearly gasped when he realized she wasn't wearing panties. As she leaned forward and began rubbing his chest with the warm, soapy cloth, he unsnapped her front-hooking bra, letting her rosy-tipped breasts fall free. She moaned as his fingers began to gently pinch and tug at her large nipples. Her own fingers found his nipples and touched them the same way until they were pebble like and sensitive. She continued the bath as he played with her breasts, and she felt the liquid heat pooling between her thighs. As she washed him lower, soaping his belly, and finally reaching his now throbbing and erect cock, Brenda was in a state of intense arousal.

When she began to wash his cock, his fingers found her sopping pussy and pushed her lips open to finger her swollen clit. Brenda felt her legs tremble and she widened her stance so he had better access to her cunt. She quickly washed his cock, then his balls, knowing from experience that if she spent too much time there he would cum before she was ready.

"Now Jim, I need you to spread your legs for me," She instructed. "I need to get you ready to have your temperature taken. You know the routine."

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