Two Ships Pass, Once Again

by Sig Grayson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BiSexual, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: One more adventure, by popular demand, of Jamie Moore, Erotic Story writer, and her gal pal, Veronica (Ronnie). This time they ask Jamie's fiance', Randy into the mix for an first time threesome

with Carree Wilson

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Jamie Moore, is an erotic story writer in her spare time from her job as a copywriter and account representative for one of the nations largest ad agencies. She had just finished speaking at an agencies convention in New Orleans and was heading home. Her live-in boyfriend and fiance', Randy, was with her on this trip as they turned the 3 day convention into a mini-vacation of 5 days.

They were just beginning approach into Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport to make their connection to New York City where she was to meet Randy' parents and family before winging back to San Francisco tomorrow evening, connecting once again here in Atlanta.

"Good Afternoon, This is your captain. I'm happy to report that the temperature in Atlanta is 66 degrees and it is sunny with no winds, a beautiful early spring day. Those of you making connection to the northeast corridor, Boston, New York, Hartford and Albany should check with your airlines immediately upon arriving as they are experiencing some bad weather there that may delay flights. It has been my pleasure to serve you this day and on behalf of the entire crew, have a great day and thank you for flying Southern Gulf Air."

Jamie looked at Randy with a look of disappointment.

"I have to be in San Fran the day after tomorrow. If we get delayed here or have a chance of getting stranded in New York I am screwed. My boss is pissed that I took the 2 extra days in N'awlin's and can't wait to cut and slash at my expense account, and I have a pile of work on my desk that nobody has touched for 5 days." Jamie said.

"Jesus Christ, are you the only fucking copywriter in that office? Does anyone else there have an original idea?" Randy said exasperated.

"Randy, if I was just a copywriter, it would be one thing. But I'm a creative copywriter with fixed campaigns set up for certain clients. We have a game plan with a lot of these things and I am committed to finishing them. You drive a Lexus, live in a gated community, and haven't washed a dish, folded a shirt or made the bed in the year you've lived with me. I would say it gives me a pretty good lifestyle. Maybe you wouldn't complain so much if I decided to live alone again and just dated you." Jamie said, fed up with his whining.

"Hey, James! I know I have it good, but my parents have been waiting 6 months to meet you, and we're this close. " He said hopefully.

"I know, but I have to be back to work on Monday morning, PERIOD.

We can use our frequent flyers and send them a ticket to see us." Jamie suggested.

"Before we end up in and argument, lets wait and see what happens." Randy said.

Changing planes at Hartsfield can be like trying to catch the Second Avenue bus from Sixth Avenue. The terminal is huge and it seems a mile from where you de-plane to anywhere. Jamie and Randy had 45 minutes until their connection to New York so they had plenty of time as long as they did not leave the secure terminal.

Their New York flight was only 8 gates away but still Randy worried. As he approached the check in he saw a long line of long faces.

"Flight 224 to New York?" Randy said to the stranger at the end of the line.

The elderly gentleman with a British accent turned and looked Randy up and down and put a disgusted look on his face.

"Yes it is, but unless you want to walk or take a dog sleigh, you won't be in New York in time for a Sunday mugging. The whole Northeast is socked in for at least 6 more hours." The gentleman said.

Randy's heart sank. Just as he turned to tell the catching up Jamie, an announcement was made.

"Attention all passengers waiting to board planes or make connections to Logan Airport in Boston, Kennedy or LaGuardia in New York, MacArthur Airfield in Long Island, Albany International or Bradley Field in Hartford. All of those Airports are closed.

No flights going in or going out with at least a foot of snow at each of those cities since 6 a.m. this morning, and another 6 to 12 inches expected. At this time it is unlikely that any of these airports will move and passengers for 24 hours. High winds and low visibility along with the snow pack make it impossible to keep the runways clear and have crippled the Northeast. Check with your airline or alternative forms of transportation."

Randy just looked at Jamie, puffing his cheeks and blowing out a long slow, "F - u - c - k!"

Jamie was already on her cell phone trying to make sure they had accommodations for that evening in Atlanta, if they couldn't get a flight out to Frisco. From all of her traveling she knew to make first things first. She had already scoped out the Airport Marriott on the cab ride to New Orleans International this morning in her trusty hotel guide.

"I'm gonna go find a phone and call my Dad, James. You wait here, and ask the deskfly where we can get our bags." Randy said as he walked way.

Jamie already had the Hotel on and was giving them a credit card number as the rest of the Northeast corridor was rushing to phones to do the same. Jamie had learned to plan ahead, constantly flying into Frisco and Seattle. Delays at those airports were part of daily life in some seasons.

Confident and proud of herself she made her way to the check-in desk amid the sea of other travelers trying to get questions answered. Jamie's sharply dressed confidence and looks usually got her to the front of any line she needed, although she usually hated to use that tact. Today was not one of those days.

She opened the front of her coat to show the cleavage she had revealed when she reached in and unbuttoned to a moment ago. She stood toward the back of the deskflys' podium and touched him on the arm. Already bombarded by the sea of question the deskfly whipped around to scold her and saw her blond ambition, as well as the tops of her 36D breasts. Before a word could escape his lips she asked, "My clothes, where can I find my clothes? My bags were supposed to go to the New York plane, but now its cancelled and I won't have anything to wear."

Right away the demeanor of the deskfly changed.

"Let me see your tags, I'll call and have them sent to the baggage claim."

Jamie smiled real big for him and moved up to his arm and touched it as he dialed the 4-digit extension. After a few brief words he hung up.

"They caught it before it was put on a limbo cart, it will be in baggage claim in a few minutes."

"Jamie gave him a breathy "Oh Thank you,... uh James" as she read his name tag. Then drawing in a big breath to puff up her chest, "That's my name too. Oh thank you." She said as she walked away under the scornful eyes of all that she pushed ahead.

Jamie pulled out her cell, ashamed of what she just did, but satisfied nonetheless, and called Randy's cell. Randy who was talking to his parents on a pay phone somewhere in the airport answered quickly.

"Randy, meet me in baggage claim when you are ready, honey." She said and quickly clicked off as she headed down.

When she finally got there after riding the shuttle to the terminal and ascending the 3 story escalator to ground level she saw one lone set of bags on Southern Gulfs turnstile. A matron, waiting to check tags with bag takers, saw her coming and headed her off.

"Hey, Missy, your tag, I need your tag for claim." She yelled as Jamie waved her tag and took the two bags and took them to a pillar where she set them down to sit on them and wait for Randy, out of the way of the rushing crowd.

She heard the exasperated voices of people trying to make new plans on their cell phones.

"No rooms left, you're kidding me!"

"The busses are off the roads too?"

"What am I supposed to do, sleep at the airport?"

Everyone's story seemed to sound the same as Atlanta Hotels filled up and travel into the Northeast became more and more impossible. She felt bad that so many were going to be that inconvenienced, but proud she had already taken care of the situation. Once Randy finished with his Dad on the phone, she and he need only wait until tomorrow evening to get their flight out of Atlanta to Frisco.

From the other side of the giant pillar she heard someone else pile baggage and plop down on it. It was a young woman from the sound of her voice and she was crying, talking into her cell phone.

"I had to make these stupid fuckin' smart ass plans to get the extra miles credited. Why did I let you talk me into this? If I flew Miami-Denver direct I would be home already and I don't care how much more it would have cost me. If I lose my job over this, I hold you responsible. DON'T HANG UP ON ME YOU FUCKING... "

She trailed off, apparently being hung up on.

Whomever she was talking too had put her up to flying to New York, then Chicago to Denver from Miami at cut rates, but double the miles. It was a slight of hand made possible by the deals offered by many airlines. This time she had apparently lost out, losing the New York connection, thus being stranded. She felt bad for the woman.

Seconds later, he saw Randy's head appear from the rising escalator and she motioned for him.

"Let's go out front and get a cab to our hotel." She said to him.

Randy appeared exasperated. "Yeah, that's our only option. My dad says that it may be the biggest storm to ever hit New York City proper in the last 50 years. They expect 12 to 15 MORE inches."

As they each grabbed a bag and headed past the pillar and out to street level, Jamie heard a voice from the other side of the pillar.

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