Samantha Meets the Neighbor

by In2thisshit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is really part two of "My Dark Secret" but written as a standalone story. I hope that you enjoy my further bestial cravings.

Sean and I dated for the next week or so and found out that we enjoyed one another's company. Sex was great with both of my new lovers and since we were have so much fun together it was an easy decision when Sean asked if I would move in with him and Max. I realized that I would quickly become a sex toy for the two of them. Still the prospect of having a lover that enjoyed my perversion as much as I did seemed like a match made in heaven so I jumped at the chance to move in with Sean and Max. Our first night as roommates the rules were established immediately. I sat them down after dinner and told them that I was the one that determined when I would have sex and with whom. Unfortunately Max doesn't understand rules. As I was expounding on my rights to chose whom, where and when I'd fuck, Max walked over and stuck his massive head under my skirt and started licking my naked cunt. Maybe I should have worn panties that evening and just maybe I could have enforced my rules. Oh well fuck it! I really did want Max' hot doggie cock that night anyway.

Max and Sean were now my constant companions as well as lovers. We spent all of our free time together and I was never happier in my life. There were times though that Max' timing would be, well, inappropriate. He was very insistent about when he wanted sex and I soon learned to be submissive to his needs. After being nipped a few times, I think that you too would willingly open your thighs and let him slide his hot cock into your quim. Now you probably think that Max was one horny dog that fucked me day and night but that was not the case. Max demanded sex but on his terms and it was the when and where that led to a few embarrassing moments. This is the story of a few of those adventures.

Recently, I decided to wear a very revealing outfit for one of our nightly walks through the park. I wanted to let Sean know that I wanted sex that night. Plus I really get off showing my "assets" off to the male townsfolk. I get very wet. I decide on wearing a leather skirt dress that was hemmed well up my thighs. It showed way too much flesh and when I bent over I knew my ass showed. So of course I went without panties. I also decided to go without a bra that evening so that my nipples would show thru the silky blouse I had chosen. I wanted my audience to get an eyeful since I was feeling rather randy. My target of affection though was slightly off. I guess Max caught the scent of my pussy juice as it dripped from my hot cunt and trickled down the inside of my thighs. Anyway Max began to get frisky and he started sticking his head between my legs. Once his tongue hit its intended target I was a goner. I tried lamely to rebuke his advances but like I said... lamely.

"Max, stop that. People are looking at us. Stop!" I really did try to discourage him but he was insistent in his needs.

"Look babe, why don't we find a secluded spot and the two of you could get it on out here under the stars? I think it will be a giant turn on to watch the two of you getting it on out here in the open. Don't you? Besides I am her to protect your honor." With that little bit of persuasion, Sean talked me into giving it a try. Sean found a very secluded spot amongst some bushes and I stripped my blouse off and flipped my skirt up over my hips. That way Max' claws would not scratch me. I took one last look around and assumed my submissive position. Sean released Max and he trotted around to my upturned ass and lapped at my drooling puss. When he was sure that I was ready he mounted me.

I gave Max a helping hand in finding the mark. Besides I love the feel of a hot cock as I rub it along my wet cunt lips. I really like teasing Max by denying him entrance into my pussy for as long as I can. This cause Max to dance between my splayed legs and his ass will go into overdrive trying to bury his boner deep into my sweet spot. When I do let his cock go he will slam it into me with reckless abandon and bury it to the root on the first push. It never fails to take my breath away and is always followed by a rush of orgasmic pleasure.

I must have let out a pretty loud squeal as Max drove his cock into my wet cunt because a short time later a man and his dog arrived to see if anyone was in trouble. The older gentleman was startled to say the least. "Oh, my," said the gray-haired gent. "I am sorry for intruding."

"Ohhhh, shit Sean," I stammered as Max unceasingly sawed his canine cock in and out of my sloppy cunt. "I was afraid this would happen." I was mortified but I was not in any position to stop. Max was fucking me now like a jackhammer and I began to feel my orgasm coming to a boil.

"We will just be on our way," the man announced as he turned to go, but his Doberman was rooted to the spot. He stood his ground and watched Max fucking my upturned ass. "Come along Emperor! It looks like the lady has her... well, it looks like she is enjoying herself." Emperor had other ideas though. The Doberman pulled his master fully into the clearing and sniff at my ass as Max banged away. This seemed to greatly embarrass the older gent but I was too far-gone to care neither what happened nor whom watched.

"If you want to stay for a while, I am sure that Sam and Max won't mind," piped Sean.

Without another word the two men turned their attention back to the rutting bitch and her four-legged lover. As the old gent used his hands to free his cock from his trousers, Emperor broke free and pranced in circles around Max and I. I guess that Emperor finally had enough of watching. He placed his body in front of me and raised his leg as if he were going to piss, although I doubted that he would actually piss on me. He was presenting me his hardening dog cock that was appearing from its furry sheath. It was reddish in color with dark brown spots. The tapered tip was thinner than Max' but it was much longer before the shaft actually started. There was massive amount of precum dripping from the hole in its tip and my mouth watered for a taste. I repositioned myself as best as I could, after all Max' cock was stuffing my twat. Ducking under his belly allowed me to tease the tip of his cock with my tongue. Emperor's juices were salty and delicious. Dog precum is a much purer taste than that of a man. I like both but have come to love the juice from my four-legged lover... no lovers is now the best choice of words. I allowed Emperor to push his shaft deeper into my mouth and eventually down my throat. There I was, the park slut enjoying a doggie two-some while their masters stood by stroking their meat.

As I drew closer to a climax, I slipped Emperor from my mouth to encourage Max. "That's it boy. Get... Get that hard dick way up in my puss. Let... oh shit that is soooo goooood... Let your cock swell up in my cunt... oh yes fuck meeee." Max' cock was swelling up nicely so I knew he was very close to cumming. His knot was fully swollen locking us together. Then Max whined and then let out a long rumbling growl from deep within his chest. He shoved his cock deep into my cunt and gripped my waist with all the strength he could muster. His body, frozen in place, his cock began to flex rapidly and then he released his seed deep into my body. I love to feel Max' hot cum squirting deep into my cunt. Rarely with a man do I actually feel him cumming but with Max I can feel it. His cock vibrates and the jets of hot cum shoot from its tip. It feels, well, it feels orgasmic. Then there is the quantity of cum he produces. It is easily more than twice that of Sean. Max just blasts his hot seed into my body over and over. It feels like he can cum forever and I love the feeling of his hot cum filling my body. I never fail to cum as he fills my twat with his hot cum. My pussy can never hold all of his ejaculation. It always manages to escape past his knot and dribble down my thighs. It makes me feel so slutty.

"Cum deep inside meeeeeee! Yesssss!"

As Max gradually emptied his balls into my welcoming cunt, we began to catch our breath. Max, who usually rests his weight on my back, instead he turned tail to butt. I love this move since it causes his cock to corkscrew around inside me churning my gooey snatch like a hot caldron of nasty soup. Also his knot then puts a lot of pressure on my G-spot and in this position I usually get to ride his cock to a couple of nice quick personal orgasm. Tonight though Max wanted to be free of me so he pulled away and with a loud plop his cock was out of my cunt. Thankfully my cunt has stretched a little over the past month otherwise it could have caused serious damage. No I was simply miffed about the sudden loss of dog cock than any real pain.

As my cunt belched his doggie cum and gobs of it oozed down my thighs, I had completely forgot about the other beast. It was as I was about to complain that Emperor made his move. He mounted me suddenly expecting to have his turn. "What the fuck!" I was startled at first but soon realized that more cock was available. Now what kind of slut turns down good hard cock when it is offered? "Oh, so you want some too? Do you big guy? Well here let me help you find sloppy hole." I cooed as I held Emperor hot long cock in my hand and guided him to my sloppy cunt.

"That's it lady! Let my Emperor fuck you. He will make you scream with pleasure." said the old gent. Turning to Sean he added, "Damn this is the hottest fuck show that I have ever witnessed."

I slipped Emperor cock between my puffy cunt lips and let him feel the warmth of my pussy. Sensing his victory, Emperor pushed his cock into my body, I released his cock and let him find his own pace. Emperor was driven mad by his need for sex. He slammed into my body with the force of a demon. Nothing prepared me for how hard and fast this beast fucked his cock into me. His cock was longer than Max' by about two to three inches and he hit my cervix with ever stroke. Max rarely hits that deep into my body usually only when I am close to my period. It was painful and I squirmed and wiggled my ass trying to find a comfort zone as he pounded into me. I could not find any position that gave me relief from the painful stabbing at the entrance of my womb. This new bestial lover was slamming into my cervix over and over. Something had to give for I feared that this animal was going to do me damage. I was whining as the pain grew almost intolerable but suddenly Emperor's cock broke through the barrier and he entered my womb. Yes, it burned like hellfire but it was a sweet pain. Nothing like I had ever experienced before during sex. I wanted more and I pushed back against the beast. I was desperate to capture more of his cock. I wanted every inch inside of my womb. Twisting, stretching, rubbing the walls of my womb raw.

I started cumming and a wail was let loose from my throat. I must have been making too damn much noise because Sean shoved his cock into my mouth to shut me up. With both ends now stuffed full of cock I came even harder. At the peak of my climax, I felt the beast's cock begin to swell. I thought he was going to rip my cunt in half but then his hot cum jetted into my hole. My entire body shook with orgasmic pleasure and I released a muffled scream of ecstasy around Sean's thick cock. More and more of Emperor's hot cream poured into my body until it burst forth and drained down my thighs. This was too much for Sean who pulled his dick from my mouth and shot his jiz all over my face.

Once Emperor finish with me he pulled his cock free from my now distended hole. The old gent walked over to my kneeling body and pulled my mouth to his throbbing cock. I sucked his cock as he wanked it to orgasm. I greedily gulped his thick load down. With jiz dripping from my chin, the old gent put his soft cock back into his pants and with Emperor at his side, turned to go. His last words were, "Emperor and I walk this park every night about this time. We both hope to see you again very soon."

The walk home was an adventure in itself. Sean said that I smelled like a French whorehouse and I was walking bowlegged from the rough fucking that I had just received. Doggie cum dripped from my twat; in fact it was days before it all leaked out. To make matters worse, while waiting for the light to change at a street corner, a woman out walking her German Shepherd pulled up along side of us.

"Hi neighbors," she piped up. I recognized her as the lady across the street and a few houses down from Sean's place.

"Hello," we both answered in unison. I stepped closer and reached over to pet her animal when an odd thing occurred. The beast pushed past my hand and he shoved his head up under my dress. I should have known better that he would catch the scent of my freshly fucked pussy. Before I could retreat, his tongue shot out and he began to lap at my dripping cunt. His mistress was flabbergasted and she barked commands at her pet. She was clearly embarrassed by his antics but Sean was very amused. Max on the other hand was pissed off. Sean had to restrain Max or a dogfight would have ensued. Males! I made a feeble attempt at another retreat but was pinned to the lamppost with my legs parted. Hell this creature knew what he was doing and his tongue felt great. Finally the woman yanked her dog to a sitting position at my feet.

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