Ships Passing in Colorado

by Sig Grayson & Carree Wilson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sig Grayson and Carree Wilson combine to tell the story of an Erotic Story Writer, Jamie Moore, who breaks down the invisible wall and meets one of her admirers face to face to thank her for her kind words, advice, and friendship.<br> Sig Grayson is the keeper of the Carree Wilson Archive and he finishs an original idea and outline by her.

Jamie Moore is a copywriter for an ad agency based out of San Francisco. In her travels between her agency's office in San Fran and Seattle she was able to keep a man in each city until things got too serious with both and they eventually found out about each other leaving Jamie heartbroken, sorry, cold and alone.

Looking for an outlet for her feelings she began to write of her exploits with the two in erotic short stories.

Jamie developed many fans that wrote her in praise of her work.

One however, Veronica from Colorado, touched her heart and her sexuality.

When Jamie was at her lowest, Veronica showed her the way through her emotions. To get back into dating and seeing men Jamie then took up with the security of an old friend school Randy. Randy had planned a ski trip to Colorado thus giving Jamie a chance to meet Veronica in person. Jamie took the opportunity to fly into Denver a few days early before meeting Randy there, supposedly to meet an Aunt and cousin. This is the story of that special meeting.

Dedicated to GH, this is yours.

As the Jumbo Jet settled into its landing pattern the power-down glide of the engines whined in harmony with the ailerons moving the flaps into the runway reverse position.

Jamie Moore looked out over the distant skyline of Denver, missing the old Stapleton Airfield flight path that ran right over Lowery Air Force Base and almost parallel with Colfax Avenue through Aurora and metro Denver. This was all unfamiliar as she searched for something she could grasp as familiar to make her feel at ease with her plans for the next 48 hours.

Monday morning she was to meet her friend Randy at this same Denver International and they were to fly a commuter jet to Powderhorn ski area for a winter break. Jamie wanted a day or more in the Denver area to meet with family she had not seen since she was in high school, but the main reason for the early arrival was to meet a pen pal, an admirer of her erotic stories.

The fan was an influencing wake up call who told her that life still held many pleasures and mysteries after a time when Jamie was unsure of her will to live again after losing each of her lovers through her own fault.

It was a thank you that Jamie wanted to deliver personally for some time. But simple hug and "thank you" was not all she had in her plans right now.

In Veronica's letters to Jamie, her original intention was to tell Jamie that she enjoyed her erotic writing and that, if her story was true as written, to tell her she envied her various affairs, but felt sorry she had burned her bridges with the 2 men that made her happy.

As the two women bantered back and forth, Veronica, in her anonymity, opened up more than she might normally, with a pen pal or even close friend. Jamie had, in her stories, told of the play-by-play minute juicy details of her love affairs with various men she had become involved with. Veronica knew every dirty little detail and maybe that led her to tell Jamie of some of her affairs, and to admit she was bi-sexual, fully open to love men and women. Jamie didn't think of Veronica as a lesbian, but as an open participant when the situation presented itself.

Jamie had, in her lonely anger and hopelessness after being found out having 2 lovers in 2 wild affairs, wondered if she would ever find love with another man. She wondered if another woman might be in her future. She once questioned that if she were to love another woman, would she still be able to take up with a man again.

As time went by common sense ruled over her as she reasoned that men might eventually seek her out to love again and enjoy life pleasures. She was in fact, and quite obviously, very attractive.

She had been foolish to try and balance 2 love affairs with 2 men she really cared for. She paid by being found out and losing them both.

However, the more Jamie read of Veronica's affairs with both sex's and the sexy way they left her feeling, she wondered if she really COULD love another woman.

Jamie had taken up with an old friend, Randy, and their friendship developed into a new love affair and she soon realized that nothing could take the place of a man in her life. She simply loved sex with a man, feeling him deep within her.

She taught her new lover Randy the ropes of her body showing him how to play it to make her sing. She also showed Randy that she knew the lines and contours of a man and could please him far beyond his wildest expectations.

Yet, whenever she communicated with Veronica, certain wonderment overtook her.

Veronica and Jamie shared certain personal pleasures.

They both liked shaving their nether areas to provide their lovers with a smooth, almost baby like, quality.

They both enjoyed the feel of a tongue on and in their most private of places.

They also enjoyed flaunting their sexuality by leaving under garments behind from time to time to "go commando" and feel open and free.

They both even wore clitoral jewelry (ie: clit clips) to further tease themselves at times during their work-a-day worlds.

Veronica envied Jamie stories of walking the nude beaches of the west coast where ogling eyes were never the norm, it was just life as it was there. Veronica secretly wished that she felt the confidence to strip her clothes and walk the white sands and gaze out over the ocean.

From Jamie's impressions of Veronica, she saw no reason why she might be embarrassed to show herself as she arrived from the womb. Jamie always tried to enforce Veronica's confidence and patience that some day the right guy would come along and Veronica would find the happiness that Jamie had known. Although Veronica knew approximately what she looked like from her stories, Jamie only had intimations and assumptions to Veronica's looks. But, in her mind, she was a beautiful person, and that was all that mattered. Her sexy words and passion would certainly find a life's love soon.

When it became a possibility that Jamie and Veronica might meet face to face, a strange feeling came over Jamie.

Veronica was not just a friend she had met over the internet, she was this vibrant sexual being who had shared secrets that only Jamie knew. Veronica, through Jamie's erotic stories, knew all of Jamie's secrets as well. It was as if Jamie were writing for Veronica alone sometimes. Knowing each other's most secret details of life dropped any roadblocks of friendly decorum in their notes. They were both truly open.

They were so open, in fact, that Jamie envisioned them meeting and hugging, exchanging kisses, their fondness so deep. Jamie felt a kinship, a connection to someone who had touched the stillness of her life's pond that sent a ripple over its entire surface.

There was also another prevailing feeling that shook Jamie to her core.

One she had felt before: The first time she had intimate sexual contact with her first lover, a passion swept her to do things she did not think she was capable of; She took his penis into her mouth and let him expel his seed for her to taste and swallow; Then, that same passion swept over her with her next lover. That time, moments after resolving to herself that she was unable to have a physical relationship with this man in Seattle, because she had a lover home in San Francisco, she lay on the grass with him. Where they lay overlooked a still lake rimmed with cool pines. They spoke to each other of life and love and then silence overtook them as a deer walked to its shore, its doe following closely. They drank and sauntered off into the thick woods leaving the stillness to return. Jamie looked into his eyes and suddenly swung a leg over him to kiss and devour his face, almost not knowing what overtook her. With her hand she reached under herself and managed to undo the pants of her friend and with impatient passion drew out his penis and in one deft motion, pushed aside her panty and sunk his being into hers. She rocked on his body to pleasure both of them. When it was through she lay astride him, his seed still wet and warm within her. She looked into his eyes and knew it was right, although she had no forethought of what she had done. Something had just overtaken her.

She felt one of those same passion filled moments was due with Veronica, because recently she had wanted to reach through her computer to touch her; To thank her for being the intimate friend and confidant she needed. She wanted to thank her for making her feel hot passion at her core with the details of her affairs, to thank her for showing her that the music of sexual pleasure was still within her, it need only be played by the right musician.

But to have an affair with another woman seemed beyond Jamie's realm. However, she knew that if the moment presented itself, her spirit would know the right thing to do as it had with her previous lovers. She had tempted Veronica with its possibility, but had tempered her with the possibility that loving another woman may not be within her.

The tires screeched on the runway as Jamie looked out over what the line in the song "America" described as "purple mountains majesty". She took a deep breath as she rose from her seat to walk through the jet way into the terminal.

Veronica had said she would show or do something to make herself obvious to Jamie. If she were to get cold feet, there would be no connection and Jamie could go on to Littleton to visit with relatives. Jamie too had her out, if she saw Veronica and became afraid, she would pass by as a stranger, never identifying herself.

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