Ships Passing in Colorado

by Sig Grayson & Carree Wilson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sig Grayson and Carree Wilson combine to tell the story of an Erotic Story Writer, Jamie Moore, who breaks down the invisible wall and meets one of her admirers face to face to thank her for her kind words, advice, and friendship.<br> Sig Grayson is the keeper of the Carree Wilson Archive and he finishs an original idea and outline by her.

Jamie Moore is a copywriter for an ad agency based out of San Francisco. In her travels between her agency's office in San Fran and Seattle she was able to keep a man in each city until things got too serious with both and they eventually found out about each other leaving Jamie heartbroken, sorry, cold and alone.

Looking for an outlet for her feelings she began to write of her exploits with the two in erotic short stories.

Jamie developed many fans that wrote her in praise of her work.

One however, Veronica from Colorado, touched her heart and her sexuality.

When Jamie was at her lowest, Veronica showed her the way through her emotions. To get back into dating and seeing men Jamie then took up with the security of an old friend school Randy. Randy had planned a ski trip to Colorado thus giving Jamie a chance to meet Veronica in person. Jamie took the opportunity to fly into Denver a few days early before meeting Randy there, supposedly to meet an Aunt and cousin. This is the story of that special meeting.

Dedicated to GH, this is yours.

As the Jumbo Jet settled into its landing pattern the power-down glide of the engines whined in harmony with the ailerons moving the flaps into the runway reverse position.

Jamie Moore looked out over the distant skyline of Denver, missing the old Stapleton Airfield flight path that ran right over Lowery Air Force Base and almost parallel with Colfax Avenue through Aurora and metro Denver. This was all unfamiliar as she searched for something she could grasp as familiar to make her feel at ease with her plans for the next 48 hours.

Monday morning she was to meet her friend Randy at this same Denver International and they were to fly a commuter jet to Powderhorn ski area for a winter break. Jamie wanted a day or more in the Denver area to meet with family she had not seen since she was in high school, but the main reason for the early arrival was to meet a pen pal, an admirer of her erotic stories.

The fan was an influencing wake up call who told her that life still held many pleasures and mysteries after a time when Jamie was unsure of her will to live again after losing each of her lovers through her own fault.

It was a thank you that Jamie wanted to deliver personally for some time. But simple hug and "thank you" was not all she had in her plans right now.

In Veronica's letters to Jamie, her original intention was to tell Jamie that she enjoyed her erotic writing and that, if her story was true as written, to tell her she envied her various affairs, but felt sorry she had burned her bridges with the 2 men that made her happy.

As the two women bantered back and forth, Veronica, in her anonymity, opened up more than she might normally, with a pen pal or even close friend. Jamie had, in her stories, told of the play-by-play minute juicy details of her love affairs with various men she had become involved with. Veronica knew every dirty little detail and maybe that led her to tell Jamie of some of her affairs, and to admit she was bi-sexual, fully open to love men and women. Jamie didn't think of Veronica as a lesbian, but as an open participant when the situation presented itself.

Jamie had, in her lonely anger and hopelessness after being found out having 2 lovers in 2 wild affairs, wondered if she would ever find love with another man. She wondered if another woman might be in her future. She once questioned that if she were to love another woman, would she still be able to take up with a man again.

As time went by common sense ruled over her as she reasoned that men might eventually seek her out to love again and enjoy life pleasures. She was in fact, and quite obviously, very attractive.

She had been foolish to try and balance 2 love affairs with 2 men she really cared for. She paid by being found out and losing them both.

However, the more Jamie read of Veronica's affairs with both sex's and the sexy way they left her feeling, she wondered if she really COULD love another woman.

Jamie had taken up with an old friend, Randy, and their friendship developed into a new love affair and she soon realized that nothing could take the place of a man in her life. She simply loved sex with a man, feeling him deep within her.

She taught her new lover Randy the ropes of her body showing him how to play it to make her sing. She also showed Randy that she knew the lines and contours of a man and could please him far beyond his wildest expectations.

Yet, whenever she communicated with Veronica, certain wonderment overtook her.

Veronica and Jamie shared certain personal pleasures.

They both liked shaving their nether areas to provide their lovers with a smooth, almost baby like, quality.

They both enjoyed the feel of a tongue on and in their most private of places.

They also enjoyed flaunting their sexuality by leaving under garments behind from time to time to "go commando" and feel open and free.

They both even wore clitoral jewelry (ie: clit clips) to further tease themselves at times during their work-a-day worlds.

Veronica envied Jamie stories of walking the nude beaches of the west coast where ogling eyes were never the norm, it was just life as it was there. Veronica secretly wished that she felt the confidence to strip her clothes and walk the white sands and gaze out over the ocean.

From Jamie's impressions of Veronica, she saw no reason why she might be embarrassed to show herself as she arrived from the womb. Jamie always tried to enforce Veronica's confidence and patience that some day the right guy would come along and Veronica would find the happiness that Jamie had known. Although Veronica knew approximately what she looked like from her stories, Jamie only had intimations and assumptions to Veronica's looks. But, in her mind, she was a beautiful person, and that was all that mattered. Her sexy words and passion would certainly find a life's love soon.

When it became a possibility that Jamie and Veronica might meet face to face, a strange feeling came over Jamie.

Veronica was not just a friend she had met over the internet, she was this vibrant sexual being who had shared secrets that only Jamie knew. Veronica, through Jamie's erotic stories, knew all of Jamie's secrets as well. It was as if Jamie were writing for Veronica alone sometimes. Knowing each other's most secret details of life dropped any roadblocks of friendly decorum in their notes. They were both truly open.

They were so open, in fact, that Jamie envisioned them meeting and hugging, exchanging kisses, their fondness so deep. Jamie felt a kinship, a connection to someone who had touched the stillness of her life's pond that sent a ripple over its entire surface.

There was also another prevailing feeling that shook Jamie to her core.

One she had felt before: The first time she had intimate sexual contact with her first lover, a passion swept her to do things she did not think she was capable of; She took his penis into her mouth and let him expel his seed for her to taste and swallow; Then, that same passion swept over her with her next lover. That time, moments after resolving to herself that she was unable to have a physical relationship with this man in Seattle, because she had a lover home in San Francisco, she lay on the grass with him. Where they lay overlooked a still lake rimmed with cool pines. They spoke to each other of life and love and then silence overtook them as a deer walked to its shore, its doe following closely. They drank and sauntered off into the thick woods leaving the stillness to return. Jamie looked into his eyes and suddenly swung a leg over him to kiss and devour his face, almost not knowing what overtook her. With her hand she reached under herself and managed to undo the pants of her friend and with impatient passion drew out his penis and in one deft motion, pushed aside her panty and sunk his being into hers. She rocked on his body to pleasure both of them. When it was through she lay astride him, his seed still wet and warm within her. She looked into his eyes and knew it was right, although she had no forethought of what she had done. Something had just overtaken her.

She felt one of those same passion filled moments was due with Veronica, because recently she had wanted to reach through her computer to touch her; To thank her for being the intimate friend and confidant she needed. She wanted to thank her for making her feel hot passion at her core with the details of her affairs, to thank her for showing her that the music of sexual pleasure was still within her, it need only be played by the right musician.

But to have an affair with another woman seemed beyond Jamie's realm. However, she knew that if the moment presented itself, her spirit would know the right thing to do as it had with her previous lovers. She had tempted Veronica with its possibility, but had tempered her with the possibility that loving another woman may not be within her.

The tires screeched on the runway as Jamie looked out over what the line in the song "America" described as "purple mountains majesty". She took a deep breath as she rose from her seat to walk through the jet way into the terminal.

Veronica had said she would show or do something to make herself obvious to Jamie. If she were to get cold feet, there would be no connection and Jamie could go on to Littleton to visit with relatives. Jamie too had her out, if she saw Veronica and became afraid, she would pass by as a stranger, never identifying herself.

As the jet way opened into the terminal Jamie decided not to scan the crowd in the waiting area like an excited teenager looking for her idol. She was determined not to seem too excited, in case a fear swept over her.

She had dressed smartly that winters day in a simple mauve skirt and a low heel. Her deep cream blouse buttoned in the back and would have shown Jamie's full breasts had she not hugged her long winter coat over her arm in front of her. A flight attendant and part of the crew stood aside the partition leading to the waiting area thanking them for flying their airline, etc, etc.

Jamie took her first two steps into the waiting area and she flushed red and then felt light headed to where she almost thought she might have to sit down. Instead she stepped to the side and stopped to arrange her coat on her arm again, buying time for her to try and compose herself.

Doing so, she stepped forward again, her heels clicking on the hard floor she was watching. She tipped her eyes up cautiously and looked seemingly at the terminal, but she was excited to see if Veronica had come to greet her. At first she felt a disappointment and became painfully aware that in a few more steps she would be on the baggage shuttle and she might have missed Veronica. Should she turn back and scream her name?

Suddenly she turned the rounded corner of the hallway that led to the baggage shuttle and she saw a sportily dressed young woman with 2 3x5 cards taped together with black blocked letters,

"Ronnie5", Veronica's email name. She was about as she had pictured her in her quick glance, dark short hair, trim body, obviously very feminine, and a face that invited a smile.

Jamie kept her poker face as their eyes met the first time, as Jamie seemed to be scanning the area, but when she scanned back, Veronica's eyes were still on her.

A smile turned the dimples on in Veronica's face, as she knew it had to be Jamie. Wordlessly Jamie went to her and the women smiled, then hugged. Tears fell from their eyes as they held each other tightly. Finally Jamie swallowed and managed to speak.

"Hello," she whispered in her ear.

The word made Veronica cry harder and hug her tighter.

After what seemed a minute they broke their embrace and looked around to see if they had caused a scene, they hadn't; tearful reunions were common here.

"I'm parked close to the baggage area, let's get your things and get out of here where we can talk." Veronica said, anxious to meet her friend.

"I don't have much, Randy is bringing the bulk of everything Sunday, with all of our ski things. I just have one small bag."

Jamie told her.

As they walked from the terminal to the parking lot Veronica felt a hand come to her arm and slide down to hold her hand. Jamie squeezed it and looked into Veronica's eyes and said, "Thank You".

"For what?"

"Everything, just everything."

Jamie gave Veronica the details of her hotel, a Marriott close by. Veronica knew right where it was.

"I'll get checked in and we can go have lunch and talk, OK Veronica?" Jamie said.

"Yes, and please call me Ronnie. I really wish you would stay with me." Veronica said, but she knew that Randy would expect Jamie at the hotel.

The check-in was quick and Jamie checked the weather report for the following days and it called for sunny and cold for at least 3 days. The sunny part made her feel at ease about their commuter ride to Powderhorn in a couple days.

"I'm going to dash up to my room and freshen up and leave some things off, why don't you come up Ronnie." Jamie said.

They made small talk on the elevator as Jamie fished for the pass card to get into her room.

Jamie went into the bathroom and splashed a little water on her face and washed her hands to feel freshened and came out to see Ronnie looking over the view from the window.

"The mountains are so beautiful, no matter how many time you see them, huh?" Ronnie said.

She turned to get Jamie's reaction and their eyes met. Jamie's were already full of tears again. Ronnie hugged her to comfort her and Jamie, voice cracking through her tears said, "I'm crying from happiness, not sadness. I'm so glad to hold you and touch you."

Ronnie broke the hug and looked into Jamie's eyes and cautiously kissed her lips. Jamie kissed back, once, then again. They looked into each other's eyes with cautious wonder. Ronnie brought her mouth to Jamie's to kiss her deeply and her new friend responded with her tongue in Ronnie's mouth. Their hands roamed over each other's bodies as they drank in each other's body electrics.

Jamie broke the kiss, but with noses almost touching, eye to eye she whispered, "I do think this is right, if you do as well, take me where only you can."

Ronnie's mouth covered Jamie's and they kissed again.

"Lets dispense with the rolling around and wrinkling of clothes, I don't have much with me. May I undress for you?" Jamie said shyly.

"If I may for you," Ronnie answered.

The two women stepped away from each other and looked at the other nervously waiting for one to begin.

Ronnie motioned for Jamie to turn around and she undid the buttons on the back of her blouse. Once unfastened, Jamie turned back to Ronnie and was nervous to pull her blouse from her skirt and over her head.

Ronnie smiled at her nervousness and crossed her hands at the bottom of her pullover sweater and took it over her head to expose her braless breasts. One of her nipples was pierced, but both breasts were fully tanned small globes with small dark hard nipples. Jamie knew from her own femininity that Ronnie's nipples needed a pinch or suckle. Not knowing how to love a woman she hesitated to act on that instinct, but Ronnie then pinched her own nipples.

"God, they ache for you already. Jamie, catch up to me, show me your breasts." Ronnie said.

Jamie half smiled and half shuddered as a chill went up her spine knowing that this was actually happening. She took her blouse over her head to expose her bikini style bra with thin silk cups that showed her nipples through its material. Before she reached to unhook the front snap, she too had to touch her own nipples.

Freed from her bra, Jamie's breast fell also to two perfect globes with her larger nipples centered perfectly.

She had never been shy to walk on the secluded beaches of the west coast, Jamaica and St Thomas in the nude, but now she felt more nude than ever, showing herself to what could be her female lover.

Jamie felt that she should end this right here. She didn't know what to do next, the two of them standing there nude from the waist up.

Ronnie saw her discomfort and extended her arms to her.

"Come here Jamie, let me show you something that only women who love each other can know." Ronnie said smiling at Jamie's hesitance.

She extended her arms and took Jamie into them as they wrapped each other's arms around them selves. Their breasts fell together and then their stomachs touched.

"Oh, you're so soft and warm." Jamie said as Ronnie sought out her mouth and they kissed once again, Ronnie's tongue probing her mouth.

Jamie could not get over how soft, warm and supple Ronnie's body felt next to hers.

"It's no wonder that men clamor to touch and fondle us," she thought. "Women are so,... so... SEXY!"

Ronnie began to move her hands over Jamie's back as if they were drinking in the warmth and sexiness of the moment. She broke her long tongue kiss and whispered into her ear.

"Let's strip the rest of the way."

Jamie knew that the time to stop this was now, if she wanted to.

The feel of Ronnie's body intoxicated her and she knew she had to explore her feelings more.

Ronnie stepped back and undid the belt to her slacks and slowly began to peel them down as Jamie searched for the zipper to her skirt.

Jamie fingered the zipper slot as Ronnie's body came into view.

She was totally smooth without any pubic hair, just like herself!

"Oooooooooo! You are so pretty Ronnie, so cute between your legs," she said uncomfortably as she watched Ronnie bend and spread her legs a bit to look at her own smoothness and to arrange her pretty lips. As she stood up straight she did a little spin, saying, "This is me, now let's see you!"

Jamie found the tab of her zipper and pulled it down over the curve of her hip. The skirt began to fall immediately over the silk of her mini slip. She caught it with her finger and held it as she stepped out of it, looking up at Ronnie quickly.

She tried to finger her slip down and off as if she was alone in the room, but she knew she was putting on a show. Her peach and white thong panty was all that remained and Jamie pulled them up to accent her hips, as she looked admiring at herself, then she thumbed to sides and pulled them down to step from them.

She felt nervous and copied Ronnie with a little turnaround saying,

"This is me, my tan is usually a little deeper, but... "

"You look lovely and so smooth down there." Ronnie said as Jamie nervously cupped her pussy in shyness and then arranged her lips to cover her modest move.

Ronnie stepped to her again and repeated what she had done earlier, mashing her mouth to Jamie's and pressing their breasts together, but this time she ran her hands over Jamie's bottom, hoping to encourage her to do the same. But, Jamie was lost in the new feelings spreading over her and the fear she had gone too far in something she could no longer turn back on.

Ronnie finished the kiss and fondles and then looked at Jamie.

"Are you frightened by me?" Ronnie questioned. "I'm not meaning to be forward if you think we are going too fast, or want to stop it. You look scared."

"I am scared and nervous. I've always felt so in control when I made love to anyone before and right now I am without words or thought of what to do next." she answered.

"If I were a man and he were making love to you, what would you do and feel right now?" Ronnie wondered.

Jamie smiled and looked Ronnie right in the eye.

"I've only made love to MY men, and only them, but still I was always in control of my emotions. If you were one of my men I would be sucking your dick right now. I'm like a baby at the breast, I love having that piece of them in my mouth so I can show them how I feel and how tender I want them to make me feel."

Jamie said, embarrassed.

"Making love to a woman is different, obviously." Ronnie said as she stepped to one of the beds and pulled down the spread and then opened the sheets.

"Why don't you slide in and we can get to know each other?" she asked.

Jamie followed her instruction and got into the bed as Ronnie followed.

They now lay face to face, reclined on their sides.

There was a pregnant moment that Ronnie was about to fill, but Jamie spoke first.

"You are very pretty, your face, your complexion. You undersold yourself in your notes and letters to me. I was worried that I might not want you after I saw you and this whole thing became a reality. But, you apparently take as good care of yourself as I do. Do you gym?" she asked.

Ronnie smiled and blushed. "Thank you, yes I do go to a gym every week. As we get older in gets harder and harder to keep a 21 year old body on this 30 year old frame."

"The ad agency is over half women who work there. My female boss made sure we were happy and thought we would hang around longer if we had a gym. I stay twice a week to treadmill and Stairmaster. Randy says I have the butt of an 18 year old, but my breasts seemed to have started a search for my feet." Jamie said with an embarrassed smile.

The comment about Jamie's breasts turned Ronnie's attention to them as she cupped one.

"I think your breasts are beautiful, so round, soft and natural."

Ronnie said as she fondled it and ran her thumb over the nipple.

The two women made eye contact and Ronnie lowered her mouth to her nipple and licked and them sucked at it.

Jamie drew a deep breath and relished in how good the soft mouth of her lover felt at her tit. "Everything about this woman was soft and warm, even her lips," she thought.

Ronnie moved her mouth to the other breast and Jamie began to get lost in the moment.

Ronnie turned toward Jamie and swung a knee in between her legs, turning her on her back and kneeling over her.

"PLEASE, not yet, I don't think I'm ready!" Jamie said startled.

"Not ready for what." Ronnie said calmly.

"For you to go down on me, I..."

"Shhhhhh, I wasn't doing that. Just follow along and enjoy yourself." Ronnie said as she pressed her body against Jamie, still suckling at her nipple.

Then she moved up to Jamie's mouth and as they kissed Jamie became aware that Ronnie's pussy and her pussy were pressed together as Ronnie sidled and spread Jamie's legs a bit.

As Ronnie began a circular grind Jamie realized what was happening and began to enjoy it as they necked and kissed. She was sure she felt their clits touching and that was driving her crazy as well as Ronnie.

Ronnie broke the kiss and looked into Jamie's eyes.

"Can we have a little cum together?" she asked.

Jamie was almost breathless. "Yes, I feel little spasms working.

Don't stop."

As she said those words Ronnie dropped her lips to her lovers neck and trailed kisses to her shoulder. Their breasts were touching again now as Ronnie whimpered a bit, obviously having a small orgasm. The fact that Jamie expelled a long blowing breath was not lost on Ronnie. She knew they had cum together.

Ronnie slid her leg from between Jamie's crotch and began to continue to kiss her body from the shoulder she had just kissed, and down her arm. She pulled the arm a bit to show Jamie how to move and Jamie rolled over a bit as Ronnie kissed at her back, now moving her body down Jamie's frame. After she had kissed her bottom cheeks she turned Jamie over. With her eyes closed she kissed her stomach and tongued her belly button. She then reached up and took both of Jamie's hands in hers, inter-twining the fingers. They held each other's grip tightly as Ronnie began to kiss down, lick down over Jamie's flat stomach and abdomen.

Jamie was lost in the moment. She loved being eaten, licked and loved between her legs, but this was going to be all new.

Ronnie's tongue flicked out at the lips of Jamie's pussy. Ronnie tried to free her hands from Jamie's grip to use her fingers on her, but she would not let go. Fear and trepidation had taken over for the expectation in Jamie.

"Are you OK?" Ronnie asked.

"Yes, I'm OK. I'm just realizing what is happening."

"What is happening, Jamie?"

"I'm about to have woman to woman sex with my friend, but I'm unsure."

"Unsure of what?"

"Unsure if I can go through with my end. If I can't make you happy it hardly seems fair that I enjoy your attentions."

"Jamie, whatever happens is fine. This is how I want to make love to you. You can make love to me anyway you want, or not at all."

"No, I don't want to stop. I don't want you to stop. I just want you to understand that I may not be able to do this for you. When you touched me with your mouth I realized that you are going to expect me to do the same and, right now at least, I don't think it's within me."

"Relax, my friend. This is not about me right now. This is about me loving you. This is what I want to do to show you how I feel, plus I DO get satisfaction from making you happy. If you want this to continue, just relax and let me show you how I care for you, as a special friend, for the joy you have given me. We are two people who have touched each other out of all the people in the world. I've loved your spirit, now let me love your body."

"Ronnie, you are so sweet," Jamie said as her eyes misted with tears. "There I was worried about ME ME ME, and how I was to feel without a thought for you. I should have known that you would accept my feelings unconditionally. Please kiss me." She said as she let go of Ronnie's hands and wanted her to bring her lips to hers to seal their feelings.

But, Ronnie just dropped her head and DID kiss her, right on her vagina. Jamie almost stopped her to say she meant to kiss her mouth, but her breath was taken away with a swipe of Ronnie's tongue across her clit. Jamie understood what was happening.

Ronnie understood what as happening.

As Ronnie opened up more and more of Jamie's pussy with her tongue Jamie began to enjoy her combination of fear and feelings that mixed with her adrenaline. Her fingers dug into the sheets as she felt familiar fireworks begin to rise within her.

Ronnie sensed Jamie's pleasure and worked her smooth vagina harder with her tongue. She then dipped 2 of her slender fingers into her, and remembering from her descriptions in her stories, brought them right behind her clit and pressed with a circular motion.

Jamie knew that her g-spot was being massaged and began to flounder a bit on the bed.

"Oh my God Ronnie, you're hitting it." Jamie said as Ronnie drove her tongue wild over Jamie's clit.

Jamie began to puff loudly, losing her breathing rhythm and control of her body. She bounded on the bed with Ronnie's mouth attached.

"Hizzit Hizzit gnnnnnnt" Jamie moaned as she pressed her shoulders into the bed and pushed her hips up to meet Ronnie's tender tongue and fingers.

"CUMMING CUMMING!!!!!!" Jamie shouted as Ronnie moved her head away just in time to miss an ejaculation from Jamie. A short steam of milky fluid erupted from her pussy and landed on Ronnie's back and hair.

Ronnie looked at her like she had just grown a second head, but kept her hand busy where it had been.

While Jamie gasped for breath Ronnie dropped her mouth to Jamie's pussy again as she raised her hips once again with a deep scream she managed to hold inside her tightly pursed lips.

A second volley of fluid surprised Ronnie in her mouth and face as she moved her head from the discharge and slid her fingers from Jamie.

As Ronnie wiped her face on the retracted sheet and spread, Jamie grabbed her crotch, rubbing the whole of her hand over her hairless lips causing her to buck once more as more fluid dripped from her fingers. Then finally she collapsed with a flop on the bed.

After a few minutes of silence in the room Ronnie began to giggle as Jamie moaned.

"Wow, that was something" Ronnie chuckled as she rose up on an elbow and looked at her friend.

Jamie could only half smile as she struggled to compose herself and regain her strength.

Their eyes met and Ronnie crawled up to Jamie face and kissed her cheek, then her lips. Jamie wrapped her arms around the warm body of her friend, and now lover, Ronnie.

"You read the stories well, you found the spot." Jamie growled in her ear.

"Scared the shit out of me, girl. Does it feel as hot as it looked?" Ronnie asked incredulously.

"Better!!" Jamie said as she decided what she wanted for her friend.

Both women lay and enjoyed the warmth of each other, their breasts pressed together once again. Ronnie once again shifted herself to touch her clit to Jamie's pussy. She began to rut a bit to search out her friend's clit, but Jamie had to stop her.

"Oh God Ronnie, you've got me too sensitive. Here let me help you out." she said locking her eyes to Ronnie's. "I WILL make you cum, but I don't know if I can use my mouth, be patient with me, OK?"

"Jamie, I want you to be happy and content, don't worry about me.

I've enjoyed making you happy." Ronnie scolded.

But Jamie rose up and turned to move Ronnie from her. Ronnie helped her by rolling onto the pulled back sheet and spread.

"Owww, I ended up in a cold wet spot!" Ronnie yelped as she bounced up from the sheets.

Jamie laughed and moved from her spot to giver Ronnie the warm area she had occupied.

"I guess cold spots are unavoidable with a guy or girl." Jamie laughed as she straddled Ronnie as if she were a man she was going to fuck.

On all fours over her friend, Jamie smiled down at her.

"I never in a million years ever thought I would try to make love to a woman, but you are different. You have been so special to me. I know you probably have friends you can talk to about intimate things. When I was in high school and college I did too.

But after that there was no one once I moved away from home. My dual lovers were both great listeners, but I lost that outlet. We were each others listening post, each other's crutch. We could even talk about each other in the third person. I have girlfriends and even some male friends I can talk a little to, but none to share the intimacies with. Then all of a sudden, I had you, who already knew the intimate details of my life, and you were sharing the intimate details of yours. Here I was, experienced traveler, writer, business executive who knew the ways and great pains of life with no-one to really talk to, and then you were there; Someone to tell that I got laid for the first time in months last night. Someone to say I hoped my new lover liked having his cock sucked, because I loved doing it so much and how I surprised him with that. I told you I was in love again before I even told my closest friends. To just say thank you to you is just not enough. I gave myself to you a few minutes ago to show you that you are part of me. Not even so much you,

"Ronnie", but you the spirit of human kindness that was there when I was crying out for someone. My stories were a plea in many ways. They were the talks I could never have with my girlfriends.

I always say that I wrote them for the fun and in a way I guess I did, but I just had to let the world know how I felt, how great the sex was, for all that time, and then the sudden end of my perfect world. Many people wrote to me, but your letters always stuck out."

By the time Jamie finished her long dissertation on the circumstances that brought her here both she and Ronnie were misty eyed and tears were rolling. A tear fell from Jamie's face into Ronnie's mouth and Jamie kissed her right away to retrieve it.

"Don't taste my tears, they have been so bitter, and I have had to taste so many of them." Jamie said as she kissed Ronnie's cheek to scoop up one of her tears.

"I hope your tears are tears of joy, for they are much sweeter and I hope I can only cry those kinds of tears from now on.

Understand that I love you as a friend, not as a lover. I love you as the spirit of human kindness and understanding, and I will try to make love to that. You know that my heart now belongs to Randy, and I may love him as much as I loved anyone. It's hard to tell because our lives are so much different than the others were. But he makes me so happy. I look at him and sometimes my knees buckle, he is so wonderful to me and I can't do enough for him. His one fault is that he is jealous, but I don't know of what. I am his through and through. He is my life. I hope to make him understand that once he accepts that premise, I will marry him. Until then, I cannot. He would never understand the reason I am here today.

So I want to be honest with you, we can never love again, like this. But your place in my heart is secure."

Jamie tentatively lowered her head and kissed Ronnie's breast.

She suckled the nipple and then the other. She rested her hands on her breasts and squeezed and fondled them.

"Our breasts are so sensitive, so sensual, so electric to the touch. They control our sexual temperature, in a way. When I walk my tanned body on nude beaches occasionally a cool breeze, or even a sexy thought of my lover will come to mind and I will feel my nipples harden. If I touch or pinch them then, I can feel it right down to my vagina. You would call that electric, right."

She said as she pinched Ronnie's nipples.

"You have my pussy running wet from your touches, so YES, I agree." Ronnie smiled.

Jamie slid a little lower and rested her head between Ronnie's breasts, her ear to her heart.

"I hear you heart beating; your blood of life coursing through your beautiful body. Do you know how it makes me feel to know that I can make it pound harder by just touching you. Do you know how hard you had mine pounding? I thought it would jump from my chest." She said as she sat back onto Ronnie's smooth abdomen.

"Please be patient with me." Jamie said as she stood up on the bed and placed her feet between Ronnie's legs and knelt down.

She bent and kissed Ronnie's flat stomach and flat path to her vagina. As she neared that special place she shied away and kissed along the side of it and lower, to kiss the rounded cheeks of her butt. She then sat back and brought her hand slowly to Ronnie's magic place. She had never touch another vagina before, but knew well what it took to make one happy.

She rubbed the middle three fingers over the lips rapidly to get a touch and feel it's wetness. She snaked one finger into her and cautiously slid it in and out. She added a second finger and then holding all three together in a tight bunch she put all 3 in. But Ronnie's pussy was small and the 3 seemed too snug and Jamie relented and kept just two sliding in and out, purposely avoiding her clit.

"Your pussy is so pretty, so smooth. You take good care of it.

You know how happy it can make you when it seems like your only friend. Your lips are so small compared to mine. No wonder you have a hard time with the clip. If I were a silversmith I would make you a tiny pussy version of it. Maybe a g-string would hold it in place for you as you walk. I have one special pair of thong panties that holds mine in place if I want to wear it for the day. I wear it for the day if Randy has the day off. When I get home I am sooo ready for him!" Jamie said, as she knew she was stalling.

She brought her other hand up and touched Ronnie's hood and popped her clit fully out. Ronnie jumped at the touch and smiled at Jamie while drawing a deep breath.

Jamie spit on her thumb and brought he flat pad of it to Ronnie's clit and began a circular motion on it. As it began to dry out she would lean forward and drool more saliva onto it. After a couple minutes she really had Ronnie's attention. That's when she moved her two fingers up to the top of her vagina, above and behind her clit. She sought out the seeming hiding place of her g-spot. She never really felt her own, but knew where it was.

Most women would say it's 1 or 2 inches up behind the clit, or top of the vagina. Since you really can't feel it, per se, it's hard to say. But she was looking to Ronnie for reaction.

She rubbed in a circular motion as she flicked her clit with her thumb. Suddenly Ronnie jumped, involuntarily. Jamie noticed that she no longer needed to drool onto her thumb anymore. It was plenty wet enough.

"Come on Ronnie, let yourself go. Close your eyes and get into this. When you feel that strange flutter down there try to suppress it, like holding back a good pee. That's all I can say to help you."

Ronnie shivered as she closed her eyes and trusted her lover. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter so Jamie circular motions became swifter and less fractioned. If Ronnie had felt any discomfort from the rubbing it was gone now.

"Oh my clit is hot, so HOT and it feels like it's blowing up!!"

Ronnie exclaimed.

"Mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm, it's so hot it hurts Jamie!!"

Jamie drew her thumb away from the direct contact with Ronnie's clit but kept her fingers in her g-spot area. As soon as she let her clit loose Ronnie began to buck a little.

"Ohhhhhhh, Ooooooooooooo, Oh my GODDD." Ronnie moaned as she raised her hips and turned red all over holding her breath.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!" Ronnie shouted as orgasm overtook her and a little flow of fluid went over Jamie's fingers, and she then pressed harder.

There was a pause and Jamie thought she might have lost it but Ronnie rose up again.

"EEEEeeeeee NOOOO, Yesssssssssss Gnnnnnnnnnnnt" She cooed as a splash rose from her vagina onto Jamie wrists and the bed, and then another; causing Jamie to laugh in the joy she had brought to Ronnie.

Ronnie was still prone on the bed, her neck and shoulders holding up her fountaining hips. Her eyes were closed trying to push one more squirt from her pleasure point. That's when she felt it.

Jamie's lips and tongue right on her clit, sucking it like a little cock. It was only for a few moments, but it was something she had to do. She had tasted and touched Ronnie's most private sexual spot with her tongue. As she did Ronnie gave up one more faint splash of fluid that Jamie could taste. By tasting it she felt she would be a part of her forever.

Ronnie could take no more and dropped her hips to the bed, dislodging Jamie's fingers, and then she curled into a fetal ball on the bed.

Jamie laid forward herself and sat up on one elbow watching her friend come down from her sexual high. After a few minutes the sexual heat began to die off and Jamie pulled the covers up over to stop the chill she was feeling. She reached out to stroke Ronnie's hair.

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