Alien Sexual Abduction of Loren
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Science Fiction, BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An alien experiments on a reluctant human female with his alien appendages, raping and torturing her.

The alien spacecraft had been observing the earth colony for over five years now. It had been monitoring earth communications, television, radio and the Internet, hoping to learn everything it could about the race of people called "humans". It had purposely stayed away from the people, hoping not to duplicate the problem that happened in Roswell, New Mexico in the late 1940's, early 1950's. While the spacecraft could be made invisible the majority of time, it was subject to intermittent breakdowns in the field around it that allowed it to be seen or tracked. Most times people that saw it or felt its presence would not report it, afraid of being called a lunatic or just plain not believing it themselves.

While the alien did understand some of how humans functioned, the sexual and reproduction of the species remained a mystery. The aliens had studied the written literature and scientific studies, but they still did not understand. The aliens were what we would consider one sex. There was no male or female. I guess if you had to pick one, it would be male, but that is where the similarity ended. The aliens were rather tall, the shortest being seven foot, the average about eight foot, six inches and a tall one would be over ten feet. They did not have a mouth, nose or eyes, as they did not "breathe" or "talk". All communications was through telepathy. This would be hard to explain to a human on how they control what they hear and whom they talk to. Their height and weight depended on the atmospheric conditions of the planet they were on. On earth, they have a tendency to be more massive and closer to the ground because of our dense atmosphere and gravitational pull. Their legs would be very short, with their waist about where are knees are. There legs would bend either way, much more practical then are one-way knees. They reproduced A-sexually, in earth terms "they fucked themselves". They each could give "birth" to a new alien, the gestation period being 3 hours. This left their planet very crowded.

They did not have what we would consider a sex organ, having no use for it. Nor did they have arms. What they had was other appendages that had a big resemblance to our penis, though they are not used for sex. They had one in the middle of their stomach and this appendage was the largest. It was always hard and could be up to twenty inches longs and six inches in diameter. It had ridges on it every inch of so, the ridge protruding out about an inch from the rest of it. The series of ridges numbered about 20 on a large instrument. The end of the appendage had what looked liked two horns on it. They stood out about two inches to the side. This was used for the sense of "touch," they could feel objects with it. They call this appendage their "kock".

About four inches below this one, was another appendage. This one was smaller, it being only ten inches long and three inches in diameter. This one while hard, also had the ability to expand in length. It was used to calculate depth perception. This instrument could expand up forty inches in length and if they alien was not careful, would drag on the ground. This appendage was not smooth, having bumps about the size of a small marble all over it at unequal intervals. At the end was a marble that could also expand to over the size of a grapefruit. This marble could expand, but the only way it could shrink back down to size again was to expend the liquid that built up inside it. It would shoot out over a quart of very slimy, salty and bitter tasting fluid. Only then would it be able to shrink. They called this appendage their backsidekock.

They had a third appendage that was about where we have a head. This one resembled an elephant trunk. It was not hard like the others, though somewhat rigid, it had a wide range of movement. At the end of the appendage it had something that resembled a tongue, or more to the point, three tongues. They were each about one inch wide with the tip coming to a point and were especially slimy to the point of liquid almost dripping off of them. The "tongues" would come out of the appendage and had a length of about eight inches. The rest of the appendage was rough and dry, the "tongues" giving out more then enough liquid to offset the rest of the appendages dryness. They called this appendage their oralkock.

This mission to the planet earth was a scientific mission. As I said, their gestation period was only three hours and they had a long life expectancy so they were always running out of room. They had long overrun their home planet and had now colonized nine other planets, though none of them were in our solar system. They were a relatively peaceful species. When they colonized another planet, they tried to find a way to allow the other species to also co-exist with theirs. The most difficult problem was always reproduction. It the case of earth, they had found out they sex was a major issue in the human species life and seem to consume almost all of the time and energy of the male species. No matter where they looked, from advertisements, to news to medicine, the planet was consumed into getting the other sex to have sex. Even after reading all of the literature and studying the species from afar for five years, they were not any closer to understanding the species.

This brings us to today. The Commander of the mission had decided that they would have to do live experiments with a human subject. Time was running out for their mission, having to return to their home planet within two earth weeks. They Commander refused to go back as a failure. He intended to capture a female species and do various experiments on her sexually. They had been planning this for months now. Over the past five years they had ascertained that the chief authority on sexual patterns in the female species was a scientific author called Powerone. He had published many famous works on the sexual preferences of the female species. Some of the titles included Boarding School Sex Training, Anally Deflowering Sue, Strip Searching Rebecca, Airport Search, Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca, Ransom Demand, The Enemy's Daughter, Subway Ride, Maiden Maid, Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman, Tawny, Daddy's Little Girl Becomes A Woman and the famous Slaver Training. He had written many of his works with other famous scientific female authors including Sue Smith, Katie Lynch, Zone and Nikki. His reference material was downloaded on the Internet by the hundreds of thousands of times every month and the female species inundated him with e-mail every day. They had even planned on taking Powerone to help them in the sexual experiments.

While Powerone's literature often involved physical abuse of the female for her pleasure, it sometimes made the female subject useless for further experimentation due to the permanent nature of the physical abuse. The aliens, being an advanced race, especially in the matter of life sciences had long discovered how to regenerate the body parts of their species and during the last year had expanded their science to include the human species. They were going to use this female human to also test their new processes. They had hoped that their process could be used to make a vagina or asshole that was stretched to unbelievable proportions be made elastic again and shrunk back down to the original size within hours. In fact, they thought they also might be able to make the female subject a virgin over and over again. It could also repair damaged and disfigured flesh and bones within hours with no sign of damage, including the repair of the nerves. They felt this was very important because Powerone often highlighted the importance of making the female subject scream as he experimented on her and how important it was to making his cock hard.

They had been searching for a subject and had decided on the perfect candidate. They had discovered her while reading Powerone's e-mails. Her name was Loren. She was from a city in the French Alps. She had short hair, small, but very firm breasts, and a very firm and tight ass. She was presently married but her fantasies always involved Powerone using her sexually, doing unspeakable things to her body. Her husband was to be away for two weeks. They could hide her disappearance with phony telephone calls and return in time for his arrival back.

Powerone was sitting by his computer, writing a new story when all of a sudden a bright light shone in the room blinding him. His body was frozen in place, his mind whirling as he tried to figure out what was happening. It was almost midnight, yet the light that shone in the window was brighter then the noonday sun. He tried to turn toward the light, but found that he could not move a muscle. He felt a strange sensation come over his body, as if he was floating. Suddenly he was standing, the brightness leaving the room, but he was no longer in his office. He was in a strange room. It was strangely lacking in any decoration, being stark white. All of the furniture around the room was made of a strange looking metal that looked almost fluid. There were no windows, the only light was radiating from the ceiling. Not lights in the ceiling, but the actual ceiling. It gave off a bluish glow that illuminated every nook and cranny in the room. He felt strange, his body seemingly lighter. And his cock was hard. Not the usual hard that he got when he was writing, it was rock hard. He looked down and his cock tented out his pants. While he was proud of his eight-inch cock, it felt so much bigger. He reached down and grabbed his large cock. It was bigger, it seemed over ten inches longs and over four inches in diameter. He did know whether he was dreaming or not, but he did not care. This was great.

Powerone turned towards one wall with a start as he heard a "whoosh". One wall suddenly disappears and a strange creature enters. It was like nothing he had ever seen before, not even in science fiction movies and books. It seemed to shuffle along on very short legs, but they did not actually touch the ground. It had no head, only legs, a trunk and three very large appendages, somewhat like a penis, but radically different. The largest one had ridges on it, the short one below it marble like bumps and the one on the top of the creature had slimy "tongue-like" appendages coming out from it. Powerone smiled, if only he had something like that. He could make so many girls cum.

In his head he heard a voice. It seemed to come from the creature.

"My name is Zorg and I am the Commander of an expedition that has come to earth to study the human species. Our purpose is to see if we could co-exist with your species. We have been studying your species for five years, but we have not been able to understand how the human species functions, especially what your call sex. Over the years, we have come to recognize that you are the authoritative source on the sexual patterns of the female species and we have read many of your books and stories."

"Thank you," Powerone not even trying to say any words, just thinking them. He always knew that he was famous with the woman of the world, but did not think he would be famous outside of this solar system. "Yes, most woman are very submissive sexually and need to be treated as such. They are here to serve the male species, nothing but a sex outlet for his pleasure. They enjoy the sexual pain that we like inflict on them and their main purpose in life is to make the males cock hard." Powerone was astounded by actually meeting an alien. It was even better that they had personally sought him out for his expertise. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this, his hand reaching down to his hard cock again, feeling how big it is.

"I'm sorry, we did not think that there would be any side effects with bringing you to our space ship, but obviously there was. I see you noticed your penis was bigger then before. I will have one of our scientists see what he could do to correct the situation. It seems that you only have to think about it and your penis will grow from two to four inches longer and more than one inch in diameter," Zorg said.

Powerone laughed, "I think that it will be alright this way and when it gets this big, it is no longer a penis, but a cock. Anything else I should know about?"

"Nothing important. You should also have the ability to get hard again within five minutes of cumming. We should be able to correct that problem also." Zorg said.

"Another problem I will suffer with while I am here, and why am I here?" Powerone asked, the smile on his face almost going from one ear to another. Even if he were dreaming this, it would make a great story.

"In order to get the necessary research done within the next two weeks when we have to depart, I have decided that we need to do some sexual experiments on a human female. We would like you to help us since you have already done extensive research. We have read many of your scholarly works including Strip Searching Rebecca and the Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca and besides duplicating some of your work, we have some ideas of our own. Would you be willing to participate with us?"

Powerone almost broke out laughing. This was the chance of a lifetime. He tried to remain stoned face. "I think I could be persuaded to assist you. I presume you already have a victim, I mean subject."

"Yes, in fact we got her name from your e-mail, which we have been monitoring for the last five years. Her name is Loren. Her husband is leaving town for two weeks so we would be able to get her for that time period without anyone finding out about her disappearance. We can duplicate her voice so we will be able to make phone calls using her voice. At the end of the two weeks, we will return her, her memory of the whole time wiped clean."

Powerone's cock hardened even more. He had been receiving e-mails from Loren for over two months and she had sent pictures with them showing off her lovely body. Some of the pictures had been very sexy and revealing, showing a body that would be delectable to abuse. "That is good, but my experimentation has a tendency to do physical damage on the subjects. I am sure that her husband would notice that you could drive a bus through her pussy once she got fucked with some very big cocks."

"Actually, that is a minor problem. We have long ago figured out how to regenerate our body and it was relatively easy to do the same with your very simple bodies. We can regenerate the body within hours, in fact we have even figured out how to make the subject a virgin over and over again. We saw how much research you did in taking the virginity of girls so we figured it would be useful if you could do it over and over again with Loren. She would be able to feel the pain of a hard cock taking her virginity and I know how much you enjoy making them scream. In addition, you would be able to torture the flesh of Loren and it would be healed within a few hours. We have seen your research on using clamps on the breasts and nipples of females and the insertion into the vagina and asshole of very large objects to distend the organs. Of course, we would also be using Loren sexually. While we do not gain any enjoyment sexually, we do realize that our appendages do resemble human penises and we would be experimenting on Loren using them. We have many experiments that we would attempt to distend and enlarge her sex organs using our appendages. We would be able to test her limitations on depth and width. Any accidental tearing and ripping of the flesh could be easily corrected and she would be ready again for further testing. It would be very painful for Loren, but your research show that the female species realizes that her place is for the enjoyment of the male species and in many cases the female can be made to cum while being sexually abused."

Powerone noticed that the large appendage of Zorg was actually getting bigger as he talked about Loren. Maybe they might enjoy the experimentation on Loren, sexually.

"We have many ways of restraining Loren but we will also use some of your primitive ones. We were especially interested in your studies on BDSM and have secured some of the necessary tools. We have rope, nipple clamps, pussy clamps, electrical dildos, butt plugs and some very interesting furniture to secure Loren to. I think you will find many of our ideas very interesting for your future research. By the size of your cock, I would say that you are interested, is this true?"

"Yes, I would be very interested in the experimentation on Loren. I will need some other things to help with the study. I will need a dog, a German shepherd I think would be suitable and a donkey. I have found that the female species enjoys mating with animals, especially ones with large cocks. I also have some very specialized equipment in my lab, some mechanical fucking machines. Those have some very interesting capabilities for electrical and chemical insertions in the female's body. The female species can often be coaxed into cumming when their sexual organs are painfully stimulated with electricity and certain chemicals that will irritate the sensitive tissue."

"They are in the other room, we have the capability of instantaneous transference. Anything you want can be brought to you in seconds. Excuse me a second. My second in command, Xenon has told me that Loren's husband has left on his trip and she is alone. Would you care to begin now, Powerone?" Zorg waited patiently for a response.

Powerone reached down to the front of his pants, reaching for his cock. He could still not believe how big it was, grabbing it with his hand, unable to grip all of it. "Yes, bring her now, I can't wait to begin."

Loran had just kissed her husband good-bye and had closed the door. She was wearing a black top, short black skirt, black panties and bra and high heels. She was hoping they would have time for a quick fuck before he left, an attempt with her attire to seducing him, but this meeting was very important and he was too rushed to even think about it. It had been this way for the last couple of days, the pressure of work overcoming his desire for her. Maybe she would get on the Internet and e-mail Powerone. He always seemed to excite her, making her wet with his words. She turned to walk towards the bedroom when the room flashed brightly, blinding her. She felt lightheaded, feeling like her body was floating.

"AAAAHHHH," she screamed, but no noised seemed to come from her mouth, but she could see that the others in the room had heard her. The strange creature before her frightened her. It was repulsive, a massive body with strange appendages, almost like cocks. Next to it stood a normal person, smiling at her as though he knew her.

"Ah, Loren, welcome. I am Powerone. We have spoke often by e-mail and your pictures do not do you justice. You have a much more delectable body then the pictures revealed. This creature next to me is Zorg and the one that just entered is Xenon," Powerone pointing to another creature that just suddenly appeared through the wall. He looked like the Zorg but a little shorter and his kock was not as large.

"What am I doing here, what are they, what are you doing here? Loren was confused, not sure whether she was dreaming or whether this was some surreal scene. She thought she almost knew Powerone, have communicated with him for over two months, but he never mentioned these creatures. She was sure she would have remembered that.

"You are going to spend a few weeks with us, while your husband is out of town," the voice coming from the creature named Zorg, although she could not tell where it was coming from on him. "During that time, we will be doing some sexual experiments on you and Powerone has volunteered to assist us. While it will be quite painful while you are here, when you return you will not remember anything and you will not show any signs of physical abuse. We are studying the female species sexual responses and reproductive system."

"Are you fucking crazy, I'm not going to let you do anything, now let me out of here, whatever you are, you too Powerone. That was only cyber sex, I'm happily married and none of you are going to touch me." Loren was visibly shaken, this must be a dream, this couldn't be real. She looked around the room, it almost barren. Lights shown from within the ceiling, the furniture around the room seemed almost fluid, like they material was moving within it. And then there were the strange creatures. The more she looked at them, the more scared she became. Their weird appendages looked more and more like cocks, but bigger, much bigger and very painful.

Powerone moved over to where Loren was standing. "I'm afraid that is not possible. You will remain her for the two weeks and we will have our way with your delectable body. Your cooperation is not needed or required. We have ways to make restrain you."

Loren's arm suddenly began to move up towards the ceiling, her wrists together. No matter how much she tried to will them down, they continued to rise up. She looked up and saw two metallic cuffs falling from the ceiling, suspended by two slivers of shiny wire. When they reached the height of her wrists, her wrists separated and the metallic cuffs closed sharply over them, snapping tightly, securing her wrists in them. She could feel the tightness of them and then felt them moving higher, raising her arms up more. She now had control over her arms again, but it was too late, her wrists now bound tightly in the metallic cuffs.

"We do not like to take your will power away like that. We like it much better when you struggle and fight, but it was necessary to show you the power we have over you. By the look of the bulge in Powerone's pants, I see that this also excites him and his research shows that the female species also likes being submissive and being taken against her will."

"I don't like this, let me go," Loren struggling as her arms were raised up higher, now forced to stand on her toes to prevent her total weight supported by her wrists.

Powerone walked behind Loren, his hands moving over her hips, holding her towards him. "The female body looks very sexy when drawn taunt. Notice the way her breasts ride high on her chest, arched toward the ceiling." His hands slid up her sides until he reached her breasts, his hands circling the firm flesh as she twisted, trying to escape the fingers.

Loren tried to evade the fingers as they sought out her nipples. The room was kept purposely cool for when Loren would be stripped naked. The cool air would make her body more susceptible to stimulation. She arched up her back, "aaagggghhh," she cried out in pain as Powerone's fingers found the nipples, already hard and erect, making it easy for him to lock his fingers tightly onto the morsels, pinching them between his two digits.

"Her nipples are already hard," his fingers twisting the delectable buds, pulling them out, his fingers squeezing harder to maintain his grip. He pulled out, forcing her to move forward on her toes to keep him from tearing her nipples from her breasts. "See how she dances to the pain, a very lovely specimen. She will do well when her internal organs are subject to the pain of a very large instrument inserted." Powerone released his grip on her nipples, feeling her body slump down, her body moving back against his.

Loren stopped suddenly, feeling a huge cock pushed against her ass. She moved forward again on tiptoes, straining to get away.

"Not so fast, Loren," pulling her by the hips until her ass was mashed against his hard cock. He rubbed against her, feeling his cock settling between the firm cheeks of her ass, his cock growing even harder. His hands moved up to her top, pushing it up until it went over her head and up her arms. He pulled on the material and it tore, falling to the floor. His hands moved back down, this time running over her silky bra, feeling the firm flesh beneath it.

"Please don't take my clothes off," now genuinely frightened at her situation. She felt the hands roughly grabbing her breasts, crushing the tender flesh between his fingers. Her husband had always been gentle in their lovemaking. Loren's desire to be treated roughly was only in a fantasy. This really hurt. She felt his fingers searching under her bra until they reached up and slid it up her body, her breasts now naked in the bright lights. The rough material ran over her nipples, stimulating the erect flesh to become even harder. Her nipples were long, over an inch, a light pink, silhouetted by the dark brown areola surrounding them. They contrasted the white flesh of her breasts.

Powerone ripped the bra from her body, it tearing and falling to the floor with her top. His hands ran over the front of her body, his cock rubbing over her firm ass. "An excellent specimen, don't you think so Zorg? I think Loren will love to feel your oralkock running over her nipples later. I think you might make them so pleasurable to Loren that they will eventually become so sensitive to the touch that it will become painful. The nipples of the female species are very sensitive and get very hard and erect. This makes them perfect targets for abuse, with many ways to pinch and clamp them bringing about unbelievable pain to the subject. We will get Loren to scream very much when we do this."

"We are especially interested in the sex organs of the females species. The pussy and the asshole, I think you call them. We noticed in most of your research the female sex organs are very resilient. We are very interested in testing the maximum depth and width of them," Zorg said to Powerone.

"Yes," Powerone's hands reaching around in front of Loren, his hand dropping down the front of her skirt, running down to her crotch. He grabbed her crotch with his big hand, grabbing it tightly. "Most think that the females sex organs are very sensitive and should be handled tenderly. My research shows the opposite. The pussy, when it is spread open, takes very well to a whip. I have found the female can be forced to cum while her pussy is being whipped, experiencing an explosive orgasm when the pain merges with the pleasure. The female's asshole is the soul to her being. When a female is forced to take a large cock up her asshole, it had a tendency to make them more submissive. It is the ultimate degradation to them, that the male would rather put his cock in her asshole instead of her pussy. It makes them very pliant to anything the male wants to do to them. The pain, coupled with the cramping resulting from a large cock forced into her colon reinforces the reality that they are just there to service the male species, to suffer for his pleasure." Powerone's hands slipped her skirt up her legs, revealing more of her naked flesh to Zorg. The strain of standing on her toes tightened the muscles of her legs. She could not move without suffering the pain of hanging by her wrists.

"You let me go, you bastard," Loren cried, "my husband will kill you when he gets home.

"Why does she call you bastard, I though Powerone is your name?" Zorg asked Powerone.

"She is angry at me taking advantage of her body. You will hear much more like that, eventually you will hear her begging me, begging me not to hurt her. Then there will be the screaming in pain. That's what makes my cock hard, the screaming, the knowing that I am making her suffer and she can not do anything about it. She will scream when you experiment on her, especially with your large appendages. They will tear her tender body and she will beg you not to."

"When you are released, you will not even remember what happened during the two weeks, Loren. Zorg has a way to regenerate any damage to your body within two hours, including making you a virgin again. You are going to feel the terrible pain of your sex organs forced open to accept incredibly large instruments, whether they are Zorg's appendages, my cock, a dog cock or a donkey cock. Each time it will feel like you had never felt them before, each time they will start anew, the rape of your virgin body." Powerone's hands went to the back of her skirt, unbuttoning the button, pulling down the zipper and letting the garment fall to the floor, a puddle at her feet. His hands moved back over her flesh, her panties the only clothing hiding her considerable charms. He ran his hand over her hips, moving forwards back to her pussy. He grabbed her by the crotch again, his middle finger digging in between the lips of her pussy, pushing her panties into the gash. "As you can see, Zorg, her pussy is already wet." Powerone moved his hand aside, revealing a wet spot already showing on Loren's panties.

Loren blushed in shame. She was being stripped, in front of strange creatures and she was getting wet. She was not sure why. Was it because she was not even sure if this was really happening, hoping to awaken at any moment? Or was she really submissive like Powerone said? Her feet were dancing on the ground, her toes moving, trying to escape the fingers that were running over her pussy. She felt the hand move up and slip into the waistband of her panties, moving over the flat plane of her stomach to lightly brush against her pussy. Her pussy was bald, her husband requiring it of her. She secretly thought he wanted it that way to make her look like an innocent schoolgirl, a fantasy he always had. She felt his other hand move into her panties and push the garment slowly down her legs, revealing her naked pussy to all in the room.

Powerone felt her wet pussy when he pushed his hand down inside her panties. They always got this way, they complained, begged him to stop, but they always got wet. And they always came on his fingers. He slowly revealed her body to Zorg, her panties falling to the floor, the last of her clothes. Now naked, revealed in all her glory to those that were in the room. Powerone moved back away from her, wanting to take in the sight of her naked ass. He was an ass man, nothing could make his cock harder then the female ass. And Loren had an ass that made his cock hard. He ran his fingers over her ass cheeks, feeling her cheeks tighten up as he caressed them. Soon he would force her to relax her cheeks, spread them apart and open up her tiny asshole to him. Some did it willingly, others required more persuasion, maybe a spanking, maybe a whip. It did not matter which, they always came around to his way of thinking.

"Zorg, I think it is time for you to take over. Let me get sweet Loren into a better position, more spread open and then you can begin your experimentation. I think you will find her body more then adequate for what you want to do and I am sure she will please you." Powerone saw two new metal cuffs falling from the ceiling, again, only tiny thin wires holding them. "Time to open yourself up, Loren, time for Zorg to play Doctor," he laughed, his hands grabbing the cuffs and moving down to the floor next to her feet.

"No, please, don't let that creature touch me, he looks so ugly, please, I will let you, just not them," she cried. She felt the cuffs attaching to her ankles, the loud snap as they shut tightly onto her flesh. She felt the tension release on the cuffs on her wrists, she could now stand flat-footed onto the floor. Suddenly the cuff on her right ankle begins to pull up toward the ceiling, pulling up the slack in the cable. She felt Powerone's hand grab the ankle and pull it up off of the floor as the cable began to tighten up. "No, not that, don't pull my leg up, I don't want to be spread open," Loren cried out.

Powerone smiled as he rubbed her leg as he helped pull her foot off of the floor and raise it up toward the ceiling. He did not want her leg to break, just move upwards. He pulled it up, making her bend her knee, her ankle now raised up to her knees. "Yes, that's good Loren, that's very good." He moved to the other side, grab her left ankle and the cable began to pull toward the ceiling again.

Loren felt her other leg begin to leave the ground, Powerone's hand helping it up off of the ground. The tension came back into her arms as her weight was again shifted to her arms from her legs. Her body slumped, her wrists bearing all of the weight of her body. She had expected her wrists to hurt more, but the cuffs seem to somehow cushion the weight and distribute it evenly. She felt a pressure, but otherwise there was no pain.

"That is not where we want the pain, Loren, not in your arms, we have better places to localize the pain," his fingers playing over her naked, bald pussy again. The cable continued to rise, his hand bending her knees again, her ankle now brought up to the height of the other. Loren was now in a sitting position in mid air, her knees bent in front of her, her ass and pussy open and exposed.

Loren shifted her weight, moving her knees together. She felt the cold draft of the room on her exposed bottom and pussy. She saw Powerone grab another small chain and attach one end around her left knee and then bring it around her back. He brought the other end around her right knee and began to attach it. He pressed a small lever on the chain and the slack began to pull on the chain behind her back. Her knees began to bow outward. She tried to fight it, but the chain dug into her flesh, pulling her knees open. "AAAGGGHH, no, don't do that," she begged, looking down as her knees spread open wider and wider. She could feel the cool air blowing on her wet pussy as her pussy lips began to part, the pink flesh of her inner pussy opening to them.

Powerone watched as her knees spread open, pulling open more and more until they were almost pulled at a right angle to her body. The chain stopped, knowing exactly when it had reached the maximum spread without causing any major damage to the subject. The chains on her ankles began to move up higher, raising her lower torso higher, pushing her ass forward, her naked and spread asshole now revealing itself to them. "She is quite open for you now Zorg," his hands running over her spread flesh, feeling her pussy, wet and open before moving to her asshole, spreading her pussy juice over the flesh. He felt her shudder, tiny bumps appearing on her asshole as she shivered in fear.

Loren had never felt so open and ashamed, spread naked, her private parts exposed and being lewdly fondled by a stranger. She tried to move but her weight held her captive, the chains keeping her open. "No," she screamed, seeing the strange creature move towards her, Powerone moving away, his hand grabbing his hard cock as he watched. "Don't you dare touch me," tears running down her face and falling on her heaving breasts.

"Would you mind giving me a hand to start with Powerone?" Zorg asked. "Can you get her pussy wetter?"

Powerone moved back towards Loren, watching her expression as he approached again, "I think she will get really wet for you, with a little help from me."

"No, please, no, don't let him touch me with that thing," she begged, her body heaving in her bondage. She felt Powerone's fingers move back down the plane of her stomach, moving down to her spread pussy. His fingers moved between her pussy lips, spread them open more as he moved his fingers down her slit until he stopped at her open asshole, the tiny hole puckering open as his finger encircled it. His other hand reached up and pulled back her clit hood, exposing the tiny bud to his other finger. It began to rub over the exposed bud as his finger moved up and down her slit, her pussy juice spreading with his fingers path. Each time his finger reached her asshole, he would push on it, the pressure forcing the tiny hole to open more each time, his finger pushing further inside as it rested there. It then moved back, her asshole seemingly winking at him as it closed again, only to be reopened again when the finger returned and pushed in.

"She responds well to your fingers, how do you think she will respond to me kock?"

Powerone's fingers moved from her asshole to her pussy, pushing one of his fingers in, feeling her pussy grip the digit. "As tight as she is, she is going to scream her head off. The only way you will get that thing into her pussy is with a lot of screaming and tearing," he laughed, two fingers now stretching her pussy open. He could feel her pussy tighten on the fingers, pressing tightly. He moved them around inside her, feeling her wetness. He felt her body begin to buck, trying to escape the fingers but the chains held her well. "You're not going anywhere Loren," three fingers now pushing inside her well-oiled pussy. He stretched them open inside her, hearing her moan as she was opened from within. "Yes, you like that don't you, just wait for Zorg. That thing will drive you crazy. Look at the ridges on it, imagine them sliding in and out of your pussy, opening and closing your hole."

"AAAHHHH," moaned Loren, Powerone now having four fingers opening up her pussy, his other finger scrapping harshly over her asshole. She tried to move, anything to escape the uncomfortable fullness in her pussy as Powerone now pushed his thumb along the other fingers and pushed all of them inside her pussy. "OOOWWW," she jumped, "too wide," the fingers pushing relentlessly in her pussy, his hand now shiny with pussy juice, all of his fingers in her. He pushed hard on his hand, forcing his hand further inside her, watching as her pussy began to spread open wide over the heel of his hand, forced open by brute force. She felt a sharp pain and then his hand pushed in deeper. "OOOOWWW," she screamed, Powerone had begun to close his fingers into a fist while buried deep inside her tender pussy. She felt his fingernails scrape across her vaginal tract, the pain shooting up her spine. She felt his fist now inside her, her pussy gripping his wrist tightly.

Powerone pulled his fist back, watching as her pussy spread open, then sharply pushed it back in, his fist beating down on her cervix. He ground his knuckles on her tender inside, watching her body shake in her chains. "Yes, feel it opening you up," his fist moving from side to side inside her, hearing her moaning in pain. "It's time for Zorg," his hand beginning to pull out of her pussy. He kept his fist closed, forcing her pussy to open to allow the wide part of his hand to pass through again. He felt her pussy, soaking wet, gripping his fist as it popped out of her with a loud thud. His fingers lingered on her exposed pussy, rubbing the hole, still wide open. He watched as it slowly closed, one finger moving up to her clit, the other down to her asshole. Her clit was grabbed tightly and her exposed asshole was entered again, the wet finger sliding deeply inside with no resistance from her body.

Loren could not believe that it could hurt so much. Her pussy felt like it was tearing, a terrible pressure in it as Powerone's fist twisted and turned inside her vagina. Her pussy lips were stretched wide, gripping his wrist to the point where it felt like it was going to tear. "OOOHHH, GGGGOOOODDD, it huuurtttttsss soooo bad," her legs spread so wide, feeling like she was going to split up the middle, her pussy plugged tightly with his fist. Her back arched up as best as she could as the fist was pulled from her pussy, rising up, the pressure on her pussy lips increasing as the wider part of his fist began to pull from her pussy, stretching more and more as has fist slowly pulled from her pussy. She knew that he was trying to make it hurt as much as possible, otherwise he would have let his fingers straighten out inside her first. He wanted her pussy to spread open as far as possible. "EEEEEEHHHHH," she screamed, her body slumping as the fist finally popped through her pussy lips, the pressure finally released. It felt like her insides were sucked out as her pussy felt empty. Her relief was short-lived, she saw the creature Zorg moving towards her, this three menacing appendages jutting out from his body. "NOOO," shaking her head, "NOOO, please noooo. Don't let that thing touch me," she shouted, her body trembling.

Zorg was pleased with the creature Loren. She had taken the fist up her cunt very well. And Powerone was correct, the singing of her screams were most pleasing. He would attempt to do the same thing that he did, make her scream. As he moved between her splayed thighs, her pussy dripping wet, his kock moved outward, now almost at a right angle to his body. It seemed to be harder then usual. Maybe he was like Powerone, female's screams making his kock hard.

Powerone stood next to Loren's head, his whisper heard by her. "Look how big his kock is, Loren, it is over twenty inches long. Have you ever had anything that long in your pussy before? Look how big around it is, over six inches, bigger then my fist. And the ridges on it. They add another inch on each side, over eight inches wide. Do you think your pussy can spread that wide, Loren? You're really going to like the two horns on the end. Zorg tells me he can make them stick out whenever he wants to. Imagine them dragging along inside your pussy as his kock pulls from your body or the feeling of them moving deep inside you. Are you going to scream for us, Loren, are you going to scream loud?"

Zorg moved closer to Loren, his kock now brushing along her spread pussy lips. Her legs were pulled back so far that her pussy was already spread open, the pink insides peeking out, her tiny asshole just a speck on her bottom. He heard her moaning as he began to push his kock forward, the large instrument bluntly forced against her tiny pussy. It was not like a regular cock, tapered, made to spread a pussy open. No, it was as big on the end as it was all along its length. Only the ridges made it wider. He heard her grunt as he continued to apply pressure. He pushed harder, feeling his kock begin to push her pussy inward, the only defense it had. He knew that if he continued, her pussy would give up the useless battle and open for him. When this happened, her pussy would have to stretch to unbelievable proportions, very rapidly. This would be when she would scream. Then he would have her trapped, her pussy opened, his kock ready to tear into her pussy, to test its depth, to test the resilience to take the large kock.

"No, please, Powerone, make it stop, no, it hurts, it wouldn't go in, its too big," Loren begged. She felt her pussy being pushed in, the blunt end smashing against her tiny opening. Even after Powerone's fist, it was not big enough to take a six inch blunt instrument. She felt Powerone's hands on her ass, pushing her up, forcing her body against the kock.

"Open up, Loren, will your pussy to open. His kock is going in no matter how much you fight," his hands raising her up, pushing her pussy up higher, making her legs ache as they were forced to spread wider. Powerone knew it would be soon, he could see her pussy beginning to open, the blunt kock forcing harder on it, pushing in, forcing the pussy lips to begin to spread. "Yes, that's a good girl, let it in, higher, raise up higher," his hands pusher under her ass, raising her up to meet the hard kock.

The scream was unbelievably loud, it ringing in the almost empty room. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW," Loren yelled. She had never felt such pain before. Her pussy all of a sudden popped open, the blunt head of the kock forcing itself brutally into her pussy. Her pussy lips all of a sudden went form closed to gripping tightly a six-inch baseball like instrument, stretched tightly around it like a rubber band. "TTTAAke it out, pppllleeeass, don't move," her body shuddering. She did not know what to do. She did not want the cruel kock in her, but she was afraid of the pain when he pulled it out. All she wanted was the pain to go away. "Nooo, nooo more," she cried out, feeling Zorg applying pressure again, the kock pushing into her pussy, forcing her defenseless pussy walls to spread open for the marauding instrument.

Powerone looked down at her pussy. It looked strange, her pussy forced open, the end of the kock forced in it, but waiting was over nineteen inches of ridged kock, ready to batter her pussy. His cock grew harder after her scream, it was now over ten inches long. He couldn't wait until Zorg buried as much of his kock in her as he could and then started fucking her with it. He couldn't wait to see what her pussy lips would do when met by the ridges as they fucked in and out. "There's more, Loren, so much more. Can you feel it inside you, you are the first woman on earth to receive such an instrument?

Zorg was pleased. He could feel Loren's pussy gripping his cock tightly. He pushed again, feeling the first ridge butt up against her pussy lips. They would have to spread another two inches to allow the ridges access inside her pussy. They would probably tear when they entered. She would scream nicely for that. He pushed harder, her body no match for the strength of his kock. He felt her pussy lips stretching and then he heard it again, her scream.

"EEEEEHHHHHHHHH, nnnooo mooore, you alien bastard, eeeeeehhhh, your tearing me." Loren felt the pain shoot up her spine from her pussy. She could feel moisture down there, knowing that he had torn her pussy, blood now lubricating the large kock. Another push and her pussy lips locked down over the ridge, the first one now buried inside her pussy. She knew it was going to hurt, but not like this. Her pussy was not built to take irregular shaped objects, the ridge would punish her tender insides, forcing them to stretch wider, back down smaller and again wider until she was forced to take as much kock as her pussy would hold. She knew that she could not take twenty inches, but she did not know if Zorg would stop trying. Her body shuddered in pain as she felt more of the kock pushing in. She knew that another ridge would be coming and her pussy lips would stretch again. The other ridge was stretching her internally. "EEEEHHH," again, the ridge stretching her pussy open again, this time her pussy looser, having already torn. It snapped shut again, trapping two ridges inside her. She could feel her insides being stuffed, wrapped tightly around the kock inside her. "AAAGGG, NNOOO," hyperventilating as she suffered the painful tearing of her pussy. "Please, Powerone, make it stop, I will fuck you if you make it stop."

Powerone looked down, another ridge was forcing her pussy lips open again, a short scream by Loren and her pussy lips quickly snapped shut down on the hard kock. "Yes, Loren, you will fuck me, but I will fuck you because I can, not because you want to. Zorg is going to be ruining your pussy for me tonight, but I think your asshole will be available. Since my cock is so big, your asshole will have to stretch to take it in." Powerone watched as Loren bucked up, another ridge forced into her pussy. She now had four of them, over five inches of alien kock inside her. "Hurts doesn't it Loren, I bet it hurts deep inside your pussy. There is more, Zorg has so much more kock for you. Her comes another ridge, feel your pussy opening, Loren, oh, yes, stretch wide for his kock."

Zorg had over six inches of kock inside her. It felt like her pussy was going to squeeze it to death. He had to use brutal force to push each ridge in, her pussy grabbing it, refusing to let it in until his brute force won out.

"Fuck it out, Zorg, pull about three ridges out then push it back in, but make sure you get five ridges back in. That's what we call fucking. See if you can make her scream again," Powerone's cock hard, wanting a piece of Loren, wanting to feel her asshole tight around his cock,

"NOOOO, don't," she cried, but too late. Zorg had already pulled out two ridges of hard kock. It felt like a huge vacuum cleaner was sucking out her insides. Just when she thought she could catch her breath, Zorg pushed back in. "EEEEEEEHHHHH," she screamed, "OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW," her pussy was forced open and closed rapidly as four ridges of kock was pushed in her pussy. Two more inches of kock was forced into her pussy, stretching her pussy in places that had never been reached before. She now had over eight inches of kock inside her. "AAAGG, AAAGGG," she puffed, unable to breathe. She braced herself when she felt Zorg begin to pull his kock out of her again, waiting for the pain to begin. Her crotch felt like it was on fire. She could not believe that anything like this could cause so much pain.

"Yes, the female Loren screams so well," with that he pushed back in, using more force then before. He pushed in over eight inches of kock, now having buried ten inches of kock inside her. Nine ridges were abusing her inner pussy walls. He felt his kock bang hard against her cervix, stopping the advance of his kock. "Is that all the female can take, just ten inches of kock?"

"You can probably batter her cervix a little and make her take two more inches. She will really scream when you do it."

"NNNOO, tttoooo deeep, take it out," her pussy began to spasm on the kock, tightening on the cruel instrument in reaction to the battering it was taking. "EEEEEHHHHH," she screamed again as Zorg pulled his kock out, her pussy gripping the ridges as they passed through and then pushed back in with all of the force of a freight train. "EEEGGGGHHH," the kock battering against her cervix, smashing hard, bruising her insides. Eleven hard inches of ridge kock was now buried inside her. One ridge was holding her pussy lips open, stretched wide, torn and bleeding.

"Watch this, Powerone, watch what I do to her." Zorg began to make the two horn like protrusions on the end of his kock move outward. They were buried deep inside her pussy.

Loren screamed again as she felt something inside her stretching her pussy walls more. She did not think it could hurt any more then it did, but he had found a way. Her insides were being stretched further then humanely possible. She could feel her pussy walls tearing, unable to take the immense pressure. "OOOOOOWWWW, " the horn like appendages stretched her open even more, deep inside her. She felt Zorg begin to pull his kock out of her, "NNOOO, doonn't," she cried as she felt the horns scraping along the walls of her pussy as the ridged cock was pulled from her body. It seemed to go on forever, as did her scream. It was one endless scraping and tearing as his kock was pulled from her battered pussy.

He stopped when the horns were still buried inside her, just outside of her pussy. He made sure a ridge stretched her open to the maximum. He flexed the muscle in his kock, making the two horns move back and forth. He could feel her wet insides as they moved, feeling her pussy grabbing and releasing as it spasms in pain. He slowly pushed inside her, feeling her body tense up as he forced his kock back in side her. His horns moved along her pussy, feeling her insides, feeling what a human female's feels like on the insides, so hot and tight. "I see why you humans like fucking, are they all this hot and tight, Powerone?"

"Once you finish with her, she wouldn't be that good, but if your science is as good as you say, she will be an even better fuck tomorrow when she is a virgin. She will be even tighter. See if you can make her cum, rub the ridges of your kock against her clit when you fuck her. And fuck her hard and fast. Make her feel your hard kock."

Loren felt Zorg pull up on her body, pushing his kock against her clit. He pulled his kock out of her body slowly, dragging the ridges over her clit, now hard and erect. The ridges rubbed harshly against the sensitive bud, driving her pussy to clamp down on the big kock. When his kock was almost all the way out, the horns pulled out again and with a whoosh, Zorg slammed his kock back into her in one powerful push. Loren arched her body up high as the kock bumped painfully inside her pussy, the ridges rubbing against her clit, all ten of them stimulating the hard bud. The horns rubbed harshly along the walls of her pussy, the ridges following shortly. Loren caught her breath as Zorg pulled his kock out again, dragging it painfully slowly, forcing her to feel all of the sensations as it was dragged inside her. She felt his body tense up and then begin the painful and brutal fucking back in, pushing with all of his strength, forcing her battered pussy to take the hard ridges and horn, her clit stimuled as they pushed in.

"Are you going to cum for Zorg, Loren, can you show Zorg how the female species cums when they get fucked hard, even if it is an alien kock." Powerone reached down to her chest, plucking her nipples from her chest, his fingers tightening on the pink morsels, pinching tightly, inciting a new pain in her body. "Cum on Zorg's kock, Loren, be the first human female to cum with an alien kock."

Loren's body was racked with pain, but at the same time she was also beginning to experience pleasure. Her clit was being stimulated by the rough kock, rubbed hard as Zorg's fucking began to become harder. He no longer pulled his kock out slowly, now yanking it out in one hard pull, the ridges battering her pussy as they popped out, each ridge spreading her pussy open to then closed onto the kock before again being forcefully spread wide again. All told ten ridges were pulled from her body each time. Each one rubbing against her swollen and red clit. The kock kept her pinned down each time Zorg fucked back in. She screamed as the horns rubbed painfully inside her pussy, irritating the tender walls of her pussy as the dragged along. His kock banged painfully against her cervix and her body shuddered in pain. Before she could catch her breath again, Zorg fucked his kock into her pussy. She looked down and saw her blood covering his obscene kock, feeling the tearing of her pussy, the abrading of her pussy walls. But she also felt her clit being stimulated, the rough ridges rubbing over it, each one bringing forth another bit of pleasure, her body trying to arch up to rub harder.

"I think you have her Zorg, I think you are going to make our little Loren cum. Fuck her harder, give her all the kock you can. Punish her with your kock, make her scream." Powerone watched as Zorg battered Loren's pussy with his kock, forcing it in each time with powerful strokes. Her body jumped up and down in the bondage she was in as her pussy was filled with alien kock, then left almost empty, the head of the kock the only thing grabbed tightly by her pussy. Another deep fuck, another scream, this time less noisy, almost turning into moans of pleasure as she was being fucked like no woman had ever been fucked before.

"GGGGOOODD, that hurts, stop, don't stop, please, OOOHHH," another stroke of his kock battering her pussy.

"GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD," she cried, her clit rubbed raw as she began to cum.

Zorg felt her pussy grabbing his kock, trying to milk it as he continued to fuck her, his kock tearing in and out. "This one does well, Powerone, Loren will service us well, she cum's easily."

"Please, nnooo more," she cried, "mmmmooorrree," she begged as another orgasm overcame her. The ridges on his kock were driving her insane, her pussy could not get enough of them. She was receiving twelve inches of hard, ridged kock, her pussy taking the punishing strokes, her clit forcing her to cum on the kock. "AAAGGGGGHHHH," another orgasm hitting her as Zorg pushed his kock inside her, burying it deep and holding it there. He flexed the horns, making them rub up and down her pussy walls, stimulating Loren deep in her pussy. "GGGGGRRRRR" and she passed out, Zorg's kock covered with her cum and blood.

Zorg pulled his kock slowly from her pussy, feeling her pussy grabbing it as it withdrew, grabbing the ridges as they moved out of her pussy. Even unconscious, she did not want the kock to leave her body. He felt her pussy tug at the last ridge as it pulled loosed from her pussy, now a gaping hole between her legs, red and swollen. His kock was covered with her cum and blood, glistening in the bluish light. "Let me have Xenon take care of her wounds. He will have her back in two hours. I think her asshole will be next. I know how much you love female assholes, I can't wait until Loren feels my backsidekock. I am sure I can make her scream very loud for you. Then you can fuck her, I know your cock is very hard."

Xenon removed Loren from the restraints and took her from the room. Powerone watched as she left, her pussy was still spread wide, unable to return to its former self. Thank goodness for alien science or Loren would be fucked out for life, Powerone thought as he rubbed his cock, hard and erect, waiting for his turn with Loren.

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