Natalie's Nasty Experiences
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Black Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - About Natalie who's a 20 year old college girl. She's taken on 7 guys in a gang bang and without her knowledge it's been video taped and now one of the guys is blackmailing her into being his slave girl. As the story develops she'll be used as his sex toy like a whore.

Natalie is a young and relatively innocent college girl. Although she has had a few experiences with sex, she has never even thought about the possibility of doing the things future has in store for her, things that for good reasons are banned in large parts of the world.

It all started with a letter she got from an unknown man with a very nasty video of her letting seven young guys take advantage of her. Of her crawling around butt naked sucking them off one by one. Her on all fours having several of the guys entering her from behind, and after she'd passed out showing how they gang fucked her on a table using every hole in her young, slender body and spewing their loads of warm, sticky sperm into her open mouth and on her.

Along with the tape was a letter, which explained her that he had copies of it and would publish it on the net for sale and send it to her mother, so they could see what a horny bitch they called their daughter.

This meant that with or without the knowledge of her friend Amber who was present that night one of the guys who she let fuck her had had a camera.

Nat stares at the tape, blushing and feeling humiliated and frightened by the thought of having her mother seeing those nasty things. She keeps on reading the letter and gets another shock. The man writes that he'll keep the tape for himself for as long as she's prepared to follow his instructions.

These instructions include that she'll have to do what ever he wants of her and just to show her what kind of obligations that might be he outlines a few examples: Being gang-banged by strangers while it's being videotaped. Having to find men at bars and letting them fuck her while the rest of the bar guests are watching. Being taken to places by him where he'll let strangers use her as they pleases including tying her up and taking advantage of her in rape-like gang fucks where she will serve to every last amusement of the guys there.

Nat is in chock after reading the filthy letter, but perhaps even more shocked by her body's reactions. She feels her pussy getting wetter and wetter while she reads about the perverted things he outlines. She goes to bed hoping to fall asleep and trying to control her reactions, but suddenly she lays there and finds herself masturbating her swollen and dripping wet pussy while her mind is filled with perverted pictures of the things he wrote in the letter.

She explodes in several shuttering orgasms while the pictures in her mind show her laying on a billiard table surrounded by men and women cheering up other guys who take turns in her while she urges them to do her over and over while the black guy with the largest cock from the real gang-bang is filming the whole scene.

Finally Nat falls asleep but has some very nasty dreams during the night. In the morning, Natalie is so horny she feels she has to masturbate again before getting out of bed and into the shower to try to wash the sweat off her body. During her breakfast she writes a letter to the man begging him not to send the tape to anyone and telling him that she'll obey to what ever he whishes.

Two days after being quite nervous Nat gets a letter from him.

Hi you little tramp, he writes, I'm pleased that you'll be a good girl and do what I tell you, slut. After seeing you show off to me and my buddies, hearing you beg us to do you over and over, watching you suck my buddies' fat cocks, hearing your loud screams from pure lust when we slammed our cocks up your horny fuck holes and you urging us on to give you more and more cock I'm sure you won't find my ideas anything but exciting and arousing. I saw what a dirty little whore you are, and I'll make sure you get all the fat cock you want so much. I'm sure your whore-cunt is already dripping wet and that your fingers are already between your thighs masturbating and fingering yourself.

Oh, how naughty of him, she thought and blushed, because he's so right. Her fingers are already thrusting in and our of her swollen pussy while dirty pictures of the evening's lustful experiences ran through her mind along with the thoughts of what's in store for her.

"I want you to put on a nice little dress, high heels and nothing else, he writes, and then go to the bar in Oakland street. I'll meet you there at 10 pm. and then I'll tell you what to do."

She sat for a while and her fingers dozed between her pussy lips while her mind spun. She felt ashamed but trembled with lust.

Of course, she could find no way out and after dinner she took a bath and found a short, thin summer dress which revealed most of her slim thighs and her amble tits. It felt so exciting to feel the air around her naked pussy and butt and when she looked in the mirror, she saw what was perhaps a young hooker on her way to work. She blushed feeling both humiliated and rather proud, because she knew she was a real catch for a man in that outfit.

Exactly at 10PM She walked into the bar and looked around already drawing the attention of the men sitting in the small booths and at the bar. She heard whistling and felt their eyes follow her as she tried to find one of the guys from the other evening.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm and pushed her to a secluded booth in the back of the bar. The man pushed her down on the bench and without warning he pushed her thighs apart and began feeling her up with his fingers sliding up and down over her wet pussy. "Just as I thought", he laughed, "you're already soaking wet in your horny slutty little cunt".

She looked at him and recognized him as one of the guys from the gang-bang. She had a weak memory of him as one of them to be the most aggressive and demanding, and who had fucked her really hard and deep in her ass just before she fainted away. Her eyes unconsciously glanced at his crotch as she remembered even then the size of his cock.

"Yes", he laughed as if he could read her thoughts, "you have such a tight and warm ass and you swallow cum so nicely".

She felt so humiliated knowing that he had had his fat cock up her tight little bum and had made her swallow his hot sperm and now that he was going to hold that over her head.

"What do you want from me", she asked with trembling voice and looked down and tried to close her thighs. "I want so many things", he laughed, "but first of all I want you to find a guy to dance with and I want you to make sure he gets access to all of your delightful young body".

He pushed her onto her feet and she walked up to the bar and looked around for a reasonable good-looking guy, but the first to grab her was a rather plump guy of about 45 who also seemed rather drunk. "Come on, baby", he said with lust printed all over his face, "dance with me". He pulled her to the dance floor and she had to follow.

At once he put both arms around her and she felt his large hands grab her ass fondling it and pressing her hips towards his belly where she felt something hard swelling and pressing against her. "What a lovely little ass you have, lady", he giggled and without warning he lifted her dress and started massaging her naked ass. "Wow", he hissed, "no panties. Only whores walk into a bar without panties... such a dirty little horny tramp".

His knee pushed her thighs apart and she felt a large hand press against her naked pussy and fingers sliding over her pussy lips. She opened her eyes and saw how the other men watched him feeling her up. She felt so humiliated and also so horny her pussy almost dripped juices on the floor. She wanted to move away but she couldn't help but feel good at the attention.

Her eyes found the guy - her 'master' - and he pointed to the billiard room and made lewd fuck signs with his fingers. She shuttered in shock and tossed her head with begging eyes. His face changed, he looked annoyed and he took out a videocassette to show her what would happen if she didn't obey him. She sighed and felt so low, but she mustered the will to nod her head.

"Oh sir, it's so good", she whispered and moved her hips forth and back over his fingers while her hand found his crotch and started massaging his riding cock.

"Christ all mighty", the man whispered, "I need your young pussy around my cock baby".

"Yes, and I need your fat cock in my wet pussy", she whispered with her face blushing red and feeling so ashamed, "why don't you... why don't you take me to the pool room and let them see what a stud you are."

The man held his breath not sure he heard what he thought he heard, but her fingers fondling his throbbing cock and her hips vulgar gyrations, which made her pussy slide against his hand convinced him along with her whispering voice. "Please sir, you must understand that I have to make you fuck me or something very bad will happen to me", she whispered, "so please drag me to the pool room and do whatever you want to do to me. I'm so ashamed to have to beg you to do me while all the others watch, but if I don't do it, a man will show a very humiliating video to my friends and family."

"Don't you worry", the man laughed and dragged her towards the room, "I'll make sure, he's satisfied with you."

The other men followed and some of them already had huge bulges in their pants from watching him feel her up. He tossed her on to one of the tables and pushed her back onto it. Her dress flow up and revealed her naked pussy and the men gathered round the table and helped him holding her arms while he lowered his trousers and grabbed his rigid cock.

Seconds later Natalie cried out in surprise as he thrust it right up her pussy in one brutal push. The other men and women in the bar urged him on. "Yea, go on, fuck that little slut! Make that whore cry! Let her see what happen to dirty sluts who thinks they can play around!"

The man did, and she was tossed forward every time he thrust forward burring his fat cock in her hungry pussy, and she couldn't help loving it in a very wrong way. It felt so exciting and humiliating to hear them urge him on and feeling his cock slide in and out of her horny pussy. When he climaxed in her and Nat felt his hot juice filling her pussy. She barely had the energy to whisper a faint and halfhearted "No..." before she exploded in a shattering orgasms.

If Natalie thought her ordeal was over by now, she rapidly found she was sorely mistaken and that the others also wanted their turn. She heard zippers being torn down, trousers being lowered and in no time she felt another cock penetrating her, now sloppy, pussy. She tried to fight back, but the others just laughed and kept pinning her to the table with her thighs wide spread and the way they just used her body as their private toy also aroused her extremely. She couldn't believe what she heard herself shouting.

"Oh yes!! naughty man, fuck me, fuck my horny pussy! I'm just a horny cunt. Go on use me! Ride me your big fat cock!" the stranger did just that, and the next man in line did too. Natalie never stopped loving being used by them and kept on urging them to keep slamming their cocks up her pussy and ass, which the men in the room started to use after her pussy was stretched and sopping wet with cum.

The only moment she stopped and looked up in shock was when she suddenly saw her 'master' filming the whole fuck scene. He grinned at her blushing face and begging eyes. "Yes, that's right", he laughed, "I'm recording this filthy bitch being gang-banged, and if she would for a moment think of protesting, I'll publish it on campus".

He turned the camera to her face. "Tell me to go on filming you", he shouted, "tell me that you love to be filmed while they fuck your dirty pussy"

She stared at him for a second. "I can't", she whispered and looked at him with begging eyes. He turned the camera.

"All right, boys, the show is over. She'll rather have her mum call her tomorrow asking what's the filth on the tape, she found in her mail box", he said and looked like that was exactly what he would do. Slowly and reluctant the men let go of her and stepped back, and the man, who was fucking her ass stopped and pulled out of her.

She was in shock, not knowing what to do. "OK", she shouted, "go on, show the world how they fuck my horny cunt and ass" and not believing her own feelings she felt the whole scene at the same time filling her with even more exhilaration. The men laughed and again grabbed her legs and pinned her to the table, and the man grunted in pure lust and shoved his huge cock back into her.

"Yes, show them what a dirty, little tramp I am", she shouted, "show them how these guys take turns fucking my horny holes. Come on guys, let me have your warm, sticky sperm in my mouth and face. Let me suck you off and have you spurt your gooey sperm down my throat"

The men more than willingly let her suck their big cocks, and minutes later her face was covered in loads of thick, white sperm slowly sliding down her chins and filling her wide open mouth. They kept on fucking her until none of them could get their cocks to spurt another drop. Then they left her and her 'master' pulled her to her feet.

"What a good girl you are", he grinned and looked up and down her sperm smeared body that she tried to hide with her also soaking wet dress. " I think, we'll have a lot of fun to look forward to. Come on, let me drive you home, that's the least I can do for my little whore"

She followed him to his car and he had the courtesy to only demand her to suck off his fat cock and swallow his hot cum and not trying to fuck her sore pussy. He dropped her off at campus and luckily her roommate was not in, so she could take a long bath and change out of her cum stained dress into some plain clothes.

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