Antidote for Virginity

by Annebelle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Coed helps desperate new roommate lose virginity

When I returned to college after the holidays I had a new roommate. Surprise, surprise. My old roommate, Lauralee, had decided over the break to drop out of school and join the Air Force. She wanted to fly. It didn't take long to find out my new roomie had a definite fear of flying.

Mary's mother and father helped her bring in her things as I walked in the door. I watched in horror as they unpacked the stuffed animals. She didn't look like a college student. No, Mary looked like Anna Kournikova. But younger. Anna has breasts as everyone knows. I wasn't too sure about Mary. She wore a very baggy sweatshirt with "I Love Jesus" on the front.

Her father, a Baptist minister, took me aside in the hallway. "Mary has led a rather sheltered life," he explained. "Never been permitted to date or that sort of thing. I would appreciate it, Annie, if you would be like a big sister to her. Be a mentor. Show her the ropes of university life. Mary is quite shy and introverted."

"Of course I will, Reverend Dawson. I'd be happy to help Mary with her first time for everything. Lead her by the hand to class. Take her to the cafeteria. Whatever she needs to know. I see she has a laptop computer. I'll connect it to the network. If she needs assistance with her assignments I'll be right there for her. She seems so sweet and naïve."

"That's wonderful, Annie," the preacher purred. "Mary is extremely intelligent so I'm sure she'll catch on quickly."

"Yes, you have to be smart to get in the honors dorm," I agreed.

Her parents departed reluctantly as Mary clung to them tightly. When they finally left she began to sniffle and huge tears dripped laggardly from misty pale green eyes.

"What's wrong, Mary?" I asked, putting my arm around her and dabbing her face with a Kleenex. I wondered, am I back to babysitting?

"I've never been away from home before, Annie. Not even for a single night. I'm homesick already. I miss my dog. Moses--a wonderful devoted golden retriever."

"Let's go get something to eat," I suggested. "That always makes me feel better when I'm depressed. We'll go the Burger King a block from campus. Dinner is my treat. There is something about a whopper that makes me forget sad and lonely." I smirked but she had no idea what I meant.

We sat in the restaurant devouring whoppers and fries and onion rings. Mary told me her life story and it only took an hour. Sang solos and played the organ in the church. Taught Sunday school to pre-teens. Liked to read Harry Potter books but had to hide them from her father. He said they were of the devil. Her favorite is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Never had a boyfriend so she said. Father wouldn't permit dating and still won't. He said he had people watching her even now. She looked around suspiciously.

Back at the dorm I stripped off my jeans and sweater. When I undid my bra and let it fall to the floor Mary stared at my breasts so curiously.

"Why are you taking off your clothes, Annie?" she asked a bit anxiously I thought.

"Uh... I'm going to take a shower. We share the bathroom with two other girls in the room on the other side. Personal hygiene has to be... uh... sort of scheduled. I have an 8:00 A.M. class so I wash off the dirt at night. Don't have to get up any earlier than necessary. I jump out of bed when the alarm goes off, throw on some clothes, grab my books, and run out the door. Karen and Suzanne have later classes so they do their thing in the morning. What is your major, Mary?"

"Plastics engineering."

"Oh my, that's some tough program I hear. I know a couple dudes here in the dorm who major in plastics. Plan on doing some serious studying."

"I know, I know. But it was that or go to Bible college. Daddy couldn't find one that had a plastics engineering program. Thank you Lord! Maybe I'll take a shower when you are through, Annie. I also have an 8:00 A.M. class."

"Whatever, Mary." I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom.

After I soaped my hair with shampoo, rinsed it out and applied the conditioner, I adjusted the temperature so it would not be too hot for my sensitive pussy. Then I reclined in a comfortable position in the tub with my legs bent. I have learned not to stand the hard way. Your legs tend to weaken at the moment of truth which makes you susceptible to slipping and falling.

I took the hand held shower head and let the warm water spray all over my body. My breasts tingled. I imagined that my doctor lover Mark's hands caressed me tenderly. Down my body I went slowly until the shower head paused between my legs as I spread them wider. Mark's tongue licked the inside of my thighs in my fantasy. Near my clit then. Tingling, tingling. It felt so good. I relaxed and just savored the moment. And then it happened. I screamed a little and blurted, "Oh fuck, oh God!" a little too loudly. Mary stormed into the bathroom. I hadn't bothered to lock the door. "Annie, are you okay?" I pulled the curtain back to respond to her and she saw me lying there like that and asked, "What in the world are you doing? I thought you slipped and fell or something."

"No, no, it just takes so long to do my long hair and I'm more comfortable sitting down." I stood up. She looked fixedly with wide-opened eyes at my neatly trimmed red triangle.

"I've never really seen a naked woman before," she stated matter-of-factly. "Other than myself." I can't really describe the expression on her face but it was close to desire. "I have to pee real bad," she said urgently. "Please don't look." I turned the water on full blast, held my head down, and concentrated on finishing with my hair.

When I came out of the bathroom draped in a towel Mary had changed into a furry, fleecy pink bathrobe. She went in to shower. I flung the towel on the floor and climbed into bed. I was beat.

About an hour later Mary woke me up. "Annie, Annie?"

"Uh... um... what is it, Mary?"

"I can't sleep. Can I get in bed with you? My mother lets me sleep with her sometimes. She and father have separate bedrooms. I'm lonely and homesick."

"I suppose so, Mary. But if you don't let me go back to sleep I'm going to kick you out." I pulled down the covers so as to invite her in.

"You... you... uh... you're naked."

"Yes, I certainly am, Mary. I sleep in the nude. Can't stand the feel of clothing next to my body in bed. Are you getting in or not?"

"Well... uh... okay." She started to get in with me.

"No way, Mary! You are not wearing that fuzzy pink thing in my bed. I have no intention of itching all night. Take it off or go back to your own bed."

"Uh... I guess so. But close your eyes." I did.

Mary finally snuggled up with her back against me. She had nothing on. I cuddled her like I would a child.


"Yes, Mary?" "Guess what my nickname in high school was."

"I can't imagine. Does it have anything to do with Anna Kournikova? You resemble her. I'm sure people have told you that."

"Yes, they have, but it has nothing to do with her. Try and guess."

I reached my left hand over Mary's shoulder and touched her left breast gently.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"Just checking."

"For what, lumps?"

"No, Mary. I wondered if you had boobs. I couldn't tell in that baggy sweatshirt or loose bathrobe. I'm pleased to announce that you do. Very nice. I thought perhaps your nickname in high school might have been 'Stick' or 'Surfboard' or some such thing. I read an interview where Anna said something to the effect that her breasts are absolutely perfect. Unlike other women's because they are so firm and bouncy and don't sag or droop. Just like yours."

"The nickname has nothing to do with my chest, Annie. Try another body part."

"No! Not your pussy?" I could tell by her sigh I was close to the answer. "Blonde Beaver? Although I haven't seen it yet, I assume your hair down there matches that on your pretty little head."

"Nobody at my high school ever saw my pussy. That's the problem. My nickname was 'Virgin Mary.' I hated it." She began to weep.

"Mary, Mary, that's not so bad. It is possible to cure virginity you know."

"Annie, you are so beautiful. I'm sure you have had many lovers. Tell me about them. Please?"

"Not that many, Mary." Not if you didn't include the black football team in the locker room that time. But I didn't count them as lovers. I got fucked but not kissed. And I wasn't about to tell her about that.

I told her about Mark and my rescue from frigidity in more ways than one. How he found me in the upside down Lincoln Navigator after I slid off the road on the ice while trying to avoid hitting a deer. I thought I might freeze to death. Mark found me and warmed me up and then got me real hot. A doctor, he knew some things about a woman's anatomy that most men don't. And he exploited that knowledge until I had more orgasms than I could possibly count. We fell in love after only one day together. He had to go back to San Francisco suddenly due to an emergency and we had not seen one another in over a year. Although we communicate frequently via computer and phone. Soon I would be reunited with my lover. For Valentines Day. I started to cry because of the memories and so did Mary.

"That was simply a beautiful story, Annie. I don't want to be a virgin any longer, Annie. Will you help me?"

"Well... uh... uh..."

"Please, Annie? Please? You have to. I'll die if you don't"

"Virginity isn't fatal, Mary, just very depressing."

"Annie, were you masturbating in the shower? You had a very strange look on your face. I want that look too. Teach me how to do it. I've never touched myself down below. Not like that."

"Doesn't your church consider masturbation to be a sin?"

"Actually, Baptists have no clear position on masturbation. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church which considers the practice morally unacceptable. Daddy says it's sinful behavior but I walked in on him in the bathroom one time. Guess what he was doing. And looking at a dirty magazine. I don't think he wants me to do it because it will lead me into other temptations."

"That's probably true. Once you do yourself you want to do unto others and have them do unto you." I giggled and Mary smirked shyly. "Are you sure this is what you want, Mary. To please yourself?"


"Very well. We might as well give you a private lesson now. I'm wide awake and you don't seem like you are going to sleep any time soon. Actually, when we are finished perhaps your high anxiety about several things will diminish considerably and we both can get some shut-eye."

We got out of bed and I put the chairs from our desks in the center of the room facing one another. "Let's have a glass of wine while I explain a few things to you," I suggested. I fetched the Chandon Carneros Blanc de Noir and poured us each a small one. We sat naked on the chairs.

I explained to Mary to first try and totally relax. This was going to be a very pleasurable experience. I told her to do what I did as I spread my legs. Her triangle did match the hair on her head just like I thought. A very cute little hair pie. I suggested she fantasize about a lover doing this to her instead of herself.

"Okay, Mary, now do you feel that small knob of pink flesh at the top juncture of your inner lips?" She nodded enthusiastically. "Good. That's your clitoris. Now press your fingers over it and rub in either a circular or back-and-forth direction. Whatever feels good." I kept silent for a few minutes as I watched Mary play with herself. "Keep thinking about your lover. Fondle your nipples with the other hand. It's your lover getting you wet and ready, Mary. Ready to make love. He wants you so badly. His cock is throbbing and your hungry pussy is waiting eagerly for him to enter. You are touching his manhood just as he is touching your womanhood. He loves you, Mary, and now he is going to..."

"Ahhhhh, ohhhhh," Mary moaned and whimpered. I knew she had met the 'big O' for the first time. She squeezed her thighs tightly together with her fingers still inside. I remained silent again for awhile as her body quivered in ecstasy.

"Now, wasn't that nice?" I asked, not knowing what else to say. The look on Mary's said it all.

"Oh, that felt so good, Annie. I think maybe I can sleep now. Let's get back in bed."

Mary faced me and we held one another. She touched my breast this time and smiled. I couldn't help but return the caress. And then our lips met and we opened our mouths and explored with our probing tongues. Our erect nipples pressed up against one another. Her hand went below the waist first. Below my waist. She gently ran her fingers up and down the inside my thighs. I imitated her this time. She had the right idea. When she put her fingers inside me I put mine inside her.

"Talk dirty to me, Annie. Please talk dirty." I did as we brought each other to a quick orgasm. Then I taught her about cunnilingus.

After an hour of pleasuring one another, we embraced lovingly, playing with each other's hair. "Well," I finally said, "I don't know exactly how or why that happened, but I guess you are no longer a virgin, Mary. You have had sex--with me."

"Are we lesbians, Annie?"

"No, no, Mary. No way. We just had a little fun with each other. It was real nice. I've only had sex with one other woman, my cousin, Emily." I told her about how when Emily and I were young we went from playing with Barbie dolls to playing with each other. Our families had become estranged because my father wouldn't talk to her father. But that was past history now because of what happened at Uncle Tom's cabin recently. I only told Mary part of that story. The part about how Emily and I made love. "Emily and I made love, Mary, but we are not in love. I love a man--Mark. And soon I will be with him again in San Francisco. I am so looking forward to that moment when I again have him inside me. That glorious moment when he explodes inside my pussy. And when he throbs and pulsates as I have total control of him in my mouth. And then he ejaculates his semen down my throat and all over my lips and face. Oh my, I'm getting a little hot again."

"Me too, Annie! You tell some very erotic stories!" She smiled sweetly but then frowned seriously. "We did have sex but my hymen is intact. I'm still a cherry. Still the Virgin Mary. I want to have sex with a man. I want a cock in my pussy."

"Yes, well I guess a cock in your pussy is definitely an antidote for virginity. Are you sure about this, Mary?"

"I certainly am. Will you help me? I want to get laid. And as soon as possible."

"We'll get started on Friday night. We need a plan. Now, let's get some sleep."

We decided Mary should start at the beginning. With hand jobs.

Even though we wouldn't need it for the first few lessons, we dealt with the birth control issue. I took Mary to my doctor and got her on the pill. Finding a willing hand job recipient would be easy. There would be many likely candidates at Mickey's, the bar where we would go. I kind of liked the place. An old fire station converted to a tavern. I borrowed Suzanne's I.D. for Mary to use. They look a little alike and who can tall anyway. Those driver's license pictures are terrible.

I recommended that Mary select a guy with a car. It would facilitate matters. "All you need to do, Mary," I explained, "is get him in the car and start making out. Kissing and petting. Don't wear a bra. Unbutton your blouse and let him see your little titties."

"Hey! They are not that little."

"Smaller than mine."

"That I can not refute. But mine are nice, aren't they?"

"Just like Anna's. I told you that. You have great breasts, girlfriend. Instant erection for any dude who has the privilege of making their acquaintance. The proof will be in the pounding of the pud, so we hope. Put your left arm around his neck and play with the back of his hair. Let your right hand fall in his lap. Rub and squeeze gently over his pants. When you feel it get hard unzip him and pull it out. You got the concept?"

"Yes. And then I just stroke it? Rub it up and down?"

"Yes, more or less. The dude will know how he likes to be jerked off better than you will. Place his hand over yours on his penis and let him kind of guide you. When he cums squeeze the head of his dick and watch it shoot out. Make sure you say things like, 'You really have a nice cock' if it's small. If it's big just tell the truth. Got it?"

"What if he says he wants to have intercourse or a blow job?"

"For the former the pat answer is 'bad time of month.' For the latter try, 'Do you think we could possibly have a real date first?' That usually makes them feel a little guilty and willing to settle for a hand job this time. Most dudes like to whack off and do it diligently but they admit it's nice to have somebody else do it for you once in awhile. Especially if they have great tits and let you have a little feel and taste while you shake their snake. And don't be afraid to talk dirty."

The crowd at the bar seemed a little sparse. But there was a gang of fraternity brothers shooting pool and talking trash. We asked to join the pool game. One dude, Dave, kept bumping up against Mary and touching her as innocuously as he could. She started to whisper something in his ear whenever he got real close to her. Soon they left.

Mary and Dave came back in the bar about half an hour later. She winked at me and whispered, "Let's get out of here and I'll tell you all about it." Saying merely, "See ya around" to Dave without any noticeable affection she led me out by the hand.

"Well?" I demanded as soon as we hit the sidewalk.

"Just like you said, Annie. He wanted me to suck his cock and got a little pissed because I wouldn't. But then he put my right nipple in his mouth and I knew he would get off soon and his hand moved faster and faster over mine on his cock. He had bad breath and called me a bitch! No way am I giving that dude a blow job! I need to find somebody I like a little better before I put my lips on his dick."

"Mary, do you have anybody in mind for lesson two-- fellatio?

"I don't know. This guy who is really nice has been helping me with Calculus. I'm not interested in him in a romantic way but he's cute and I would like to pay him back somehow."

"Where do you two study?"

"In his room if his roommate isn't around. Or else the library."

"Invite him over to our room one night next week to study. And for pizza. Tell him your roommate will be out. For this lesson I think it would be best if I be there with you, Mary. I'll give the lesson as we go along. We'll kind of play it by ear. Or by mouth!" I giggled hysterically and Mary soon joined me, after she got the gist of the tryst.

On Monday night Joey was to come over at 7:00 P.M. to tutor Mary. About 7:30 P.M she would have his dick in her mouth. At least that was the plan.

At 6:45 P.M. I said to Mary as I stripped, "Get down to your panties. Let's skip all the preliminary crap. I'll do the talking. Just play along." She nodded and shucked off most of her clothes.

I answered the knock at 7:00 P.M. promptly at the door. Joey stared shockingly at my scantily clad body and just about fainted. "Uh... uh... uh... is Mary here?" he stuttered. She came into sight behind me wearing only pink panties and I thought I saw drool run down his chin. I pulled him into the room.

"Sit down, Joey." I motioned to my desk chair. I handed him a beer. "This might sound somewhat unusual, Joey, but not to worry. I haven't met a guy yet who didn't like to have his cock sucked." His eyes lit up like hot coals in a barbecue grill. "Mary is going to give you a blow job. And I'm going to help as needed. She is a virgin and has never given head before. We consider this a fundamental part of her college education. Mary likes you a lot. This part is important, so pay attention, Joey. Mary likes you as a friend. She is going to give you a buddy suck. Just consider this as your reward for helping her with Calculus. Mary doesn't want to marry you. She doesn't want to date you. But you can cum in her mouth. This is your lucky day, dude. Better than winning the lottery. Are we on the same page, Joey?"

"Uh... uh... yeah. How can I argue with two simply totally awesome and almost naked babes? My God! This is my lucky day. I'm game, girls. What would you like me to do?"

"You are sweet, Joey," I said and I meant it. And kind of cute. "Now let's find out how your cum tastes. Just grin and bare it. Stand up and take off your pants." He did quickly but his penis was flaccid. "Uh... Joey... uh... I'm a little surprised you don't have a hard-on. What's up with that?" I asked, concerned. He did have a nice looking above average sized penis as measured visually in a vertical rather than horizontal mode.

"Uh... uh... well... I'm so frigging nervous. I mean, I come to your room expecting to study Calculus and two almost naked heavenly angels say they are going to do me. Like, I'm going to get a blow job. All I can see is two pair of breasts that belong in Playboy. It's freaking me out."

"Okay, just relax, Joey honey. Mary, stand in front of Joey and let him feel your little boobies." She did.

"They don't look little to me," Joey observed in admiration. "They look like Anna Kournikova's. But this is much better than pictures. I get to touch them."

"Yes you do, Joey, but don't squeeze them so hard," I suggested because of Mary's grimace. Before long I saw a definite sign of stirring down below. "Get down on your knees, Mary. Do what comes natural. Put Joey in your mouth. Concentrate on the head of his cock with your mouth. Use your hands on the rest. I'll help you but go ahead and give it a go.

Mary did quite well for a beginner. She had Joey whimpering and whining about how much he wanted to cum in her mouth in about two minutes. A few refinements in her technique and she would be a true cock sucking aficionado in no time. "Mary, he is getting close. Twirl your lips gently around the ridge at the back of the head of his penis while you stroke the shaft harder with your hand. Good, Mary, very good. Cradle his balls gently with your other hand. That's it! You go girl!"

"Okay, Mary," I advised, "I think Joey is about to shoot his load. Be careful now," I cautioned, "It's real important how you deal with this phenomena the first time. You have to ingest and digest without making a sour puss. Swallowing versus spitting. What you want to do is..."

But it was too late for further instruction. Joey moaned loudly and screamed a string of obscenities as he blew his wad. I could tell immediately Mary was not going to be able to deal effectively with the huge gush of man milk. She gagged as soon as Joey started to bust a big one, pulled him out, and spit out a mouthful that landed in a big gob on the floor. I took her place and finished Joey off. Then I held him in my mouth as he wound down from his orgasm. It almost felt like I could get him off again very soon if I really tried. I decided to wait a spell.

"Not to worry, Mary," I reassured her, "next time you'll be able to swallow. I'll show you how. "Why don't you two get on with your Calculus lesson and we'll resume Operation First Blow Job in a little while."

They both nodded and sat at Mary's desk. She still wore only panties and Joey didn't put his pants back on. I knew Calculus wouldn't be on anyone's mind for very long. Within ten minutes I noticed Mary had begun to fondle Joey's penis and he had another erection.

"I see we are about ready for phase two," I observed. I brought to memory the deep-throating lesson the gay team manager, Ricky, had given me in the locker room that night I was drugged and sexually exploited. His on-the-job instructions enabled me to get down all of James's big black bone.

I told Mary to lie on the bed sideways with her head over the side. Then I adjusted the position of her pretty blonde head to the appropriate angle.

"C'mon, Joey, you can see what's up here. Besides you." I pulled him over to the bed by the penis. "Bend your knees a little. That's it." I guided him into Mary's mouth about a third of the way with one hand as I cupped her jaw with the other hand and moved it slightly to better accommodate Joey.

"Should I put it all the way in?" Joey inquired excitedly.

"When I tell you, Joey. Settle down, boy. You're getting a little over eager. We don't want to choke Mary to death, now do we?"

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