Elsie in the Mirror

by ReadyOne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: After getting the courage to make a pass at the cleaning maid I make her watch us in the mirror as we explorer each other's bodies.

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When Cathy decided she needed to make a grocery run before she could cook a culinary delight for our supper, I knew that I had 30 minutes alone with Elsie.

Elsie is a wonderful, bright, foxy, energetic, cheerful, friendly, exciting lady who moonlights as a cleaning lady. Both Cathy and I are ecstatic with her efforts and hope she will keep us as a client for a very long time.

The garaged door closing is both heard and felt on the second floor, especially since both offices are right on top of it. As soon as I heard it, I headed down stairs to find Elsie dusting.

My being married made us dancing around each other with extra care. Neither she nor I wanted to get Cathy, my spouse, upset. If things went too far between us, I'd prefer that Elsie slap me in the face and make me promise to never be home again when she came to clean. Anything, just as long as she keeps working for Cathy.

Yet, she had gotten so far under my skin that I finally risked making an overt pass.

"Elsie" I greeted her, "Would you be interested in cleaning the offices right now? I know it's a break in your usual pattern..."

"Sure, if that's what you want." Elsie blushed a bit when she answered, which I took as a sign that she was thinking about more than dusting.

"Actually, I want to go up to Cathy's office and work together with you."

I was nervous as all get-out, trying hard to be cool and confident but probably radiating enough heat from my red face to warm the room. My voice almost cracked, but I kept myself looking straight at her.

"I'll accept your help. It might give me some extra time we could spend together."

Relief flooded through me. I'd been afraid that I'd get a terribly neutral answer from her and become floundered. Actually I'd been preparing for the disappointment of a polite refusal. Still, I needed reassurance that the message she heard was the one I was trying to send.

"Would you even help with the bed?" My tentative voice almost cracked again.

"Yes, I'd even help with the bed," Elsie smiled warmly and compassionately, "assuming Cathy doesn't get back too quickly."

I took her by the hand and led her upstairs to the office with the queen bed, which we also used it as the primary guest room. There was a dresser with large mirror at the foot of the bed and wall mirror hanging between the bed and the door. I parked Elsie facing it and closed the door.

Standing behind her, I rubbed her shoulder trying tried to let her relax and acclimate a bit. Then I stroked her hair with my hands and pulled it off the back of her neck to deliver my first kisses there. I nuzzled her shoulders and very gently nipped at her ear lobes before whispering the obvious to her.

"Elsie, I want you. I want to excite you and make love to you and kiss you all over and work my way up your legs and put my mouth to your pussy and my tongue to your clit and lick and suck on you until you shake with orgasm. I want to take you to the peek of pleasure and do everything I can to make you happy.

"I want to learn about your body and what feels good to you and what things you like to do the best. I want to find out what toys you like to play with, the places you like to play, the ways we can have fun together. I want to learn what's inside your imagination, find out what things excite you, stories that turn you on, the things you dream about.

"Will you cum with me, please?" I concluded.

Well, I'd made my pitch. I didn't think it was a very good one. I always seem to get in trouble when I tell people what I think. I waited anxiously, wondering what Elsie was going to do with my heartfelt offer.

"No unprotected sex. You use a condom whenever you get your dick close to me."

"Certainly, Elsie. I promise to always respect your limits. If it matters, I had a vasectomy many years ago."

"Good. I refuse to get pregnant again. Now don't get kinky on me. No golden showers, scat, or pain, and always tell me before you put in and make sure I'm really ready and wanting it there."

"Yes ma'am. If you're not happy then it isn't fun at all." I agreed.

"And Elsie," I continued, "If anything will cause any problems between you, Cathy, myself -- or any combination -- I'd rather quit now than have people hurt. This means Cathy does not want to see what goes on."

Again I was scared. What girl wants to be told she is second string, hidden away, a secret, never allowed to parade her man in public?

"I haven't gotten sex for months, and I'm busy working and raising my kids, and no way can I support a relationship. Now is just a good opportunity to get something I want and need without creating more havoc in my life. The best we could be is fuck buddies."

Holy Mary, Mother of God! A prayer of joyful thanksgiving for gifts beyond my deserving.

"Thank you, lover. Please don't ever stop talking to me, about anything!"

I kissed the back of her neck again and worked across her shoulder then up her throat, gently turning her head so I could reach. After we started kissing, Elsie tried to turn around and embrace me. I clasp her upper arms and signaled her to stop.

"Turn back to the mirror, Elsie. This is all about you." I spoke softly into her ear.

Do you remember that the buttons on men's and woman's cloths are backwards from each other? Maybe not if you always face your partner while you undress each other. But I did, so when I reached around and unbuttoned the top of her blouse the buttons came right undone like I practiced my seduction techniques on every girl I saw.

"I know a woman who infatuated me the moment she came to my house one evening. I saw a kind and caring person, eager to help, brave to assert herself, one who was intelligent and had the courage to pull herself up by her bootstraps."

My fingers had finished the last button outside her jeans so I sent my hands caressing over her waist and tummy then to her hips and thighs then back up to her soft round bottom.

"This lady has a body with wonderful curves. Every time I saw her, the special "wow what a woman" circuits in my brain made me want to be with her. When I watched her down on her knees scrubbing, waving her tail in the air, I started getting hard. Not romantic at all for her, but sexy as hell for me!"

Elsie laughed. I pulled her back against me to feel my dick against her butt and undid the fly of her jeans. After I peeled them open, I encouraged them to drop to her feet and copped a feel of her vulva in my palm.

"When this girl would talk to me I would see her pretty face and beautiful smile. It was had to keep a straight face and not turn bashfully away. I had her up on a pedestal and wondered if I had anything to attract her. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her and try to make her laugh, but was afraid to touch her."

After I finished the last button on her blouse I unhooked her bra and cupped her boobs in my hands. My fingers quested for her tits.

"I tried hard not to stare at her or look like I was undressing her with my eyes. But I knew that she had lovely breasts and wished so hard that I could see all of their full round shape, watch them jiggle and move, and enjoy the beauty of the dynamic female form."

Now I took off Elsie's blouse and bra and laid them on the dresser then went back to standing behind Elsie with her boobs in my hand. I looked over her shoulder, my head next to her ear, watching us both in the mirror as I continued.

"Look at yourself, Elise. What I see is wonderful. I like your boobs, dear. Don't ever think of them as anything but very pretty and very desirable. Look at the brown rings around your nipples. They single out a thing of beauty rising from their center. Your tits are darling ones. See how they firm up as I brush them? Take your pleasure dear. How sensitive are they? How hard should I tease them? "

I wasn't at all sure where Elsie was in her monthly cycle. I hoped very much that it wasn't a time when they were. Communication is the key, so I asked.

"Talk to me please, Elsie."

"Be gentle dear, and you may keep going a while."

"Do you enjoy this? Does it arouse you?"

"My panties are already wet. Sometimes it feels like a direct line opens up between my nipples and my clit. It isn't open right now, but I am getting very aroused from your playing with them."

Elsie's breathing had started to speed up a bit and become shallow. I could see her upper chest turning pink. I was happy to be making progress, and wanted to keep moving in view of our time.

"Show me how you play with them, Elsie. Lift your hands up to your boobs and play with them."

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