The Tick Bites Again

by juanwildone

Copyright© 2002 by juanwildone

Sex Story: A woman gets bugged and I try to help. Sometimes you have to scratch that itch.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

The door closed with a dull thud. A similar thud was heard when my head hit the desk. How the fuck did I end up like this?

My marriage to Cathy was comfortable; there were not a lot of demands placed on either of us. Besides who needs that kind of drama anyway? The kids were grown and out the door. Life was pretty mellow. Our sex life reflected that - pretty vanilla, we had sex 2 to 3 times a month, standard fare. We kissed, we fondled, I went down on her until she came, we fucked, I came. One cum each, which was the way it had been for years. Oh I got a little oral sex, usually just to get me wet or keep me lubed when we changed positions. Since her hysterectomy she didn't lubricate naturally very well.

Now I really liked oral sex (Hey I'm a guy - so sue me). And early in our marriage Cathy liked it too. But once the kids came the oral sex diminished as far as her giving to me. I still went down on her while she pretty much cut me back to getting me up and keeping it wet. She just wasn't interested in crossing the finish line with me. Although I have to admit that I was on the receiving end of a complete blowjob from her at my office on my last birthday.

She surprised me by calling to say she was bringing me lunch. She apologized for not bringing a gift and asked if I wanted anything in particular. So I asked her for a blowjob. She thought I was joking, I said I wasn't. The subject was dropped and we ate lunch. When we were through she got up to leave and walked to the door. She stood there pausing for a moment then turned and walked back into my office. She spun my chair around (yes, I was in it) and dropped to her knees.

"OK. How do we do this?" I knew that even the slightest delay might result in a change of mind so I stood and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor my briefs following them down. I sat in my chair, I was already fully erect. Cathy stroked her fingers slowly around my cock and balls. You could've taken my pulse by the throbbing jerks of my cock.

She was doing some fingertip twirlly things that were ratcheting up the pressure dramatically [Now, she had long ago developed a great touch for stimulating me. Most of the time this stimulation took place in the dark, or beneath the sheets, always with me flat on my back. But as I sat there watching I swear she had never done these particular motions before -it was that different.]

She lowered her head and began to lick around the tip of my cock. Precum was starting to flow and she kept it licked up. Her mouth opened wider and soon she was bobbing slowly up and down. I was in heaven. The pressure of her mouth was light enough that I knew it would take me a long time to come - which was just fine with me. She lifted her head up and looked up smiling. Her hands went to work jacking me off. "Sorry - my mouth is getting tired. I guess it's been awhile." Her expression was little on the sheepish side. I didn't want to put her off so I just smile, panted deeply and breathed that 'this is great.' And it was.

Her hand and tongue work were having the desired effect and I could feel my orgasm be to develop deep within. As the pressure mounted my breathing became labored and my whole body was flailing about. I was getting close, real close. I wasn't sure if Cathy was planning on me coming in her mouth. When blowjobs had been a regular part of our sexlife I always came in her mouth - and then she would spit it out. So I wanted to come in her mouth, I needed to come in her mouth.

She was focused on the head of my cock as I lightly touched the back of her head and pushed. She got the idea and took me in her mouth. I came. I roared with release. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life. No kidding. I was pumping great gobs of come into her mouth and throat. She started to cough and gag. Come was pumping out of my cock and flying out of her mouth. When I was finally able to focus again Cathy was already engaged in clean-up. Strings and splatters of cum were everywhere. Her face, her hair, her clothes. My cock, crotch, and clothes were likewise sprayed.

"I take it you liked that?" Cathy asked innocently.

"Oh God! You have no idea how incredible that was!"

"Yes I think I do. I'm used to the amount you ejaculate. This was a lot more."

I smiled triumphantly in pure penis pride. I may be smaller than average in size. But I'm way over average in load volume. Hey you take your strong points where you have them. Cathy smiled at the look on my face. I asked if I could ink her in for another day. She just smiled. When she had finished cleaning her clothing as best she could she left.

That was awhile ago. Our sexlife returned quickly to its previous status quo. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the loss of the spontaneity of that afternoon. I began to wonder what it would be like to have a wildly spontaneous sexual experience with someone else. I read plenty of erotic stories on the web, but fooling around is not my style. Still I had my fantasies.

I was working alone in my office when I heard someone approaching rapidly through the brush. I could hear a woman's voice, she seemed to be in some kind of pain. The front door flew open (I never lock it) and a pleasant looking thirty-something or more blonde hopped and wiggled across the room. "Make it stop biting me. Make it stop!" Before I could respond she was pulling off her hiking boots. I noticed that she had great legs - long and lean, good muscle tone. She stood and began to unbutton her shorts.

"Ahh, excuse Miss, but what... '

"Damn it, a tick or something is biting the shit out of me and I can't get at it." She pulled her shorts down and stepped out of them. She straightened up just enough to grab the waist band of her panties, white cotton, bikini cut, and pull them down too. She cleared some papers off of my desk and sat down in front me placing her feet on the arms of my chair. I was stunned. Just inches from my face was a nearly hairless pussy fully exposed to me. I hadn't seen a strange one in the flesh since I married Cathy.

"Ow! C'mon and find what's biting me. Shit it hurts!" I bent closer to her and looked - slowly. "Quit looking at my pussy and find that fucking tick!"

"I'm sorry Miss but I don't see it." What I did see was a vision of absolute loveliness. The pale white skin of her hips and pelvis mounded prominently to her nearly hairless mons. A few wisps of soft blonde hair did absolutely nothing to cover her cunt. From the middle of her mons a line formed that deepened as it reached the top of her vagina. Her thin outer labia were blushing, just beginning to swell and part. The crease of her cunt terminated just above the brown rose of her anus. Her womanly fragrance filled my nostrils and clouded my thinking.

"No shit sherlock! I could have gotten it if it was on the outside. OW! It's inside me. C'mon, this is killing me." Killing you, I'm thinking I've died and gone to heaven. I summoned what vestiges of professionalism I could. "Yes, of course. It's inside your cu... your vagina. I'm sorry Miss but I will have to touch you in a rather intimate fashion. Please understand that..." She placed her hands on each side of her cunt and pulled her lips apart. A coral cavern was revealed to me. Her womanly fragrance intoxicated me. "Quit fucking around and reach in and find it." So I did.

I pushed a finger slowly inside her. Deep inside her. I began to slowly move my finger around, twisting, probing, feeling. She was getting wet, real wet. I've heard that when doctors give women gyno-exams they ignore any response from the woman - professionalism and everything. Well I wasn't a doctor and her wetness and aroma were turning me on tremendously. I continued to probe inside her. I didn't dare look her in the face when I suggested that a second finger might help. I simply pushed another finger into her. I could hear her panting. My ring finger was pressed against her perineum and my little finger was pressing against her anus. My thumb was resting near the top of her inner labia. I could feel the bundle of flesh and nerves that was her clitoris.

"I can't seem to feel it along the sides I need to leverage my fingers up so that I can feel the roof of your vagina." When I heard her breathy acknowledgement I pushed my two fingers up. The ring finger pressed harder against her perineum, and the tip of my little finger pressed into the ring of her anus. I swear that I felt her anal muscles push out and then release causing my finger to ease slowly into her ass. Her breathing became suddenly louder.

"Yes. I think you're getting there. Push harder. Push harder. Oh God." I convinced myself that she was in pain and that I needed to increase my efforts. My ring finger slid up and joined the other two deep in her cunt. The motion was nearly effortless within this hot tight space, she was so damn wet. A steady trickle of her juices flowed out of her. They were coating my little finger as it sawed back and forth in her ass. She was dripping onto my desk.

"Ohhh!" She cried out loudly and I instinctively looked up. Damn, when had she taken her shirt off. She was completely naked save for her hiking socks. We made eye contact and I realized I was in way over my head. Oh shit. "Ahh, I think, ahhh, it may, ahhh, have bit, ahh, bitten me. Ohhhh! Under, ahhh, your, ahhh, thumb, ahh, suck,ahh, suck, ahh, it out. Ahhhhhh." I lifted my thumb and saw her erect clit glistening in the light. I lowered my mouth down to it and began to swirled my tongue around it. "AHHHHH!" I started to lick slowly up and down. "AHHH! AHHH!" I pushed my lips down hard around her clit and sucked it up into my mouth. I flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit like a boxer training on a speed bag. As fast and as hard as I could manage.

Her formerly high-pitched 'Ahhh's' dropped a good octave to deep, primal 'Ohhh's. Great spasms began to rack her body. When her climax came, her entire body went rigid. The muscles of her cunt and ass clenched so tight that my fingers were immobilized. My tongue continued to assault her clit. She was rigid and silent for the longest time. Then her whole body relaxed and spasmed again. Then the dam broke - literally. A piercing scream filled the room. With the next spasm of her cunt a torrent of piss/female ejaculate/woman cum (I had read about such things but never experienced them, who knew?) sprayed out of her and drenched my hand and face. I was so surprised I released her clit and quickly pulled my fingers out of her.

I was suddenly all too aware of what had just transpired. The room reeked of sex. In an instant I was assailed by a host conflicting emotions and thoughts; I am the man!: shit, I've just did a strange woman; God I've never seen a woman cum so hard; how will I clean up this mess; what am I going to tell my wife; and do you think this woman is hot for me? Conflicted, definitely - confused, absolutely.

"You bastard!" I was quickly snapped out of my momentary reverie. "What did you do to me!" She was struggling to get up. "You mother fucking bastard." I rolled my chair back until I was against the wall behind me. She stood on wobbly legs that glistened with her juices. Her cum was everywhere, the desktop, the floor, her legs, my face and hand were soak with it. Her eyes were ablaze. She looked right at me. I can't imagine the expression that must have been on my face. "Shit, after all that I can still feel it in there." She stared at the bulged in my pants. "We'll have to flood the little fucker out."

In an instant (seemingly at least) my pants were off and I was flat on my back on the floor. She threw her leg over me, grasp my cock, got into alignment and sat down on my hips. I was inside her. For the first time in 27 years of marriage my cock was inside another woman! I was paralyzed with, with... fuck if I knew.

Then she started bouncing up and down, vigorously. I could hear her chanting softly, "I gonna make that little fucker pay." I wasn't going to last very long. I could feel my orgasm begin to form up. Then my conscious brain reminded me that I was about to ejaculate into this strange woman. I knew I should have tried to stop her - I couldn't. When she noticed that change in my breath she intensified her fucking. Oh yeah, she was fucking me, pure and simple. "C'mon give it up. Fill me with your cum. Cum for me. Cum for me."

I realized that I was going to cum in her and decided that I might as well get the most bang for the fuck. I managed to roll over on top of her and was thrusting into her for all I was worth. She was bucking her hips with me and just as I started to cum she locked her legs around me so tightly that I couldn't thrust anymore. She just held me deep inside her. God did I cum. Remember the birthday blowjob - this was right up there. I felt my cock swell like never before, I could feel the resistance of her cunt. I roared in animalistic release. With each spasm of ejaculation I roar again. I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Even after my cock stopped throbbing it felt as if cum was still pouring out of it. I felt her legs release me and I pulled out of her. I just sat there looking at her freshly fucked pussy as cum slowly trickled out of her.

Then she did something totally unexpected.

She braced her feet to the floor and tilted her hips up. Her shorts were still on the floor where she dropped and she reached into a pocket and pulled out one of those lite-days pads. She placed it over her cunt and reached for her panties. She pulled them on, adjusted the pad and stood up to dress. I was dumb founded I just sat there and watched. She dressed, brushed back her hair, turned to me, bent down and kissed me softly on my lips. "You were just what the doctor ordered. I'm sure you'd like me to explain what this was all about, but I can't. You're a good man - I sure hope your wife appreciates what she's got." My wife?! How did she know? I don't wear a ring and there are no photos in my office. Shit! Did she know Cathy?

She turned to leave and I scrambled to my feet. "Wait." I had no idea what I was going to say or do. "Wait a second, will ya." When she placed her hand on the door her gold band sparkled. Shit, she's married!? I stopped. "Look, I didn't... I mean, what we...". She smiled and dropped her head as if she was shy or embarrassed. I realized that I was standing there naked from the waist down with my slimy soft cock wagging back and forth. She walked back to me and took my head in her hands and kissed me with a passion and sensuality that left me panting.

"I told you I can't go into this right now. I needed this more than you could ever imagine. In some ways, if it helps you deal with this, what just happened will probably end up saving my marriage. I don't want to cause you any pain. If I were you I wouldn't tell a soul. After all you seemed to be enjoying yourself." I smiled and nodded. "Well so did I, believe me, so did I. But as far as I'm concerned, this never happened. Nothing happened here today. You helped a hiker with a medical problem, let's just leave it at that, OK?" I nodded and she kissed me softly again. She was out the door.

My head hit the desk again. Maybe this is just one of those suck it up and don't tell a soul. Shit! How the fuck did this happen?

Some time had passed since my encounter with, with - shit, I didn't even know the woman's name. Under the phony pretext of a tick bite this woman had conned me into fucking her in one of the most ball draining experiences of my life. I had sweated out the next couple of days afterward worried that she might try to contact me or even worse, my wife. When nothing happened I began to relax. The only real change that came from all this was that I was really attentive to my wife Cathy. My increased attentiveness to Cathy was returned as our sex life became much more active that it had been in years. Our formerly sedate routine of a couple of times per month was now 3 or 4 times per week. Even better I was getting regular blowjobs again and quickies had been added to the menu.

I had asked for and received a transfer and schedule change that put me on a shift that matched my wife's. We were growing closer by the day. As yearend approached I realized that I would be able to accompany Cathy to the various holiday events that I had missed out on for years. My strange work shifts had conspired against my attendance in the past. I was actually looking forward to the parties. After a couple of warm up parties the big one for Cathy's work was here. That she was pissed that we arrived a little late, well that was my fault.

While Cathy was showering I noticed that she was shaving her legs. I quickly stripped and joined her under the spray. As soon as she saw my half erect cock she waved the razor at me and warned my off. I told her that I wasn't in here to try and fuck her I just wanted to help her shave completely. She replied that she was just about done.

I disagreed. "I think you have quite a bit to do before you're finished." When she looked up I stared pointedly at her crotch. I had long fantasized about Cathy shaving herself clean. She had always refused saying that she didn't want to deal with the itch as it grew back. She played it coy at first.

"What, you want me to have one of those ridiculous mohawks like the women on the soft porn channels, I don't think so?"

In my best Swedish accent I replied, "No I vant you to take it off. Take it all off."

"It'll itch as it grows back."

"Then don't let it grow back, I shave regularly. I'll do it for you."

She paused for moment. "Alright, but if I decide that I don't like it, it all grows back. Deal?" The words had barely left her mouth as I knelt before her and lather up her pubic hair. I shaved her quickly, rinsed her and shaved her again with a brand new razor. She was smooth. She was also tremendously turned on. Her eyes were half closed, her breath panting, and the shower ripe with her scent. I started to kiss and lick and nuzzle her sex. "No honey, we don't have time. We need... ohhhh, we need, ohhh, alright but make it quick."

I slip a finger inside her as I licked her slowly and thoroughly. I refocused my attention to her clit and licked a little harder. She was getting close as I slipped a second finger in and sawed them back and forth. "Oh babe, please take your fingers out, you know I can't cum that way. Take them out." As soon as I pulled my fingers out I moved forward and sunk my cock into her. I had her pushed up against the tile as I thrust into her. As she got close to orgasm I changed speed and depth on her. "Oh, oh don't change the rhythm. I was so close to cumming. Ohhh... ohhh... yeah, harder, harder." I slowed down - I was being bad, real bad. "Ohhhhhhh, please. I was so close." I was closer. As my orgasm hit I let the first pulse of cum fill her cunt. I quickly pulled out and sprayed the rest of my juice over her stomach and tits I adjusted the shower spray and washed my cum off of her. She was panting in disbelief. In a second I was out of the shower and drying myself off. "C'mon honey, you don't want to be late."

She stood shakily. "You bastard! Oh you are so going to pay for this. I was so close. You, you..."

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