Cindy and the Cobbler

by ReadyOne

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Desc: Sex Story: Cindy's criticism of my cooking methods earn her a spanking that turns erotic.

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Cindy and I were down in Brown county when this happened, camped out at a place adjacent to a state park that a friend of a friend owned. It was a nice spot inside a grove of older trees. A couple of large windfalls had gone down near the edge of the clearing and a couple of the larger branches had been bucked off and left next to them to make a nice place to sit.

We listened to the quiet, not that the forest is quiet. Part of the forest's attraction to me is listening to the birds sing against the background of the insects. The trees will rustle their leaves or even groan a bit in the wind. Somehow, that says peace and quiet to me even if it can get noisy.

In the morning we had walked a big loop trail where horses and hikers competed and an occasionally road crossing offered car driver an opportunity to score pedestrian points. Actually, it wasn't bad at all. The horse people were very polite and the only car we saw was one we spotted from the top of one of the lookout towers we had climbed up to eat our lunch.

When we got back to camp at mid afternoon I decided to make up the apple cobbler. I brought out the Dutch oven and the filling and the Jiffy Mix and was almost ready to add the water to make the dough when somebody who will remain nameless yelled and stuck out her tongue at me.

"Hey Dummy! Not yet, Stupid!" I looked across to the tent where the voice had come from. Her sweet sing- song voice floated across to me, "You-'re for-get-ting some-thing"

I thought but I just didn't get it. I had the can opener. I'd greased up the Dutch oven. What else could I possibly have forgotten?

"You gonna give me trouble, woman?" I yelled back.

"Think hard Sherlock. What do you do with the Dutch oven when the cobbler's in it, Einstein?"

Then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. The fire. I hadn't started the fire, let alone gotten the coals ready! Damn. And to be called out it by my camping partner! Most embarrassing.

Now I pride myself on being able to do lots of things, including cooking. But bratty Cindy had punched a hole in my pride and it was quickly deflating.

So I laughed. After all, she was right.

"Why thank you, Madame" I replied, bowing toward her and doffing an imaginary hat. Graciousness in defeat was the hallmark of a gentleman. "I really appreciate your interest in me and your kind assistance in resolving my problem."

"Any time you want to enroll at Cindy's Camp Cooking Class I'll be glad to take you on as my personal student. I've had good success teaching basics to the mentally challenged, and I'm sure I can help you too, Moron."

"Why thank you again, Ms. Cindy. I sure appreciate all the good things you do for me, ma'am. I promise you this here cobber will turn out fine with all your good advice. I'd be happy to share it with you later, if you would care to break bread with little old dumb me."

And with that I packed up the mix and got my hand axe. There was still a lot of deadwood around the windfalls so I had a very nice fire going in the ring pretty quick. Miller time, while the wood burned down a bit to give me some coals.

I washed my hands and then sprawled out against the big log to enjoy my work. The afternoon was just starting to cool when I finished so the warmth of the fire was welcome.

Cindy came over, sat down on a small log, and leaned back against the mighty but fallen tree.

"Come sit here beside me and enjoy this blazing fire," she invited.

I moved my carcass next to hers and put my arm around her. She nestled into the crook of my shoulder.

"I just love a good fire" Cindy sighed. "Life is good to just sit beside it next to someone I can enjoy it with."

We sat quietly for a while just enjoying each other's company.

Then a case of the hands started to develop. Cindy would nestle in a bit, then reach out and gently stroke my arm or give it a gentle squeeze and then snuggle in again and put her head on my chest. Then she'd find some place else to lay her hands, or try again to get more of her body in contact with mine.

Romance was in the air. I cradled her in my arms cupping a breast in my hand, just holding her. I played with her hair and stroked her cheek.

"You're so nice. I just like being held. I feel so secure." Cindy said in a dreamy voice.

"What do you see in the fire, Cindy? Any interesting shapes in the frames and branches?"

"There's a square like a cabin, and on the far side that small branch with flames on it reminds me of a horse's mane. And over there could be a face and a pitch fork like some demon was visiting in our fire."

"Maybe that's your boss checking up on you" I joked.

"My boss may be a devil some times but she is definitely not out here with me on my break!"

"Actually, Cindy, I was thinking your real boss might be not even be human. You're very impish. In fact, I could promote you easily from imp to little devil. So who I see is the lord of the underworld coming to see how evil his pretty little gremlin has grown."

"I'm not a gremlin. I'm sweet as an angel could ever be and I've proved it. Are you complaining about the heavenly experience I gave you up in the lookout tower after lunch?"

"I concede. You can certainly be an angel of joy when you want. But the rest of the time, which is also most of the time, you are a bratty sassy little devilish imp."

Cindy did a good innocent little girl routine. "Who? Me? Why never me!"

I tightened my arms around her and rolled her down to lie across my lap. Cindy was big enough to put up a fight, so I threw a leg over hers and took her hands behind her back. I held them in one hand and started rubbing on her jeans with the right hand.

"You sure were being a smart ass about the way I cook."

Cindy said nothing.

"Admit it. You called me a half dozen names and insulted me a couple of times for good measure." She started to squirm and wiggle hard, but I held on to her.

"It's time to take responsibility for your actions, Cindy. Confess and take your spanking and be forgiven." I started kneading her ass cheeks firmly through her jeans.

"I just called it as I saw it," she finally answered. "Your mother's IQ was lower than her shoe size, and you inherited."

That was too much. The girl sealed her fate with those words. I raised my hand high and began.


I get go as hard as I could across her jeans. It probably hurt my hand more than it hurt her. She had the jeans and the panties for padding, not to mention the natural padding on her beautiful female bottom. My poor bare hand didn't have anything.

"That does is, young lady. Your punishment will go long and hard. You evil brattiness must be purged!"

"Oooo, what a promise!"

I pushed her off my lap as I stood up. Since I still had her arms behind her back, it was easy to raise her up to her feet and turn her to face away from me. I reached around to her front and fumbled for her belt. It was easy to undo after I found it and the fly buttons came undone one, two, three. Her jeans fell to the forest floor almost of their own accord.

Cindy struggled by trying to twist and turn and pushed her backside hard up against me for leverage against my arms, but all that did was to just make things easier for me. I hugged her tight up against me and soon finished my work.

She, of course, was also bringing my cock to attention inside my jeans by wiggling her butt against my crotch. I assume that was intentional, as sex can be used as a defensive weapon. Maybe she thought that she could get me horny enough and then I would rush though the spanking quick or maybe even skip it altogether. I discarded her implied offer without even considering it. She wasn't topping -- I was.

When I picked her up in my arms and started to sit back down I fell hard on the log from her added weight. She almost escaped as I recovered but we ended up with her across my lap fanny and her arms pinned behind her back. She still wiggled a lot so I could only manage to snag one of her legs with mine, however I decided that was good enough. We were now ready for me to slowly paint her bottom a shade of red that would match the brightest red in any fire.

My hand started gently to warm her up, and I mean very gently. Almost love pats. If she wanted this spanking, which I'm absolutely sure she did, then part of the punishment would be a bit of frustration because there was no bite in those first slaps. I ramped up very, very slow, but eventually the blows started stinging when they landed. When I got to where I had her full attention, I paused to lecture.

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