Handyman's Hand

by ReadyOne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Spanking, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Girl seduces guy into giving her a spanking using the pretext of needing help with apartment repairs.

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I'd talked to him on the phone, I'd verified his address, I knew where he worked, and believe it or not, I even knew where he went to church!

He was just a bit older than me, and had done a lot of different things in his life. I also got the feeling that he'd done a lot of different things in his sex life too. He was a most unusual mix, gentle except when he was hard and firm, masculine but in touch with his feelings and willing to share them. I suspect he could even cry at the theater if it were the right movie. And he seemed to be good at what he did, but not arrogant. A kind person, who would stop on the road and change your tire or fix your bathroom sink, just because he like to help people.

So I decided to see just how good he was at spanking.

I knew what I wanted, and I made a point to let him know. My mental telepathy skills haven't been perfected yet! And after all, if you don't ask, you can't get, can you?

Now, all I needed was a pretext to help him get started. Then I got a brilliant idea - kill two birds with one stone. A little "outside the box thinking" - I'm good, aren't I?

When I role-play I like to stay with my age. I'm not quite Daddy's little girl or a young student. More like a secretary, housewife, aunt, or teacher. But real life damsel in distress could get me more than just a light bulb changed.

Maintenance at my place doesn't get done too often cheaper for them to ignore you unless it's a hole in the roof or the hot water totally out. So I made a list of a few things I wanted changed around my place like a phone beside my bed. And yes, the sinks needed to stop dripping too.

Phase one was easy. I just ask him if he could help me out with a couple of things on my list. Nice guy, he said yes. Actually I suppose he'd have said yes even if he weren't a nice guy just so he could check me out. But it was safe to have him over late afternoon to check out the work and see what tools and supplies he'd need. He didn't have to stay, and the invitation didn't promise ANY kind of play.

Being the smart girl that I am, I made a deal with my girlfriend that I would call her on her cell when he came, and then she would call me back after a few minutes. We picked a couple of code words, one for "I'm fine and happy", and the other for "Send Help!"

When he rang the bell, I didn't run to the door but quickly called her. Then I went over to the window with the phone on my ear and waved at him, and started to open the door (chain on) while I waited for her to answer. As soon as she did, I told her I had to go because I had someone at the door. She said she'd call back if I didn't. Which was the plan.

The guy turned out pretty nice. Looked like his picture, knew what he was doing when I showed him the things on the list. When the first call came, I gave the all clear, and said we might be running over to the hardware store to get some washers and wire, and I'd let her know when we got back. And I think he gave me points for letting him know that I have friends who care about me!

Well one thing turned into another. We went shopping, and he got the new phone jack installed while I microwaved up some nachos. I broke out a couple of beers and thanked him. I feed him by hand and got up close to him. He'd washed up well (no plaster dust or anything) and still carried a very faint smell of aftershave. It was kind of fun to fuss over him.

And all the time, there was still a little fear in me. At the very first, I was anxious because I didn't know for sure what he'd turn out to be. Then I started thinking about I wanted him to do to me. And how I was going to get it started. The anticipation had been building. Since he had never before spanked me, I didn't know when, how, how hard, how long, or what would cross my bottom. I found my throat was tight and there were butterflies in my stomach.

Time to put the moves on him!

I cuddled up and gave him the dumb innocent expression. "How did he like my place? Was I taking care of it? What did he think about my taps dripping and the big nick in the wall where I'd banged it moving the dresser?"

Smart guy. He was waiting, and picked up in no time. He took me by the hand, and led me through the place, looking under the sinks, and in the closets. I felt good to have him next to me, and I didn't mind his hands on me as he turned me to look at one thing and then walked me over to see another, all while talking about the things he was seeing. And he started to find things he didn't like. Things definitely got rolling when his gentle talk turned into a lecture and then into a scolding.

Finally, he told me to call my friend and tell her I was going to be busy for the evening, and then we were going to have a serious "discussion". I let her know the action was starting, and since I felt like trusting him a bit, I gave her a 30 minute check request.

Then I took a chance to explain to him about my hard life, and how things got so run down. He didn't seem to buy it. I really tried to look innocent, then contrite, and to dodge my way through, but it didn't work. Finally, he acted mad and cut off my excuses.

He told me to go stand in the corner while he changed the sink washers, and that I should think about what he'd said.

And yes, I did think. Not too much about what he said, but about how he might deliver his message. Should I get the paddle I keep in the dress drawer if he asks me to? How wide was his belt, anyway? And what if he brought a flogger or something else wicked in the

bottom of his toolbox? And how was he going to start with me? On the bed? Over his knee, I hoped. The more I thought about how my punishment might go, the more turned on I got.

He did the bathroom, and coming back through the living room, he planted a HARD swat on my bottom. And he told me to drop my pants, panties too, and not to move or touch myself except to answer the phone. Then he did the kitchen sink, making comments form time to time about what I could have done, should have done, or had better-do to take care of the place.

When the phone rang, I answered quickly, gave the safe phrase and told her stop being jealous unless she wanted me to invite her over. That gave me another half-hour to play.

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