Airplane Ride

by ReadyOne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Guy and girl hook up on an airplane to join the mile high club under a stewardress's gaze.

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I saw Toni sprawled in a chair reading a paperback as I reached the boarding gate for my Denver to New York flight. At first glance, her size made me classify her as a teenybopper, possibly even a pre-teenybopper. But my subconscious told me that something was wrong with that picture and she deserved a closer look.

As the distance between us closed I observed all the feminine curves of a grown woman twice the age I'd initially attributed to her. What threw me off was her petite size. She was certainly less than five feet and could stretch out full length across the middle row of seats on a wide body airplane. Given the few people in the boarding area and that our flight was the last eastbound one for the day, it was possible that she might actually do just that.

The paperback romance novel in her hand was close to being finished. I don't know romance novel brands very well but the picture on the cover of it suggested that it was one of more racy ones. Lots of women like romances, and I've nothing against female porn.

Boarding call was early and caught me still eating a yogurt I'd just grabbed from the double price vendor on the concourse. Toni was in the second boarding group, as was I, and I wondered how near out seats might be. I hung back to finish my snack watching Toni wind her way up to the gate agent where she was pulled aside for a "random" search.

The security people have a table surrounded by a curtain set aside for going over passengers and their belongings. There were gaps in a curtain strung around the table and I saw most of what went on there. Toni plopped her backpack on the table and the security guy gave it a cursory glance. Then he turned his attention to wanding Toni, making her stand with arms in the air and feet spread apart. I thought she looked sexy in that position, and he probably did too.

A woman probably should have searched Toni, but there was only one security person working. He didn't have anyone to watch his behavior and he did a couple of inappropriate things. Toni was wearing a blouse and skirt. Her bust was large enough to stress a couple of the buttons so there were small gaps where the guy could see through to her bra. He stood on her left side and leaned over to get the best view he could.

When the wand went off as it passed over Toni's boobs he gave a lecherous smile. The wire in her under-wire bra was what set it off, but this crude idiot started tracing around Toni's breasts with the wand and even used it to lift them from underneath. I'm sure he imagined his hands feeling what the wand touched. I wished his boss were there.

Toni took it like a real trouper. She wore an air of calmness like nothing in the world could ever disturb her. Her face showed no sign of distaste for her offensive treatment. She just killed the guy with graciousness, making his crass acts stand our even more in contrast to her serenity. Toni was a class act.

I had just finished my yogurt when he turned her loose. She went straight down the jet way while I became the last person in the boarding line. Inside the plane I got most of the way down the aisle before I spotted her seated in the very last row at the window. I was 99% confident that no one in the lightly loaded plane was assigned the seat next to her or they've have been in it already, so I abandoned my pre-assigned seat to park myself beside her.

Toni set her book aside and smiled a greeting as I stowed my carry-on in the bin above our seats.

"Do you mind that we're sitting beside each other on an almost empty plane?" I asked as I moved to sit down.

"No. My book won't last near long enough to get to New York. I'm not against having some good conversation if you get bored."

"I can always move if you don't want me around any more. Just speak up." I tried to be more gentleman than wolf.

"My name's Toni. What's yours?"

"I'm Mike. It's nice to met you."

"Not that I'm complaining, Mike, but I am a bit curious. With nobody sitting in the 5 rows ahead of this one, how did you end up being assigned the seat next to mine?"

I lied, like a dog on a rug. "Well, the back of the airplane's the safest place to be, so I ask for it when I got my boarding passes. I guess the next seat number up in the computer was the one after yours so that's the one I got."

"That's how I picked this seat," she said. "I'm nervous about flying. I haven't flown much and I'm just fascinating to watch everything going on at the airport. But I just can't help remembering about the plane crash stories I've read."

If she was so fascinated, why was she reading a book in the lounge instead of watching out the window? It looked to me like the mating ritual game might be starting up. I pilot light aircraft from time to time, so I decided to play that card. It's generally a pretty good one.

"I've flown a lot, and it's safer than driving," I announced with authority. In fact, I'm a pilot myself. I have full confidence in my brothers up in the cockpit".

"You're shitting me. No way. First you sit beside me and now you're a pilot. That's a little too much, Mike."

It seemed Toni was an experienced player and decided that I couldn't be real. So she called my bluff, and I laid down a couple of cards.

"No, honest." I pulled out my wallet and handed her my AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) card, and then my EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) card.

"I'll be a sorry girl." Toni folded for this round. "Sometimes things just seem too good to be true. Every guy who ever gave me a line like that was blowing smoke at me. I apologize, Mike."

"So you've always wanted to sit beside a pilot?" I nonchalantly continued, wondering what all I could rake in from the pot.

"Yes, but in the cockpit, where I can see what's going on" Toni said. "It makes me nervous to just be handled like a piece of freight."

"Well, find me in Santa Fe or Albuquerque and we will go flying together." I hadn't finished putting my wallet away yet so I pulled out a card and handed it to her. Toni studied it for a minute and then slipped it into her backpack.

"Airport security can be a bitch," I told her. "I noticed that you got spot checked and they handled you like you were a piece of freight."

"I was not happy to be pulled aside for that check at the gate. And I really wish there had been two people working there." There was a trace of unpleasantness in her voice.

"I just happened to see a bit through the corner gaps in the curtain. If you want to file a complaint, I'd be happy to tell what I saw."

"I'll live. Life it too short to go after every rat, and I've had worse experiences before."

"I'm sorry you've been bothered so much. Most security people are dumb, but not stupid like he was. You probably disappointed him by not reacting, I bet."

"I knew what he was doing, and I didn't want to play the game with him. So I just let myself be exhibitionistic and imagined people were watching me but I couldn't let on that I knew they were." Toni laughed. "Only it seems there really were people watching!"

"That's fine with me. You be an exhibitionist and I'll be a voyeur." Toni was nice and laughed again at my joke.

I kept the conversation going. "I'm always thinking about various combinations of things and all the possible things that could happen. If they were serious, they would have taken your bra. Wear the right kind of under-wire and a girl could smuggle something that could work like a stiletto, or even a garrote."

"My favorite has always been a pen." Tony replied. "Some have very sharp points. Put something in the ink and a scratch could be deadly."

"I like the way your mind works, Toni. I bet you're always looking for new ideas and new things to try."

"Thank you. That's part of what makes life fun," she said. "So tell me please, Mike, what all is going on out there?"

I tilted my head down and looked across her ample chest to see out the windows. A plane was just coming into the next gate. There was lace around the cups on her bra and her skin was smooth and inviting to the touch. My mind had split to run on dual tracks.

The normal crews descended on the plane like they needed to make a quick turn around. I pointed out the cargo containers, the fuelers, the caterer's truck rising up on scissors to reach the back door of the plane, and I ignored the mechanic poking inside the well. I talked about how the airport operated and what the pilots had to do and kept her interest as the tug pushed us back and we taxied out way out to the runway.

For reasons unknown to me, we didn't have to wait at all to start our roll. Toni grabbed my arm and held tight as we accelerated down the runway. When we lifted off she relaxed for the two seconds before the gear started to come up. When it locked in place she jumped a bit and squeezed down hard again. I didn't think she really would want to go flying in a small plane given her reactions to our jumbo jet.

"Relax, dear. It's all over now. That was just the landing gear being put away. We're a couple of thousand feet up now and climbing nicely. We made it just fine. Breath easy now."

Tony relaxed but still held on loosely to my arm.

"Thank you Mike. It feels good to have someone beside me when these go-buggies start rumbling up or down the runway."

I let my arm rest in her lap with its natural weight pushing her skirt down a bit between her legs. I got bold and cupped my hand over the top of her knee. I wanted to start tracing with my fingers but I refrained. Toni made no effort to move it as we sat quietly for a few moments.

"Do you remember where you were in your book?" I asked, breaking the silence. Toni had turned her book over her lap when we started talking and it had slid off to the side of her seat. She picked it up and I took back my arm, and then watched her flip through the pages until she found her place near the end of the book.

"Here's where I was. They're ready to fall into each other's arms and live happily ever after."

"So now comes the good part?" I asked.

Toni gave a quizzical look in response to my question.

"Did the author make you wait to the very end before putting in the good part?" I tried again.

"What do you mean, 'good part'?" Toni asked coyly.

"Men look at the pictures in Penthouse and woman read romance novels. And both do it to get horny."

"Oh that part," Toni said drawing out the word 'that'. "Actually, there's two good parts. This first was about a quarter of the way through. The second one's right here at the end of the book."

"That was very kind of the publisher. In the few romances I've read they all limited themselves to just one real sex scene."

"This plot" she explained "has our heroine rescued from a fire by this gorgeous fireman. She thanks him by offering him a day of her time to do anything he wants done. They agree she will spend day working at his place since he's a bachelor. She gets started and he goes out to run errands. When he comes back she has cleaning things up, made some freezer meals, and baked up some goodies for him. In her mind, she's auditioning for marriage, of course."

I snickered.

"When he gets back she has a drink waiting for him and a nice dinner in the oven. Then after they finish desert she makes her move on him. She puts her hands all over him and reminds him that she still owes him several hours and tells him that she is willing to do anything he wants until the time is up. They take a dozen pages to get each other off, and then she plays hard to get for the rest of the book. He starts chasing her and she keeps him very frustrated until near then end of the book."

"So what was she willing to do?" I asked, looking straight at Toni's cute face.

Toni didn't bat an eye. She didn't get embarrassed in the least about talking sex.

"First she undressed him, running her hands all over his body. She laid him on the sofa, face down and worked his neck, shoulders, and back. When she finished with his narrow butt then she raised him up on his hands and knees with his head down on the cushion and his butt really stuck high up in the air.

"She started pumping his cock and when it was oozing pre-cum she slicked up her finger with it and started stroking his rosebud. She picked up the pace on his cock and when she shoved her finger up his ass he grunted and groaned and came in copious quantities."

I haven't read a lot of romances, but this one didn't fit the formula of any I'd ever read. I wondered if Toni was seeing if she could shock me or something, so I told her that.

"That's a lot more explicit than any romance novel I've ever read. In fact, I don't remember anything other than straight sex in the ones I read. One of them had him eat her out, and a couple more let her get on top of him, but it was always straight fucking. Are you sure you really have a romance novel? Or did that book come from the soft-core section..." I let my voice trail off.

"They don't really advertise it as such" Toni explained, "but this publisher will let a little kink get in. They depend on word of mouth to boost their sales. Sometimes you find one on the romance rack if somebody else didn't recognize it and buy it first."

"So there are lots of women who will look for and buy these real racy romances?"

"Why certainly! Women can get interested in sex, especially if they know what good sex is like. They want more good sex and they are open to new things that can make sex even better. It just grows naturally. Today's woman wants to be an active participant and she wants some variety. Sex is something she wants and she is willing to ask for it. This publisher knows that, and sells a lot of books because of it."

"Sex and the City" I said.

"Yes. That TV program has women who are just as interested in sex as men are. They talk about sex a lot like men talk about it. I think that show's getting better and better each season."

"I do too. And I don't mind women who know what they want and are willing to let me know. It's fun when both people are working on the project, so to speak."

"That's how we all learned, didn't we?" Toni's question was rhetorical. "Somebody told us or showed us and we tried it and liked it. It's much better when people can talk about it."

I decided to shift the conversation back to the book. Toni's message had come across loud and clear. But the book had my curiosity going, and I liked to talk about practice, not theory.

"Did she anything else for him then? In the romances I've read that would have been enough sex to finish out the book."

"She still owed him some more time, so she took him into the bathroom and ran a shower and really pampered him. Needless to say that when she dried him off she got him hard again and something had to be done. He made her lean over the counter and hold onto the edge while he came at her from behind, first the in the pussy and then up her ass. Of course she was well primed and she started cuming quickly, and he lasted a long, long time."

"Did they come out and say it, or did you have to read between the lines to get all that?" I put a tone of disbelief in my voice.

"They leave a lot of room for the reader's imagination. He came out of her once for a bit and fingered her and when he put it in the second time it supposedly felt different. But they didn't say exactly where her fingered or exactly where he reentered her. If the reader wanted to imagine anal sex the book didn't put anything in the way. If the reader didn't want to think about it then they could easily believe he was just keeping her going with his fingers while he took a break so he wouldn't cum so soon."

"I'd say that book was unquestionably soft-core, not romance. And now you've got me so worked up that I've got to read at least part of it, please, please, please?" I tried to sound like I was panting and tugging at the lease.

"Down boy! Down!" Toni barked. "I should be done soon. But you'll have to finish it before the plane lands."

"No problem. I read fast, and I'll just read the good parts, plus of course, the ending. In fact, I may read the ending first."

'Tell you what," Toni said as she tilted up the seat arm between us. "If you're really a fast reader, just read over my shoulder as I finish the book. Then you can skip back and pick up the other part, you dirty old man." She nudged me in the ribs as she made the last dig. I leaned over and put my arm around her to support myself as I read along with her.

The fireman had finally gotten the lady over for dinner again, and this time he cooked. She was still playing hard to get but finally let him put his arms around her and give her a long kiss. Then, surprise, he pulled out a ring and asked her to marry him. She went crazy with delight oo-ing and aw-ing over finally capturing her own hero fireman, not to mention that she did it with only having sex once with him.

He knew that the sexual relationship between them needed to change drastically. After she accepted his proposal he thought that it was time to take full command of the situation and reset her expectations.

Picking her up in a fireman's carry, he took her into the bedroom, and dumped her on the bed like a sack of potatoes. She alternated between protest and excitement but he ignored her as he undressed her and tied her almost spread-eagle into the bed.

The he did lots and lots of teasing, just letting her begin to crest and then easing off a bit to bring her away from the edge. After a few times she was getting very frustrated and ready to do anything for relief. He talked to her about her "hard to get" act and how frustrated she had made him, and he talked about taking care of each other's needs and they should withhold nothing from each other.

When she begged and pleaded and promised to never play hard to get again then he let her get her first real relief with a long and hard climax. But afterwards he immediately started building her up again until she was back on the edge again. He kept her there until she begged and promised that she would never refuse to take care of his needs.

Her second great orgasm lasted longer than the first, and afterwards he quickly took her up again for a third time. This occasion she pleaded and begged and finally promised herself totally to him, swearing that she would do every sexual thing he might ask of her at any time or at any place or on any occasion.

With that her loosened her bonds, spun her around on the bed, grabbed both ankles, and pulled her legs straight up and apart into a big "V". She started cuming even before he entered her and didn't stop cuming until after he climaxed himself and finally withdrew from her. When he let go her legs, her desire for him made her scramble and her kneel in front of him to suck him back to life. She swallowed his cum when she brought him off a second time.

Devotion was in her eyes as she washed him afterwards and they rested a bit before making a late night snack. He took her a third time, laying her out on the kitchen table. She woke him up in the middle of the night and climbed on top of him. The book ended with them taking off for a brunch with all their friends for an engagement party.

About the time we reached the late night snack place in the book is when the drink cart made it back to our seats. Toni had OJ and vodka while I just had OJ. The stewardess let us keep the cans and put away the drink service while we finished the book. It was an incredible 20 plus pages, and it was really neat to have my arm around Toni as we both got aroused as we read!

The sun had set so the crew dimmed the cabin lights to let people sleep if they wanted to. Some people reached up to turn on their lap lights, but none where in the back of the plane where Toni and I were. The stewardess came by and offered pillows and a blanket, and invited Toni to stretch out across the middle seats across the aisle from us if she wanted to nap.

Toni leaned against me, put her hands around my arm, and pulled herself up to speak softly in my ear with her warm breath.

"I'd like to lay down with my head in your lap and a blanket over me. I've always wanted to be with a pilot in an airplane and have him take me as high as I can get."

Well, women are asking now days. No reason they shouldn't get.

I moved across the aisle and raised the seat arms to make a long bench. Toni took her purse and stepped back to use one of the heads. I got the blanket and was sitting in the end seat when Toni came back.

Her jugs jiggled because she'd taken off her bra. She was graceful, sexy, and seductive as she lay down on her back with her head in my lap and covered herself with the blanket. In doing so, she let her skirt slide up far enough to show pubic hair, and it became obvious to me that Toni had taken her panties off as well as her bra.

Looking down I saw a woman who radiated that aura of desirability, sexiness, and wanting.

"I've always wanted to do it at 35,000 feet" she said in a low voice.

Beaming down at her I said, "We'll fly the friendly skies, and with luck, we can join the club."

"I'd like that very much, Captain."

I unbuttoned her blouse and started palming her nipples. Her eyes glazed over and her breathing became shallow. When I firmly pinched her tit and started to roll it Toni started to moan. I put a finger from my other hand across her lips to signal 'quiet'. She kissed it and then grabbed it in her mouth around and started sucking, which made her look even sexier.

My fingers grabbed the hem of her skirt and rolled it up around her waist. Returning my hand to her mound I found her pussy hair was sopping wet as I played with it. Toni let her outside leg fall off the seat and bent her inside on up at the knee, opening her wet slit wide across for my access.

Softly and gently I teased her by moving my finger lightly from bottom to top. Her lips spread apart and I easily found the cleft where her clit peeked out from under its hood. I avoided touching it directly but lifted deftly over it as I stroked several times. Toni shivered when I finally made contact with it, and rubbed it through the hood for a while.

Next I started probing around the entrance to her pussy, staying mostly outside. I could feel the opening move as her pussy muscles clenched and relaxed. Soon I was pressing firmly into her pussy and entering to the first knuckle, which was far enough to feel her clasping at my finger. Her pelvis rotated to push her cunt up into the air to give maximum accessible and work my finger deeper within her.

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