by NonyMouse

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Carole thinks she can handle whatever Keith can dish out. Keith is more than willing to put her to the test!

Please note that I am NOT the Author of this story. It was found on a CD I recently acquired at a garage sale, and is but one of the many stories found there that I will edit for spelling and grammar as best I can, and post here for your enjoyment. If you are the author, please contact me.

Chapter 1

"How did I get myself into this mess?" Carole asked herself. She tested the rope again that held her wrists together. Even the ropes that secured them behind her head and to the chair back wouldn't give a fraction of an inch. The ropes that bound her ankles and legs together didn't give either, and her legs tied to the support bar of the chair kept her feet immobile. Other than moving her head, she was completely immobile.

"If I hadn't been so damn arrogant and stubborn, I wouldn't be here. Me and my big mouth." That problem was solved by the wadded cloth in her mouth and the wide black tape over her lips. "I hope he didn't leave or something." she thought to herself. "It must be past six o'clock now."

The fact was, on Friday's, nobody stays much past five, especially the warehouse crew. Except for herself and her captor, Keith, the building was empty. Even if someone was in the building, the gag prevented anyone from hearing her make her muffled grunts and groans.

"This is hopeless!" She thought to herself. "He's got me tied so tight, I can't move at all. Man, does he tie tight knot's. I can't even reach any important ones. I guess I just got to wait for him to come back. I hope it's soon. My arms are getting tired."

She began to review how she wound up like this. It seemed simple enough, but what a strange result happened.

Earlier that morning, she went down to the warehouse with a stack of orders that needed to get out today. When she gave them to Keith, he was less than thrilled.

"Why does everybody wait till Friday to get their order's out?" he grumbled loudly. "Good luck filling all these by five o'clock."

"What's the matter?" she teased. "Can't you boys handle it?"

"Hey, we can handle anything, anytime." Keith was in no mode for jokes or teasing. "A lot more that you soft office people type."

"I can handle anything that comes my way, a lot more than you," she snipped.

Keith was just in the right mood for a smart remark like that. "You think so, huh? More than I can give you?" he questioned.

"Of course. Lots more." she responded, never expecting him to call her bluff. She turned to walk away when he asked the question.

Keith gave her a challenging look and said, "Want to put it to the test, or are you just all talk?"

Now she was stuck. If she didn't respond, maybe she could just pretend she didn't hear him and just keep going.

No, there's no way she could pull that off. He said it loud and clear. That would just as bad as saying no. With that option, he would consider her a fake and a big mouth. Maybe, he was bluffing.

"Anytime you want." she said. Maybe he might back down. Instead, he stepped from behind his desk and over to her.

"Then come down after work and we'll put it to the test." he said quietly, but with a straight face.

"We'll see." she said as she turned on her heel and walked away.

Throughout the day, she wondered what was going to happen that night. She had to go down, her stubborn pride wouldn't let her just forget it and go home without finishing the challenge.

She came to the conclusion that this was going to be just a bad attempt to get into her panties. That would be easy enough to get out of. Just say no. He can't refuse that. Best of all, it's not a challenge, but just a pass, and a bad one at that.

The day wore on until it was finally five o'clock. The other office people took off like it was a race. Carole waited a few minutes, waiting for the office to clear. She grabbed her purse and headed down. "I'll just go down and get this over with." she thought as she walked down the steps. "Shouldn't take more than a few minutes."

When she got down to the warehouse, the place seemed empty, with only a few fixtures lighting the place. She went over to Keith's desk. He was still there, waiting.

"About time." he said looking up from his paper work.

"Don't you like waiting?" she replied.

"Actually, I'm surprised you came at all. I figured you'd duck out, or at least bring someone with you."

"I can take care of myself, thank you." she responded coldly.

"Oooh, well aren't we tough. We'll see about that." Keith said as he put his pencil down.

"Look, if this is some lame brain attempt to screw me, you can just forget it. I'm not easy or cheap."

"Don't worry. It's not as simple as that." he responded. "This is a test of your endurance, how much you can handle, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember." she said, putting on her tough act again. "And it still goes. Anything you can give out."

"Then let's find out." he said as he opened the bottom drawer of his desk. "Sit down, make yourself comfortable." Keith said as he motioned to the chair in front of the desk.

Carole sat down and placed her purse beside the chair. Keith pulled several coils of rope out from the drawer. Carole didn't see what it was at first. She realized it when he came out from behind the desk with his cords.

"What the hell is that?" she questioned, becoming a little uncomfortable.

"This is rope." he replied. "Ever see it before?"

"Of course I have. I mean, what are you doing with it?"

"I going to tie you up." he said very simply.

"What do you mean, tie me up! What the hell..." she stammered.

"Hey, you're the one who said you could take anything. Are you changing your mind?" he said showing her the bundle.

"No, but I didn't think you meant this. I was expecting, um..."

"What were you expecting? A quick fuck on the floor? Please give me more credit for imagination than that!"

"Yeah; well; I never agreed to, to this."

"What you agreed was to handle anything I can give out. Well honey, this," he said holding up the rope, "is what I'm giving you. Can't you handle it?"

Now Carole was really stuck. It was put up or shut up time. Damned if he couldn't be so cleaver. But damned also if he was going to get the better of her without at least putting up some kind of challenge.

"I can handle it." she said proudly.

"Fine." he said with a smile. "Then let's get started. Give me your wrists, please."

She looked him square in the eyes defiantly for a moment before offering up her hands.

"Cross them at the wrists, one on top of the other."

She did as he requested, placing her right hand over her left. In a flash, he had tightly wound the rope and crisscrossed her wrists before knotting the ends. After the binding, she drop her hands into her lap.

"How's that?" he said.

"That's it?" she replied, "I'll be free in a moment. Man, you stink at this."

"Glad to hear you think that way. Thanks for giving me the green light to continue."

Tricked again my his cleverness. She could have kicked herself.

Next, he took more rope and looped it around her wrist ropes. Then, stepping behind her, he pulled her hands up and behind her head, securing the ends to the back of the chair.

"That ought to keep those out of the way." he said.

"Maybe, maybe not." she replied.

He took up more rope. "Place your feet together, flat on the floor, so your toes and your heels are together. Press your knees and thighs together."

She complied. Keith knelt at her feet and wound rope around her ankles. He pulled the cord tight, pulling her ankles together. He took the ends and cinched the middle of the ropes, hobbling her feet completely. He picked up another rope, looped it around her ankle rope, then tied the ends to the leg supports of the chair. The end result was her feet were immobilized.

"How am I doing now?" Keith asked.

"Oh, I guess a little better." Carole replied. Fact was, she knew she was in trouble.

"Well, let me finish then." Keith answered.

"What, he's not done yet?" Carole thought to herself. "What more can he do. I can't go anywhere. I'm helpless."

She wished she didn't find out. Keith pulled out a cloth and showed it to Carole. "Know what it's for?"

"Oh no you don't... mmpph."

"Oh yes I do." he said as he placed the cloth between lips. Carole pushed it out of her mouth with her tongue. Keith picked it up and put his face in hers.

"Don't do that again." he sternly said.

Carole realized she better do what he says.

"Open your mouth!" he commanded. Carole did and the cloth went back in.

Keith turned around and went back to his desk. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a roll of black duct tape. He came back over to her, pulled a eight inch strip off the roll and placed it over her lips.

"That'll hold it in place now." he said triumph. "Now, what else can I do?"

"What else is there to do?" she thought. "What else can you do?"

"Ah, I know." he said as he grabbed a rope and knelt in front of her. He slowly slid her skirt up her legs, revealing her thighs.

Carole wore a black, below the knee skirt that day. Along with a white long sleeve blouse, tan pantyhose and black, three inch high heels. Now Keith was turning her skirt into an above the knee outfit.

"Mmph! Mmmuuuumph, mmphh!" she grunted, wanting to say "What are you doing? Cut it out!"

"Oh, don't worry." he responded. "You have nice legs anyway. You should wear shorter skirts and show them off more."

Keith coiled a rope around her thighs just above her knees. Again he cinched the middle, just to make it extra snug. He then stood up and surveyed his work.

He did nice work. She tugged and pulled on the ropes, but it was futile. Carole wasn't going anywhere. Her muffled grunts attested to her efforts, but didn't carry very far. In fact, if anyone was around, they might not even hear her.

He looked Carole over. For the first time he realized how sexy a woman she was. She really did have nice legs. In fact, her whole body was nice. Nice sized firm breasts, small waist, smooth well sized hips, and though he couldn't see much of it, a perfect ass. She was very attractive, with green eyes and below the shoulder curly brown hair. On the beach, in a bikini, she would make the guys stare and cause bulges in their suit's.

"Well, that will do for the moment." he said after a moment. "Now, Miss I-can-take-care-of-myself, is this more than you can handle?"

Carole, knowing full well that she was in over her head, defiantly shook her head. She wasn't going to give in quickly. He was going to have to be a lot more creative than this.

"Oh! Still have your pride, hey? Well then, this just might be a very long night for you. You just stay here for a while and think this through." Then, just as an after though, he reached down and opened a few buttons on her blouse, just until her bra showed.

"Mmph. Mmmuuuumph, mmphh!" again she cried. "What are you doing?"

"Makes you look more like a damsel in distress, which, by the way, you are at the moment."

He turned, after giving her one more look over, and disappeared into the warehouse, leaving her alone to ponder her plight.

"How stupid I've been." she thought to herself. "I've got to try and get free, so he won't win." She tried and tried, but it was impossible. Keith had bound her too well. She was in this for the duration, or until he tired of it.

She thought about giving in, admitting she couldn't manage this. But once again, her pride and her curiosity wouldn't let her. She wanted to see what was next, what else he had in store for her.

Chapter 2

So, here Carole sits, waiting for Keith to return. She had been tied up for over a half hour now. Not a rope or a knot has slipped a bit. On occasion, she thought she had heard someone moving around, or moving something around. But it faded as quick as she heard it.

"Is he ever going to come back?" she wondered.

Just then, most of the lights in the warehouse went off. Someone was still there. Keith must be doing it. A moment later she heard footsteps coming up from behind. She tried to turn and look, but with the shadows and her restraints, she couldn't see much.

It was Keith. He'd been doing a bit of scouting. First, thrrough the building, checking for employees working late. Only finding the cleaning people working in the office, he returned to the warehouse, happy that they wouldn't be interrupted. Then, he prospected for Carole's next test, provided she didn't admit she was in over her head. Finding the needed spots, he arranged a few things and thought about his next move.

From time to time, he would check in on her, making sure she was still properly fastened down, and that she was alright. He also enjoyed watching her, her struggles and her movements. At one point, he was so excited watching her struggle, he thought about jerking off. But she stopped struggling, and Keith thought it better to wait. Maybe something better might come along.

"Well, you still think you can handle anything that comes your way?" he said, leaning over, face to face.

Carole nodded her head, fight still left in her. "Boy, you"re stubborn," he said. "Well, only one thing to do," he said as he knelt down and untied the ropes holding her ankles to the chair.

Carole thought it might be over. Maybe he was feeling guilty about all this and was going to just let her go?

She was wrong. After releasing her connecting rope, he moved behind her and released the rope holding her hands behind her head. Her hands fell into her lap.

"Oh, that's better." she thought.

He let her sit there for a moment. Carole looked up at him.

"When is he going to untie the rest of 'em?" she thought. She held up her wrists to him, asking him to do it.

"Are you saying you've had enough?" he asked.

Carole shook her head. But she wanted to be untied.

"Then we're not done yet, are we?" he said as he got her to her feet. "Like I said, this could be a long night."

"Mmmpph?" Carole grunted. "This isn't over?" she thought.

"We'll just keep going 'til one of us gives in! I don"t plan on giving in. I've got all weekend." Keith said this as he was wrapping rope around her upper body and arms, below her breasts, pinning her arms to her body.

"Now, We can do this easy or hard," he continued. "Either you can hop across the warehouse, or, if you can be a good girl, I'll untie your ankles and you can walk. You gonna be good?"

Carole didn"t like the idea of jumping around on high heels, so she wisely nodded her head. Keith untied the ropes around her ankles, but kept her thighs pinned together.

They had to walk slowly. Walking with just your lower legs isn't easy. Carole wondered if hopping would have been easier. After a few long minutes, they finally reached their destination.

Keith led her over to a steel support column. After removing the rope from around her torso, legs and wrists, he instructed her to stand with her back against the post. She knew what was coming up. Tied to the post, like an Indian captive. But he had a few more surprises for her.

"Take off your blouse," he ordered.

"Mmmph?" Carol responded with eyes wide open.

"You heard me. Take it off, or can't you handle that?"

Carole figured he would get it off of her, whether she did it or he did it himself. She opened the remaining buttons and slid off the white blouse. At least her bra was nice, black, lacy, not some boring cotton one. He placed the blouse in on a hook behind himself. Again her turned to her.

"Now, take off your pantyhose," he again ordered.

Carole didn't argue. She stepped out of her heels and slid off the nylons. At least she still had on her skirt and panties. She wasn't naked, at least not yet.

Keith took the pantyhose and placed them on the hook.

"Put your heels back on."

Carole found that a little strange, but she did it. It took a minute, for it was hard without something between the skin and leather. She did so, then stood with her hands at her sides.

"Put your hands around the pole."

Carole complied. Keith quickly bound her hands together. Then he came around in front of her and made a single loop of rope around her ankles, then a single loop back around the pole and tied it off.

Then he came back in front of her.

"One more thing to remove," he said with a smile. He reached behind her and released the hook on her skirt. Carole was surprised. She didn't figure he would do that. She fought a little, but knew she couldn't do a thing about it. Keith slowly pulled the zipper down, then slowly slid the skirt down her legs.

"Step out of it," he said after he untied the ankle rope. Carole did, leaving her only with her matching bra, high cut bikini panties and heels.

Now the real ropes were applied. He wound rope around her torso, above and below her breast's, at her waist, hips, thighs, knees, lower legs, and ankles. All of them around her body and the pole. Within a few minutes, she was firmly anchored to the post, a new part of the support.

Keith stepped back and look his work over. Again, all the cords were tight, knots firm, and her body secure. Carole couldn"t move a muscle. Her tape gag still in place, keeping her quiet. He pulled up a chair and sat down in front of her. The show began. Carole struggled and strained, without hope of freedom. Keith watched for several minutes, enjoying the erotic show.

"Well," he said after a bit "I'll leave you to ponder your situation. I'll be back." He stood up and walked away, disappearing between the rows of stock.

"He didn't even given me the chance to get out of this," she thought to herself as she struggled. "Before, he offered to let me call it quit's, but not this time. I wonder how long this is going to go on?"

The column didn't provide much comfort. In fact, standing there, the ropes pulling her body against the support, her arms and shoulders pulled back, making her chest stick out, her legs tied tightly together and to the column, it was rather uncomfortable.

Her struggles were worthless. She couldn't get free. Even if she could, what would she do. Run into the streets half naked? She was doing this voluntarily, without threats. She didn't even put up a fight when he told her to remove her clothes. She did everything he told her to do, without hesitation.

"Yes," she thought to herself "I got myself deep into it, and now I'm stuck in it, for who knows how long? Not much I can do but relax and enjoy it. That's funny! Am I enjoying it?"

There was an interesting thought. Somehow, for some strange reason, she did enjoy it. Keith was strong, dominating, commanding. She's done everything he wanted, and she listened to him. That was the strangest thing. She never would have subjected herself to this willingly with someone else. Tied up and gagged, stripped to her undies, alone with him.

"Am I really liking this?" she thought to herself. "I think I am! Why else would I be letting him to all this to me, without a fight. Am I getting turned on by this guy and his kinky ways?"

She didn't have time to ponder this thought much. Keith's returning footsteps echoed through the empty warehouse.

Chapter 3

Carole was taken to where two folding tables were pushed together, forming one large area. Keith freed her wrists from the cart but bound them behind her back again. Then, the rope holding her legs to the cart was freed. He gently picked her up and sat her on the table tops.

"Don't say a word." he commanded as he pulled the tape from her lips and removed the soaked cloth from her mouth. Though she didn't plan on talking, Keith never give her the chance. He pull a black bandanna from his back pocket, rolled it up, put a knot in the middle and presented it to her. Carole parted her lips to receive the welcomed gag. Keith placed the knot deep into her mouth and fastened the ends behind her head.

He stepped back and watched her. Carole was sitting with her long legs out to her side but bent at the knees. She looked so enticing, yet so helpless. She looked back at her captor, both with desire and a little submissive. She wanted to see what else he would do, and how he would do it. She slowly twisted in her bonds, testing the knots and cords. It turned him on.

After several minutes, Keith changed her position. He removed her fetters and made her lay on her back. He tied her legs down in a tight spread eagle. Then, he tied more rope around her thighs and the table, as well as her waist and her chest. She became pinned to the table, unable to move.

Keith looked over his bound victim. He was so turned on, and she looked so luscious, all tied up, open to his desires. He couldn't believe that this chick was submitting herself like this to him. His hands began to roam over her figure. Carole felt herself becoming hot and wet all over again.

After several minutes, he moved between her legs and began to give her pussy a thorough licking. He probed and licked her clit. Carole moaned and groaned through the knotted cloth. Another orgasm was on the way.

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