Research Project: M
Chapter 1: The Beginning

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Beginning - Dr. Melissa Nichols finds her secret fantasies being revealed after she is offered a position with a prestigious research project. After a scent of traditional incense, some special tea, and the sonorous drone and flashing pen of the Director, she does some surprising things. Will she do more?

"Dr. Nichols?" The slim black intern leaned over the young woman who was carefully perusing "The Journal of Women's Medicine", a slight smile on his dark face.

Melissa Nichols, M.D., looked up and smiled. "Yes, I'm Dr. Nichols. May I help you?" She tossed her long dark brown hair back from her face and gazed at the young man with deep brown eyes.

She used minimal makeup, the intern noted, and was quite attractive. Her figure was healthy and curved, perhaps a trifle on the rubenesque side, but lovely. She wore a conservative heather-gray skirt and simple white satin blouse, and her matching gray jacket was draped over a chair at the table where she sat.

"Madam, I have been asked to deliver this to you," the man said, and offered a cream-colored envelope. It had been addressed by a firm, strong hand, and bore her complete name and title: Dr. Melissa L. Carmi-Nichols, M.D. - Obstetrics. She raised an eyebrow at the intern.

"What is this about, Mr... ummm," she began to ask, looking at the nametag on his scrubs and finding it unreadable.

"Jonas, Dr. Nichols. Please do not worry about the last name; it is unpronounceable. Even my father says so!" He smiled, bright white teeth in his dark face, and Melissa found her eyes traveling up and down his blue-clad body, very sexy even in the loose-fitting hospital clothing. She caught herself after a moment, when her eyes had strayed to the crotch of his scrubs and readily identified the large bulge there.

"And this is about?" she began again, trying to direct her attention away from dwelling on what she had seen.

"I work for Dr. Dakore Olakayude, Dr. Nichols, and he requested me personally to deliver his request to your hands."

Melissa's eyebrows went up. Dr. Olakayude was from Nigeria, and had come to the U.S. to work on research that was both well-funded and fairly hush-hush. As she recalled, he and his team, which included a number of other doctors and staff from Nigeria and a handful of others from around the States, had a private wing in which their research project was carried out. No one really seemed to know what the project was about, but it seemed to be bringing a lot of foreign recognition to the hospital, along with some very nice grants and outright gifts. People were nice to Dr. Olakayude.

Melissa knew many of her associates in the ranks of the non-affiliated wished to get a position in one of the research projects. It was the quickest way to advancement and an offer of becoming a medical center affiliated doctor. An invitation to join such a team usually was proffered in just this manner. But she could not, for the life of her, think why she would get such an offer.

She was not particularly interested in research. Melissa had majored in Obstetrics because she truly wanted to help women with their unique health problems. Having completed all her requirements, and just received final notification that she had been admitted to the lofty fullness of "doctorhood", her plan was to head to the Midwest with her husband and sign on with a family practice or clinic in her field. She fully intended to spend the rest of her life serving in that kind of position.

But here she held in her hand what might well be an opening to a prestigious career, one that could enhance her status in obstetrics, and eventually lead her to be a leader in her field. It could be very important, and it could entail changing plans; she knew she should take it and consult her husband, Kevin, before making any decisions.

"Dr. Olakayude was hoping you might read his request, and then accompany me to his office to speak with him about it," Jonas said.

Melissa glanced up in surprise. "So quickly?" she blurted, then blushed. "I mean, I am married after all, and usually my husband and I discuss possible job offers together."

Jonas smiled indulgently. "Please read what Dr. Olakayude asks, and then perhaps you can make a temporary decision to meet with him." He had been instructed not to return to his boss' office without the intelligent, attractive brunette. So he waited patiently for her to read and inwardly digest. {blockquote style="font-style: italic;"}

My dear Doctor Nichols,

I have observed your progress in the programs of medical education with much delight, and have enjoyed "watching from afar" as you worked your way through some very rigorous educational and medical minefields. Having been impressed with your work, and your commitment to women's health issues, especially as regards the intertwined workings of the lower female tracts, I am hopeful that I may entice you for the period of one year to work with our research unit.

If you would be so kind to accompany my assistant Jonas, I would be delighted to meet with you and discuss the offer of our governing board. We would be talking remuneration in the amount of six figures, which could be very helpful in setting up your own obstetrics practice at the conclusion of your time with the research project.

Do be so kind as to come. Having some of the English sensibilities, I can also offer you that most civilized of traditions, English tea time, with scones and cream.

Yours most sincerely,
Dr. Dakore Olakayude, Director, Research Project SW, Stage M.

Melissa was stunned. Six figures?!?! She had no idea what Dr. Olakayude and the board thought she had to offer that was worth that kind of money, but after four years of marriage and med school and all the struggles that entailed, she was more than willing to listen to his proposal. Kevin would understand.

She rose swiftly to her feet, and smiling at Jonas, said, "Do lead on, I will be happy to meet with the Director."

The handsome young black motioned the direction they should go, walking a step behind the pretty young doctor. She did not see him eyeing her lush figure, or smiling wickedly as he watched her hips sway unconsciously, and her ass bounce enticingly in her gray skirt. Nor did she hear his thought.

"My master surely can pick them. She will prove the best of our subjects, I am sure!"

The office of Dr. Olakayude was located just outside the research project suite. It was sumptuously appointed, with mahogany wainscoting and a plush burgundy carpet. Colorful paintings hung from the walls. The furnishings included an antique oak table with four plush chairs, and antique desk with accompanying office chair, a pair of seats in front of the desk, and waist high barrister's bookcases around the room.

Melissa was astounded by the utter luxury of the room as she was brought in. "Wow," she said softly, turning her head to look at Jonas. "Your boss has excellent taste!" The black intern laughed in a friendly manner.

"He has worked hard to achieve this, up from the poorest family in his village in Nigeria. His researches have done much to alleviate suffering and to impress hospital boards and important people." Jonas stepped over to a small case mounted on the wall. Melissa followed his motions with her eyes and watched as the intern opened ornate wooden doors. Looking back at her, he smiled.

"This is a traditional Nigerian ancestor shrine. When we discuss important issues, we call upon our ancestors to watch over our discussion, and burn a bit of incense to appease them." He pulled out a narrow stick and lit one end, setting it in sand before a somewhat abstract figure within the shrine itself. Having done that, Jonas turned back to Melissa.

"I will begin making tea, Dr. Nichols. Please have a seat, and Dr. Olakayude will be here in a moment." He stepped into a small alcove Melissa had not noticed, and she could hear him puttering around, with the clink of silver and china.

Melissa did not sit immediately, but wandered about the room examining the contents. The scent of the incense was quite pleasant, and she was rather surprised that her senses seemed to be heightened as she looked through the items in the office.

The bookshelves contained the standard medical texts, at least until she reached the one immediately behind the desk. She was astonished to see a wide variety of sexual response publications there, including many studies and reports long considered outmoded. There were in addition a number of privately bound titles, some of which seemed to be related to the research project. Interestingly, there were also four or five books on the subject of hypnotism.

A furrow crossed Melissa's brow as she tried to recall what she had heard about Project SW. She didn't remember hearing anything about overt sexual response studies, but maybe that was just a related area that Dr. Olakayude was currently focusing on. She turned to look elsewhere when one title grabbed her attention.

The bright red leather with black lettering said "White Female Sexual Response to Masterful Black Genitalia". The subtitle was more vulgar: "Why Anglo sluts worship fat nigger cock!"

Melissa gasped and closed her eyes, shaking her head. Surely she had not seen that on the shelf of a respected physician?! Opening her eyes again she found the book and sighed. The title clearly said: "Female Sexual Response: Genitalia".

"You little slut," Melissa thought, chiding herself. "You and your silly fantasies are going to get you in so much trouble! I need to get home as soon as possible and let Kevin relieve my stresses!" She smiled as she thought of her husband and the reception she could expect if Dr. Olakayude made her an offer. That would make the day perfect!

Turning to look at the traditional African paintings, Melissa drew in her breath sharply. The bright, colorful, swirling images seemed to all have a distinctly sexual character. The persons depicted were all big, stylized black men and all had massive sexual organs.

She felt a very odd sensation when she gazed at them. It was a tingle, a shudder deep inside, that seemed to run along her nerves like an electrical current. With an effort of will, Melissa tore her gaze from the, shivering and panting, and all too aware that she felt seepage and warmth between her legs.

The urging in her mind was too strong to resist, and she risked a glance back at the paintings. They showed traditional African village scenes, and no black pricks at all.

"My god," she thought, "What is wrong with me? I'm looking at perfectly innocent things and seeing phallic symbols. And not just any, but black ones!"

Trying to distract herself, she turned and her gaze settled on the shrine.

With a shudder, she felt her pussy begin to juice severely, warm fluid running down her thighs and she moaned, rubbing her legs together as she stared.

A huge, black phallus-no, a fat ebony cock-carved out of some pitch black wood stood in the wooden casing. It was a good 15 inches long and glistened as if it were wet. Melissa stared at it and unconsciously licked her lips as she moved her thighs against each other, trying to relieve the sudden overpowering itch between her legs.

"Oh god... why is this turning me on so much? Christ, I feel like such a whore..."

Staring at the obscene thing, glowing slightly in the red burning light of the incense stick, Melissa could not resist reaching out her slender hand, overpowered by the urge to touch it. Her fingers touched the smooth, hot wood, and it felt like flesh! She moaned softly and dropped her other hand between her skirt-covered legs and pressed, almost immediately feeling her pussy spasm, her clit throb, and an orgasm come boiling up-

"Ah, Dr. Nichols, thank you so VERY much for coming!" said a rich, accented voice.

Melissa's hands jerked back from the phallus and from between her legs. She straightened from the slightly hunched position she had assumed as she had begun to touch the sensitive triangle of her sex. Her face was flushed red as she turned to see the newcomer.

Dr. Dakore Olakayude was 6-and-a-half feet tall, strongly built, with short, tight salt-and-pepper hair and broad, cultured features. His skin was a rich chocolate brown. He stepped across the room and took Melissa's hand in a firm, friendly handshake.

"I am so happy to make your acquaintance, Doctor," the black physician said with a truly dazzling smile. "I hope that in our brief discussion, you will come to agree with me that working on our project is something that would benefit us both greatly."

Still breathing a bit heavily, Melissa managed an embarrassed smile and a weak, "Of course, Doctor." His strong hand guided her to the chair directly in front of his desk and assisted her to be seated. He then stepped around and sat in the leather office chair, idly picking up a broad, gold pen with an ornate clip at the end. He toyed with it as he spoke.

"Shall I begin at once, Dr. Nichols? Or perhaps you would prefer a few moments of small talk, and then Jonas may serve our tea?"

Melissa was not sure she trusted herself to speak intelligently about the possible job offer just yet. The lower half of her body still throbbed and tingled from the orgasm she'd had to squelch. She felt like all it would take would be one little push to send her spiraling into a massive climax, and this was definitely not the time nor the place! Swallowing hard, she decided the best thing to do would be to get right to an understanding.

"Dr. Olakayude, sir, I am honored that you would consider me for this Research Project, but in all honesty I was not aware that you need an obstetrician. In fact, while I've known about your work for most of the time I've been working here, I'm not sure what all it is you do. And again, to be honest, I've never been that interested in research anyway."

He smiled and nodded. "I know these things, my dear Dr. Nichols, and I wish to be as forthcoming as I may. You understand that I cannot reveal everything, as much of our work is proprietary, but I will be happy to tell you what you would be working on. As far as your disinterest, I think that will make you a remarkably honest observer and participant-and the remuneration we would offer can do wonders for the clinic you wish to set up after you leave the project."

Dr. Olakayude rose and pulled a display chart from its casing on the wall behind his desk.

"Allow me to explain your role." He quickly sketched a hierarchical diagram on the chart. "Your place as a doctor of obstetrics would be to see to the reproductive tract health of our subjects. This is where you would begin. You would very quickly then take a place on this next higher level, where you would assist in preparing our subjects for the testing we do, again with an emphasis on obstetrics and the operation of the lower tracts of the female. There would also come a time when you would likely be asked to join a control group to compare results with our primary test subjects. Finally, the major backers of this project do like to observe from time to time, and you would almost certainly be required to assist in those procedures."

He pushed the display chart back into the wall and came to stand beside Melissa's chair. "As you can see, the position requires your specialty of obstetrics quite strongly. Some of the later elements will allow you to expand your horizons and we can probably arrange some extra certifications at the end of your term with us, if you would like."

Melissa smiled at the handsome older doctor and chewed a finger prettily. "That sounds intriguing, although I must say you don't provide a lot of detail on what my duties would be."

"To begin with, primarily those of any obstetrician, a good opportunity to brush up and get an excellent start on your abilities. Later duties would depend on how well you performed earlier ones. We have had some researchers move very swiftly from the lower echelons into higher positions. Having examined your records, I suspect you would be on the way to the top levels very quickly."

Melissa blushed at the compliment. Her years of hard study appeared to be paying off. She opened her mouth to speak, but Dr. Olakayude laughed and waved off her question.

"I know what you will ask, and I will tell you. A weekly stipend of $3,950 will be paid for your services, and at the end of your term, a completion bonus of $155,000 would be deposited in the bank of your choice."

Her eyes widened at the amounts offered, and she shook her head in disbelief. As she did so, her gaze trailed across the paintings on the walls-and they were once again of obscenely-cocked black gods, but now with great gouts of white pouring from the ends.

"OH MY GOD!" Melissa shouted and bolted up out of her seat. Dr. Olakayude jumped in astonishment. He had been about to resume his place in his own chair, and regarded the shocked woman with some consternation.

"My dear Dr. Nichols, is there something wrong?" As he settled in his chair, he picked up his gold pen once more.

Melissa stammered and blushed and turned to point out the paintings to the older man-and they were once again innocuous village scenes. For a moment, she stared at them, doubting her own sanity, then slowly resumed her place. It took a moment for her to summon up the courage to speak.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I was j-just admiring the a-artwork y-you have h-here," she said huskily. The older doctor's severe expression lifted, and he smiled. His teeth were as alarmingly white against his black skin as Jonas' had been.

"Thank you, my good doctor," he replied. "The traditions of our fathers are important to us in Nigeria, from the very oldest thousands of years old to the very newest..." He moved the gold pen as he commented on the art, and Melissa felt her eyes drawn to the flashing metal. His voice droned, pleasantly rich and pleasingly accented, and she began drifting as she listened. "... and the paintings represent cultural icons, the mores of the peoples, the lust of white whores for fat black cocks, lust such as you are feeling..."

"WHAT?!" Melissa sat straight up in the chair, her face a mask of shock and horror. "What did you say?!"

Dr. Olakayude looked at the attractive young doctor with a look of surprise and alarm, his pen poised, pointing at one of the paintings on the wall. "Why, just that the paintings represent life before western ways fragmented the basic common values, like they did for so many years throughout the world."

Melissa sat back in her chair, shivering, appalled that she had imagined the handsome black project director saying such vulgar things. "I-I'm terribly sorry, Dr. Olakayude," she said softly. "I'm afraid I-I'm a bit tense t-today, and I h-have got j-just a b-bit of a h-headache that is m-making me s-slightly confused."

Dr. Olakayude nodded sagely. "It is I who should be sorry," he said. "It has been many long hours since the midday meal when I saw you in the cafeteria eating your salad. I am remiss as a host." He stood and clapped his hands. "Jonas! The tea!"

The lithe, young intern came from the kitchenette carrying an ornate silver tray. On it were a silver teapot and two china teacups, as well as a pair of small silver bowls that proved to hold lemon and sugar. Dr. Olakayude brought his hands together in a gesture of satisfaction as Jonas set the tray on the front of the desk.

The gold pen moved slowly, catching her eye once again.

Pouring the steaming tea into the two cups, the black doctor smiled at Melissa. "Sugar, Dr. Nichols?" he asked. She nodded weakly. After lifting a lump of the white granular sweetener into her cup, Dr. Olakayude offered it to the young woman.

She was continuing to stare at the slowly moving pen.

"Lemon, Dr. Nichols?"

Her mouth opened for a moment, closed, and then she swallowed and whispered, "Actually I like cream with my tea." Dr. Olakayude nodded.

"Jonas, you forgot the cream. Please get some for the good doctor." He was swinging the pen in front of Melissa's eyes now, moving it over directly in front of Jonas.

The intern suddenly gripped the front of his scrubs and pulled them down. Melissa gasped as a long, thick black cock sprang up in front of her face, visibly throbbing as the young man brought his hand down, wrapping it around the shaft. She stared as Jonas gave his cock, which in some dim and rational recess of her mind she estimated at 10 inches, a number of quick hard strokes.

The spongy head of the coal-black prick suddenly expanded. The slit opened and thick, creamy gouts of sperm began to jet out-directly into her cup of tea. There seemed to be more white jism spurting into the cup than there was tea already present.

"Ohhhhhh!" Melissa groaned, her eyes growing wide and the orgasm she had fought off a few minutes before trying to swell again and drive her over the edge.

She heard Dr. Olakayude speak sharply. "Dr. Nichols, you are very pale! Please, put your head down and close your eyes before you faint!" His voice was harsh and commanding, and before she could think, she followed the directions, moaning softly.

After a few moments, she heard feet shuffling, then felt a strong, warm hand on her back. She looked up to see Dr. Olakayude standing over her, his face concerned. Beside him stood Jonas, holding a silver cream dispenser.

"My dear Dr. Nichols," the black doctor said gently, "I believe you may have a touch of the flu which is going around."

Melissa nodded, feeling light-headed. She became aware that she still held her teacup, and it was warm in her hand. Dr. Olakayude followed her gaze and pursed his lips.

"A capital idea, doctor." He reached back to the tray and took a spoon, stirring her tea as Jonas poured just a little more cream from the dispenser. Then he took Melissa's hand and raised the cup. "Drink this, my dear. It is an old Nigerian tea, and actually is used as an infusion to fight the influenza back in the old country. And it will taste delightful with this sweet cream in it."

Melissa gratefully drank the hot liquid, amazed at the strength of it, and the slightly curdled texture of the cream. Still, it was the best tasting tea she had ever had, and she licked her lips when she finished it. The black doctor and his intern smiled broadly as she looked up at them. For a moment she looked blankly at them, and then the teacup fell from her shaking hand and she sat back in the chair, a silly grin appearing on her face.

"That was very good," she said huskily. "I would like some more please." Dr. Olakayude glanced down at the teacup on the floor.

"But my dear Melissa-you don't mind if I call you Melissa, do you, doctor?" She smiled vacantly at him and shook her head.

"'S ok with me," she giggled softly. The tall black doctor ran his hand over his gray and black hair, and smiled darkly. He reached back onto the desk and picked up the gold pen and held it in front of the woman.

"You can have some more of what you want in just a moment, my dear Melissa. But first you must understand what your duties will be in our Research Project. When you work, you will be required to dress in certain ways. I know you are used to hospital dress, and you will wear that to be sure. But once inside our secure facility, you will be wearing the special outfit all our women wear."

He had stepped back to the display chart and drew it out again. He flipped the paper cover on which he had drawn minutes before. Beneath it was the image of a woman, She was clad in something which could only be called "obscene".

It was white, like a nurse's uniform, and even sported a red cross on the headpiece. The outfit consisted of thigh high white leggings and a white bodice, all made out of shiny latex. It was skintight, and did not cover breasts or pussy or ass. The leggings were held up, like stockings, with a white latex garter belt. The headpiece itself was a pull-on latex item that left the face surrounded by the rubber.

Melissa stared at the image, wide-eyed. Then she giggled, looked up at Dr. Olakayude and Jason, and said in a little girl voice, "That's sexy, it will make every man's cock very hard!"

"Yes indeed it will, my dear Melissa, and you, with hard work and dedication, can become one of our star subjects and wear outfits like this every single day."

She was looking away from the picture now, and giggling. The older doctor turned to see what she was laughing at and saw Jason, his scrubs down again, stroking his cock over the teacup once more.

Dr. Olakayude stepped to Melissa's side. "Doesn't that look good, my dear?" he said I a low, lust-laden voice. She nodded.


"You like big black cocks, don't you, Dr. Nichols?"


"You can have that one, and all of its sweet cream in just a moment, but first I want you to do some things for me." He brought the gold pen in front of her eyes once more.

Dr. Olakayude spoke in slow, measured words for about ten minutes, with Melissa nodding dreamily and saying "Uh-huh" and "Uh-uh" repeatedly. As he pocketed the gold pen, he motioned for Jonas to step up beside him. Then he leaned back over his desk for a moment, pulling a sheet of paper from beneath the blotter.

"Now my dear, we will have you sign the agreement to serve on the research project." He took Melissa's hand and helped her to stand and step up to the desk. She gave him a very pretty smile, and he laughed inwardly thinking about what was in store for this intelligent, charming, sexy, very drugged and hypnotized female doctor.

She scrawled her signature across the bottom of the contract, and Dr. Olakayude immediately added his own. Finished, he slid the paper back under the blotter.

He turned back to Melissa to find that she had slid to her knees on the floor, her gray skirt hiked up to her waist and her hands between her legs, rubbing at her sodden panties. She was staring at Jason's massive cock as he stroked it just inches from her face. The Nigerian doctor smiled.

"What is it you want, Melissa?" he asked wickedly. She looked up at him with sweet, brown eyes which trailed down from his face to his chest to his belly to the very large bulge in his well-tailored trousers. "You must tell us."

She bit her lip in a sweet, innocent way. "I want sweet, hot cream," she whispered. "From the big black hoses."

Jason grinned at Dr. Olakayude, who said, "You have been such a good girl, Melissa, that we shall give you what you want."

With that he undid his belt and pushed his pants to his knees. His hard black cock sprang into view. It was shorter than Jason's by a little more than an inch, but it was much thicker and was uncircumcised. He stepped up on one side of the kneeling obstetrician, and Jason took his place on the other. Their fat cocks wagged above her face and she looked up at them in awe.

"Time to suckle all the cream from the big black hoses, slut!" the doctor said harshly. "Take them now!"

Dreamily, Melissa reached up and took hold of each cock with one hand. She pulled them to her mouth and, as they groaned, pulled the heads of each between her lips. She sucked noisily on the spongy cock knobs and swirled her tongue all around them.

Her mouth was soft and wet on the fat shafts. She ran her tongue kittenishly up the underside of Jonas' cock and delighted in the moan she elicited. Then she did little pirouettes all along the side of Dr. Olakayude's meat, wetly tracing curlicues on the black flesh. She was rewarded by his words, "Ah, yes, delightful!"

The two black men rubbed their cocks all over Melissa's cheeks and lips. The towering doctor even wrapped her long dark hair around his prick and stroked himself. The horny woman watched in bemused lust as she slid her lips around Jonas and began to suck hungrily.

Precum oozed copiously from both black cocks, and Melissa was swallowing Jonas' offering like it was water of life. Dr. Olakayude satisfied himself by smearing his all through her hair, making it wet and stringy. Then he put his hand on her head and turned her from his assistant. She let that pulsing prick drop from her lips as she opened wide to accept the doctor's bulky rod.

Dr. Olakayude gripped Melissa's head and began forcing it down on his cock, delighting in her grunts and gagging. She struggled to swallow the enormously thick shaft, and her tongue moved wickedly inside her mouth, against his black flesh. He groaned and made her bob her head up and down on his burning meat. Then he shuddered with lust as he felt her hand between his legs, pulling and stroking at the egg-like orbs of his balls.

"Ahhhh, that is very good, slut, you will be a magnificent addition to our stable of whores," he panted.

"She is very wet, Doctor," Jonas said, standing beside the wantonly sucking woman, gazing down at her widespread legs and panty-covered pussy. Juices were running down her legs as she hungrily slurped on the huge cock in her mouth. Dr. Olakayude nodded and backed off, pulling his meat from Melissa's lips. She whimpered in disappointment when he withdrew.

"Remove your panties, slut!" he commanded sternly. Still with the glazed, lust hunger in her eyes, Melissa raised up slightly, stretching out her legs and getting her fingers in the waistband of her black thong. She quickly slid it down and the two negroes gasped.

Melissa's pussy was swollen and pink and dripping, but even better, it was shaved clean. The heated pink flesh was bare and tender-looking. They both began to stroke their cocks very hard, directly in front of the woman's face. She gazed at the swollen shafts, then up at the faces of her black gods, and smiled.

"Play with yourself, whore!" Dr. Olakayude demanded. Melissa complied eagerly, bringing both hands to her mound, one to push into her hot slit and the other to begin tweaking and rubbing her swollen clit. She moaned and squealed and suddenly leaned forward, capturing the heads of both black cocks in her mouth!

Jonas groaned and immediately began to spray his thick negro seed into her open mouth. Melissa wailed her lustful joy and fingered herself harder, driving herself up to the edge of orgasm.

The thick white curds of Jonas' cum filled her mouth for the first few spurts, then he pulled out and began to paint her face with the rest of his load. Dr. Olakayude meanwhile took advantage of being the only remaining cock in a well-lubricated mouth and forced himself deep into Melissa's throat.

Every inch of his hard shaft slid wetly through the mix of her saliva and Jonas' sperm and filled her completely. Her face rested against his hairy crotch and his balls bounced against her chin as he grunted and began firing his own load straight into Melissa's cum-hungry belly.

Jonas dropped to his knees beside the sucking, gasping doctor and pushed her hands away from her cunt. He thrust three thick fingers deep into her dripping slit and she wailed around the massive prick in her mouth.

Melissa felt her own climax building as she was fingered mercilessly and her tummy was filled with black man's sperm. Then it hit her, knocking the breath from her as it tore through her cunt and burned up her nerves into her brain. The sensation of hot cum on her face and in her belly, combined with the feel of thick black cock in her mouth and throat and probing fingers on her pussy to send her hurtling over the edge.

But it also clicked her rationality back into place. Whatever had been knocked loose by the ministrations of Dr. Olakayude and his assistant and made her into a dazed, cock-hungry white whore for black cocks was suddenly extinguished, and she became fully aware of what she was doing.

She pulled her mouth from the long, fat cock that filled it and pushed away the fingers that had been pleasuring her pussy so well.

"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, WHAT AM I DOING!?" Melissa screamed, staring wildly around her, not really seeing what was there, just fixated on the vision of herself kneeling and sucking two massive black cocks. Tears began to pour down her cheeks as she moaned, "Kevin, I'm so sorry, oh my god I don't know what came over me, I'm so sorry, so sorry, I have to leave..."

Babbling almost incoherently, Dr. Melissa Nichols stood, pulling her skirt down. Crying softly, she ran out of the office.

Jonas looked at his Master standing there, smiling archly, holding the wet, black thong. The young man frowned. "Perhaps we should rethink, Master," he said. "She is very strong-willed to have overcome the effects of the incense, the drugged sperm-tea, and your hypnotism." The older man shook his head.

"Her orgasm was so strong, it snapped the bonds. That is all. Even so, the keystone is loosened, my boy, you could see by her response to the books, the paintings, and the shrine. Then there were your fingers, and the willing manner in which she gave us fellatio. She will happily join our team, given time."

"She seems to love her husband very deeply, Master, and I do not think you will be able to turn her into a spiteful bitch toward him. I am even surprised she accepted my fingers in her vagina."

"Cunt, boy, you must call things by their proper names when dealing with white sluts. They have cunts, or sometimes pussies. Our aged grandmothers have vaginas." Dr. Olakayude toyed with the gold pen. "In any event, you do not have my years of experience, boy. She is ours already, it remains simply to bring her to a willing and honest acknowledgement of her nature."

"But after the drug wears away, what if she reports us?"

"Have any of our women reported us? Have any of our women failed to join us, in almost every case with open arms, legs, hearts and souls? You need not worry. When the incense-drug wears away, the drug in your sperm, triggered by my hypnosis, will cover her memory of this day. Post-hypnotic suggestion will tell her that she has been offered a very respectable sum to be an obstetrics M.D. on the staff of Research Project SW, Iteration M. I know that she will accept her place with us, now. She will not tell her husband at this time, she is ashamed of her lust for black cock. More importantly, she will remember that she has already signed a contract with us, or if she does not, I will remind her. Once she has come to realize she has no choice, I will set and trigger other suggestions until that day when she embraces her whoreishness with pleasure."

"How do you know this will happen, Master? And her husband, will he allow his wife, this lovely doctor, to become a slut for the black lords of the Project?"

"I know from what I have learned of her secret desires for black men and her occasional dis-satisfaction with her husband. These will all combine, with the long-term effects of the drug and my hypnotic suggestions, and her inhibitions and unwillingness will come crashing down. And as for Kevin Nichols, author, singer and talk-show host, the good doctor Melissa will become the dominant personality in their relationship and will do as she pleases, and he will acquiesce in order to continue to have her sexually. Assuming we, her gods, allow it, of course."

Dr. Olakayude smiled at his evil memories. He had seen it many times, and loved when the wife surrendered to her slut-nature and began treating her husband as a worthless playtoy. Ahhh, it would be a pleasure seeing this Dr. Melissa Nichols in such a state.

He made a notation in the folder on his desk and handed it to Jonas. "Put this in the Current Projects box in the lab. Dr. Nichols will be joining us within the month."

"Master?" Jonas looked skeptical.

"She is a slut, Jonas, she adores black cock, and she knows it, deep inside. She wants what we are offering her. Our methods simply allow her to accept what she is more easily. And then, she will be our new whore, and we will be able to get new funding. Remember our primary client specifically requested Dr. Nichols!"

Both men chuckled, and Jonas went to place the file where it was needed, while Dr. Olakayude went to his private room to stroke his massive black cock with the lovely young doctor's frilly black panties, imagining the day she would beg him to impale her on his huge Negro shaft.

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