Pleasuring Pam

by Mistress Diana

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: A neighbor gives her friend a helping hand through pregnancy and beyond.

Copyright 2002, by Mistress Diana

Pam is my neighbor of 4 years and over time we've become good friends. In fact there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. We're both in our early 30's and married. I have two kids and Pam just had her first. It was her pregnancy that brought us even closer together.

It all started one day when I made one of my almost daily visits to her house. She was in her seventh month and already was pretty big. I kept asking her if she was sure she wasn't having twins, but she would only laugh and say 'look at my husband'. Her husband Jack was a big guy and there was no doubt her unborn son would take after him.

I let myself in like I usually did and found Pam on the couch with her feet up watching TV. She saw me and began to get up.

"Don't get up for me," I said as I entered the room.

It was a hot day and she had the a/c up high. I felt a little shiver go through me.

"Thanks Liz," she said, sinking back down into the couch.

"You don't look too good today, are you feeling ok?"

I sat down in the rocking chair opposite her and looked her over. Pam was a stunning redhead. Her long hair was pulled up in a bun that day, which exposed the creamy, white skin of her neck. Freckles sprinkled her nose, cheeks and her chest. Normally her green eyes were sparkling and full of life, but that day she looked tired and worn.

Her faced clouded over at my question.

"Just feeling tired today, you know, the heat."

I nodded, but I wasn't buying it. There was something else, but I wasn't going to pry.

"Is there anything cold to drink in your fridge?" I asked.

"Yeah, there's some lemonade."

"Great, I'll get us some," and I went off to the kitchen to pour two glasses.

I returned and handed her a glass. I got comfortable in the chair again and we watched TV for a while. Pam wasn't feeling talkative so I kept quiet. The usual daytime drivel was entertaining enough.

When the lemonade was gone from her glass, she shifted on the couch and sighed.

"Liz? Can I ask you something?"


During her pregnancy she asked me a lot of questions as I had been through it twice before. I never minded helping her and I knew she appreciated it. Her husband, although a nice guy, was a bit squeamish about everything connected with her pregnancy.

She cleared her throat and looked a little nervous.

"Did you, um, ever get really, ah, horny while you were pregnant?"

I burst out laughing and she made a face.

"So is that it?" I said between laughs.

She began to blush and the red crept up her chest and neck to her face.

"Um, yes it is... I don't know what to do! Jack hasn't touched me in months."

I stopped laughing and felt bad for her. My own husband was willing to meet my needs when my hormones went into overdrive. And they did quite often during the last few months.

"Pam, it's ok to feel that way - it's your hormones."

"I know, but my husband seems repulsed by me!"

I looked her over and could not understand how he felt that way. Pam was beautiful and even more so in pregnancy. Her body was radiant and soft and round. Her full breasts swelled even more during the last month and looked very ripe. I thought about them every once in a while - wondering how full and dark her nipples had become. Pam didn't know it, but I had more than a few bisexual encounters. She seemed a bit shy about some things, so I never felt the urge to tell her. My husband was very supportive of it and even participated once in a while.

So, needless to say, to hear her confessing to me about her sex drive made my body warm despite the coolness of the a/c.

"I don't know why he would, Pam," I said. "You look great. Have you tried masturbating?"

She blushed again and looked away.

"It's hard," she said in a small voice. "It's hard to reach."

I nodded and had a sudden flash of her naked with her legs spread, one hand trying to rub herself. My own pussy twitched in response.

"Well, do you have any toys?"

"I, um..." she shifted in her seat again. "I have a vibrator..."

"Pam, it's ok - don't be so embarrassed. We're both women and good friends."

"I know, I just feel so weird talking about it, but I need some release!"

I knew exactly how she felt.

"So, have you tried the vibrator?"

"Yeah, but I can't seem to manipulate it right."

She seemed a little more at ease talking about it and I was glad. I was getting an idea, although risky.

"Maybe you just need some help," I suggested.

"Jack doesn't even know I have a vibrator... he'd... I don't know..."

I cleared my throat. "I wasn't talking about him."

She looked at me and turned even redder still.

"Liz... I... you..."

I stood up and sat next to her. My body began to tingle all over by the closeness of her.

"Pam, it's ok really. I could help you - no one needs to know."

She turned her eyes to me and I saw the dark shadows under them. But in her eyes was that familiar spark and I knew she wanted to try.

I took her hand. "Where is it?"

She told me where it was and I went off to her bedroom to retrieve it. As soon as I found it, I could feel myself getting wet. It was bigger than I thought it would be. I began to visualize it sliding into her sopping wet pussy. My nipples hardened at the thought, but I tried to compose myself. Although I might be able to help her today - she wouldn't be reciprocating anything. I was sure of that. But I was ok with that. It would fuel some fantasies for many nights to come.

I returned to the living room with the vibrator and sat down in the chair opposite her.

"You sure about this?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes, I'm going crazy..."

"Ok, well... get comfortable."

I smiled at her and she smiled back and I knew it would be ok now.

She leaned back and pushed up her sundress. My eyebrows arched when I saw the wet spot on her panties. She said nothing and pushed them down to her mid-thighs. I reached over and pulled them the rest of the way down for her. I almost creamed when I saw her moist lips framed by thick, red hair. God, she was gorgeous.

I knelt between her spread legs and smelled her sweet aroma. It would be hard not to want to go down on her, but the fact that I was helping my friend cum was not a bad second prize. I turned the vibrator on and brought it to her already swollen lips. I lightly touched them and she made a little 'oh' sound. Using just the tip, I rubbed her outer lips very lightly with the vibrator. Her legs quivered and small sounds of pleasure escaped her lips. I could tell she was holding back.

I moved the vibrator up and down the length of her slit and realized it wasn't going to take much for her to cum. She hadn't had any in months and was on the edge. I used to vibrator to part her lips and saw her clit poking out. How I wanted to take it in my mouth at that point. Instead, I touched the vibrator to it and she jumped and cried out.

"Feel good?"

"Oh yes!" she replied in a throaty voice.

I smiled and teased her lips apart even more. She was spread like a flower to me now and her slick opening was in view. I placed the tip of the toy at her entrance and began to push it inside. Her legs opened even more and I knew how badly she wanted it.

Feeling a little bolder, I began to caress her inner thigh as I pushed the vibe inside. Her moans got louder so I took that as a signal that touching was ok. Up to that point, I had only used the vibrator to touch her. She pushed her ass closer to me so I could enter her and with one last push, it was all the way in. She cried out and her big belly heaved. My own pussy was throbbing wildly and I could feel the wetness beginning to soak my panties. The room became warm.

Using my left hand, I gripped her inner thigh and used my right to slowly slide the fake cock out of her sopping cunt. I let it come almost all the way out before pushing it back in.

"Let me know if it hurts," I said.

"No... no it feels so fucking good," she said, gasping. "Don't stop!"

This woman was so wild for sex that I don't think she cared who was fucking her with that toy. She just wanted to cum. And I was determined to give her a great orgasm.

I turned up the speed of the vibrator and began to thrust it in and out of her pussy. Each time it came out, it was coated with her juices. I could smell her and it drove me wild. It had been a while since I had last been with a woman and I wanted her in a big way.

"Ohhhh... yesssssss," was all she could say over and over again as I fucked her. She thrashed and moaned and begged me for more and she lost herself in her own pleasure. I eagerly kept up the pace and suddenly she screamed out.

"Oh fuck YES!!!!!" she cried as her orgasm took her by force.

She clutched her dress and her legs quivered and her belly shook as she came very, very hard. I kept up the thrusting as each cry echoed in the house and hoped that nobody was around to hear. She was very loud.

At last she quieted and I pulled the vibrator out. I leaned down to lick her juices off the tip when I was sure she couldn't see. She tasted so sweet.

I stood up and grinned at her. Her pretty face was flushed and her hair had come undone. She was beautiful in her disarray.

"Oh my god, Liz... that was so good..." she said in a breathless voice.

"I'm glad I could help. It sounds like you really needed that."


She pushed her dress back down and her pussy was again blocked from my view.

I wondered if I would ever see it again.

She got quiet and there was an awkward moment between us.

"Pam - this is just between you and I, you know that, right?"

She looked visibly relieved.

"Yes. Thank you."

"I'd be more than happy to help you again if you need it."

She looked up at me with those green eyes and smiled.

I couldn't get home fast enough to relieve myself after that encounter. My panties were soaked through and as I lay on my bed with my fingers moving over my clit, visions of Pam's pussy filled my brain. My nipples were rock hard as I fingered them through my bra. I was so worked up, I didn't even bother taking my clothes off. I rubbed my clit furiously and came in a long satisfying wave as I thought about her and her pregnant body.

My visits resumed the next day, but she didn't mention anything about my pleasuring her right away. She did look much better, though. Her spark was back and she seemed to have more energy. I was glad for her - even though I now lusted for her, she was my friend and I wanted her to feel good through the last few months of pregnancy.

About a week late,r as we were sipping cool drinks on her porch, she hesitantly brought up the subject.

"Liz, I want to thank you for what you did the other week. I know I haven't said anything about it."

"Oh don't worry about it - it was my pleasure." And believe me, it was.

She narrowed those green eyes at me. "Was it your pleasure?"

I wasn't expecting that.

"Yes. Yes, it was," I said in a soft voice.

She fidgeted with her lemonade glass and looked down.

"Have you done anything like that before?" she asked.

"I have... and more."

I saw the redness creeping up her neck again.

"Are you a lesbian or something?"

I laughed. "No, of course not!"


Pam was one of my best friends, but she could be incredibly naïve.

"Pam," I said looking at her. "I enjoy sex with women every once in a while. I'm bisexual."

"Oh," she said in a small voice. "Does your husband know?"

"Yes he does, and he's ok with it. Its just sex."

She was quiet for a moment. I could tell she was absorbing all of this. No doubt her husband wasn't nearly as open-minded as mine.

"So does that make me bisexual too?" she asked.

"I wouldn't say so. At least not yet."

My last sentence hung in the heavy, damp air. I leaned back in the chair and looked at her. She had another one of those maternity sundresses on which made her look so lovely. Her full breasts strained against the yellow cotton so tightly I swore I could see the dark shadow of her nipples. I kept wondering what they looked like underneath. I remember how big mine got and how sensitive they were.

Pam finished her drink and set the glass down. Beads of moisture coated the glass. She raised her head and looked at me. It was then I saw the hunger in her eyes.

"Would you do what you did to me again?" she asked.

"Of course. You only have to ask."

She pushed herself out of her chair and saw that her nipples had begun to harden slightly. I willed myself not to stare, so I grabbed the empty glasses and followed her inside. My heart was pounding in my chest as I wondered if I could get a little further with her today.

This time we went into the bedroom. The room was cool and dark but very cozy. She got her vibrator out and handed it to me. Without a word she lay on the bed and pushed her dress up. Again I helped her with her panties. I was somewhat disappointed that she didn't take all her clothes off, but maybe that would come in time as she got more comfortable.

So in the gloom of an overcast summer afternoon, I brought Pam to another satisfying orgasm in pretty much the same fashion as I had done before. She moaned and thrashed and screamed. When she was done I discreetly licked her sweet juices from the vibrator. And when I got home I fucked myself silly with my own vibe.

We had a few more sessions like over the weeks until she got too close to term. She told me that she just didn't feel the need to cum anymore as she got close. I understood completely. I had filled the time after those sessions by masturbating and fucking my husband with wild abandon. He didn't ask me what was making me so crazy and I couldn't tell him.

Finally the big day came and the contractions started, so I drove her to the hospital. Her husband met us there and took over. I wished her well and went home. The next day she called me to tell me her baby boy was born that evening and all was well.

The next month or so was hectic for the new mother and I helped her take care of the baby whenever I could. Her mother was also there, so I didn't see Pam as much. But finally the excitement died down and Pam settled into a routine. Her mom went home and her husband went back to work. I found myself going back over there on a regular basis. Most of the time we fussed over the baby and talked about the joys of motherhood. I remembered back on those days when my kids were young and told her some of the funny stories.

Our 'sessions' were pretty much forgotten, but I figured that was ok. Soon she would be having sex again with her husband and things would be back to normal. Or so I thought.

Pam had decided to breastfeed her son and I witnessed it many times. I tried not to stare, but I couldn't help noticing how big and fat her nipples were. They were exactly like I imagined. I envied her son as he sucked on them and then instantly felt ashamed at those thoughts.

One day I went over to her house to find her in tears.

"What's wrong, Pam?" I said, letting myself in.

She sniffed and wiped her nose with a tissue and looked away. I figured it was the postpartum setting in. I remember how miserable I had felt.

"Is the baby ok?"

She nodded. "He's fine."

"Things ok with Jack?"

That brought a sob out of her.

"Oh, ok," I said lamely. "Do you want to talk about it?"

I sat down on the couch next to her and waited.

"He... he still hasn't touched me yet," she said in a small voice.

I thought the guy was a jerk, but I didn't say so. "Maybe he's still a little nervous. Sometimes it takes a while. How do you feel?"

"I'm horny again!" she said, shaking her red hair.

I chuckled and leaned back on the couch.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"You're a little vixen!"

She blushed and looked away. I took her hand.

"It's ok. Jack will come around. Maybe you have to seduce him or something."

"Maybe it's me - maybe he thinks I'm ugly."

"Of course not. Pam, you're beautiful. All through pregnancy and even more so now. I think motherhood agrees with you."

She squeezed my hand. "Thanks, Liz, you're such a good friend."

We didn't say anything for a while, but she continued to hold my hand while we watched TV. I felt a bit uncomfortable as I began to remember her laying on her back with a vibrator shoved deep inside her pussy. I shifted in my seat a little as my own pussy twitched.

"Anything wrong?" she asked.

"Um, no... I'm fine."

She withdrew her hand and pushed her hair back out of her face. When she did that, her full breasts stuck out against her t-shirt. I sucked in my breath sharply.

"Pam, I don't know why Jack doesn't want you," I whispered. "I know I do..."

When she turned to look at me I knew that it was now or never. Before she could say anything I leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth. My hands grasped her upper arms firmly as my lips pressed against hers. She didn't resist - I think she was either so eager or she was in shock. I didn't care. My mouth opened and my tongue pushed out. Her own mouth took me in without question and at that moment I knew it was alright.

I released my hold on her arms and began to caress her neck and the tops of her breasts. She lay there against the couch and moaned into my mouth as her tongue came out to meet mine. My body warmed at the feel of a soft feminine tongue. In fact, she was soft all over. My hands stroked her creamy white arms. She lay there very still and let me touch and kiss her. Her own hands were at her sides as I think she was not sure what to do.

Finally I broke the kiss and pulled away. Her eyes opened and looked at me with a hunger I had never seen before.

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