Happy Birthday

by Bowhuntress

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A master delights her slave for his birthday in a manner which he'll never forget.

"Happy Birthday, My Pet. Today is your Birthday. And as you know not just any birthday, but THE Birthday. Tonight I thought I'd give you something special. I shall do my best. I require you to strip down to your boxers, and to remain silent. Do not speak a word." I pet your jaw. "Yes you may laugh, cry, sigh, or squeal" I smile, "but not one word. When your ready kneel on the bed."

I step back to watch you follow orders. Your shirt is pulled overhead and neatly folded. It's placed on the dresser. Your jeans are slid off and they join the shirt. Clad only in your boxers you kneel on the bed. And wait. I move around the room turning off lights. Lighting a few candles that send scents of honeysuckle through the air.

"Please make a light fist and hold your arms in front of you while you kneel." I order softly, yet firmly.

With a gentle touch, supple black leather wristbands are placed on you. An altered nylon lead is then clipped to each band. I lean down and kiss each fisted hand softly, running my tongue over your knuckles. I gently tug the lead to the right band before dropping it to the bed. With a sashay of hips I walk across the room to retrieve your belt. The long satin gown gives you flashes of long leg.

I return to you and gesture for you to stand. Moving behind you I wrap the belt around your hips. I tug and buckle it tight. Leaning into your back one hand snakes around your middle and gathers the lead from your right band. I rest my nails on your skin and gently scratch my hand over your body and around your left side. Tugging the lead a bit more I fasten it to your belt in the rear I walk around to face you. I kiss your lips softly. Picking up the left lead I kiss a path around your body, over your rib cage till once again I'm behind you. It is fastened to the belt as well. Your arms are now pulled crisscrossed so you are almost hugging yourself.

I stand back and gaze at you. I nod to the wall. Knowing your place you walk silently over to stand with your back on the wall. I place a wide collar around your neck and hook it to a ring in the wall. I kneel in front of you. The wall chills your bare back. I kiss your right thigh as a place an ankle cuff on each of your ankles. At my tap, you spread your legs as wide as you can without lowering your height any. I clip the cuffs to the wall as well. Gazing up at you I shake my head. I rise and pull the satin gown over my head. Standing nude before you I pause. Your eyes devour the sight.

"You like what you see?" I ask. You know better than to answer. You simply wait. I smile, very pleased by your silence. I fold the gown to a thin strip. This I place over your eyes and tie a knot over your ear. I tighten it a bit so you can feel a slight pressure against your skull.

"You wait for me here while I bathe." I whisper softly into you ear. You feel my bare breast brush your arm. And then nothing, you know I've gone. You wait. Silence. From somewhere above you hear the water rush into the tub. It runs for a while. Then a sudden deafening silence. A long silence. You fidget a bit. Testing your bonds. Swallowing hard you feel the collar against your throat. You are secure. The sound of the drain makes you start a bit. You know now, that your master is on her way.

I sigh as I enter the room. Without so much as a glance your way, I walk over to the dressing table and begin to brush my long hair. So softly, I begin to speak, you find yourself holding your breath in order to catch every word.

"Happy Birthday my Pet. Tonight is for you. Tonight everything changes. Tonight our relationship blooms. And I'm nervous about it."

You swallow. There is much you'd like to say, but it has been forbidden. Breathing deep you can smell me near. The honeysuckle oil on my skin smells sweet. Without a word the hairbrush touches your arm. I brush the hairs on your arm slowly, watching the way they lay on your skin. Just enjoying being near to you. A soft thud and the brush lands on the floor.

I lean into you, my breasts pushing into your chest. My fingers softly touch your hair. They brush over your forehead, over your masked eyes and slowly down the bridge of your nose. My fingertip grazes your lips, tracing the outline of them. Feeling your breath on my fingertips. One hand on either side of your jaw I pull them together at your chin. Just touching. Committing your face to my memory with my touch. Down my hands slide, over your neck and collar. My lips feather light, kissing yours. My hands trace your collarbone and graze over your chest. Up, and over your crossed arms, to either side of your hips.

I kneel. My hands come together over your boxers. Touching you. Feeling you rise to my touch. My hands continue over your thighs. Tickling the back of your knees, and over your shins. I trace the bone to your big toe.

"I like to touch. I think a lot can be said in a touch. Or lack of a touch. Its a good way to judge my mood." You hear the smile in my voice. Standing up I once again hold your jaw. My tongue flicks out and licks your lips. "Kiss me." I hiss.

Your lips kiss mine, your tongue seeking entry, seeking mine. I let you explore my mouth with your tongue. Deepening the kiss, I press my body into yours, for just a short time. Leaning back I escape your reach.

"I love your kisses. You always put your all into them." My teeth bite your chin. "I want to see you. I want to look at you, all of you. Would you like that?"

You nod I place the cold steel scissors on your nipple. I drag them down over your arms and to your hips leaving a white scratch line. The white fades quickly and turns pink. I cut the boxers from the hip to the hem on both sides. They cling for a moment held in place by the wall, and finally they float to the floor. Silence. I look you over. I like what I see. You're at my mercy. Your eyes are blinded. Your head held in place. Your arms wrapped securely around your middle. Your legs spread. Your penis stiff and pointed at me, your balls hanging free. Long legs tethered to the wall. All for my pleasure. And mine alone.

"Ummm. I did say I like touch." Reaching to you and I wrap my fingers around your penis. Enjoying the hardness of it, I tug, lifting you off of the wall. The warmth of you. I toy with the curls of your dark pubic hair. My other hand cups your balls, testing their weight. My fingers lightly pet you, before releasing.

"I'm all wet for you already." I dip a finger in my pussy coating it with my wetness. Placing it under your nose.

I ask softly, "Smell me?" you groan. "Now lick my finger clean." Your tongue flicks over my finger. One lick. Two lick, and you suck it in your mouth. Inside your mouth you curl your tongue around my finger, Sucking and pulling. I pull it slowly out of your mouth and your cheeks hollow.

"Ah now, my Pet. Did I say Suck?" Your body goes still. Oops. It was hard to think with your cock throbbing. You mutely shake your head no.

"Hmmm. It is your Birthday. Such a minor infraction but we both shall enjoy this." I ponder for a moment. With a smile in my voice I say, "I'll punish you. I'll punish you with pleasure. No matter what you feel, think, hear or smell, you may not cum until you have my permission and you cannot ask for that permission."

I lean down and nip your nipple with my teeth. With a quick jerk I yank the gown off of your eyes. You blink like an owl in surprise. I giggle and kiss your lips quickly. I leave the room for a moment. Your eyes begin to adjust to the light. Looking down you see your dick is at full mast. This will be a long night. With a silly giggle I bounce back into the room. Pop a tape into the VCR.

"This my pet is an tape of people simply fucking their brains out." I giggle again. "You don't have to watch it. But you can't help but hear it." I grin. "There is nothing like heavy breathing and moaning filling the room." Sure enough., the sounds of moaning filled the room.

Glancing to the screen you see a girl on a bed with a dick in each hand. One in her mouth and one she's sitting on. She's in sheer bliss as her girl friend licks her nipples while sitting on the face that belongs to the dick inside of her.

You decide to watch me instead; perhaps control would come easier that way. I've placed pillows on the floor by your feet, and lie back on them, fanning my hair out.

"Touch me with your eyes. I'll be your hands." You lick your dry lips and stare at my mouth. I smile and bite my lower lip. Your eyes dart to the TV.

Cum is being splattered over the girls face, neck and breasts. Cum drips down her long perfect body. Her girlfriend laps it up hungrily with her tongue. You swallow.

Quickly you jerk your eyes away from the sight on screen. Only to land on the tips of my breasts. As you watch, my hands creep down my neck to lift my breasts. My thumb and forefinger pinch and roll the nipples.

I place a leg on the wall by your right hip the other by your left. Opening myself up to your eyes. You stare at my pussy. My right hand comes down and twirls a dark curl around my finger. That same finger stimulates my clit, making itself clear from the hidden folds. The other hand comes down to open my pussy lips exposing my cunt to your eyes. You see I'm wet, shinning in the dim light. My finger makes slow circles around my cunt. Stirring up juices. The TV hisses 'fuck me fuck me' with lots of moaning. Your cock jerks of its own accord. A drop of juice oozes down my cunt and slips over my asshole, and disappears out of sight.

You're hot and you tug a bit at your arms.

I place a finger in my pussy and finger fuck myself slowly. At first just the tip of the finger, but soon that isn't enough. Faster and deeper my finger moves. Another joins the first, in and out. My other hand pinches and tugs on my clit. Wet and swollen I slow down, breathing hard; I remember I wanted to tease you.

Watching you watching me, my hands on my body go wherever your eyes do.

Watching my pussy swell and glisten and not being able to touch me, or yourself is almost painful to your hard cock. With a soft sigh I stop. I gaze at you a moment and smile a smile that you know means trouble. I stand and get a plug from the dresser. As I walk back to you I coat it in KY jelly. Smiling, I hum softly, and kneel in front of you. Petting your thighs, my tongue flicks the tip of your penis.

My fingers, coated in KY jelly, find your ass. I slide a hot finger up and down the crack of your ass. You moan, when I insert my finger into your ass. I feel you tighten up. I work my finger in and out greasing you up. Another lick to your cock with my tongue takes your mind off my finger for a moment. Your breathing is harder. The finger is replaced with the plug. You feel yourself stretch until it's in.

With a knowing smile I say, "Now, don't let that fall out."

Standing back I watch you again. You've started to sweat. I can see you concentrate, trying to maintain control over your body. Your cock jerks now and again. And after a few moments you open your eyes to look at me. You've won control back. I smile, very pleased. And leave the room.

Your muscles tighten and release on that plug. You are aware that the slightest push and it would come right out. Tighten and release. Tighten and release. Your eyes find the TV a woman is getting fucked in the ass by a long vibrator. With a groan you tear your eyes away and stare at the door awaiting my return.

Finally I do return. Sipping iced tea and looking like I haven't a care in the world. I smile at you and show you the new blindfold I've bought for your Birthday. It is very wide and dark black. It will cover you from the eyebrows to the end of your nose. This I secure it to your head without a word.

I take an ice cube from my glass and rub it over your nipples. As it melts, it causes rivulets of icy water to tickle down your body. My frozen fingers feel around your ass making sure the plug is in place. I twist it a bit and extract it only to reinsert it again. I kiss your lips lightly.

Time stretches on. The tape in the VHS ends, and the room has darkened with the night. The candles have burnt down some. The muscles in your arms ache. Using the remote I click off the TV. I reach out for your still semi hard manhood. My cold hands, causing you to gasp, and press your ass against the wall. As your hardness starts to fade I kneel before you again.

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