Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A recently divorced woman finds new friends, a career and lots of exciting and adventurous sex.

Okay, I'm a 48 years old housewife that is a little over weight and not drop dead gorgeous. My big tits have always been one of my finer points according to all the boys/men that have been in my life. When you are only 5 foot 2 inches tall, a 36-C bra size is more than a hand full and I am keenly aware that my boobs are large for my frame. My titties are capped with areolas that are about the size of a fifty-cent piece and are crowned with very large and very sensitive nipples. My nipples have always embarrassed me because they would harden when excited, which seemed to be always, and no matter what I was wearing they poked out for all to see. Ever since I was a teenager, everyone wanted to pinch and play with my nips. Even my girl friends. Like I said everyone was fascinated with my big nipples. As to the rest of me, well my legs taper from my not so thin waist and my larger than desired bubble butt. I always thought my husband loved me the way I was. Boy, was I wrong!

A little over a year ago, my loving husband served me with divorce papers saying he was tired of his life with me. He wanted someone more sexually alive and prettier. I was devastated by this revelation. Although I wasn't a wanton slut I had always that of myself as a passionate person and a willing sex partner. After the courts and lawyers were finished with us, he began his new life with a much younger woman, some bimbette he met at the office and they moved out of State. Now I am left all alone trying to figure what the hell happened. My children, God love them, rallied around me during this terrible period, but they are all grown, married and moved away. They tell me to move close to them but that would put me in snow country and I hate cold. So here I stay, alone and miserable.

The fucking cocksucker that I used to call my true love has left me high and dry financially even though the courts decreed differently. All I had was the big house in a suburb of LA with a mortgage much larger than I could afford so I sold it and paid off my lawyers, credit cards and car, and the old clunker of a Chevy. I was once again debt free but I hadn't worked in years. Even then I was a retail clerk in a big department store. So I found a nice little townhouse in Encino, California and I landed a job as a receptionist with a Veterinary clinic. The pay wasn't much but I saved on car expenses since is walking distance from my abode. The clinic is owned by Mandi and David Burnsen, a husband and wife dynamic duo, both of who are Veterinary doctors. They are both very young and their business is very successful. They remind me of what Barbi and Ken would be in real life. Boy was I going to learn all too soon that I wrong about them! Anyway I truly enjoy working for them those first few months and life seemed to be getting back on track.

Since the break up, the nasty fights and subsequent divorce my sex life had become nonexistent. As I stated previously, I never considered myself an overly sexual person. When aroused though, I am a passionate lover willing to experiment sexually. Hell, I even let that bastard ex-husband of mine share me with a "strange" man on one occasion. I put a halt to it though when I found out that the "stranger" was really one of his clients. It made me feel like a prostitute. We had words over it but in the end I thought he understood. Vicki, his new piece of fluff apparently took my place and "loves all the strange cock" according to Rick, my ex.

My recent trouble began when Mandi, the owner, asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with her one day. We went to a swanky restaurant on Ventura Blvd. And we chitchatted like school chums all afternoon. It was during our second bottle of wine that she dropped the bombshell.

"Jill, my husband and I have noticed that you seem, well, tense and not yourself the last week or so. How is your sex life sweetie?"

I was dumbfounded by the frankness of her question and just sat there with my mouth open.

"That's what I thought. Dave and I thought that it might be nice if you joined us for a little party we are going to this Saturday evening. We'll pick you up at 8:30 PM!"

"Mandi, it sounds lovely but I am not sure that I am ready for "parties" yet," I replied after finally recovering somewhat.

"Nonsense, we insist. Be ready by 8:30 Saturday evening. Wear evening attire since we women like to show off at these affairs. I myself love to wear slinky dresses that show off my attribute. It drives Dave wild to see other men ogle me at these parties. I even let them make passes at me. It is so much fun and I know that you'll be a hit with all of our friends."

"Okay, if you insist." Even though it seemed more of a demand than a request, I knew that she was right. I did need to start living again. Besides, I was well fortified by the all the wine that I had consumed. My only issue was that damn question about my sex life. It hung heavy on my mind. What was that all about?

The Ride

I fussed over my clothes selection all day Saturday. I finally selected a black dress that showed "tons" of cleavage and was loose enough that my soft round belly was hidden. A black lacey bustier with midriff control was a nice touch, although wearing it and breathing in it seemed in conflict. I decided to wear it anyway since it allowed me to wear my matching garter. Hell I even wore a tong that I bought but never wore for my ex. 'His loss someone else's gain', I thought to myself! Well, maybe if I was lucky! I stood in the bedroom gazing at my reflection in the mirrored closet doors and decided that I looked great. My red hair looked wild and sexy. The dress showed a substantial amount of thigh and more tit than was respectable.

"Not bad for a old broad," I thought.

Promptly at 8:30 a limo pulled up in front of my townhouse and the driver escorted me to my ride. Mr. and Mrs. Burnsen were seated in the back sipping champagne. Dave was wearing what they call "after six" attire and he looked very handsome. Mandi was gorgeous and was wearing the shortest evening dress I had ever seen and once seated comfortably in the rear-facing seat facing the couple, I realized that I could look between her parted thighs a see her naked pussy. It was also very obvious that she was braless since her tits were wobbling around unfettered and looked to pop into view at any moment. I thought it simply amazing that they didn't bounce free since her gown had a very daring plunging V-neck halter. At first I was just embarrassed and steeled myself to look anywhere but at Mandi. But try as I might, I couldn't stop stealing glancing at her. I swear that whenever my eyes embraced her, her legs parted and I was presented with the sight of her shaved cunt. I could make out every detail of her womanhood. She possessed very thick pussy lips that looked glossy and wet and I swear her clit looked like it was at least an inch long and as thick as an erasure.

David made sure that the champagne continued to flow and I felt lightheaded and warm. Mandi was a buzz with conversation and acted like nothing was amiss. Soon though, I began to smell the heady smell of aroused womanhood. I once again checked Mandi crotch to find that her middle finger was casually sliding along her thick cunt lips. Mandi continued to talk but her breathing was becoming labored and her voice became very sultry and intoxicating. I continued to watch Mandi's lewd act and a soft moan escaped my lips as her finger slowly disappeared between those lips. It was then that I realized that my own cunt was beginning to juice up. So that I wouldn't continue to stare at Mandi as she masturbated her juicy cunt, I forced myself to look at her husband only to find a very large bulge tenting his trousers. It looked like it came almost to mid thigh and the head of the monster was the size of a large plum. My inside turned to jelly and I moaned again. I have always enjoyed a large cock as it stretched my vaginal passage. Suddenly I desperately wanted to know what David's cock would feel like as it made its way deep inside of me.

"Is everything alright Jill," Mandi asked.

"Oh, yeah. It's just... well... , " I stumbled for words and was embarrassed that I had been caught staring.

"Is it that Dave's cock looks inviting? Or maybe you would prefer my pussy?" With that she opened her legs wide, pulled her finger from her cunt and licked the dew from it. With her other hand she began stroking her husband's hardon. "Pick one my dear and suck it!" Mandi's command was explicit and delivered with lustful need.

I found myself drawn forward to my knees between her thighs. Please do not ask me why. I could not help myself. I was intoxicated with the scent of her womanhood and the Champagne was causing my inhibitions to melt away. All I remember of that decision was that her womanly scent filled my nostrils and drove me crazy with passion. Gently I licked her labia and I truly enjoyed that very first taste of pussy. I sucked and licked her fleshy cunt lips like a starving woman. I nibbled and sucked on her obscenely long clitoris until she was squirming with uncontrolled passion. I hardened my tongue and fucked her with it. I was frustrated that I could not get it deep enough into her wet cunt so I put my hands on her ass cheeks and slid them up her thighs, pushing her legs up to her chest. She then slid forward giving me better access to her forbidden fruit. I faintly remember hearing Dave unzip his pants. I was surprised to find him naked to the waist when I reached over to rub his hard cock. I stopped my assault on Mandi's twat long enough to lean over and engulfed his magnificent cock. Dave's monster stretched my jaw to the point of pain. I could only hold the pulsing bloated head inside my mouth. There wasn't anyway to take this man into my throat so I lavished it with sloppy wet kisses and lots of tongue.

Mandi began to fidget from my neglect so I let my fingers explore Mandi's open womanhood. I found that I could fit all four of my fingers of my left hand into her hole. This had her humping my fingers and she craved more. She wanted my hand inside her. Mandi grabbed my wrist and started to fuck herself with my fingers. Mandi was panting and groaning with unbridled passion. Finally she spoke in her deep lust filled voice, "More, give me more you fucking bitch. Fuck my cunt with your hand. Make me cum damn you!"

I folded my thumb into my cupped palm and allowed her cunt to swallow my hand until all that I could see was my wrist. I balled my hand into a fist and began to fuck her using my fist like it was a cock. She released my hand and grabbed the rear seat headrest as her body went wild with orgasmic convulsions. I stopped sucking Dave and used my fingers of my free hand to pinch and roll Mandi's clitoris between my fingers.

"Fuckkkk meeeee I'mmm cummmingggg," Mandi wailed as yet another more powerful orgasm swept over her body. Her body spasmed so violently that I thought my wrist was going to snap off. Soon she began to slide down from her orgasm and she collapsed into a limp heap. I slowed the pistioning action of my fist and began to flex my fingers stroking her vaginal cavity like a pet owner stroking a cat to calm it. Her breathing began to normalize and her eyes slowly opened.

Mandi finally regained her calm and said, "Damn girl that was so nice." I beamed with pride at giving this beautiful woman such pleasure. I ease my hand from her body and with a disgraceful plop my hand was freed. Her hole remained stretched open and I could see up inside her cunt. Next came the command that I was all too eager to comply with. "Now if you would be so kind as to roll over onto your hands and knees, I want watch my husband fuck your pussy with his big dick." Without a word I rolled over onto my hands and knees and flipped my dress over my ass. David's large hands roamed over the naked flesh of my butt and then pulled my thong down to my knees bearing my dripping cunt. Dave slipped behind me with his legs outboard of mine with his thick cock meat resting on my back and his big cum filled balls nestled on my butt cheeks.

"Here baby let me help you get it inside our little wench," Mandi offered. She took hold of his stiff cock and rubbed it up and down my butt crack and then along the lips of my wet cunt. I hadn't fucked a man in over a year and the simple act of rubbing his cock on my clit triggered my first cum.

"Aaaarrrggggg, yes I'mmm cummmminggg. Oh damn, fuck me Dave! Fuck me with that beautiful cock," I pleaded with him.

Mandi place his bulbous cock head at the entrance to my twat and slowly his thick manhood slid into my wet cavity. Inch by delicious inch he pushed himself in until his bloated testicles bumped my clit. He then slowly pulled his monster from my vaginal depths and I could feel every lovely vein along his pulsing member. He paused momentarily with just the plum sized head inside of my cunt lips then retraced a path deep within me once again. His pace quickened with each stroke and it was wonderful to feel the maddening dance of passion build within my body. Back and forth his member moved in my belly. Around and around his hips would move the bulbous head of his cock inside me. I have never been so filled in my life. So utterly fucked, I began to cry with sated joy as my second orgasm burst forth. My body shook and I trashed my mane of wild red hair from side to side. Then suddenly I felt something deep within my cunt. It was a feeling that I had never experienced during sex before in my life. I actual felt David cock swell to overwhelming size and then ejaculate his sperm deep inside of me. David shoved his magnificent cock deep inside of me and held it there. His balls convulsed against my cunt lips and spewed stream after stream of hot cum deep in my cunt. A new joy filled me when I realized that I could actually feel his seed splashing against my cervix and fill my wanting vaginal cavity. This pushed me to yet another orgasmic tremor as the last of his seed oozed from the tip of his cock. As always with sex, there comes a moment of loss as your lovers cock begin to deflate and slide from the warm confines of your body. Always my cunt muscles grab at the retreating fleshy tube in hopes of capture it and make it stay for more fabulous sex but nature has its way of taking control. David' cock slipped free of my hole.

Nature also can turn something wonderful and beautiful into something embarrassing and humorous. When David's cock fell from my cunt's grasp with a very loud wet plop, all the trapped air inside of my pussy from our coupling was released. Out bubbled our entire mixture of love potion. I buried my face in the limo's carpet to hide my embarrassment from my new lovers as my pussy belched and farted, spewing David's cum from cunt lips. I strained against my thong trying to spread my knees further apart to allow the gooey residue of our lovemaking to ooze from my body without staining my dress. Glob after glob of thick white cum plopped onto the limo's carpet. But the damage was done as I looked between my thighs to see most of the white gooey substance pooling in the crotch of my thong.

"Oh darling, look at her cunt. Isn't her puss beautiful? Oh, David, look at your cum oozing from her twat. It looks so delicious. You've shot a huge load into our new slut," Mandi said with girlish delight. "See how it's puddling in her panties. I'll bet that she'll be all sticky for the party and smell like a whore. This is going to be a night that we all will remember!"

"Baby, her twat was so tight I couldn't last long. I pumped her full of my seed and her cunt squeezed every last drop of jiz from my balls," Dave responded.

As they spoke about my pussy I felt so sexually alive for the first time in my life. I knew that these two beautiful people had chosen me to be their slut. I was proud to be their choice and I decided that I would do anything asked of me tonight without hesitation. After all I did not wish to embarrass my new masters who just showed me the way to sex bliss.

"Look at her beautiful cunt with all that red pubic hair, it is lovely especially dripping my cum from those puffy cunt lips." David dipped two fingers into my sopping cunt as he spoke and feed the mixture of our lovemaking to his beautiful wife. Mandi noisily sucked the sticky goo from David's fingers while she rubbed her soft hand across my butt.

"Jill, turn around here and clean my cock off so that I can put it away," David commanded as he offered me his cum soaked cock. I could not resist his wishes so I sucked his softening meat into my mouth and bathed his member clean. I even licked his massive balls clean of any sexual residue.

"Oh here we are," announce Mandi as I finished cleaning her husband.

Saturday's Party

Well there I was on all fours with David's cum dripping from my used pussy and Mandi's juices drying on my face as the limo driver opened the door. I yelped as the cold night air hit my naked flesh. I grabbed my thong and pulled up over my naked butt wedging it back up into place. It was wet and cold and disgusting but truthfully, I had never felt better in my life. Awkwardly I stepped from the limo, smoothed my dress over my hips and shook my hair about. The driver tried to remain professional but the smirk on his face told the story. I should have been mortified with embarrassment but not tonight. Besides as I crawled from the vehicle I was for a moment face to face with his crotch. He was sporting a magnificent hunk of man-meat that strained his trousers. 'What the hell' I thought. 'I'm the fucking party slut so why not have some fun.' I ran my fingers along the shaft of his hard cock, looked into his eyes and said, "The tip is on me when you get me home."

He smiled and said, "I am looking forward to that very much."

We made our way into the palatial residence of Doctor Some-One-Or-Another and were greeted by some young blond with unnaturally large tits. When introduced to Brandi, she kissed me full on the mouth with more than a hint of tongue. I suppose that I was shocked but since I just ate pussy for the first time that night, I simply returned the favor. She leaned close to my ear and whispered, "I recognize the flavor of Mandi and David. Follow me to the bathroom and I will freshen you up." In a loud voice she announced, "Excuse us please! I need to show this darling woman the way to my bath room so that she can freshen up a bit." Hand in hand we went up stairs to the master bath. Hell I could have lived in the damn room. It had plasma TV, surround sound stereo system, a mini bar and a fireplace. The damn toilet even had a view out over the San Fernando Valley. Brandi closed the door and went over to the makeup center to sit. She slowly pulled her floor length gown up her long sexy legs to bare her pussy.

"I approve of Mandi's choice of a party favor for my little get together this evening. Come over here dear and let me feel your tongue on my pussy."

I dropped to my knees and crawled between her long sculpted legs and inhaled her pussy's aroma. Then for the second time that night I tasted pussy. Brandi was a very juicy woman. Her cunt juice ran in rivulets from her love canal and dripped from my chin. She was also a very verbal lover. She gave a running dialog of what she wanted me to do and how it felt. When she started to cum, she announced to anyone within a mile radius of the house that she was cumming! I have to admit that I was quite pleased with myself having made love to two gorgeous women and fucked one hell of a man and it wasn't even 9:30PM.

I told Brandi that I needed to pee and she showed me to the toilet, which is when I saw the view. I thought it odd but Brandi stood, no actual squatted down to watch me urinate. When I was finished and reached for the paper to dab with she slapped my hand away.

"Hand me your panties. You will not need them any longer. Leave your nasty cunt alone. His Highness likes his pussy a bit gamey. Oh and here wear this tonight." She strapped a jeweled dog collar around my neck and then said, "Let's go get something to drink!"

Brandi snapped a lease to the collar and with a sharp tug pulled me along behind her to the bar set up by the pool. I was totally humiliated by my predicament but I didn't want to create a scene in front of all these people. While enjoying a Cosmopolitan, a very delicious drink I might add, men and women would walk up to Brandi to be introduce to the new "party slut". They would kiss me or run their hands over my body. One couple took their time feeling me up. They even ran their hands up under my dress and slipped their fingers into my pussy and asshole. That was a new sensation for me. I have never had my ass played with. That was a forbidden zone with my ex who once confided that he didn't even like going down on me since my "shit hole was so close to heaven". But there I was with her three fingers wiggling around in my twat and his two digits inserted in my rectum. I think they would have been content to play with me all night but Brandi shooed them away with a motherly scolding. That was how the party went for the next hour or so. Brandi leading me around and introducing me as the "party slut" and people feeling me up. Oh and let's not forget those delicious Cosmo's. So you can understand why I was three sheets to the wind, as they say, by the time I was scheduled to meet "His Highness". I knew it was time because Brandi pulled my ear to her lips and she whispered, "Okay my pretty little slut. I think that you are ready to meet our royal visitor. Oh your lucky pussy is going to feel the best fucking of its life. Are you ready for that?"

"Well actually Brandi, I think that the best fuck of my life happened in the limo on the way here. Honestly though, with all of your guests treating me like I'm a slut I am very horny. Who is this royalty that I am supposed to fuck. I hope he is handsome and hung like a mule"

"Like a mule, no. But you will not be disappointed my dear. Now let's be off to the guesthouse so that you can be readied for your new lover, the Baron Von Danekin. He is both royalty and a champion. He has won more medals than any other of his breed. It is quite the honor to be bred by him. Not many women get the pleasure of studding with him."

I wasn't quite following her phrasing as she spoke but I followed her to the guesthouse at the rear of the property. Once we entered the side entrance she told me to take off my clothes. I hesitated until she yanked my leash. Then I stripped my dress off.

"No bitch! Strip naked for your fucking," she demanded.

"Brandi, I am a little embarrassed by my weight," I replied trying to tell her of my discomfort with her request.

"Nonsense, His Highness will love holding onto that waist and pounding into that pudgy cunt of yours. Now strip!" To encourage me to strip, she swung her open hand in an upward arch that landed with a painful smack on the naked flesh of my ass. With a yelp I flew out of my remaining clothing. It was chilly in the kitchenette that I was brought into and my flesh was all goosebumpy. My nipple stood out a mile and Brandi noticed. She leaned forward and sucked my right nipple into her mouth. A warm tingle spread through my cunt, my eyes closed and a moan escaped my lips. I was becoming very horny and the prospect of fucking some European stud with people watching was quite a thrilling prospect. Brandi led me into a large room with people seated all around and the conversations in the room ceased. It was dead silent as I was led to the center of the room. There was an open area in the center with a padded medieval looking platform as the focal point of the room. It was slightly raised on a dais and was thickly padded with restraining belts at the head and side. I felt a chill run through my soul. Somehow I knew that the sex I was to have was not what I imagined it to be by a long shot.

"Kneel down!" Brandi's voice changed to an ominous tone and the command was directed at me. I scanned the room for David and Mandi. My eyes locked onto theirs and I saw perverted lust in both. I hadn't moved quickly enough for Brandi and magically a riding crop appear in her hand and my ass was again punished for my transgression. No one here would rise to my aid and I resigned myself to my fate. I stepped onto the dais and my knees gave out. I collapsed onto the padded device and with the assistance of two women, my knees fit comfortably into the padded indentation of the platform. Brandi pushed my head forward and my body bent over a lushly padded flat area that tilted forward leaving my ass higher than my head. My hands were then pulled forwards and my wrists secured to the dais by padded manacles. Brandi made sure that my thighs were secure by the straps and again a hush fell over all present.

Brandi and her helpers began to play with my exposed cunt. They pulled on my lips stretching them open wide almost to the point of discomfort. Then Brandi began tapping my clitoris with her riding crop. The overall effect was one of painful pleasure. When she inserted the handle of the whip deep within my juicy cunt, ooh's and awes heard from the crowd. Moans and groans of pleasure were coming from me mixed well with the crowd noise. From my right a young woman was brought in from another room. She looked very young, eighteen at most. She was naked as well with very small breasts and her pussy was shaved as well. Her nipples were pierced a chain was connected to each nipple ring. They hung down below her pubic area, almost to her knees but it appeared that the chains were looped up between her legs. It was almost as if the chains were attached to her pussy somehow. She walked behind me and soon I felt what I was sure was her tongue on my ass and pussy. She spent long luscious minutes with her tongue wiggling its way into my asshole. She swabbed my outer pussy lips as well. I thrust my ass into this lovely youngster face as my body climbed towards a nice cum. Suddenly she stopped and the crowd murmured as someone behind me entered the room. The girl moved around to my head and was seated on a chair. Two men assisted her in folding her legs and slipping them through the chains. This caused the chains to obscenely open her pussy lips as well as painfully stretch her nipple to point down at her belly button. They then slide the chair forward so that her twat was directly in front of my face. I could smell her womanly fragrance as so shifted forward so that her twat touched my lips. My tongue slipped from my lips to lick her pussy from bottom to top. That is when I felt it! A giant hot rough tongue slipped along the lips of my pussy. A cold wet nose was stuffed into the crack of my ass and large teeth raked the flesh of my ass cheek. In that moment I knew what was going to happen. These people were here to watch me breed with a dog. A FUCKING DOG! I went to scream but the girl grabbed my head and stuffed her cunt into my face. I could only hear the muffled cries as "His Highness" licked my cunt unimpeded. Up and down his tongue slavered his dog drool all over my cunt and ass. Now understanding my fate, I felt my mind slipping towards insanity. Fear is a dreadful thing and I was scared shitless. Quickly I gathered my wits, measured my feeling and decided that to survive this I simply had to allow my body to be free to take whatever was to happen and disassociate my moral mind from this debauchery. Of course that big fucking tongue was helping my body to make that decision. Damn it felt good. My muffled screams for help were becoming moans of pleasure. Finally my mind grasped the obvious. I am the fucking slut these people wanted to see tonight. I don't know how I slipped so easily into the role but here I was about to become a dog fucking party slut.

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