Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Historical, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Water Sports, Scatology, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Victorian Love story. A young Lord with a sizeable problem and his new wife who helps him overcome it. Some of the people they meet and influence along the way.

She stood before the window, looking out at the pasture where the horses roams, grazed and romped. The shift she wore so thin that standing in front of the light it only accented her charms, not concealed them. She was tall and willowy, boyish of figure yet no one would confuse her with a boy. Her feet small for someone her size, all but dainty, her legs were long and well formed, her buttock shapely and firm, her back straight, her neck long and inviting kisses, her sun streaked brown hair tousled still from just rising from her nights sleep and her radiance rivalling the very sun shining in upon her.

He walked up behind her, his arms going around her trim waist to pull her back against him as he leaned forward and kissed her bare shoulder and neck. She cocked her head to one side to better receive his kisses and to invite more while she leaned back even harder, rubbing against him as she did. It was easy to feel that he was aroused however he did nothing more than kiss her gently.

"'Arise fair sun and smite the envious moon', take heed that it does not smite thee as well, beloved," he murmured softly to her. Kissing her neck again he released her and turned to go.

"Why?" she asked.

"Why should you take heed?"

"No, why do you but kiss me and leave? I yearn so for your touch, your caresses upon me. My body aches for your kisses all over it, to feel your touch all over it, your caresses all over it and yet you turn away. Do I not please you? Can you not stand to even touch me?" Turning now to face him as she asked her questions the tears in her eyes and on her cheeks were very apparent. Facing him now her other charms were just as visible, her brown bush that just covered her enchanting pussy and her lovely breast. Between these two was her gently rounded belly, the band of muscle down the middle falling away to slackness on either side. The area her breasts covered was large while they themselves were not, they did not protrude outward a great deal but they were shapely and quite lovely.

"Nay Beloved, it is quite the opposite, I fear that I could not stop. That I would smother you with the ardor, the passion, the very feelings that you arouse in me. I would kiss you front and back, head to toe, side to side and this I must not do. At least, not yet," he answered her.

"What stops you? Not me, I would welcome your touch, your caress, your kisses wherever you wished to place them. You want this also, I have felt it when I lean against you yet you cease. Don't stop, my heart, take me in your arms and smother me with those kisses, that passion you spoke of. Show me your feelings that I may return them in kind."

"You speak of fear,"she continued, "of whom are you afraid? Of me? Why should you fear me? What man dares to stand against you? Whom do you fear?" she asked simply.

Tall as she was, he was taller. Pulling her to him his lips touched her forehead that was before him. "I fear ME! I fear what I might do to you were I to allow myself to do more than kiss you, more than hold you in my arms from time to time. The harm that I might cause to you were I not to hold myself back."

"Stop holding back! Show me this fear you speak of that together we might conquer it, put it behind us, that we might go forward to greater happiness."

Kissing her brow once more he left her, left her to ponder on the feelings that she held for him, feelings that were being denied. Again tears came into her eyes and fell upon her cheeks. Through the long day she toiled to put this behind her, to block it from her mind and to accept what she was offered instead of what she wanted. She spent the day trying to learn what her duties in this household were to be. That evening however things changed.

Returning from the bathes she saw in a glance that the curtains had been drawn closed on her bed already. She sat before the fire, sipping on a glass of wine that she had requested and thought more of her desires, if only...

"Are you going to sit before the fire all evening?" he asked.

Turning to reply she could not see him, he was not there. "Are you invisible? I do not see you."

"You seek in the wrong place, Beloved. I await you. To release my hold and fondle, caress, kiss all the hidden places you possess. To finally do as you desire and as I desire also."

Looking closer she saw something move behind the curtains of her bed. Moving forward more she saw that it was he! Already he was abed, awaiting her.

"Will, is that truly you? You have come to me in the night? For a week you have avoided me, shied away from me. Not even sleeping in the same room."

"Why don't you come to bed and see for yourself. I don't think you will need the robe in here, do you?" The laughter quite apparent in him voice.

Quickly removing the robe she got into bed with him. Moved up closer still in disbelief yet it was he, it really was he who took her in his arms and pulled her closer.

"How can I kiss and touch all the places and things you want me to touch whilst you wear that shift?"

Sitting up and squirming around she removed the shift and lay it at the foot of the bed with her robe. Reaching up he pulled her back against him, spooning with her. His hands began to roam all over her body, touching and feeling places he had never touched before as he gently kissed her neck and shoulders. Already her breathing was becoming ragged and he had done nothing to her, nothing more then touch her. Sitting up a bit he raised her top leg and slid his ardent manhood between them, then let the leg back down. Cupping his hands around the lovely globes of wondrous flesh that protruded from her chest he pulled her tight against him, working his middle firmly against her lovely ass. Kissing her bare shoulder he followed the line to her neck and up to her ear. Kissing and nibbling on it he worked his middle back and forth a few times before bracing his head on his hand he leaned gazing upon her.

"Is this a little better?"

"Oh, Will, don't stop. Kiss me, feel me, touch me more. I long for you to feel me all over. My body burns for your touch."

"Beloved Tess, as you can feel, my body yearns for you also. I but fear what would happen were I to do more than feel, touch and kiss you."

Whipping around in the bed she faced him, moved her middle forward and again captured his rampart manhood between her legs and pulled him to her.

"Kiss, touch and feel what you may and we will see to the fear later. Later should you fear we will face it together, smite it until it is beaten and departs, never more to cause you a moments grief." Saying this she kissed his chin, down his neck, across his chest and licked out at one of his breasts.

Reacting to the sensation she was causing he pushed her away only to do the same thing in return. He kissed her lips softly, gently, flicking his tongue against them but when she opened her mouth to receive it, he retreated. Kissing her nose, then her chin and down her neck he continued until he arrived at her heavenly breasts where he licked all over them. He laved, licked and caressed them with his tongue. Circling her nipple he teased, flicked and played with it until it stood firm and erect whereupon he gently suckled upon it. She tried to stuff more of her firm, young tit into his mouth as he did. Sucking on all he could get in his mouth he played with it for a while and then moved slightly so he could start all over with the second. Again when he had the nipple firm and erect and suckled on it she pushed more of her breast in his mouth for him to suckle upon.

Pushing her over onto her belly he started at her neck and kissed and licked his way slowly down her spine. When he arrived at her shapely behind he licked out upon each cheek as he moved on down her legs to the backs of the knees. Moving with his kisses he was now at the foot of the bed where he spent some time licking, mouthing and caressing the soft area causing her to shiver repeatedly before turning her over and kissing his way up the top of her leg.

Her head was thrashing from side to side as she muttered his name over and over. As he moved forward with his kisses his shoulders were forcing her legs farther and farther apart until he had kissed he way to their juncture. The silky brown hair covering this area was already damp and was standing apart by the arousal of the lips of her pussy. The lips were quite puffy and rounded with her passion and gaping slightly from his shoulders forcing her legs apart. Leaning forward he took this entire area in his mouth and began to run his tongue up and down the sensitive, gaping apart lips.

"OH," she all but screamed, grabbing his head and pulling it harder into her middle while raising it to meet his mouth. "What are you doing to me? It feels so good, I am burning up, my skin is all atingle, I don't know what is happening to me Will but it feels sooooo gooooooood!"

Still having only run his tongue up and down the oily slit he began to lick and lave her clit. Hunching into him harder and harder with each lick she continued to moan and groan. Moving back down he began to lick and tongue the source of her oils. He licked into this hot, oily grotto more and more, deeper and deeper until he could get his tongue in no deeper. It was stopped by a barrier. Licking, tonguing, laving and exploring with his tongue she kept hunching her hot pussy up to his mouth. Moaning and groaning more she was still trying to pull his head inside her as he again licked over the little nubbin of her clit. The feeling kept getting more and more intense until she thought she was going to die. Flashes of heat moved over her body always radiating outward from the place he was licking so well. The tingling got more and more heightened also until it felt to her as if a million, million ants were racing all over her body just under the skin. Finally when she thought it could get no more intense, the heat could not increase, the ants could move no faster, her middle melted! Her heart stopped, her breathing seized up and her body went rigid as she screamed out his name. A feeling, an elation, an ecstasy swept over her. Her body racked with the intensity of the feeling, she sobbed as her body twitched and twisted around the tongue that had brought this sensation, this marvelous feeling to her.

"Oh, Will," she gasped, "what did you do to me? You brought me such wondrous feelings. I thought I had died!"

"It has many names my Beloved. From the crude and vulgar to the sublime. The French even call it 'the little death' so you are correct in a way. You had an orgasm, a climax, you spent, you came. I merely delved into your womanly center with my tongue, licked upon your clitoris until you spent. If you will feel down here you will see that you also produced a lot of juice."

Moving her hand down to see for herself he directed it to the mouth of her hole where she found she HAD made something as he stuck her finger into it and it got all wet from the juice.

Gently moving her hand out of the way then he said, "It's quite tasty also." Moving forward again he licked the juice that she had just stuck her finger into. As he began to lick again she pulled his head into her hot, twitching pussy harder. Licking until the juice was no longer running from her he looked up to see her sucking on her finger.

"It doesn't have much of a taste to me," she said.

Raising up he kissed her clit again, running his tongue around and over it before moving on up to her bellybutton. Plunging his tongue in and licking all around she giggled and squirmed at the feeling it caused. Moving on forward he kissed and licked upon her heaving breasts as they rose and fell with her still ragged breathing.

Continuing to move up her body with his kisses he was stopped when he prodded into something. Reaching back down he moved the 'prod' up and down her slit coating the head even more with her juice before he moved it to the mouth of her wet, steamy grotto. Kissing the corner of her mouth he moved his middle forward until it reached the same barrier as had his tongue. Back and forth he worked his prod in the short entryway before the barrier as he kissed the corner of her mouth, her nose and then her full mouth.

"Oh, Will, that feeling is back. Do it again whatever it was you did. Do it some more."

Cupping her lovely breasts in his hands he played with the nipples and nuzzles her neck as he moved in and out the short way before the barrier.

"Please, Will, it feels so good, please do it more," she begged again.

"Beloved, it will cause you pain right now but only for a short while. You have a barrier called your Maidenhead that is blocking me. I need to tear through it. It is what makes you a virgin, this little piece of flesh."

"And when you tear through it and the pain is over will the good feeling come back? This wondrous feeling you are causing?"

"Yes," he answered simply.

"Do it Dearest one, make me feel that good again."

Back and forth he moved, bumping the barrier each time until finally he didn't stop, he didn't just bump the barrier. This time he had gathered himself and he lunged forward, tearing this bit of useless flesh out of the way and plowing deep inside her.

She cried out with the pain but it wasn't as intense as she had thought it would be, as bad as she expected from hearing him. He had stopped when he was deep inside her so that she could adjust to what was happening so the pain didn't continue long.

"Dearest one, it doesn't hurt as much now, do it some more. Make me feel that good again."

Moving in and out of her slowly he wanted her to enjoy what was happening to her. The pain was still there but only enough to let her know it was there, it didn't really HURT. As he moved slowly in and out of her tight, hot pussy however the marvelous feeling returned and she forgot about the minor irritation. He played, teased and enticed in helping to lubricate her full tight passage as he worked to make her hotter, more receptive to what he was doing. Still not inside her all the way she was panting already as he moved slowly in and out of her hot body. Changing his approach some he began to work from side to side and even move in little circles when he held himself back.

"Will, what can I do to help? This feels so good, can I do something to make it better?"

"Hook your legs around me, Beloved. Pull with your heels so you raise your bottom to meet each stroke as it comes down."

Following his instructions she began to work to heighten this wonderful experience she was having. He seemed to go in deeper each time she pulled herself up, it seemed to make the feels more and more intense as she did. Soon she was meeting his every stroke and pulling harder on him to increase the strokes. Faster in and out, deeper with each stroke was what she wanted him to do. The feelings, the elation, the passion mounted with each stroke, with each thrust into her. She covered his face with kisses until she couldn't breath and had to break away. Her head thrashing from side to side, her heels moving her middle up towards his, her body heaving with her ragged breathing until once again her middle melted around the invader that was causing all this indescribable pleasure!

"WILLLLLLLLLLLLL!" she screamed out.

With only a few more strokes he joined her, shooting gob after gob of hot, slick cum into her quivering pussy.

Stroking her beautiful body while he held himself off of her he helped to ease her down, he shuddered himself from the intensity of what had just happened. Panting still he rolled to the side where he wouldn't have to worry about crushing her under him or imbedding himself deeper into her lovely, pulsating body as he still rubbed up and down on her.

"Will, what did you do to me? What is it called?" she asked when she could once more talk.

"I made Love to you my Dearest, my Beloved, it's also called screwing and fucking."

"That was fucking? I've heard the girls around the stables talking and giggling about it but never imagined it could feel so good."

"No, that was Making Love, fucking is something that animals do, what you do with or to someone you have no feelings for. When you care for someone you Make Love. It is the feelings that make all the difference. You SHARE your feelings with each other. I could fuck you and it would feel good but not with the intensity of what we just shared because I would be doing it TO you, not WITH you."

"Can we do it again? I saw nothing to fear, only GOOD things, wonderful feeling things were happening."

"We will have to rest a bit for me to gather my strength again. It takes a lot out of a man as he produces and leaves juices there also. Just like you made juice, so did I. It is now in that wonderful place as you call it."

Feeling down around her middle she got her finger all slick with the cum he had left behind. Licking her finger she smiled at him, "That tastes a lot better than the juice that I made. It's salty."

"Would you like more? It is coating my prod, you could lick it off. I would like that, it feels good when someone does that."

"Oh, yes. If it feels good to you then let me do it. You have made me feel good twice now."

Turning in the bed she approached his now withered cock, first touched it with her hand and then her lips. There was enough light from the fire to see what she needed to see. Licking along it she was amazed that not all of it was coated with this good tasting stuff. She was also amazed that this soft, smooth, withered thing had recently been so hard and prodding her so deep and feeling so good. Taking it into her mouth she licked and sucked all the juice off of it and then asked, "Why is not all of it coated with this stuff?"

"I didn't put all of me into you, that's why. That is the fear I spoke of. I feared that in my passion for you I would insert too much and cause you harm. It has happened."

"It is a mouthful but I can't see how that could harm anyone," she argued.

"My Love, keep sucking and licking on it and I will explain when it rears its head once more."

Again she sucked on him, taking more and more of him inside her hot mouth. Already it was prodding the entry to her throat and she still had only about two thirds of his softened cock in her mouth.

"When the head comes to the rear of your mouth, swallow."

Following his instructions she swallowed which opened and eased the passage for more of him to get inside as part of his cock slithered down her throat. She kept fighting and struggling until she had all of him in her mouth and throat where she sucked it back and forth. Now however it was starting to fill with blood, starting to harden as she slurped and sucked on it. As it did it got larger around and longer in length.

While not massive in circumference it was LONG. Sir William Sexton sported a cock any pony would have been proud of, over 16 inches of prime meat. 16 inches that he had shoved into a female when he was younger and didn't know better, 16 inches that had nearly killed her before they could get the bleeding stopped and get her to a medical practitioner. Never again did he allow himself to get so aroused that he fed the monster, all of the monster on pussy.

Sucking on it until her jaw could not continue being open so much she slowly pulled back. She was amazed at how far she had to pull back before ALL of it was out of her mouth and throat.

"Is that longer than other men, Dearest one?" she asked.

"From what I have been told, about twice as long. Were I to feed all of it into you I could do you grievous harm or even kill you I have been told. The female body is not made for something this size so I have to be VERY careful not to harm you. THIS was my fear, my Beloved. Some men laugh and talk about what they would do if they had a horse cock for a dick, I have such and to me it is a curse."

"Is there anyplace you could stick it that I could take it all? It much feel soooo good rubbing back and forth for its full length."

"Only in your mouth or your ass. Not all women like the feel of a hard cock up their ass."

"Ohhhh, that sounds naughty! Let me go, I'll be right back."

Putting on her robe she left the room. It was several minutes later before she returned to the bed and when she removed the robe her backside was damp.

"I went to the privy to make sure there was nothing inside to get in the way and then washed myself to make sure I was all clean for you."

His feelings swelled up inside him and Will nearly started to cry himself. Not only was she willing to try this but was ACTIVELY willing. Stroking her, kissing her, this time running his tongue into and around her mouth when it opened to his gentle prodding and just holding her to him they relaxed. Pulling her leg up and over his he placed his long cock between her legs again and teased the lips of her pussy while he stroked down her back, across her ass and leg. Sliding one finger inside her pussy he coated it with cum that was still there and began to play with her ass and then to slid the oily finger in and out of her ass.

"Will, that tickles," she giggled. "It tickles nice however, don't stop.

Taking her at her word he not only didn't stop he moved deeper into the hot cavern. In and out, round and round he moved it. Running a second finger into her pussy he coated it also and then slid it in to join the first, to loosen the sphincter muscle and make it ready to receive a visitor. Now her breathing was changing pace, it was getting a bit faster and a bit more ragged.

"Will, that feelings coming back. What you're doing feels good, it's making me feel good all over. Do it more. Put your prod in me, all of it in me, make me feel good again Dearest one, please."

Never stopping his stroking into her ass he got her up on her hands and knees. Moving behind her he slid his monstrous long prod part ways into her pussy and coated the head and a couple of inches with her juice and what was left of the load of his cum he had put there. Pulling back he moved it up to the hole where his fingers were still busy loosen, widening, preparing it for his insertion. Pulling out his fingers he moved the head of his long cock to the loosened hole and pushed. He only pushed hard enough for the head and an inch or so to enter before he stopped so she could adjust to him being inside her. Rubbing her back and sides, he waited, along her sides and under to caress and massage her fine breasts so she could relax, could enjoy what they were doing he waited.

Then the enchanting, dick-filled ass began to twitch, move and shake around his meat. Slowly he pulled out part way and moved back in, farther than before but still not all the way in.

"Yeeessssssss," she sighed, "make it feel gooooood."

In and out, back and forth, to and fro he moved. Always trying to make her feel as good as he could he also slowly worked more and more inside her as she made no complaints of discomfort or pain. Before he realized it his middle was up against her sweet, firm ass and could go no farther inside and still she wanted more. Now taking longer strokes he moved nearly all of his long cock out before pushing forward again. Taking a tit in each hand he used them to pull himself into her harder and faster, to pull her back against his every stroke.

"Will, it feels so good. It feels wicked but good also. Do it to me more, please Will, more."

"What would your Father say if he saw you now?" he laughed.

"He would say it was about time that we consummated this marriage! His next question would be when are we making him a grandfather."

"I hate to tell you Beloved but you'll never become pregnant by me cumming in your ass."

"Right now all I want is you inside me making me feel so goooood. Please Will, make the good feelings come back."

Applying himself to her wishes he sawed away in her arsehole. In and out nearly his full length, back and forth and then in circles he moved. As the feelings increased, her breathing became more ragged her arms weakened and her head slowly sank down to the mattress below her. Keeping her ass high in the air so he could pound into it, so he could make the good feelings continue she rocked back against him, meeting each of the deep delving strokes. Sliding his hands back as she sank to the mattress, grasping her hips to both pull himself forward and to pull her back he rocked into her, faster and faster as the long strokes continued until he could feel his own climax beginning. By now Tess was gasping for breath and wailing away as he worked his long cock in and out of her.

"WIIILLLLLLLLL," she screamed out finally.

"TEESSSSSSSS," he yelled also.

Deep up inside her he spurted jet after jet of hot cum. Pulling her hips with him he fell to the side to lay there stroking her as she shuddered, quiver, quakes and shook also. Wrapping his arms around her he pulled her closer and cupping one breast in his hand he stroked her lovely body that he had finally been able to love. Pulling the covers up and over them he relaxed with his wife firmly against him, his dick still implanted in her ass, holding and stroking her.

"Oh Will," she muttered sleepily, "that was marvelous. It felt so good, you make me so happy my Love, my Darling, my Dearest one. How can anyone NOT like to feel as wonderful as you made me feel."

A few hours later Sexton awoke enough to realize what was happening. His lovely Tess were twitching her ass back and forth on his long hard dick. Still deep inside her she was moving against it even as she slept. Never letting go of his hold on her delightful breasts he rolled over on top of her. Spreading her legs he moved between them and began to stroke again into her fine, pleasing ass as she smiled in her sleep and muttered something. Teasing her nipples, licking and kissing her neck, he stroked long and firmly into her. She ass twitched and moved up to meet his plunging cock. Even asleep she worked with him to make it better for both of them.

Rotating his ass to make the feelings more he kept moving into her.

"So gooood, Will, so goooood, don't stop, Love my arse," she muttered.

Following her orders he didn't stop. He applied himself to making her feel as good as he could. He kept working in and out of her until even in sleep her breathing was ragged and she was panting, gasping.

"WIIILLLLLLLLL!" she screamed out as she had another climax. Joining her in that he again came deep in her ass as the shakes, quivers and shudders worked on him cock.

Grasping her hip he again rolled to the side taking her with him. Panting and gasping along with her he massaged her breasts, rubbed up and down on her wet pussy and pulled her again up to his body.

"That was very wicked of you to fuck me when I didn't even know it. That had to be a fuck as I was not there to share it with you," she whispered.

"Not really, you did your part even asleep. You rose to meet my every stroke. If I didn't know better I would think you liked this! You DO realize that well bred Ladies only tolerate sex, they NEVER care for it at all," he said teasingly.

"Just so you make sure I am WELL bred every night, I will tolerate it all I can," she laughed quietly as she hugged his arms that were around her and jammed her ass back against him. "Will, that feels so good and you make me so happy, Dearest one. Thank you."

"You are very welcome, Beloved. I enjoyed it just as much as you did. As you saw, I spent each time also. I spent in your sweet pussy and twice now in your hot, delectable arse. The only time I didn't cum was while you were sucking me."

Snuggling back closer she murmured, "We'll have to work on that later, now hold me while I go back to sleep."

Sleep they both did, only arising well after the sun was up. Even from the bed he could see that the stable hands were already exercising and working the horses. Sir William Sexton was not content to just live on his income and play like many of his peers, instead he bred and raised both carriage horses and now hunters. Many of his friends enjoyed the hunt so he had branched into that area as well. His long cock was again full and hard however so was his bladder. He was afraid to put the one to use for fear the other would let go as well. As he slowly withdrew from her fine, shapely ass he couldn't overcome the temptation as he stroked in and out of it a few times before completing the exit. Again she responded by moving back to meet his strokes. Kissing her neck and shoulder he slowly slid from the bed and covered her once more.

Putting on his robe he went to take care of his morning ablution. In the bed Tess smiled, stretched, took a bite from the crisp, tart apple on her nightstand to remove the taste and feel of morning breath and slowly rose herself to use the chamber pot. Standing before the window, she looked out at the horses and their handlers. As far away as they were she need not fear them seeing her as she gazed out still naked.

He walked up behind her, slid his arms around her middle and pulled her back to him, kissing her bare shoulder and neck. When her head cocked to the side this time he kissed all the way up the neck and nibbled on her ear. Drawing back just a bit he stuck his tongue into her ear making her giggle, shiver and move away.

"Oh, Will, did it really happen or was it just a dream?"

Reaching out a hand he teased a nipple as he laughed, "Lady Tess, those definitely look like cum stains and pecker tracks you have around your pussy and down your legs. I think we can safely say it happened. If you will check the bed you will probably find some slight blood stains as well. How do you feel?"

"Wonderful! More than that! Words can't express how I feel. Oh, Dearest one, I love you so."

Pulling her to him he kissed her soundly and then stepped back. "And how does you body feel? Sore anywhere?"

"My arse is a bit sore and I have a spot on my pussy as you keep calling it that is sore also but only a bit, nothing major. My only complaint is, they are both empty! One or the other needs to be filled, Dearest one. I think I could tolerate being filled that way to start the day, don't you?"

Opening his robe Will stood before his wife in the daylight so she could for the first time SEE the monster that had entered her body.

"Will? All that's YOU? It's longer than my hand and arm to the elbow!" she said with amazement as she stroked this long thing protruding from his middle.

"And the bane of my existence! If only there were some way to shorten it so I could love you like a normal man. Tess, I want to be able to shove this into your sweet, hot pussy and gallop with you until we both spend copious amounts of juice. I long to be able to pound into your middle and make you feel all that I am, not hold back for fear of causing you harm, to be able to relax and just love you."

"Come with me my Dearest one, we will do some exploring," she told him, taking the monster firmly in hand she led him to their bed. Lying back on the side of the bed she told him, "Fit it in slowly, only part of him."

Rubbing himself up and down her aroused slot he moistened the head on the dew already formed there. Slowly he worked the head into her hot pussy and pushed. Only allowing two or three inches of himself to enter her tight passage he stopped.

"Will, that feels as good this morning as it did last night however this time we are working, not playing. Feed some more in and slowly keep on until I stop you," she instructed him.

Slowly he fed more and more of the monster into her, the tight walls of her pussy still gripping strongly, an inch at the time he slowly slid inside her until he was jabbing something deep inside. Hearing her grunt he stopped and pulled back a bit.

"Now take yourself in hand at that spot, Dearest one. Pull out of me." When he did she scurried about until she had found some string with which to measure him. Holding the string she measures how much of him she had been able to take safely and knotted the string there. Removing his hand she measured ALL of the monster and then knotted the string again. Putting it to one side she looked back at him. "Now Dearest one, take yourself in hand there again and put the rest inside me. Make love to me Will and if the desire to feed all of it overwhelms you then stick it up my arse like you did last night. Love me, Will."

Sliding his hard cock inside her hot, wet pussy he was holding himself in the same place to keep from doing harm to her. As he began to penetrate her sweet body her legs came up and around him to pull him into her more and more. As he began to stroke she worked with him to help them both enjoy it more. The problem was that she was pulling him into her deeper than she should, she was causing herself pain rather than pleasure. Pulling out he raised her legs more and inserted himself into her ass again and penetrated it to his full length.

"Ohhhhhh, Will! That feels nearly as good as when you're in my pussy. Stroke it Dearest one, stroke it long and deep inside my arse."

Again pulling him in with her legs he stroked deep into her fine body as he leaned down to kiss her and run his tongue around the inside of her mouth. Shoving back her tongue pushed his out and she invaded his mouth this time. Round and round inside his mouth her tongue traveled, showing him how much she was enjoying what he was doing to her. Humping her middle up to meet his every stroke she was gasping and panting for breath as he began to shorten his stroke and speed them up. Holding his shoulders as she desperately slammed her middle up to meet him she began to mutter louder and louder.

"Love my arse, Will, Love my Arse, LOVE MY ARSE, OHHHHHHHH!"

Spewing an offering of his own deep inside her ass Will all but collapsed on top of her. Not letting go of him she rolled over which pulled him onto the bed as well. Working with him until he was deeper into the bed she sat back on top of him. Her back straight, arms to the side and knees on either side of him she appeared to be astride a horse. Posting up and down slowly she was keeping his long cock buried in her ass and not allowing it to go down. Shaking her head to get her long hair out of her face she gazed down at him as she rode her 'mount'. Posting more and more she took him deeper and deeper inside her.

Still panting hard Will looked up at her with a smile, "Lady Tess, I have always admired your seat. It is quite firm and you sit a mount well but never have I admired it more nor thought it more firm than today, right now." Shoving up from beneath her he met her every downstroke which only made her Post harder, faster until once again she was gasping for breath.

"Dearest one, I'm ready, spend with me, spend inside me, spew all over my insides, WILLLLLLLLLL!"

Joining her yet again he spewed his offering inside her shuttering, clamping ass. Rolling her to one side so she could breath and relax they both caught their breath as he stroked her wet body, a body wet with perspiration from cumming twice in such quick succession. Stroking and snuggling with his most dear wife Will enjoyed the peace that had descended upon him.

"Oh, Will that was wonderful."

Chiding her he said, "What WILL the other members of the Equestrian Order say with I tell them how you mistreat your mounts, riding them to exhaustion! Shame, shame, Lady Tess."

Laughing and giggling she answered, "Only if you tell them WHICH mount I rode to that state, Dearest one. Oh, Will." Squeezing his to her she showered him with kisses as she pulled herself even closer to him.

Stroking and relaxing they both came slowly back down and were breathing normally when Will drew himself out of her, "Most Beloved, I have things that need doing today. I must leave you now. I need to dress, break my fast and get to the stables. I dare not be TOO late."

Kissing her once more he grabbed his robe and left the room. Sighing with contentment Tess lay there but a moment more before putting on her own robe and leaving for the bathes as well. While donning her robe she saw that there were indeed blood stains on the sheets of their bed from their night play.

Soaking and musing while her maid worked on her hair Tess finally asked, "Marie, there is a harness maker employed here isn't there? To sell harness horses one would think there was a harness maker here as well."

"Yes, Milady. When our original harness maker died in an accident his wife took over and is doing all that needs doing. Sir Will kept her on after seeing the fine work she does. HE doesn't think only MEN can do the jobs that need doing here. Mrs. Fowler is the harness maker now, she's down at the stables."

"Better and better. Don't lay out a dress for me. Lay out some of Sir Will's out grown riding clothes. They should fit me close enough."

"Milady! You would wear PANTS?"

"To work around horses one must dress appropriately, Marie. A dress will never do. Later on the seamstress can make me proper jodhpurs and the bootmaker can make me boots proper for them. I need proper clothes for working on a horse farm."

Drying off and returning to the bedroom the other staff had already changed and made the bed. Tess attired herself in the clothing that Marie had laid out and the fit was reasonable. Rolling up the sleeves of one of his shirts and putting on her boots she went down to break her fast before joining Will at the stables.

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