Keeping it in the Family

by Sven the Elder

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sister deputises for absent lover, then the family gets involved

© October 2002

Chapter 1: Fuck the first

Some time ago I dated an air hostess - well that's what they were called in those days - I guess these days they're known as a Flight Attendant, cabin crew - Hell! Whatever - I've even heard them called 'trolley dollies'! They work hard to earn their pay and I certainly wouldn't be that disparaging.

This was back in the sixties and this lass worked out of the airport I also worked at. I was a techie behind the scenes and I'd met up with her in the staff canteen. It was towards the end of the shift - the canteen had been empty and she'd come in for a coffee before going home, glanced round then asked if she could join me. It ended up with me offering a lift home, she accepting, us stopping off for a quiet drink and then her spending the night with me. I think the only thing we didn't do was sleep. She was an insatiable and inventive lover and we had an easy uncomplicated affair that lasted for several years. Neither of us was possessive, which was probably just as well. When she was away I certainly had other girlfriends that she knew about and she used to tell me all about the randy Captains that tried, and sometimes succeeded, in bedding her.

During this time I had an apartment in the centre of the city this airport served - sorry! I'm not going to be any more open about its location than that, I still have a lot of friends in that area. She lived with her parents a way out of town and a lot closer to the airport. We had been an item for a year or so when we arrived back to my apartment after an evening out to find the police blocking off the end of the road and a good number of fire-trucks littering the scene. When you realise it's your block that's the cause of the problem it leaves you a little numb. That was the night I got to meet the rest of the family: Ma, Pa, two younger sisters and - as they lived on a farm - a whole raft of animals both domestic and otherwise.

I got made a fuss of and some spare clothes sorted out. Their son no longer lived at home but fortunately kept some clothes there, and as I was about his size they were donated and I got to use his bedroom. In fact, apart from smoke damage my apartment was reasonably unscathed. I got to salvage my belongings a few days later and after some specialist cleaning, paid for by the insurance company, most all of my things were ok. The fire turned out to be caused by faulty wiring, so I got some compensation and my deposit back as well as a rent rebate.

Karen's family wouldn't hear of me looking for anywhere else so I ended up in John's room and rapidly became a sort of honorary family member. Except that Karen and I weren't intending to get married, no matter what the family may have thought - we'd both decided that some time previously. Her four or five days off between flights that sometimes took her to the other side of the world for ten days or more were just fine, but neither she nor I were intending to remain celibate in the intervening periods while we were not together. Which in itself rapidly became a problem. Damn me, but it became quite apparent that while Karen was away Ma and Pa did not expect the mouse to play. Now I'm not a screw-a-night guy, but a week without a good shag was about as much as I could cope with - a whole 15 days, which was the period Karen was away just after I moved in, was dire. Well, it would have been except that Skye, her sister, decided to take it into her head to 'look after' me.

Perhaps I ought to explain, Karen was the eldest at 23, same age as me. Skye, which is I suspect where her parents conceived the girl, was 21 and the youngest, Julie, 18. John, who I knew vaguely from work experience in the past, was Karen's twin.

I'm not sure that Karen knew about this new arrangement, but neither am I sure that at the time I cared too much in any case. I'd retired to bed a little earlier than usual, read for a time and then as the house settled down and other folks went to bed I'd turned the light out and started to doze off. I was roused about an hour later by someone in my room. The floor boards in that old house tended to creak - my bedroom floor was no exception - and the gentle creak had woken me just before the covers were eased back and a warm naked body eased in beside me. The bed was a comfortably sized double, which helped, but even still it was a very nice pair of tits that got pressed against me.

"Are you awake, Sven?" Skye's voice was close enough to blow in my ear at the same time.

"Yes - what the hell are you doing here? Your Dad'll go mental if he catches you here. I'll be chased down the road on the end of a shotgun!"

Skye's response was to giggle gently and to tell me that as it was Friday night they wouldn't be too interested. I had to ask why, and was told that 'Friday night was nookie night, ' and once her Dad had his shag he'd be out like a light, with her mother close behind.

I have to say that with Skye's hot, sexy body rubbing up against mine I actually wasn't about to either care too much or argue. Skye's fingers found my cock better than almost ready and she breathed "Nice..." in my ear and departed south to sample it. A second later I had to stifle a groan as she wrapped her lips round me.

As she'd headed off in that direction she was almost turned round and I had a rather nice ass close by, so not being of a shy nature I felt it might be nice to follow suit and have a little feast. I'm not at all sure what she'd been up to before she'd arrived in my bed, but she was hot, juicy and open as I poked my tongue into her box as far as I could. The reaction, as she sucked on my shaft, was everything I had hoped it might be and her juices flowed even more copiously. My bed was going to be a rather damp place to sleep in later that night.

In the race to see who'd come first I beat her easily and she swallowed all of that first load like a professional. I could feel her clit between my lips and it seemed to grow even more as her own orgasm arrived and she stiffened and groaned as the spasm overtook her and I got to lap even more of her juices. She scooted round and laid along me, breasts delectably squashed against me, leg over my own and her bottom cupped in my hand. She kissed me, my own taste tart on her lips.

"Not so grumpy now?"

All I could do was squeeze her gently before saying that I didn't realise I had been. Skye laughed quietly herself as she gently rubbed her lovely tits against me again.

"Ready for more?" Her answer came as my dick stiffened against her leg. She almost purred as she moved on top of me, spread her legs wide enough and wriggled me inside her. Barely moving she started to contract her muscles on me, screwing me, milking me then reaching down to pull my ass even tighter against her and me deeper inside as she shivered and shook herself to another intense one.

She was not as wet now, and too sensitive as well, so she moved off me and started to snuggle into me half asleep. I gently reminded her that her mother had started to bring me a cup of tea in bed in the morning and that if she found her darling daughter in bed with the lodger it might not go down too well. Skye snorted at me, but did kiss me and got out and as quietly as possible went back to her own room. I breathed a sigh of relief, got up and opened a window a so that the smell of sex might have gone down a bit before that cup of tea arrived, climbed back into my damp, aromatic bed and slept soundly with Skye's taste on my lips for memory.

Chapter 2: Fuck the second

I woke late the next day - not being on shift coupled with it being a Saturday meant I had a rare lie-in. In fact it was a car pulling away down the lane leading to the main road a mile or so away that roused me. A moment or two later there was a tap on the door and as it opened Julie's voice said, "Are you decent?" Then without waiting she came straight on in with my morning tea. I think we both blushed a bit as I sat up to hide my 'morning glory' but nothing more was alluded to so the moment passed.

"Karen's told us that you used to ride a year or so ago. I'm off to exercise my horse this morning, and Mum' said that she won't be riding this weekend. If you want to take her hunter out for exercise she's more than happy."

Now, up to this point Julie had always been the shy one of the family with me, and this was one of the longest pieces of conversation I'd had with her, and I hadn't even joined it. I asked when she was heading out and she told me she had planned to go in about half an hour.

"OK, I'd love to," I said, "I don't eat a lot of breakfast so I'll have a shower, finish my tea and join you at the stables."

"Oh, great," grinned Julie, "I'll go start saddling them both up," and she shot off out of the room, rather to my relief.

As I slipped out of bed I was aware of the smell of last night's great sex that still lingered in the room and as I opened the windows rather wider than before to let the smell of the farm come in I breathed an inward sigh of thanks that Angela, Julie and Skye's mother, hadn't come in as she usually did. I was going to have to do something with Skye's juicy odour if the evening's adventure was to be repeated as I hoped it might.

By the time I got down to the stables Julie had saddled up both horses and was just tightening the cinch on mine.

"Is Skye not coming as well?" I asked.

Julie just snorted derisively and muttered that since Skye had discovered that getting a man between her thighs was as pleasurable as it was, she didn't think of much else! She glanced at me with a slightly raised eyebrow as she said it.

I coughed and turned away to go climb up on my horse. She whinnied gently as I approached. As usual when I rode, I went to her head first, made eye-contact with those great brown eyes and stroked her nose. She nuzzled me gently and I knew we were in for a good workout together. Julie looked at me, head on one side a little, and grinned as she observed quietly that it was nice to see someone who treated their ride with respect, then she led off moving out of the farm yard down the back lane. We walked quietly together, side by side, until we reached an open gate that led into rough pasture that stretched up a hill that climbed gradually for about half a mile or so. I followed suit as Julie eased into a canter and thus we gently climbed the hill, easing back to a trot and then back down to a walk as we reached the top.

Turning her mount round to face back over the deep valley that now stretched out in front of us, Julie reined in and stopped.

As I came quite close along side she looked at me and said quite matter-of-factly, "You and Skye'll have to learn to be quieter when you fuck. I don't know whether Mum and Dad heard you, but I certainly did, and the way your room smelt this morning..." She wrinkled her nose expressively.

What do you say in that sort of situation? All I could say was, "Sorry, I'll try and keep her quieter next time."

Julie looked at me and added, "I should think so too - if Mum and Dad hadn't been screwing each other's brains out the other side of me I'm sure they would have heard. As it was, with the four of you going at it the way you were I couldn't get to sleep and it's a wonder the house wasn't moving." She giggled a little to herself at the thought of her last remark.

"You're only jealous that you weren't getting any as well."

She looked at me thoughtfully and said, "If Mum and Dad had been away I might have come and joined the pair of you."

Then she turned her horse away and kicked it gently into a trot along the old green way on the top of the down. Now it was my turn to gaze after her thoughtfully as I moved off after her. I decided I'd wait to see what more was said before I raised the subject again.

A mile or so later a main road came towards and ran along the side of our ancient road and we came to a small petrol station and shop - we stopped and she held my mare as I dismounted and went and brought us a couple of cans of cold beer for a little later. She had assured me there was an old hill-fort that had some trees for shade, that we could also tether the horse to and sit and relax for a moment or two before riding back. Sure enough, as we rounded the brow of the hill the copse came into view and a few moments later we were stopped, dismounted and the horses tethered while we sat, having our drink and looking out into the hazy late morning of a lovely warm summer's day.

While I was wondering whether to raise the subject of my 'fucking' of her sister the previous night or to just be bold and try my luck with Julie, she herself surprised me.

"I'm too hot" was all she said as she peeled off her T-shirt, revealing a very pleasantly shaped pair of breasts that had a faint gleam of sweat - sorry - horses sweat, ladies glow - that lovely glow to them, her nipples hardening as they cooled.

She raised an eyebrow quizzically as she tucked the shirt underneath and lay back on it. "Well, come on then, or aren't I allowed to get horny as well?"

I have to say that I didn't need a second invitation, but just stretched out alongside her, took a nipple in my lips and suckled gently as I rubbed her tummy, slipping my hand under the waistband of her jeans and pants. She, like her older sister the night before, was hot wet and ready to go. She confirmed it by pulling my head to hers, kissing me quite fiercely and then looking me straight in the eye and saying, "Don't piss about, just fuck me!"

So I unzipped her jeans and dragged them off just enough as she tried to get mine to the same stage. I helped and then she guided me into her as we coupled, me on top. Making love this was not; a hard, wet and dirty fuck it was. Julie drew blood as she bit my shoulder though my T-shirt when she came. I just shuddered and arched my way to a hard, hard orgasm, pumping my wetness deep into her. As I slid out she caught some of our juices in her fingers and licked it off.

"Just as well that Mother put us both on the pill, isn't it?" Was all she said. Then finished by adding, "I'm going to sit here like this for a minute and let that lot drain; otherwise I'll be riding home in my own wet spot." Well, yes, of course...

I marvelled a little to myself as we rode back down to the farm. Julie really had just been horny, our morning's fuck was just that, a damn good fuck. Lovely.

When we got back we took the tack off the animals, wiped it down and hung it up, then groomed and cleaned them down after their morning's exercise - at the end we'd allowed ourselves the pleasure of a good gallop when we had been back on level ground, dropping to a trot to let them cool down for the last half mile.

Skye came down with some carrots for the horses and if she thought about what we might have been doing didn't say anything.

"Forgot to tell you I'm on nights for the next week, Sven," she said.

As I was going to be on long days we weren't going to see each other too much, except in passing - maybe shift start and end. Even though we worked in different areas we did share the same car park.

I glanced at Julie as she was saying this and just wondered at the hint of a smile that I might have glimpsed.

Chapter 3: Fuck the Third

If I was expecting Julie in my bed I was mistaken. She obviously had decided that she didn't want to be caught in the act, so it was that I at least got some sleep for a few nights. At supper later in the week, Jack, Angela's older husband, mentioned that he was going to be spending a couple of nights away as he had business in a city that would keep him all day. As he needed to start early and wouldn't finish 'til late he had reluctantly decided that it made sense to travel the day before and the day after. We all agreed that it would be much more sensible than getting up very early and then after a tiring day heading back. I don't think he needed us to say that but he obviously felt better when we agreed, and I'm sure Angela was happier as well. Jack was not particularly old, but he was rather out of shape, and it would have been a hell of a day even for a man of my age let alone one in his fifties.

When I came back from work the next day he had all ready left - Angela served up a meal for just herself and me, telling me that Julie had ridden over to a friend's house about fifteen miles away, and both she and the horse would be 'stabled' there overnight.

Later I sat with her, as I often did, in an armchair in the kitchen, both reading a book, listening to the radio and occasionally chatting over something just played that we had both enjoyed. A pleasant homely way to spend an evening. Towards the end of the evening, without asking, Angela brought us a whiskey night-cap. I thanked her and we sat in silence and sipped it.

Angela broke the silence. "Sven?"

Without looking at her I replied "Mmm" and then choked on my drink as somewhat out of the blue she said, "Sleep with me tonight." Then without waiting for me to reply, she added, "Even though I was having my weekly fuck with Jack, I heard you and Skye the other night. I think I want to enjoy sex like that again before I get too old. It's become a bit of a weekly chore for Jack. He's not at all bothered any more."

Then she stood up, made sure the kitchen door was secured - the front was seldom opened - and walked to the door. "Put the lights out when you come up..."

Dazed by this unexpected turn of events, I finished my whiskey and then poured myself another one, hesitating, unsure of what I wanted to do. The kitchen door creaked as Angela came back and stood naked beside it.

"Sven, it may surprise you to know that my daughters and I are quite open on the subject of their love life. I know you're screwing Karen, I know that Skye bedded you last week, she told me even if I hadn't heard. I know you and Julia fucked during your ride at the weekend. I can't have any more children and that seems to have rather turned Jack off sex. Latterly I'm lucky if I even get a look-in on a Friday. But I still have my own desires. I suggested Julia go over to the Harrisons' for a couple of days, she's not working this week and was getting bored. Their son fancies her a lot so it won't be too much of a hardship.

"Now - come to bed please," then laughing, "This horny old woman wants her wicked way with you."

This time I finished the dregs of my my whiskey and followed her, mesmerised by the sight of her tight naked rear going up the stairs in front of me. I could easily make out the shape of her sex showing in the light from the hall. I went from hard to harder in an instant. Catching her up up as we climbed the stairs I ran my hand up the inside of her legs, drawing my hand back along her sex and the crease of her bottom. She moaned, shuddered, stopped, and almost fell and said, "Christ, that's the first time I've ever climaxed from someone doing that."

Turning, she caught my head and, as I was still a couple of steps lower, tilted me so as to be able to kiss me. A full blooded wet, open-mouthed luscious kiss - "God if you can do that the first time you touch me..." and she grabbed me by the hand and almost ran on to her bedroom. My shirt was ripped as she tore it off in her impatience, I undid my belt, kicked my slippers off and she had me naked in front of her in seconds. She slipped to her knees and kissed the tip of my penis, then made love to it with her mouth, her hands holding the cheeks of my ass so she could control and pull me into her. The blow job developed into the best I have ever had, her mouth was hot and wet, her tongue active and creating wonderful sensations, but it was her hands. Lightly running them all round the tops of my legs, my balls and my ass the feelings were incredible.

"Angela, you'd better stop... please Stop!"

For the first time we had sex I wanted this to end up somewhere other than in her throat.

She giggled as I picked her up and dropped her on their bed - "Here, are you sure?"

"God, yes," was the response, so I kissed my way up the inside of a leg before being surprised by the hairless lips of her juicy centre. I looked up at her in surprise.

"It was shaved for Julia's birth, never grew back," was he only comment. So I went back to work, now licking and lapping those wonderful juices. Any one who could bottle them would make a fortune!

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