Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, First, Petting, Bestiality, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - About as fast as the M25 on a bank holiday. A story about a girl and her dog

Laughing, Kirsty jumped off the bus, deftly side-stepping the dog shit on the pavement. Her friends banged on the windows as the school bus slowly accelerated away. A dented red micra blared its horn as the bus carved back into the traffic stream.

Reaching into her bag she retrieved her last stick of chewing gum. As she unwrapped the gum she planned her nights TV viewing. Tonight it was Eastenders. It had been getting boring, but the last episode hinted that things might soon change. The empty gum wrapper falling from her hand, she stepped into the local corner shop.

Kirsty made her way to the magazine shelf and started looking through the large variety of teen magazines. Having made her selection she looked around the shop. There was an old, smelly man looking at a top shelf publication. He looked her way and ripple of disgust ran down her spine. The shopkeeper was busy serving a customer. In the background, the dulcet tones of Travis tinly radiated from what appeared to be the worlds oldest working radio.

She looked around again, the smelly old man had gone back to his grot mag. The shopkeeper was still dealing with the customer. Deftly, she slipped the magazines into her bag, and with a final last look around the shop, absconded.

Humming Gareth Gates latest offering she quickly covered the distance to her house. On entering, she disarmed the alarm and chucked her coat onto the nearest empty peg. Taking the steps three at time, she headed upstairs to her room. Jumping onto her bed, she lay there for a moment, contemplating. Kirsty glanced at her watch, then reached into her bag to retrieve the magazines.

Downstairs the front door opened and closed. She ignored it. It was only her mother after all. Kirsty looked around for the TV remote. Not finding it, she thumped the on switch. As the opening credits and music of Neighbours reverberated around the room, she walked over to her Blue poster. She stopped in front of it and reflected for a moment. With a burst of aggression she ripped it of the wall, throwing it in the direction of the bin. Blue were so yesterday.

Kirsty threw herself back onto the bed and settled down to watch TV.

"Dinners ready love." Her mother called from downstairs.

"Okay mum" She arose, stopping momentarily to allow the pins and needles to pass.

Once sat down at the table her mother proceeded to dish the tea. "How was school today?" She asked.

Kirsty pondered for a moment "All right I suppose." Her mother waited for her to elaborate, by nothing more was forthcoming. Just then the front door opened. Kirsty did not look up from her plate as her father walked in.

"Hi love. MMM that smells nice." He lovingly spoke as he gave his wife a tender peck on the cheek and a playful slap on the bottom.

Kirsty groaned at the display. "Oh, please." Her parents ignored her.

"Well?" Asked her mother of her father, as she served him his meal. He nodded.

"Well What?" Asked Kirsty, just catching the by play.

Her parents looked at each other.

"What?" Kirsty asked again.

There was another pregnant pause.

Finally her father spoke "I applied for and got another job."

"Oh. Where?" The bombshell just starting to sink in to Kirstys conscious.

Her father paused and looked to his wife again. He turned back to Kirsty and took a deep breath. "Scotland."

"Scotland" Kirsty echoed.

"Well, north of Scotland to be precise" He clarified.

"Oh, and that makes all the difference does it? Excuse me." Kirsty pushed her half eaten dinner to the side then headed to her room.

As she left the room, her father made to follow her, "No, don't" his wife stopped him. "She needs to be alone. Let the news sink in. She will come down when she is ready." He sat back down, appetite lost.

Kirsty walked into her room, to shocked to even slam the door. She looked at the wall in askance. "Scotland. Fucking Scotland. Who the fuck would want to go and live there?" The wall stayed silent. "They don't even have sodding channel 5, for Christ's sake, and they're ginger." Then the true implications began to set in. Leaving her friends behind. The hassle of moving. The lack of amenities. Kirsty launched herself onto her bed and buried her head in the pillow. Her body wracked with sobs.

Later her mother came in with some biscuits and juice. Putting the tray on the bedside table she sat on the edge of the bed. After a moments silence, Kirsty spoke. "Why mum? Why now?"

Her mother thought for a moment, then sighed. "I understand that it's not a good time for you, but it's promotion for your father. I have also been offered a job at his firm. So not only do I get to work with him, it's a pay rise for me as well."

"But mum, what about all my friends?"

"You're a bright intelligent girl. You will make friends there as well." Her mother soothed. "Plus, house prices are a lot cheaper there than they are here. We will be able to afford a bigger house. How do you fancy having a room twice the size of this one? More room to store clothes and stuff."

"But mum. What's the point of having more room if there is nowhere to buy clothes?"

Her mother sighed in resignation. "Sleep on it, you will feel better in the morning." Then after a motherly hug, left the room.

Kirsty had fought tooth and nail, but to no avail. Her parents had gone house hunting without her. She had even refused to look at pictures of the house they had bought. As if, like some bad dream, she would wake up and all would be well. The last of the house contents had left this morning. The house, she mused, was like her soul. Bare.

She had been in the car for four hours now and was completely fredders. The road seemed never ending. All she had were the memories of the last few weeks to dwell on. The many goodbyes from her friends, the best wishes from teachers and people she hardly knew, and who hardly knew her. Her mother had told her to treat it as an adventure, something to look forward to. "Never look back. Look forward" She was always saying. It was like having a jumping c.d. in her player. At least you could turn the c.d. player off.

The noise of window wipers woke her. She stretched to try and relieve some of the stiffness. The movement caught her mothers eye. She turned round.

"We're in Scotland now dear."

Kirsty looked out the window at the weather. "Great." She replied in a voice devoid of all enthusiasm. Outside the driving rain lashed against the side windows, obscuring the land past the edge of the motorway.

When she next awoke, the engine was running but the car was stationary. In the front her parents were checking the road map. The rain had stopped but night was starting to fall. In the fading light all she could see were hills, hills and more hill. Even the road went up a hill. She could not imagine anyone who would want to live here. Sleep seemed the best option.

Kirsty woke to someone gently shaking her leg. It was her mother. "Honey we are here."

She looked out the window. 'Here' seemed to consist of the narrowest road she had every seen, a small wood and the obligatory set of hills. Her father started to slow down, then turned of the road onto a dirt track. A track that the car found most disagreeable. A shadowy shape started to appear out of the gloom. As they got closer it started to reveal itself as a one and a half story house. From the outside it looked as bleak as the weather.

The car slowly ground to a halt outside the front door and her parents purposefully headed in its direction. Kirsty stayed in the car, loathe to leave its familiar surroundings. However being left alone in the bleak surroundings soon drove her into motion. Leaving the car was a shock. For a start, the temperature difference between the car and outside was substantial. It was also colder than she was used to. She hurried towards the dubious safety of the house.

On entering Kirsty was grudgingly surprised. From the outside, the house looked decidedly rustic. At some point, in the not to distant past, someone had renovated it. The vision of spider webs and rats was not realised. For a start it was pleasantly warm, an obvious sign of double glazing. The rooms were well lit and the sound of a flushing toilet proved the existence of not only an inside toilet but the presence of running water.

As much as she tried to deny it, she was overwhelmed by the urge to explore her new domain. The kitchen was no show room, but consisted of a utilitarianism that still managed to convey some aesthetic undertones. The living room, devoid of carpet and furniture, still held an air of potential cosiness. Even the dining room seemed to contain a hint of the meals to come. And the size, maybe it was because the house lacked furniture, but the rooms seemed so huge. She was somewhat disappointed with the stairs. Compared with the rest of the house, they seemed positively tiny. Excitement building, she bounded up the stairs three at a time.

Upstairs seemed strange. The walls only rose four feet then sloped up into the middle of the room. While not too great a hindrance to a thirteen year old girl, an adult would find it some getting used to. After a moments perusal she headed back down. There she found her parents in a heated debate as to the position of the furniture.

That night she slept in her sleeping on a camp bed, her bed and the rest of the furniture not due till the next day.

The next few days seemed to fly by as all their possessions were unloaded from the removal vans. The painters were in, the carpet layers were under foot every where, the plumber was servicing the boiler and even an electrician was hidden under the floorboards. To escape some of the chaos, Kirsty had retreated to the outside world.

The garden was huge, with grass so overgrown, that even a chain saw would have been hard pressed. Bordering the back fence was a small copse, that helped to provide some respite from the cruel North wind. The driveway at the front of the house merged into a heather and gorse jungle. Having a garden was yet another new experience, one she had only read about.

Idyllic as it was, it could not last forever.

The school uniform was a bit of a novelty at first. Where she had been used to skirt, blouse and blazer, her new uniform consisted of trousers, polo neck and fleece. After experiencing the weather first hand, the choice was understandable.

Her father had explained that normally she would be picked up by bus, but until she got settled he would do the honours.

The school was one of the biggest shocks of her life. It was tiny. Only the merest fraction of her old schools size.

"It's tiny" She exclaimed.

"Well," Her father admitted "It is a good bit smaller, but that does not mean that the education's worse. So don't you worry."

That was exactly what was worrying her. For as long as she could remember she had always sat at the back of the class. Education was a nasty word that only those in the front had to deal with.

On entering the school, her father took her to see the headmistress. The headmistress had a brief word with her, then asked her secretary to take her to her class, while she chatted to her father.

The school itself looked like a large, square bungalow. The quadrangle in the centre was glassed over to make a large greenhouse. In the middle of the bungalow, a corridor ran round. On one side of the corridor the rooms had a window into the quad, on the other, the windows looked out onto the hills, or the sports pitch. A separate building held the indoor gym and dinner hall.

Kirsty thought she could not be more surprised. She was wrong. The secretary stopped outside a door and motioned her forward.

"This is your new class"

Kirsty looked through the glass panel in the door. "Where are they all?" She asked.

The secretary looked at her in askance.

"There is." Kirsty looked back through the window again "only five of them"

"Six now" The secretary said, and with that, knocked and entered.

Kirsty stood at the door stunned. How could there be only five in a class? Had the class been involved in some accident that had killed ninety percent of the class?

"Don't be shy" The secretary called out. "Come in and introduce yourself."

What followed was one of the most embarrassing moments of Kirst's young life. To have to stand in front of five stony faced kids and tell them about herself was almost to much to bare. When she had finished, in an embarrassed silence, the two girls and three boys hardly even glanced at her as she walked past to sit at her allotted seat. At least they left her alone for the rest of the lesson.

When lunchtime came she sat alone at an empty table. Aware that almost every eye in the canteen was focused on her. Some looks were quick glances, some were full on stares. It felt as if she had grown a second head. What had become quickly apparent, was that class sizes were small. Her year had the most with six, one year had only three pupils.

Kirsty had realised the problem straight away. In a class of thirty plus, the teacher had no or little control of the class and mayhem ensued. In a class of six and under, nothing escaped the teachers eye. That included whether the pupils were doing any work or paying attention. She hated it. Hated it with a passion.

When her father picked her up, she cried all the way home. That night her parents told her it would get better, as she adjusted and settled down.

The next day was worse. The other kids spurned her when she tried to speak to them, and the teachers were starting to realise that, academically, she was well below par. By the end of the week she was on remedials for all subjects. A fact, that the other kids took great delight in reminding her. At every opportunity.

It wasn't until halfway into the second week that the reason for their reticence came to light. She was English. That simple fact was good enough for them.

No matter how much she cried her eyes out to her parents, they always insisted it would get better. Also that she should put more effort into her studying. She was becoming lonely, with no one to turn too. The girls called her names and played never ending pranks on her. Even the boys seemed immune to her charms, preferring to pull her hair or 'Accidentally' kick the football at her.

Then one day, things changed.

It was a Saturday and her parents had gone into town on a shopping trip. Her never ending stream of homework lay half completed on the table. The telly reception was so awful as to make it almost unwatchable. Most of her favourite programs, were not even shown North of the border.

The small village had only two shops. A general store and a shop that doubled as Post Office / newsagents and general tourist nic nacs. The old woman in the paper shop watched her with such intensity, that pilfering was out of the question. As a result she no longer had a steady supply of magazines to while away the time.

For the rest of the day, she moped around the house until finally she heard car in the font drive. More out of boredom than any desire to help, she went out to help with the shopping. As she stood there, collecting the bags her mother was handing her, something moved in the back.

"What's that!" She exclaimed.

Her mother looked round. "Your father decided that now we have the room, he wanted to own a dog."

Kirsty was dumbstruck. "A dog?"

Her father came round, "A German shepherd. I've always wanted one since I was a kid. Then when I could afford one I never had the room."

"What have you called it" Kirsty asked.

"For a start, 'it' is a he. As to the name, I'm not sure yet."


At that moment, her mother reminded her to take the bags into the house. She rushed into the kitchen, dumped the bags on the floor, then rushed out. Just as her father was coming in.

"Whoa!" He muttered as he stepped out of the way.

"Can I see it?"

"Him" Her father corrected.

"Can I see him then?"

"Later. When he has had a chance to settle down. At the moment he is scared stiff. Poor little bugger."

"Ohh dad."

"Later, Kirsty."

It was not till after tea that she was allowed to see the puppy. She looked at the little ball of golden fur in the corner. "Dad can I hold him?"

"Okay, but be gentle with him"

She looked at the puppy. He just seemed to consist of two big brown eyes surrounded by fur. Softly she approached, then bent down to pick him up. He struggled in her arms at first then settled down. "He's adorable!"

"Be gentle with him." Her father chided "He's not unbreakable or a toy."

From then on her outlook on life changed. Friendless at school she knew that when she came home, there was someone to lavish love on. Someone who returned that love in an obvious fashion. As the weeks progressed, Moobli as her father had called him, seemed to grow at an astonishing rate. Gone were the days that she could comfortably carry him around.

Also her parents had relaxed their rules concerning him around the house. At first they had banned her from having him in her bedroom. When they realised that all she was doing, was sneaking him up at night they capitulated.

Kirsty had also taken over Moo's (as she called him) obedience training. A fact, her parents noticed, that Moobli seemed to enjoy as much as Kirsty did. The pair could be found most sunny days (And wet) either in the woods at the back of the house or running through the heather of the hills.

Slowly as she ranged with Moo, she began to appreciate the true beauty of her surroundings and of the wildlife that inhabited it. As they spent more time together, Kirsty started to open up more to Moo. He may not have understood but he always listened. Other girls might have had diaries, but hers was of the living breathing type.

Without realising it she started to slowly flirt with Moo. At first it had only been verbal. She'd teased him over the fact that he was the only 'boy' to have been in her room, the only boy to have 'slept in her bed'. His reply was always the same, he'd look at her with his big brown eyes and slowly thump his tail.

Moo was such a part of her accepted life that she changed clothes and often walked around naked in his presence. She'd even frolicked naked in a stream with him. As she started to flirt verbally with him, so did she physically. At first it had been 'accidental' slips of the towel, to and from the shower, then it became more and more provocative dressing and undressing in his company.

When he had first started sleeping in the room, it had been near the door. Over time he had crept closer to the bed till eventually he had risked climbing onto it. When no reproach had been forthcoming it became his favourite place to sleep. Kirsty enjoyed is proximity and company at night.

It had been a hard day at school. Two of the boys in her class had picked on her all day, spurred on by one of the girls. She was tired and depressed. She ate a light meal then after a few restless minutes downstairs, gave her leave to her parents then retired to bed. Moobli was not happy, he was hoping to go for a run, or at least be played with.

Upstairs she undressed and headed for the shower. Once in, she turned it on to as hot as she could stand, then just stood under the jets. After a while she turned the temperature back down. Reaching to the soap dish, she lifted the soap and proceeded to slowly lather herself. Over the last few months her breasts have reached a point where she had developed an appreciable cleavage, and as her hands moved further south they ran through the soft hair of her pubis. The hair there felt so soft, just like the belly fur of Moo. Thinking of Moo made her smile. Hands gently rubbing, she slowly relaxed. As she stood there a warmth slowly started to build up. It was pleasant so she carried on gently rubbing.

All of a sudden her reverie was broken by a long mournful howl. She smiled then rinsed off the soap then stepped out of the shower, turning it off as she went. As she was towelling herself dry Moo howled again. Discarding the towel, she put on her panties while calling out to Moo, "Shush you big girls blouse." Picking up her nightie she headed back to her room. Putting her nightie over her head as she entered was not a good idea. Entering she bounced off he door frame and walked into Moo, who yelped. Hem falling to mid thigh, she laughed and ruffled his head.

"You big softy. What are you? A big softy. Come here" She said as she got into bed. Dutifully Moo adopted his position at the bottom of the bed. Feeling in need of some companionship Kirsty clicked her tongue "No here," patting the bed next to her chest "Stupid"

Dutifully Moo got up and moved further up the bed, and lay down with his head next to hers. She raised an arm and ran her hand along his fur, stopping and rubbing him behind the ears. Struck with the desire to show more affection she snuggled closer, fighting a losing battle with the quilt. In frustration she prodded Moo till he rose, huffing. Giggling at his ire, she drew back the quilt.

"There you can lie down now." Moo showed his displeasure at all this unnecessary movement by lying down with his back to her.

"Someone's in a huff" She moved over so her front was pressed against his back. His tail rubbing against her leg. Reaching over she placed her arm over his body, her hand resting on his stomach. Her head she placed against the back of his, gently blowing against his ears and watching them twitch. Her hand slowly began to move over the fur of his stomach, enjoying the silky sensation. His tail started to twitch even more against her bare leg. It was a nice feeling. Almost as good as the one starting to grow between her legs.

Almost unconsciously she started to grind her mound against his back. She seemed aflame. She pushed harder. Moo was not impressed, he moved over. Suddenly she was bereft of anything to rub against. Wanting the feeling to continue, she rolled back over onto her back, bringing both hands between her legs.

Wonderful sensations were coursing through her body. Her hands continued their rubbing. Her finger tips rippled over her flesh, tracing the outlines of the contours under the thin fabric of her panties. It was like an burning itch, one she so desperately wanted to scratch. Rubbing her panties into her flesh was both intense and restrictive at the same time. She slipped her hands under the thin fabric. That was so better. The touch of bare skin against the sensitive flesh was truly awesome.

Deciding that they were just getting in the way, she brought her knees up and together, slipping off her panties as she did so. Free and unfettered she spread her legs wide. Her right leg coming to rest against Moo. With her legs wide opened, her vaginal lips also parted. Her finger tips gently explored this new opening. She gasped quietly, as the intensity peaked slightly.

Never in her young life, had she ever experienced pleasure on this scale. Slowly, tenderly, hesitantly, she slowly inserted her finger tips into the crack. The feelings this was causing was systematically breaking her ties with reality.

Just when she thought it could not get any better, the strangest sensation rippled along her cunt. Her body just turned to jelly, her hands fell limp by her side. Something rippled along her cunt again, and again. Kirsty was no longer aware of her surroundings. Her conscious was floating through a sea of colour. The muscles of her body tensed then released on their own accord. Unable to cope with the sensory overload, her mind fled. Kirsty blacked out.

Slowly coming to, Kirsty was aware of a dead weight. Looking down she saw Moo's head resting on her lap. As if conscious of her scrutiny, he opened his eyes and looked at her.

Kelly wanted to rub his head but she could not move. She was utterly drained. She tried to speak, but she had no control over her tongue and lips, utter gibberish came out.

At the sound of her voice, Moo raised his head and playfully licked her again. The waves of pleasure had not fully gone and with this new stimuli, returned. Kirsty groaned "Not again!" Moo kept gently licking. Kirsty surrendered to the inevitable.

Later, Kirsty rolled over and embraced Moo "You bastard." She lovingly whispered into his muzzle. Moo replied by licking her face. Kirsty giggled and let him, occasionally licking back, their tongues briefly meeting.

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