Ms. Eileen Peach
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Science Fiction, Bestiality, Lactation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Earthly science fiction. A young woman purchases a house and property complete with green house and indoor ponds as a part of the estate of a deceased perverted scientist. She finds herself the willing victim of plants and not so common garden slugs.

"Yes Miss Peach, the property is very beautiful." "As I told you over the phone, the eighteen acres have a wonderful view of lake Mead which you can see to the south through the center of the forested grove of mature trees." The real estate salesman explained. "Dr. Cuthbert, the previous owner, loved his privacy and built an eight-foot chain link fence all around the sides and front. He was the one that planted those beautiful trees and bushes which as you can see completely hides everything from prying eyes." He continued. Here we were at the end of March so the only trees with any green were the fir trees. The bushes were either evergreens, like Cedar, or tall thick Privet hedges which ran all around the perimeter fencing. Off to the south west, by the lake was a big clump of trees and bushes, more like a large copse. When I looked further, I could see a pathway, by the fence leading into it. I couldn't resist investigating further. I followed the pathway into the copse and was astounded at what I saw in the interior. Inside was a completely cleared glade with pool and a small lawn. At one corner of the lawn area was a mound about ten feet tall (man made) built like a rockery. From the rockery sprang a small waterfall which tumbled into the pool and from the pool emptied into a brook running through the trees to the lake. The sight almost had me in awe of the potential beauty that could be expected in the summer when everything was in bloom and the trees were green. About ten feet from the pool on the grass verge was a long outdoor stone bench, positioned perfectly for quietly relaxing at the water's edge. The tranquillity of the scene can only be imagined if you hadn't seen it. It was wonderful.

I told the salesman, Mr. Jenkins, that the grounds were a dream that had come true, but I was interested in the house and the out buildings every bit as much as the grounds.

We headed toward the out buildings and there we found a sheep pen with six rather large sheep corralled within the fenced area. When I looked further, I could see that the animals were free to wander as they pleased throughout the property. As Mr. Jenkins explained, these were the lawn mowers for the property. They did a good job too since all the grass was very short. I thought things were a little strange though since there were two rams and four yews. One ram too many.

Attached to the sheep pen was another animal barn in which were kept four pigs all of which were around six or seven hundred pounds or more. The barn was next to the sheep pen and both sections had their own lockable outside doors. The pen and the barn were separated by a wall which had a wide door with a fair sized window through which you could see. Mr. Jenkins told me that they were being looked after by the University that Dr. Cuthbert had been a professor. The deal was that they stayed with the property because there was no room at the University to keep them. I must say that the pen and barn were kept spotlessly clean and I couldn't see a speck of dirt on the pigs.

Mr. Jenkins told me that if I were to purchase the property I would not be responsible for any of the animals. I was very interested so I wanted to see more. He agreed that we should look at the house, and while we were there we could look at the greenhouse and workshop.

When we reached the back of the house, I could see the swimming pool built into the large terrace just off the French windows. All you had to do was walk out of the house to get to the pool which was twenty-five yards long by twenty yards wide, according to Mr. Jenkins. The pool was shaped a bit like a kidney with a rock wall at one end from which tumbled the treated water entering the pool. Cuthbert seemed to have liked waterfalls. All around the exposed areas of the swimming pool and patio or terrace were trees and shrubs but they were far enough away not to block the sunlight but big enough to completely hide the entire pool area. The pool had lots of old leaves and garbage floating on the surface and resting on the bottom which I would have cleaned pretty quickly if I bought the place.

The green house was quite large and was attached to the house on the west side against the living room. In fact it was arranged to be an extension of the living room so that you could walk out of the living down two steps into the green house area. Mr. Jenkins explained that Dr. Cuthbert had added the green house after the house had been built. He'd done a beautiful job of it. Just at the entrance to the green house was a huge waterfall which went from the ceiling to the floor on the north side which was half in the living room and half in the atrium. At the base of the falls was a fish pond which overflowed into a channel flowing to the atrium and to another much larger pond at the back. There were fish in all the waterways, mostly gold fish but there were also turtles and water snails.

In a separate pool with it's own fountain, and almost the same size as the large fish pond was what looked like enormous water slugs. I had never heard of water slugs before.

There was a thermometer in this pond which registered 98.2 øF and I thought at the time that this was very warm for slimy, cool temperature creatures like slugs but I didn't think any more about it.

All along the atrium walls, and up too about the 5ft level were wire meshed reinforced windows which let the light in, but were opaque so you couldn't see out. Above these windows were regular glass windows so you could see out to the garden through these. None of the windows opened although all the windows were covered with a wire mesh. I could only guess that the mesh was to prevent vandals from breaking the glass with rocks. The mesh didn't interfere with the view much though. It had a curved roof like the Crystal Palace in London, England and was about 30ft high in the middle. The atrium was quite wide at 40ft, with about 10 ft of plants against the outside walls and in the middle a large hot tub and patio area used as a sitting area. Magnificent plants were all around the inside of the atrium, which included palm trees, rubber trees, Dieffenbachia, vines, ferns.

These incredible flowering plants including a flowering Chinese Ivy, but the plant that most intrigued me was a flowering vine planted by the big pond. This plant had pink bell shaped flowers about three quarters of an inch across with four little stems protruding from the bottom of the bell. The flowers were always in the middle of a cluster of five thick dark green leaves attached to the vine at fairly regular intervals. A very strong heady aroma was given off by the flowers which was sweet and rich. I'm sure the fragrance could easily have been used in a woman's perfume. Remarkably, this plant was moving even while I watched it. It lowered one of its tendrils slowly into the water and after about five minutes, while I watched it lifted the tendril out of the water. It was beginning to lift up to a branch where it could wind itself around. I watched for a few minutes before Mr Jenkins called me away. I went back afterward and sure enough it had reached the branch. I mention this because it became significant later on. I didn't realize at the time but inside the atrium were six high tech colour digital video cameras which were extremely small and hidden in the plant foliage. They were automatic and only operated when a warm blooded animal entered the area, they also swivelled and had automatic telephoto adjustment which zoomed in and out so that the inferred heat of a warm bodied subject filled 80% of the viewing screen. In other words they captured everything a person did in the atrium. I was totally fascinated by the place to say the least.

At 26 I suppose it wouldn't have taken much to impress me but then I had made a considerable amount of money by playing the markets since I was 16. I couldn't have done that unless I had a little savvy, but that's another story. I had set out at sixteen to spend as little money as possible and had invested any surplus in high risk mining stock which had paid big capital gains. I had later diversified and made additional investments in bonds and low risk income stocks which had paid me on average about $ 10,000 a month for the last 5 years. I felt I could afford to pay cash for this place as long as it was for sale below 300 thousand. I viewed the rest of the place which just made me love the place even more. The only thing that bothered me was all the personal belongings and furniture still in the house. This meant that the owners would need time to move and I wanted the place immediately if we could reach a settlement. Mr. Jenkins. I asked. How much is being asked for the entire property and how soon could your clients move their belongings out. Well Ms. Peach why don't you make me an offer. He said.

I replied. Mr. Jenkins I don't have time to mess about with haggling what do your clients want. Well Ms. Peach. I have been told to get the best price possible for it and the appraised value is 310 thousand. That's not what I asked Mr. Jenkins. I asked what your clients wanted.' I retorted. Ms. Peach, regardless of the rumors and fairy stories about the place it's worth every but of the $310,000 but the minimum price can't be less than $150,000. He informed me. I was taken back to say the least.

I pressed him for an explanation about the so called rumors and legends.

"I've lost more sales for this place than you can imagine." He said. "But you do deserve an explanation I guess." He made us a pot of coffee and started to tell me about the place and it's previous and only owners. The previous owner was a biologist and geneticist by the name Horace Cuthbert. Cuthbert was a professor of genetics at the State University. He also had a PhD in biology and botany. He had further interested himself in Entomology. In short he was a brilliant man.

When he died he was in his mid fifties. He wasn't and never had been married and had no known relatives. Not only that he liked living alone but liked being surrounded by his plants and critters. Professor Cuthbert did like a clean, tidy house so he had a housekeeping lady that lived in. She was the person that found him dead in the atrium on returning the following morning after her day off.

He had been laying on his back completely naked and he looked as if he had been frightened to death. The Coroners' inquest ruled that he had died of a massive heart attack. Though nobody could understand why he was naked. The pore housekeeper was so upset that nobody could persuade her to go back, even to do some last minute clean up. Who could blame her, she was frightened almost out of her wits, so much so that the state had to provide her with counseling to help her over her shock. She hasn't been able to find a job since because she's deemed to be unstable. It's a pity really, she's a lovely lady in her mid thirties and has nobody to watch out for her. Mr Jenkins went on to say that rumor had it that she'd had a baby and that Cuthbert was the father but Mr Jenkins didn't think so since he thought Cuthbert was A little funny (his words not mine.) There didn't seem to be any evidence that she'd even been pregnant. Anyway she was rumored to have only became sick in the head because she had been scared by the same thing that scared Cuthbert to death.

He went on. "Ever since the death of Dr. Cuthbert and the finish of the police investigation the house was put up for sale since his will specified that the house was to be sold with the contents and furniture to anybody except the University staff or any associates no matter how remote. Dr. Cuthbert's good friend and lawyer Mr. Seddon is the executor of the estate and he's been trying for over a year to unload the place. Needless to say the rumors surrounding Cuthbert's death had caused the price to drop steadily because nobody locally would have anything to do with the place."

Mr. Jenkins said. "I think they're almost ready to give it away."

"That would be a shame Mr. Jenkins." I responded.

I fell in love with the place and made them an offer of $ 140,000 cash and I emphasized cash. I moved in two weeks later. I would have moved in sooner but the legal papers, property title search, land survey and the final sale took that long. It was worth the wait though.

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