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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Another of my brother / sister short stories.

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I was 13 years old when my period showed up for the first time; later in life than with some of my friends, but earlier than with quite a few of the others. This signal that it was time to put away the tom-boy clothes also marked the time that I started to make my older brother's life awkward.

Looking back on this time, it seems that my tits went from needing a 32A training bra to my current size of 36C almost overnight. My mother observed that, seemingly every time she went grocery shopping, she had to buy me a new bra in the next larger cup size, causing her to joke that she should put in a monthly standing order at the clothing store. I'm glad she could joke about it because, as a single parent, it couldn't have been easy for her to make the budget stretch to keep pace with my chest, even with the insurance money we got from the accident which claimed dad's life when I was ten-years-old.

Once my tits started to grow, every day straight after school, I would rush to my bedroom, so I could strip completely in order to admire my body in the full length mirror on my closet door. I would twist and turn continuously for about a half hour every afternoon, looking at myself from every angle, and eagerly inspecting my pussy for the first sign of pubic hair. When this hair did decide to start growing it arrived in a rush. So much so that, if I were to just let it grow naturally, I'm sure it would now look like a jungle down there.

In the six years that have gone by since this time, I've experimented with trimming my bush to just about every size and shape imaginable. I've gone through phases of having it smooth shaven or cropped into a narrow strip, diamond shaped, heart shaped and arrow headed. Many of these shapes take way too much time to maintain for my taste. (If you absolutely must know, it is currently maintained as a very-much-restrained, full bush; kept in shape with a man's beard trimmer of all things. Sounds weird but it works great for me.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I would spend time every afternoon twisting and turning in front of the mirror, admiring the way my body was filling out, slimming down and just generally changing shape, into that of a young woman. My hips had grown nicely and my legs were no longer looking like muscular twigs. Unlike the majority of my friends, judging by their complaints on the subject, I didn't even have a problem with the way my butt and feet looked.

At about this same time, I noticed that my brother was starting to spend a lot of time looking at my body, whenever he thought he could do so unobserved by either myself or our mother. I could tell that he liked what he was looking at by the way his shorts would suddenly start to bulge out in front, to be immediately covered by a cushion, a book or anything else handy. Maybe I was young, but I had taken Sex-Ed at school so I at least knew the mechanical basics on the subject!

This interest by my brother started the torment which I then decided to put him through. I found that I liked the way he looked at me and I was proud of my new body so I started to 'accidentally' give him quite regular views of it, when it was less than completely covered. After all, he is my brother so he is safe to tease. Right?

To this day, by the time my brother and I get out of bed our mother is already on her way to work, as the Senior Buyer for a textile company. Being alone together in the house each morning, and for a couple of hours before supper, made it very easy for me to start easing into being 'totally unconcerned' by wandering around the house wearing just my bra and panties. Actually it turned me on tremendously and the gusset of my panties was always wet after he had seen me (and in his turn pretended not to notice.).

This teasing went on for the next three years. I was still getting just as turned on and he, obviously, was still getting just as hot and bothered every time he saw me.

For the next year or so I was dying to try experimenting with some of the boys in my grade at school but was still having problems getting over something that happened to a close girl friend fifteen months previously.

My friend innocently found herself in a situation, with a couple of boys who used to attend our school, where they found it possible to claim that they had both spent a couple of hours taking turns to fuck her repeatedly. According to their story, my friend was willing to participate in any sexual thing they could dream up, no matter how bizarre or perverted. Presumably this was supposed to enhance their macho image with their friends.

My friend, Anita, protested, to everybody who would listen, that it hadn't happened, but very few people chose to believe her. Based on this fictitious event she had been dubbed the school slut. A few other boys tried to date her and got quite abusive, even physically, when she refused to spread her legs for them.

To cut a long, sad story short, my friend eventually took her own life because she just couldn't bear the sneers, sniggers and 'jokes' which came her way because of the lies spread by these two boys.

As she had died while not under a doctor's care her body had to undergo an autopsy. The female doctor who examined her made specific mention, in her report, of the fact that Anita was still a virgin on the day she died. Shortly after this information became public knowledge, the families of the two boys suddenly found it necessary to move to another State without leaving forwarding addresses - but not before the boys had a few run-ins against other boys in the area.

(Why is it that a lot of boys just can't seem to understand a simple fact? Females are at least as curious about sex as boys are. If females get to know that a particular boy doesn't talk about things which may, or may not, have happened, he is very likely to have girls crawling all over him! - Sermon over.)

This experience had made me very careful about dating. In fact, to be quite honest, I had not yet had a date, one-on-one with a boy. Paranoid I may have become, but my body was still exerting demands upon me. It was telling me 'it is time. Time to hold hands, to kiss and be kissed, stroked and maybe even fucked'. But my mind was scared. I also happen to know that I was far from being alone in these feelings. Many of the teenagers in our town, male and female, have suffered, and some are still suffering, because of what those two stupid bastards did to Anita.

So. There I was, horny as hell - terrified of being alone with a boy but at the same time teasing the hell out of my, then eighteen year-old, brother, and loving every glimpse he got of my body. So much so that I was thinking I was turning into quite an exhibitionist.

Some time later, on a Saturday morning, as I was headed to the kitchen for breakfast I overheard my brother, Brian, telling our mother that he would be home from work an hour early on Monday because something (I didn't hear what) had been cancelled.

Mom said that would be fine, and then she said something which I felt was priceless, "... just don't tease June. You know your sister hates to be teased."

After breakfast, I was back in my room when I realised that I knew my brother would be home from work shortly after I arrived home. But nobody knew I was aware of this fact. A plan immediately started to take shape in my brain - the ultimate act of accidental exhibitionism, but it would only work if my 'ignorance' of his early arrival home could be maintained until after we left on Monday morning.

I think it would be honest to say that I spent less time at home in the next two days than I have ever done - just to make sure that nobody told me that which I already knew but didn't want to be told.

At last Monday morning rolled around and my brother and I were saying goodbye as we left to go our separate ways.

Out of breath and sweaty from running home, I headed up stairs and stripped off all my clothes. This time, instead of standing and admiring my body, I just did a quick cursory check to make sure that none of my important bits had fallen off or grown a deformity since the morning, and then started to put my plan into operation.

I quickly turned on my stereo, to a quite obscene volume and then, five minutes before I expected Brian home, I headed into the bathroom to get a very short shower. After removing the sweat, I got out of the shower, leaving it running, and stood so I could look for the arrival of my brother.

At last, there he was, walking up the path. Quickly I hopped back into the shower so I would be convincingly wet. Timing my brother's anticipated movements, I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my hair and threw another casually over my shoulder, being careful that it didn't block the view he would soon be getting.

And this is where I chickened out! Go figure!

I quickly pulled on a pair of panties and then, throwing open the bathroom door, I 'calmly' stepped out onto the landing. I'd timed it to perfection! Brian had just reached the top of the stairs, on his way to ask me to turn down the awful noise.

In that moment of time, we both froze. Me, wearing just my panties and a turban-like towel - Brian staring at my tits with his mouth hanging open.

After giving him sufficient time to get a good look, I made a deliberately ineffectual attempt to cover my tits with my hands and screamed, "Brian. You perv. What are you doing sneaking around the house so early. Turn around, I'm not dressed, you pervert."

To give him his due, he did turn around, but not before I saw the front of his pants suddenly bulge out.

After he had turned around, I scurried into my bedroom as though embarrassed.

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