Working With Father in Law's Tools

by Jeff501

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, InLaws, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A horny young newlywed can't find sexual hapiness with her new groom, she turns to her father in law to satisfy her urges.

Little Julie

Julie looked around her new home with intense pride and excitement. For the first time in her life she felt things were starting to come together as planned. A new husband, a wedding fit for a princess, the new car in the driveway and now the house. Things were good for Julie and Andy, at least on the surface. Julie knew she could find happiness in her surrounding yet the little devil inside her had warned her on several occasions that Andy was not the right man for her. Had Julie settled and taken Andy for the lifestyle she always wanted? Questions like this haunted Julie as she lay awake at night, perfectly content with her life, if a little un-excited. It's not that Andy wasn't a good catch, but he wasn't the bad boy that Julie desired. Still, she thought, "you don't marry the bad boy, he would be trouble". So Julie convinced herself that Andy was the one for her but on more than one occasion she knew there was something out there that she needed.

Julie was a pretty little brunette with shoulder length hair and chubby cheeks which bulged every time she smiled. She was a petite gal of 5 ft 2, smallish chest and perfectly formed hips and thighs with a tiny waist to match. She was built like an athlete for certain, with good muscle tone and only a hint of body fat. She frequently dressed in short shorts and tank tops, heeding the advice of her older relatives who told her to showcase a good body before kids arrived.

Andy and Julie spent the first few months after moving in working on the house, painting, re-arranging, moving furniture, stopping for breaks to christen every room. Julie certainly enjoyed sex with Andy, however, she sometimes found herself fantasizing about other men, particularly since Andy seemed a little squeamish about performing oral sex on his new bride. Julie was just as much to blame, however, as she always seemed too shy to truly take over and show Andy what she wanted in a man. The fact of the matter was, she wanted a man to completely take over in bed, to be in charge, and to treat her like a sex object. As much as the media and her family had tried to tell her otherwise, Julie wanted a man to bowl her over, maybe even pin her to the bed and have his way with her. Andy was not this sort of man, he was more the new age sensitive guy, which is why Julie married him, but... did she settle... , she wondered?

Of course Julie could never let this be known to her husband but she knew deep inside she would have to satisfy that urge somehow, someday. Many a night, Julie lay awake on her back after having sex with her new husband, completely un-satisfied as she quietly, carefully massaged her loins, sometimes falling asleep that way, sometimes climaxing with a pillow over her head as Andy snored beside her. Visions of older men pinning her to the mattress and fucking her pussy and ass dominating her young innocent mind.

A few more months had passed and Andy and Julie had determined that their home would benefit from having a few walls knocked down, not to mention the removal of all the vinyl flooring. The moment Julie mentioned home repair Andy was on the phone to his father, a seasoned tradesman, asking for his assistance. Within the hour Andy's father Peter had arrived on the scene with his tools and his pick up truck. He was a much tougher and stronger man than Andy, a little rough around the edges but not without his charm. Julie had always noticed how strong and rugged her father in law seemed but to this moment had never actually masturbated with visions of him. Julie was certain a day with him might change this.

As the trio worked in the hallway Julie could not help feel a pair of eyes looking down her top every time she leaned over to actuate the flooring hammer. Who's eyes were they she wondered? Julie looked up carefully and assessed the situation, it was indeed Andy's father who was getting an eyeful each time she bent over. Julie continued working until her female hormones kicked in with a wild idea. Why not give my father in law a nice show and see how he reacts!

Julie excused herself and disappeared into the master bedroom and quickly tossed her sensible t-shirt aside and ripped off her boring white bra. Within seconds Julie had herself fitted up with a push up flowery bra and a gaping tank top. "This oughta get some attention" Julie thought as she looked in the mirror, wishing as always that she could be something bigger than an A cup.

Julie resumed her chores, stapling the carpet with her new outfit. "I was pretty hot, so I changed, anyone want a drink?" Julie asked. The two men shook their heads, wanting to finish the task at hand. Within seconds Peter had re-positioned himself to maximizes his chance of seeing Julie every time she bent over. Even though she was flat, she knew there was something showing, and she knew her father in law was enjoying the show. Time after time, Julie bent over to nail the flooring, each time she knew she was giving an eye full to a very interested viewer. The mere thought of being so bad in front of her new husband was making Julie wet between the legs, as he continued to tease her new father in law, sometimes even pressing her arms together to force her tiny tits into a little cleavage.

"Damn, I am out of nails and two by fours, I guess I'm going out to Home Depot, does anyone want anything?" Andy asked. Julie and Peter looked at each other and smiled, "No son, we are ok here, you can go ahead" Peter smiled before the door slammed shut.

Julie felt a wave of ecstasy flow through her young body knowing she would be alone with her much older father in law. "Umm honey, can you pick up dinner on the way home as well please?" Julie added, wanting to maximize her alone time with her father in law in the off chance something might transpire. "Sure thing doll-face" Andy replied with a smile. The second Andy drove out the street Julie was overcome with desire... desire to be a very very bad girl.

A few seconds passed until Julie continued her chores at which time she leaned over once again, fully aware that her new father in law was getting an eye full. Julie, as always, was filled with conflicting thoughts, the excitement that someone would be interested in her, but also wondering if the person viewing her body was more interested in larger chests. Wanting to break the tension, Julie quickly moved her head up, but remained leaning over. Her plan worked, as she plainly caught Peter peering down her still gaping top. Peter tried to pretend he was not looking but it was too late, his fate was sealed.

After a few awkward moments Julie broke the silence, "Sorry, I'm afraid there isn't much to look at" Julie exclaimed, a slight reddish hue spreading over her chubby cheeks as the two gazed into each other's eyes hardly believing what had transpired. Julie remained bent over long enough to provide Peter with one last peek and then straightened up and looked at him again, arranging her tank top to highlight her chest as much as she could as she glanced down to confirm the frill on the edge of her bra was still visible.

"Actually, I prefer my women a little smaller up top, if you don't mind me saying so". "Oh really, I don't believe that" she exclaimed, a smile spreading over her face. "I'm serious Julie, I have been with lots of women and I prefer them, you know, a little on the small and perky side" Peter stated, pointing and staring directly at Julie's chest. "Well mine are certainly perky!" Julie added, once again jutting her modest chest for her admirer and looking down. "Dear, I am sorry I was looking, it won't happen again ok" Peter conceded.

Julie looked around her shoulder nervously to confirm that Andy's car was not in the driveway. "It's ok, I don't mind at all" Julie flirted back, pulling at her top. "So, umm you've been with LOTS of women" Julie asked again, digging for information. "Yes I have, before and after the divorce, I guess you can say I have played the field a lot". "Yeah that's cool, Andy and I sure didn't, he's all I really know" Julie stated wanting-ly, nervously shuffling her feet and staring at the ceiling while all the time ensuring the edge of her bra was still exposed. "You mean you've only ever been with my Andrew?" Peter asked surprised. "Yeah well I was kinda an ugly duckling kid and a late bloomer, and as you can see I never really grew any... you know... tits or anything so I was always kinda shy around boys, I always figured they wouldn't want me" Julie exclaimed, a slight look of sadness across her face.

"Ohh honey, you have nothing to be shy about, look at you, you look so great, pretty face, nice small waist and athletic legs and ummm well, you know, great little perky... titties" Peter added, staring at her body up and down. Julie smiled again as her legs went weak with desire, "well I don't think Andy likes them, he's always looking at my friends when they come around, and you know what they're built like" Julie scowled again. "Ohhh sweetie they have nothing on you" Peter once again complimented moving a little closer to his daughter in law. "You're so sweet to me Peter" Julie smiled, once again looking nervously to see if Andy was around.

"Anyway Julie, I don't think Andy would like me talking to you like this honey, as much as it is fun, I better not continue" Peter cautioned, still staring at his daughter in law's chest. "Ohh hell, don't worry about him, he will be gone for hours, we can be open right, just say whatever is on your mind" Julie stated, digging again.

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