On a Night Like This
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Exhibitionism, Size, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Following on from "Birthday Treat", this is another of the "scenarios" imagined and shared beween my "lover" and I.

"Ok babe, if you're sure i'm not going to get in the way, i'll tag along to your boys night" I say, laughing you say oh its not a boys night babe, youll be more than welcome, no one will object i promise you" somehow i just knew i was being set up, but like many times before i decide to trust in you and your plans. After all everything you had ever surprised me with had always been beneficial to me in one way or another.

We seemed to be driving for miles before you mentioned that this boys night actually involved alot of guys youd never even met before yourself so was sure to be interesting, was just something one of your customers had mentioned to you and you had instantly wanted to get involved in for our mutual expereince. You had thought perhaps you should have filled me in a little more but like always decided to chance it.

Finally you pull the car in to the car park of an old warehouse establishment, and look for my reaction, im not concerned and we make our way around looking for the entrance. Your "customer" came meandering out from behind a container still shaking his cock after taking a leak, crudely after saying "gidday" to you, he looks at me at says he "may as well keep it out cos it aint gonna fit back in his pants for long", to which i notice he starts stroking his cock and aiming it towards me encouraging me to look at it as it swells rapidly.

"Gezus mate, give us a chance to get in and have a look around will ya" you say and smile putting your arm around me and encouraging me past him, but my feet are cemented to the spot, unable to take my eyes of this man and his growing erection. Noticing my fixation, he walks closer to me and pulls at my hand placing his rigid cock in it. You step behind me and smile, thinking this was way more than you expected so soon, but looked like a very promising evening going my initial reaction! within an instant i drop to my knees on the dirty dusty ground and grab at his arse and pull him and his throbbing cock closer to my mouth, kissing and flicking my tongue over his engorged head, as he begins to moan i draw him in deeper feeling his shaft filling my mouth and his head bobbing at the back of my throat.

I pull away briefly to look at you, your smiling, rubbing your cock through your jeans, and i nod at you that i think you can go on in and know ill be in soon. with that you lean down to me kiss my lips hard, pushing your tongue into my mouth then walk away.

I feel his hands grasping at the side of my head and forcing himself back into me, telling me its time to finish what i started. with one sudden pulverising thrust his whole cock is deep in my mouth, his balls at my chin and im soaking up his sweat, my lips are clenched at the base of his cock and i swirl my tongue over the entire length of him, his grip on my head so tight, he is so close to comming he wants to make sure i take his load good and swallow it all down for him. its only now i feel my thighs becomming wetter and wetter my pussy slickens up as i get hotter from taking this strange cock in my mouth and feeling it twitching ready to spill its seed, the cold air blowing over us, dust storms rising from the dirty dusty gravel yard we are in the middle of. his moanning getting louder and gruntier his grip on my head tightening as his cock is furiously fucking my mouth as i reach down to my now aching pussy trapped inside my jeans and rub my mound vigourously.

The start of his cum beginning to spurt of of his slit sending me over my body riding through wave after wave of an orgasim as he fills his seed in me. hot creamy and loads of it, struggling to swallow to meet his flow his hands holding tight on my cheeks clenching them closed his forcefullness exciting me to another rush of juice escaping my cunt. My lips milking his cock empty before he pulls away closes up his pants turns walks away leaving me there soaked in my own cum, breathless and my pussy aching to be filled.

Still panting i lay back on the cold stoney ground, the moon and stars in the sky a blur as i undo my jeans and pull them down feeling the night air blow over my swollen cunt.

He walks back to the warehouse, finds you near the bar, slaps your arm in a matey way winks and smiles telling you hes just had the best fucken blowjob ever and that you are one lucky son of a bitch to have a mouth like mine to go home to.

You notice also that i havent come into the place and decide to come look for me and skull back your drink and head for the door as you come around the corner you can hear moaning and agonising wimpers unsure of whether it be pleasure or pain, you quicken your pace and race towards where you left us earlier. stopping when you can see me laying on the ground covered in dust and two other men standing on either side of me. You instinctively think they have hurt me and are surprised as you get closer to see im ok, more than ok.

In my moment of need i had grabed one of the largest stones from the ground and had begun thrusting it at my wet and horny pussy the stone was slick from my cunt juice and you watch as more and more of it dissapeared into me. The two men had arrived and found me there and had proceeded to enjoy the show, taking their cocks out and beginning to wank themselves off over me. They werent hurting me at all, they were encouraging me, although i was oblivious to their own actions for the most part, my mind lost in the feel of the cold dirty stone and the gravel from it covering my pussy lips and entering my cunt.

The scene surprised you, although you well know when i get turned on nothing stops me from indulging. Haven taken your friends cock in my mouth so soon after arriving had excited you, but now this was something else. It was making you hard seeing how these two new men were enjoying "your womans" exhibition and your cock started thinking for you as you knelt down at my head leaned over me and began to raise my shirt and pull down the cups of my bra exposing my jutting breasts and nipples to them, cupping them in your hands and groping at them.

The you spin around and straddle me your knees at my shoulder level your cock springing to attention and brushing across my lips. With one hand you grab at my hair forcing my head and mouth to directly take your cock, with your other hand you reach down to my cunt and pull the stone from between my swollen cunt lips and part them with your fingers, plunging four of them deep inside me, as i contract around them. "oh yeah guys, shes nice and tight, very fucken wet, you wanna have a go at her" you ask. Dont need to ask a second time, as they guys fight to get in first, the largest of them drops his pants right down, drops to his knees between my legs and rubs the head of his dick against my clitty.

Meanwhile your cock is banging away against my tongue, you turn your head to see this guys massive cock being rubbed from my clitty down to the rim of my arse. Knowing youll egg him on you tell him to "be careful, youll rip her apart with that monstor" he laughs thinking how right you could be, then says "well here goes well soon see" and he thrashes it in hard ball deep in one go," ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm" i groan feeling my cunt fuller than ever with this cock tearing at the velvety walls of my hot fuck hole. "fuck mate, you werent wrong" he grunted, this is one tight pussy, oh im gonna luv filling this bitch up" Now you have moved and your palms are flat on the ground above my head, your cock spearing my mouth with every powerful thrust of your hips. Sharing me with these guys is doing you in and your cocks burning up in my mouth your balls so tight slapping into my chin the force of your pounding forcing my throat to gag as your head bangs on my tonsils.

My cunts aching bad ohhhhh i need this barsted to fill me up and ride my cunt hard, you see my face contorting and know im about to cum, and cum hard my eyes glazed over and face flushed. im grabbing at your hips forcing your cock down my throat, you also feel my hips raising up to meet the thrusting in my pussy and you have to explode, your bodys heaving and cocks going wild as the cum shoots up from your balls and fills my mouth up, as it spurts out you pull back just a little so i can feel it hit me in the back of my mouth oh fuck baby every jet hitting me hard like bullets.

No sooner had i milked every drop of cum from you and the other guy who had been jerking himself off watching us, came over and pulled you off of me demanding his share in the fun. christ i thought, he was as small as his mate was huge! I tried not to smirk or show any surprise at the size of his tool and shut my eyes and opened my inviting lips for him to penetrate. I had to purse my lips around him real tight just to feel that he was inside me, still my cunt was begining to feel raw from the fucking it was getting, the constant flood of my own juice bearly lubing up this massive cock for the way it was thrusting and the friction was almost unbearable, and he knew it, loving the fact i was aching for him to cum, which he obliged with only a couple more heavy thrusts i felt him freeze as his seed spilled into me and rush towards my womb. "oh yesssssssss", his hot rich cum soothing the burning of my pussy felt so good and i came hard again mixing my lush juices with his seed.

His friend then decided he wanted pussy too, not content with a blow job on his miniture dick, he wanted to try to fuck me with it! God after the stretching my pussy had just got, i wouldnt even be able to feel this guy, or so i thought! But he got down between my legs and rubbed his tip all over my clitty which was sticking out of its hood demanding attention. I was screaming with pleasure writhing all over the ground damn he knew how to bring me off. And i did i came again and again huge orgasims ripped through me my little nub now swollen and covered in his pre cum.

I reached up to him and pulled him down closer to me and used force to roll him over so i could ride his cock. I straddled myslef over him took his cock in my hand and rubbed him up and down then impaled myself on his cock and bucked on him like an animal, screeming wildly my breasts heaving and bouncing up and down, i pulled at my nipples and pinched and twisted them increasing the speed of my thrusting as i did. Loving the feeling of the contrast from the huge cock i had just taken to the small yet powerful one that was about to blow into me now. His small little shaft seemed to mould into my cunt and i could feel it throbbing as i rode him hard. Then i felt it... his balls exploding his cum shooting through his pole and gushing like a tidal wave into my pussy, "Fucccccckkkkkkk" i screamed, bucking madly clenching my cunt around him as he shot what felt like litres of cum up into my pussy. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss, give it up baby mmmmmmm, give it alllllllllllllll to meeeeeee" oh... oh my... oh fuck baby" i met his cum with more of my own juicey fluid, he was still cumming, his pole was engorged with cum bursting up through it. He was spilling more seed into me than i thought possible, especially considering his size!!!!!! and still i rode him and came again and again over him our bodies splashing sweat and cum all over the place, and i just kept milking him, riding that little man for everything. When i felt him start to soften i raised myself off of him and went down on him and licked and sucked his cock clean of all our cum. I got up, still with a full mouth of dripping cum, savouring it and headed back to the warehouse. I walked in and felt the eyes of every man in the room looking at me, then i saw you walked up and planted the creamiest kiss on your mouth and forced my cum covered tongue inside and duelled with your own sharing that sexy hot taste with you. You smiled, rubbed my arse and pointed to a screen on the other side of the room, where i was a little startled to see a video of our outdoor escapades being played on a big screen to everyone in the room! The i looked around and saw that everyone who was watching it was sporting boners. I had to take it as a compliment didnt i? A huge smile escaped my lips as i looked around and discovered my night was just beginning!

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