Enjoying My Aparmentmate

by Uncle Efto

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Barry gets joined in the shower, and the afternoon takes on a whole new dimension.

or 'Showerus Interruptus'

A "College Coulda-Been" Fantasy

This is one of a series of fantasies inspired by reminiscing about people and places I encountered at college and thinking about the "coulda-beens" -- sexual experiences that might have happened had I (or others) initiated them. The people and places that inspired these stories are real, however their names are altered and the pleasures I describe enjoying with them never happened.

I was in the shower. As best I knew, the apartment was empty. Certainly, it had been dead quiet when I came in that Friday afternoon. I shared the apartment with two other guys and two women, all good friends through a common student activity. I shared a room with one other guy, the other three had rooms to themselves. I'd had no romantic or sexual relationships with anyone else in the apartment, but the two women were attractive enough that I think we three guys were viewed with mild envy by others we knew.

I was beginning to scrub away when I was surprised by a knock on the door. "Hello?" I called.

"Barry? It's Lauren. Will you be long?"

"Well, I just got started."

"Would you much mind if I used the toilet? I just got home and I'm more than a little desperate!" Her voice clearly conveyed that the latter was true.

What the heck, no skin off my teeth. "Sure, go ahead, it won't bother me."

I heard the door open and close, and then not much else for 30 seconds or so. Finally: "Whew, that's a relief. Sorry to impose."

"It's no imposition as far as I'm concerned. How are you doing?."

"OK. It's pretty hot out." Her tone of voice was a little strange.

Next thing I knew, the shower curtain was pulled back slightly and Lauren stepped in with me, suitably attired for the shower if you take my meaning. Lauren was quite attractive with a pale complexion set off by jet black hair that was wavy/curley and down to about her shoulder blades. She also had an absolutely killer smile, one of those 'smile with your whole face' kind of smiles that make you feel warm all over when it's directed at you. I'd often been attracted by the view she presented in a white terry bathrobe she frequently wore around the apartment, and now got an unobstructed look at what it concealed. My cock quickly began developing a suitable response.

Lauren had a slender figure with modest tits and her hips, ass and legs were trim but nicely rounded. Between her thighs, she sported a thich patch of pubic hair that matched what was on her head. Her tits were topped with cherry-sized nipples surrounded by mounded areola ('looks like a nice mouthful' I thought), and from the look of them, this "intrusion" maybe wasn't as spur of the moment as it had initially seemed. The look on her face as she moved into me tended to confirm that impression. Within seconds I had my arms around her and was poking her tummy with a boner that felt like a telephone pole. She pulled my head down and I found myself immersed in a passionate kiss that went on for a long time. Her body felt wonderful plastered against mine and I was beginning to smell her scent through the steam of the shower. I returned her kiss with a fierce passion of my own, my mind rushing with the possibilities for sexual fun implied by this extraordinarily pleasant surprise. For the moment, I concentrated on trying to put as much of our skin into contact as I could possibly manage.

"This is an unexpected pleasure" I said when she broke off the kiss. "Assuming you have in mind what I think, to what to I owe this wonderful surprise?" My hands were traveling gently over her back and ass as I voiced this question. Hers were doing something similar, and that phone pole was getting more rigid by the moment.

"I happen to know we've got the whole apartment to ourselves for at least 24 hours" she replied "and I decided it seemed like a good time to find out what was under your clothes. You're being in the shower provided an extra-special good opportunity to get started."

Her words already had my mind racing ahead with ideas for things that could fill up 24 hours with this lovely lady and her delectable body. I pulled her in tight once again and tried to improve on the first kiss. When this one ended I said "Well, since we're here, why don't we scrub some of the hot weather off of one another. That ought to be a good 'warm-up' to other things."

"Those 'other things' will probably mean that we'll just need another shower later!" was her laughing reply. Nevertheless, we launched into a thorough, sensuous soaping of one another. There's little to compare with the sensation of two "hot" bodies covered with soap and sliding enjoyably against one another. I stood behind Lauren to wash her, starting at the shoulders and slowly, gently working my way down her front, taking lots of time to enjoy her shapely tits. Lauren moaned and shuddered a little bit each time I tweaked her erect nipples and that encouraged me to do lots of that, snuggling my front up tight to her back and placing my hard prick so that it was squeezed by her soft ass. I then worked my way farther down, soaping and fingering her crotch (not too vigorously yet, save that for later) and then down her legs, massaging the muscles and reveling in the feel of her skin. Moving back to the top, I stroked and kneaded her neck, then gave her back a good scrub. By the time I'd reach her ass, Lauren was about ten times as horny as when she'd climbed in. I spent a generous amoung of time on her ass, fondling her cheeks then working my way down her crack to her anus. She tensed slighly then relaxed without protest as I gave that a good cleansing, working my finger inside a short way.

As I concluded this process, Lauren leaned forward against the wall under the showerhead, shoving her buns toward my crotch. "I can't wait any longer, Barry, get your cock in there and fuck me!" Well, my pole was definitely in need of relief so I moved up close and, with the water pouring down over us, guided my rock- hard dick to her slipperly slit and smoothly shoved it in to the hilt.

"Ooooooohh, yeah, that's what I need!" she shouted. "Give it to me hard!" This was a side of Lauren I'd not encountered before but, needless to say, I was happy to try and grant her wish.

Our extended warm-up and the sensation of her hot cunt wrapped around my stiff prick had already strained my self- control. At her urging, I grabbed her firmly by the hips and began pounding my cock into her pussy. Within a few strokes her head was pressed against the wall and she was chanting "Yes... yes... yes" in time with my wild plunges. The cum soon came boiling out of my balls and my twitching prick delivered spurt after spurt of it deep into her luscious cunt.

Before Lauren could move, I dropped to my knees behind her and started eating her pussy. In her bent-over position, my tounge had easy access to her tasty charms. She'd begun pinching her own nipples with one hand and very shortly began shaking and moaning incoherently with her own orgasm.

By the time we'd recovered, the water was getting rather cool and we decided to retire to a soft, dry, horizontal surface. After toweling off, we headed for her room. Inside, I quickly snuggled up behind her, my dick again finding a comfy home between her ass cheeks, and my hands reached around to work on her sensitive nipples some more. She leaned back into me hard, covering my hands with her own and encouraging my explorations.

"You know, I've often watched you in that white terry robe and wondered if you had any idea how sexy you looked," I said.

"I wear it because it's comfortable. I hope you're not disapointed with your peek 'behind the curtain'," she answered.

"Not at all," I said, keeping up the actions of my hands on her tits. "I'd say I got just what I was hoping for."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," was the only reply.

Finally she turned within my arms and delivered another one of those killer kisses. "I want to taste you" she said.

I was quickly flat on my back on her bed, watching her head gliding up and down on my cock, which was doing an "Old Faithful"- like job of standing at attention again. Lauren gave me a wonderful blow job, her lips sliding softly over the skin of my cock while her tounge explored all of the sensitive nooks and crannies. Her dark hair, pale skin, and red lips made a beautiful sight as I enjoyed the sensations she was giving me. She alternated among sucking hard, licking me like a lollipop, and gently nibbling her way along the length of my shaft. As my prick got harder, she suddenly pulled her mouth away, straightened up to straddle me, and guided my cock into her silken pussy. As she slid down, I admired her slender form, shapely hips, and sexy movements while I thrilled to the glorious feeling of fucking her once again.

I lifted my head to take a good look at the point where our crotches joined. Lauren threw her head back, and rested her hands behind her on my thighs, allowing me a very good view of her moist, pink pussy lips stretched around my cock, just below the mat of black curly hair over her pussy. My cock and her cunt glistened from her juices, and her clit was just visible as she wiggled a bit, getting my stiff rod buried all the way inside her.

I lay my head back and looked up, admiring the shapely mounds of her tits with the hard lumps of her nipples sticking firmly into the air. This sexy sight got me, if possible, a little harder inside her hot cunt, and as she began slowly gliding up and down on my love shaft, I reach up and grabbed hold with both hands, firmly squeezing those luscious mounds. I don't know whether the extended, husky, sexy groan than ensued started in her crotch or her chest. Either way, my fingers began another extensive exploration of her bosom.

In her backward-leaning position, Lauren's tits were stretched slightly into firm, slighly rounded cones, with the nips turning upward at the end. Each breast, aureole, and nipple formed a shape like three beautifully formed breasts piled atop one another, and I found this a lovely form. I ran my fingers in circles around the lumps of her aureola, then firmly pinched her nipple, causing her to visibly shudder as she continued to slowly fuck herself with my dick. One hand came around to her crotch and she began to play with her pussy. I again lifted my head to watch her fingers diddling with her clit and enjoy the juicy, squishy sight of my cock disappearing and re-appearing from her hot cunt. I increased the pressure on her nipples as she began a groaning climax, and as she began to come down, I pulled my hands off her nipples with a hard pinching motion, which led to still more orgasmic shudders. After three or four times through this routine, Lauren collapsed forward onto me, short of breath, and thoroughly worn out.

I wrapped my arms around her and lay there, stroking her hair and her back as she rested. My stiff prick was still partly inside her quivering cunt, giving me a glorious sensation. As she recovered and found her voice, she let out a husky groan. "That was terrific," she said.

"It's not over yet," I replied.

"I'm not sure I can take any more."

I chuckled. "Well, I've got lots more in mind. You started this, don't tell me you're not prepared to see it through! Besides, I'm going to do the 'work' for a while. I expect we'll both be completely worn out when we're done."

She snuggled down a little tighter to my chest. I slid my hands down her back to caress her glorious ass. Lying there under her, I was feeling on top of world. "If it all feels as good as that did, I'll do whatever you want for as long as you want," she said.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's a good answer. I intend to hold you to it."

With that I got us rolled over so that Lauren was on her back and my now urgently needy cock was again fully inside her. With a hand on either side of her, I pressed myself up and admired the sight of her, looking sweaty, a little crazed, and VERY sexy, with her nipples stiff and slightly swollen. I began to pump my cock in and out and was rewarded with a circular motion of her hips that gave me exquisite sensations. After a minute or so, I stopped and pulled her legs up onto my shoulders, bending her double and allowing me a full-depth plunge into her wet, willing love hole. I started pounding in and out. This time my reward was a little sthriek with each plunge, together with lots of enouraging words.

"Oooh... yesssss... that's it... oh... fuck me... harder... harder... I'm... oh... yeah... Oh God, I'm cuuuuummmmmming!!!!!!!!!!"

Lauren began to thrash as her orgasm took over her body, and I plunged in one final time, landing on top of her as my body responded in kind and my cock delivered more white, stickly love juice into the warm, dark, wet depths of her cunt.

We lay there a long time, our sweaty bodies stuck together, my softening dick gradually slipped from her pussy. Lauren made little sighing noises as she enjoyed the afterglow of our lovemaking. Finally, I stirred.

"Time for some oral pleasures," I said. "Think I'll start at the top." I bent my head down and began kissing her as thoroughly as I knew how. She returned the kiss in kind, and we began squirming against one another a bit as our bodies responded to the renewed activity.

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