Rose Lane
Chapter 1: Their Arrival

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Their Arrival - Life at Rose Lane was good, if a little humdrum. But when Peter and Carmen Mallory moved in next-door things soon became very interesting...

This story is a little embarrassing for me to tell, because some of the things that Carmen and I did could easily be considered perverted. I don't embarrass easily, and I like most things to do with sex, but even I blush a little when I think about what I did to my boyfriend without his consent.

It started about three months ago when Carmen and Peter Mallory moved into the apartment next to mine...

Although I have a great boyfriend, I enjoy the freedom of living alone. Jeff (my boyfriend) lives about thirty minutes away, but stays over two or three nights during the week, and almost always on Friday and Saturday nights.

It was one of those lazy Saturdays in central Oregon; overcast and rainy. Jeff and I had stayed in bed late, making love in a slow and feel-good way until late morning. When at last we did get up, we lazed around the place and had breakfast and coffee on my small covered balcony.

We were just finishing up when a big van pulled into our long driveway. My apartment is in a big old mansion that has been converted into six units. I knew the apartment behind mine was empty, and that new tenants were expected to move in soon, but I knew nothing about them.

So, being the snoop that I am, I made Jeff stay out on the balcony with me while we waited for a glimpse of them. I think we were both interested in what they would be like, but all we saw at first was the top of their 24-foot van.

Then a couple got out of the truck and pulled the rear roll-up door open. My first impression of them was one of surprise. The woman was wearing short cutoffs; and I mean SHORT cutoffs. She must have cut the pockets out of them, because you'd have been able to see the white material hanging out if there had been any. It looked kind of slutty, and that interested me. I looked over at Jeff and could see that he was interested now too.

I also had my first sight of the man. He was worth looking at - one of those hard-bodied guys with smooth, hairless skin and a light tan that looked like it probably covered his whole body. They looked to be in their mid-thirties, and were obviously athletic.

I began to hope that I might soon have a couple of new running partners; both of them looked as if they could be runners. I like to run about ten miles every evening at dusk, but Jeff is always reading me the riot act about "women running alone on a deserted road at night". It would be great if I could get my new neighbors to go with me, I thought. It's more fun to run with someone and though they were probably fifteen years older than me, I didn't think either one of them would have any trouble keeping up.

With that thought in the back of my mind, I suggested we get dressed and help our new neighbors move in. We threw on our clothes, both of us coincidentally grabbing one of Jeff's company's black T-shirts which say "Structural Engineers Keep It Up Longer", and went down to introduce ourselves.

We made our way noisily down the spiral stairs, two steps at a time, which is how we normally descend from my crows-nest apartment. As we hit the bottom of the staircase we almost fell into the lady as she came through the door.

She looked surprised at first, but after introductions and our offer of help she soon recovered, pulling us outside by our arms to meet her husband.

"Peter! Look what we have here! Free labor and they dress alike too!"


We got to know each other pretty well after that. Both Carmen and Peter were runners, just as I'd thought they might be, and I found myself with company on my evening jogs. Carmen and I ran every evening and Peter joined us whenever he was home. He works in the forestry industry as an inspector and has to spend at least one night and sometimes two or three nights out on the road.

Carmen and I quickly became close friends, the age difference making no difference to either of us. She confided in me as if I was her sister and I found myself doing the same.

She wasn't shy about life issues either. She and Peter had moved into the apartment just behind mine and our bedrooms abutted each other's. The lady who lived there before had been as quiet as a church mouse, but I found I could hear every sound Carmen and Peter made. (The previous tenant must have had some interesting nights listening to Jeff and me going at it in my bedroom.)

Carmen didn't have to work, but seemed very interested in my job. Doing research for a marketing company on the Internet is unusual as a full-time job, I know, but I couldn't understand why Carmen was so interested in the details.

Then, one evening after we'd just finished our run, she explained. "I hope this doesn't shock you, Kristen, but Peter and I used to belong to a swingers' club in Portland."

We were doing our stretching/cooling-off exercises outside in the yard at the time and my interest was piqued. I'd never met anyone into that sort of thing before.

Carmen didn't wait for me to say anything, but forged ahead, a slight quiver in her voice. "You see, the reason we moved into the hinterlands of Oregon is that Peter had become jealous of my relationships with other men. He was doing the same with other women, but couldn't take me doing it."

I couldn't believe it. I stood in a half-crouch in mid- stretch, staring at this attractive woman and imagining her having sex with half the male population of Portland. My mouth may have been open, I'm not sure.

True to form, she didn't let the silence draw out and quickly came to the point. "The reason I'm telling you my little secret, Kristen, is that you said you did Internet work. Well, I don't have a computer and was wondering if I might use yours to e-mail some old flames and maybe download a few pictures."

This I could understand. When I first started on the Internet, it hadn't taken me long to start trading smut with other smut-worshippers. I got over that picture phase, but I still dabbled in erotic stories and kept in touch with a newsgroup or two.

I smiled knowingly. "Sure Carmen, any time you like. My schedule is super-flexible and you can use my computer whenever the urge strikes."

She laughed at the smirk on my face and explained, "It's just that after all the sexual activity I've been used to, I need something extra to keep up the intensity. Peter is a great lover, but I still find that I need some external stimulation to keep the spice in our sex."

"No problem and I know exactly what you mean." I felt that I did know what she meant, but time would show that I was a real innocent compared to Carmen.


Carmen took me up on my offer immediately, dragging me up to my bedroom office and getting me to log on. Once I'd logged on to the Internet for her, I told her to be sure to shut everything down when she finished, and that I'd be in the kitchen, cleaning up, if she needed anything.

She surprised me again by begging me to stay and meet her on-line friends. "I don't want to get into trouble with Peter, and I figure that if you're here with me, it'll seem more like us girls messing around than me surfing the swingers' network."

I tried to make an excuse, but Carmen continued pleading with me to stay and since I was curious anyway, I let her talk me into staying.

In short order she was book-marking sites I'd never heard of before, real-time chat rooms and newsgroups. She seemed to be well known in all of the sex related chat rooms and she had her own Hotmail account called

I was amazed at the number of people she managed to contact in such a short time. And the kind of things she said really opened my eyes! I guess Carmen hadn't exaggerated when she said that she and Peter had been swingers. In one chat room at least four guys told her how much they missed her and praised her attributes to the skies.

Well, after two hours of this I was simmering. I'd never known anyone in real life having had sex with so many people and I couldn't help wondering how she could still look so good, when she must have abused her body with that kind of life style.

Later that evening, I bombarded Carmen with questions about the swinging sub-culture and she seemed to enjoy answering even the most intimate ones. Apparently, both she and Peter kept tallies on how many people they'd had sex with. Carmen shocked me when she said that she'd had 312 partners over the past five years, not all of them men.

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