How I met Sandra
Chapter 1

Most airlines choose their staff with looks as a factor, but this airline outdid any other I'd ever used. The girl assigned to where I sat near the back of the aircraft was a tall girl with long red hair cascading down over her shoulders from beneath a little pill box hat. She moved like a dancer, flitting effortlessly between the seats, filling glasses, answering queries and smiling pleasantly as she did so.

The crisp white blouse she wore did little to hide her generous breasts that swayed enticingly as she leaned over to refill my glass and I envied her bra caressing her nipples with every movement she made.

Her perfume was subtle but noticeable, it filled my nostrils and made my nipples rise beneath the loose sweater I'd worn deliberately for comfort along with the jeans and trainers.

"Is this your first visit to the island?" she asked, smiling and showing perfect white teeth.

"Yes" I replied, "I take it you've been here a few times"

"God yes" she laughed, "Hundreds of times, I love it especially when we get a stop over like today, I've got three whole days of doing nothing except eating, sleeping and..."


"And relaxing" she giggled, telling me that relaxing was the last thing on her mind!

"I noticed your ticket is one way only, are you coming her to live?"

"Yes" I smiled, " I've bought a bar here"

"Really, which one, I might know it?"

"Well at the moment, it's called Sally's Bar" I smiled and waited for any reaction.

It came in the form of a slight blush, noticeable even beneath the heavy make up that seems mandatory for all air girls nowadays!

"Do you know it?"

"Oh yes" she giggled and I felt a definite wetness between my thighs, "I know it very well!"

"Good, I might see more of you then"

She smiled again as she straightened up to continue with her duties, her eyes looked into mine and she said softly,

"You will, you'll see a lot more of me!"

The driver I'd requested held up a board with my name on it and quickly organised some porters for my luggage, of which there was rather a lot!

Her name was Mindy and even in the mid morning sun she wore the uniform of chauffeurs everywhere, except that the grey jacket looked better on her than any other chauffeur I'd ever seen and the short grey skirt rode up invitingly over her olive skinned thighs as she drove expertly through the bustling resort.

Sally welcomed me herself as effusive as ever, even in her late sixties. I loved this crazy woman with all my heart, she'd reared me from the age of thirteen after my parents were killed in a car crash on the motorway, until at eighteen I left home to live with a boyfriend I'd met at college.

That was ten years ago and she'd bought come to the island soon afterwards to realise a dream she'd held dear for most of her life. Sally was gay before it was chic to be gay, she and my mother had been lovers at school and she'd been heart broken when mum met and married my father, but being the woman she was, she remained mum's best and most trusted friend. Most importantly though, throughout the trauma of my parent's death and the aftermath, she'd been there for me, showing me all the love and affection she had inside her!

She'd returned home three times a year just to see me and no matter what plans I'd made or dates I'd arranged, I dropped everything just to be with this wonderful, wonderful lady!

It had been on one such visit that I'd confided in her, telling her I was finding myself becoming attracted to girls more and more and that I was confused as to my own sexuality. She'd smiled and told me to follow my heart, "You're young and beautiful, just like your mother, go out there and enjoy yourself, you'll find out what and who you are in time"

I'd cried at her words and fell asleep in her arms, I was loved and I loved in return!

"Kelly!" she bounded down the steps from the bar and burst into tears as we hugged each other. My own tears flowed down my cheeks, just as they did every time we met, why I don't know, but I do know that no matter how bad things had been in the past, one of Sally's special hugs made everything all right again!

"Stop bubbling you silly tart" she laughed and blew her nose as noisily,

"Come and see your new home!"

And turning to Mindy she said grumpily, "And what the hell are you crying for, you silly bitch?" then as if to apologise, she patted her pert little bottom, "Go and dry your eyes"

Mindy smiled at her gratefully, her devotion to my grumpy old friend was plain to see!

I'd seen photos of it but they didn't do it justice at all, the whole bar was decorated with heavily embossed wallpaper, expensive looking oil paintings adorned the walls (all of nude or partially nude women) high stools provided seats at the walnut bar and the seating was arranged in a semi circle of recesses, each containing a table and four chairs on one side and a long curved sofa on the other! A stage took up the centre of the bar and up a small flight of stairs was the dance floor, also with it's own little bar. The draught beers and lagers were dispensed by old fashioned beer engines, the pumps were made from a dark wood carved into figures of naked women and three huge glass floored cages were suspended from the ceiling!

"Wow" I said and Sally smiled happily,

"Like it?"

"Wow" I said again and she cackled with pleasure!

A cottage behind the club consisted of a lounge, kitchen, an office and one huge bedroom, the garden was beautifully kept with two lawns, a vegetable patch at the bottom and a long cobbled path leading down to the beach, I was dumbstruck and the tears flowed again!

"Right that's it then, I'm off" she announced as Mindy reappeared to announce it was time to leave for the airport.

I'd known she'd be leaving soon after I arrived but I never thought it would be that soon!

"Oh Sally" I hugged her tightly and we sobbed again, with Mindy joining in for good measure!

"Just don't forget where I'll be living miss, or there'll be trouble" she said darkly, as if I could ever forget her and all she'd done for me, then she was gone!

With the bar due to open at noon, the staff began arriving earlier than was normal to introduce themselves to me, Manuel the cellar and general handyman was first, followed by Theresa and Jane, two of the barmaids then Karla, Brandy, April and Cindy. They were all beautiful girls, full of life and seemed genuinely eager to meet the new boss, I assured all of them that I didn't plan to change anything, least of all the staff and if I went ahead with a little germ of an idea I had, they'd all be having a rise!

(Round one to Kelly!)

Sandra was the last one to arrive and she was well worth the wait!

Short blonde hair atop a lovely elfin face, bright baby blue eyes and the world's most kissable mouth was the only way I could describe her as she flew in through the door like a hurricane.

"Shit" she giggled when she skidded to a halt in front of me, "What a way to greet the new boss lady, five minutes late and looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards! Hi I'm Sandra and you must be Kelly, shit I'm so sorry I'm late, but the bloody taxi was late then he had a scrape with a police car and then..."

I reached out and put my hand over her mouth, all I could see were those eyes bulging, staring at me in shock.

"Hi" I laughed, "I'm Kelly"

When I took my hand away she had a grin, a mile wide, but nothing to say!

"You can speak now" I said and she exhaled the breath she'd been holding in!

"Kelly hi" she held out a hand which I shook gently although I'd much rather have kissed those lips.

"Honestly, I feel so stupid being late on your first day, Jesus what a start!"

"Don't worry about it Sandra" I said, "I don't bite"

"Ok thanks, now if you'll excuse me I'll get the girls organised and I'll be right with you, I presume you'll want me to go over things with you?"

"Damn right I do" I laughed, "At the moment I don't have a clue about anything!"

"No probs boss lady" she grinned and went about her task like a whirlwind.

Bar towels were laid out, ash trays too, chairs were straightened, music switched on, pavement signs erected outside, the girls given their instructions and a list of requirements from the cellar was floated down to Manuel in his domain.

I guessed her height to be about four eleven, which made her an inch shorter than me, but she was absolute dynamite and it was obvious she was popular with all the girls, she wore a white tee shirt and denim cut offs, which accentuated her curvy little bottom.

"Don't worry boss lady" she laughed as she blew past me at the speed of light on some errand or other, "I'll change in a minute"

"You look fine to me" I said more to myself than her, but she heard me and giggled, "Then the feeling's mutual isn't it?"

I think I blushed!

After about ten minutes of what looked to me like sheer mayhem, the doors were opened and we were in business.

"Right boss lady" she said, "I'm all yours!" and our eyes met briefly as we laughed at her non too subtle innuendo.

We spent about two hours going over the figures, books, stock sheets, income, outgoings, bills etc, etc and when I sat back with a sigh, I realised we were both sweating in spite of the air conditioning in the office.

"Oh I forgot to mention this" she said and leaned across me to point out some figures. A tingle ran right through me as I felt her breasts brush against my arm, it was only the lightest of touches, but I'm sure to this day that it was deliberate.

"Oops sorry" she said but made no attempt to pull away as she explained the meaning of the figures to me.

"Perfect" I said as she closed the ledger, "Absolutely perfect"

"What, the figures?"

"Of course" I smiled, "What else?"

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