Slaver Training
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Enema, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of the training of a new Slaver and the taking of two new slaves, a mother and daughter and what they are forced to endure before they are sold.

Sara's face was covered in tears and you could see the pained expression on her face. She lay hog-tied on the floor of her home. She had a ring gag in her mouth, keeping it open. She was still dressed. Her arms were yanked up high behind her. Her wrists had been bound tightly, secured with heavy hemp rope. A spreader bar was attached between her knees, it was over three feet long, keeping her open and spread. A rope was attached to each ankle, the other end attached to her bound wrists. The rope had been pulled tight, forcing Sara's body into a tight bow. A rope had been wrapped around her neck using a slipknot. The other end was attached to the spreader bar, it pulled taunt, forcing Sara to keep her head up. When she tired, her head would fall, the rope would tighten on her neck until she began to gasp for air. She would be forced to raise her head high again, straining to maintain the position. Her daughter Becky was facing her, also tied and bound, her breasts and pussy arched up into the air. She was almost naked, some of her clothes, torn and tattered, hanging from her body. Tears were running down her face as she strained under the tight bondage. It was only a hour ago that her and Becky were eating lunch. It seemed like days.

Michael watched as Sara and Becky squirmed on the floor. They were his latest victims. His occupation was a slaver. While little knew of it or even believed it existed in the United States, it was more common than most believed. In fact, this was the first week of training for a new slaver, Steve by Michael. Michael became a slaver almost ten years ago. He was personally responsible for capturing and training over one hundred slaves. It takes about four weeks to train a slave once captured. It is an art. It was very important for the victim to lose all hope and control over their body as soon as possible after capture. Tight bondage is imperative as soon as the victim is captured. Shortly after that, the victim would be repeatedly raped. Her pussy, mouth and ass would all be raped, often gang raped. The victim would be forced to feel the helplessness of her situation. Michael liked to capture mother-daughter combinations. They bring higher prices and it is easier to control them by playing one against the other. Each victim would suffer greater pain and indignities to spare the other from the same fate. Michael also enjoyed forcing the other to see the acts of perversion he would perform on the other, especially when they raped the daughter in front of the mother.

Slavers made a lot of money. A young slave could be sold for over $200,000 each, a mother-daughter combination could sell for $500,000. But it was also costly to capture and train a slave. It required considerable planning of the habits of the victims before the capture. Once captured, the victims are taken to one of his "holding areas". She is trained at this facility during the four-week period. The victim is than delivered to the client.

Most purchasers of slaves are from outside the United States. Not all are foreigners, some Americans living outside of the United States do purchase slaves. It is very costly to get victims outside of the United States and into other countries. Custom officers are expensive to buy off. Many of the buyers are Arabs and Japanese businessmen, all very wealthy and powerful. They like American women. Slaves are purchased to abuse, both mentally and physically. They are used for entertainment purposes, often for customers. They might be used in rape parties, whippings or torture. They are often sold to become prostitutes when the purchasers get bored and want a new, untouched slave.

For Sara the day had started out uneventful. Sara is 36 years old, medium length blonde hair (natural), slim waist, firm 36C breasts, large nipples, wide hips and a great ass. She had been divorced for over 5 years and took care of her body. She dated occasionally but had been unsuccessful in finding a "good man". Her sex life is almost non-existent, with it being over two years since she had slept with a man, though she did enjoy masturbating. Sara enjoyed sex, oral sex only under protest and had refused the one time her husband had tried to get her to let him fuck her in the ass.

The pride of her life was her daughter, Becky. Becky had just turned eighteen and graduated from high school. She was had been accepted to three colleges but had not decided which one to attend. Becky is a blonde like her mother (also natural). Her hair is longer, reaching almost half way down her back. Becky is slimmer than her mother, she has an athletic body. She has long legs, a firm ass and 36C breasts like her mother, also with large nipples. While she was not a virgin, having lost her virginity in the back seat of a car over a year ago, her sex life is limited. She had been fucked about five times, refused oral sex (disgusting) and never even considered anal sex as an option.

It was lunchtime and Sara and Becky had just sat down in the kitchen. There was a knock on the door. Sara was expecting her neighbor, Jessica to bring her over some catalogs that Sara wanted to see. Sara got up and opened the door, not bothering to check to see whom it was. As the door opened she briefly saw four large men push through the door, two heading for the kitchen, the other two quickly grabbing her and slamming the door shut. Sara began to scream but a hand over her mouth quickly silenced her. She heard a muffled scream from the kitchen and she knew Becky was suffering the same fate as she was.

A body behind her held her arms pinned to her side, the large arms tightly around her waist. Another hand was thrust quickly over her mouth silencing her scream. She began to hyperventilate, the oxygen cut from her by the hand over her mouth.

"Give me the gag, let's shut this bitch up," Sara heard the voice behind her.

She saw a hand move toward her mouth, a large gag in it. It consisted of a large ring with straps falling from it. The ring was pushed toward her mouth and fingers under her chin pushed down hard on her neck, forcing her mouth to open. The ring was quickly forced into her mouth and wedged into her back teeth. She could feel a mechanism begin to open her jaws wider and wider. Her jaw began to ache from the strain until it finally stopped, her mouth now a large gaping hole. The straps were attached around the back of her head and cinched tightly. Sara's mouth was now open obscenely wide, drool running down her chin, only muffled noises coming from it.

"We wouldn't be fucking her mouth for a while, stick a cock gag in it. Let her get used to having a cock in her throat for a while."

She saw the hand return with a large object shaped like a penis. It began to push into her mouth, pushing her tongue out of the way by brute force. It hit the back of her mouth, just to the entrance of her throat when it stopped. She felt it being locked onto the ring in her mouth, sealing her mouth shut tight. She could only breathe through her nose. Fingers reached for her noise and tightly pinched them. She began to panic, unable to breathe.

"Now listen, bitch. If you cooperate, I will let you breathe. If you struggle, I will wait until you black out and than I will do what I need to do. Are you going to cooperate? Groan if you want me to let you breath."

"GGGGRRR," moaned Sara through the gag. She began to feel lightheaded, her body beginning to become limp. "GGGGRRr," she moaned again, hoping they would let her breathe. She began to gag as the object buried in her mouth began to push into her throat as she struggled and moaned. She tried to relax her throat, allowing the penis gag to sit at the entrance to her throat.

"Yeah, you like that cock in your throat. As soon as we get you tied up I will push it in a little deeper into your throat. You'll have to get used to accepting large cocks in your throat. Let's get her bound up."

The hand left her mouth and Sara sucked in air through her nose, filling her lungs again. Her breasts heaved as she continued to fill her lungs. She began to panic. Until now, her only concern was survival. Now she began to worry about what they intended to do to her. It sounded like that they were going to rape her. That also meant that they would probably do the same thing to Becky. She did not know why they were doing this to them. Would they kill them? They did not try to hide their identity from her so they were not afraid of her describing them to the authorities.

"Down you go bitch," hands pushed her down to the floor.

Her knees hit the floor and a hand pushed her head down, forcing her to lie flat on the floor. Her arms were pulled behind her back. She felt a thick, rough rope being bound around her wrists and pulled tight. She groaned in pain as her fingers began to tingle from the tightness of the rope. The end of the rope was pulled up high in the air, forcing Sara to arch her back up to stop the pain. Michael put his foot on Sara's back, forcing her to the floor, the pain returning to her arms and shoulders. It felt like he was going break her bones.

"Spread your legs or I will break your arms," Michael ordered her. He pulled up on her arms while his foot rested on her back.

Sara groaned, "AAAGHHHH, MMMMMGGGHHH," the gag preventing only muffled sounds. Sara gagged again, the penis gag pushing into her throat from all of her movement. Her arms were breaking from the strain. She began to spread her legs, hoping to stop the pain.

"More, cunt, I want them spread wide. I have a three-foot spreader bar to put between your knees. I want them spread until they hurt, now move," Michael jerking her arms up again.

"MMMGGGHH," Sara groaned again, her legs spreading wider. She continued to push them open, the pain beginning in her groin from the obscene spread. She felt a foot edge between her thighs, banging against one thigh, forcing it open wider. Her thighs ached as her legs were spread. Sara felt hands touching her knees, the spreader bar attached to her knees by straps. Her knees were locked into place, unable to bend, her legs spread wide, unable to close and protect herself.

"AAAGGHHH," Sara moaned in pain as they began to attach ropes to her ankles. The other end of the rope was pulled toward her bound wrists. They pulled the rope tighter, bowing her body backwards, her head and feet rising from the floor.

"Steve, if you tie the rope tightly, like this, it has a pulley attached in the center of the rope. Once secured, you can ratchet the ropes tighter. Just remember that when you bow the body if you ratchet it too far, you may break some bones or the back."

Sara's body ached from the bondage they were placing her in. She could hear the noise of the ratchet and each time the pain increased. Her body felt like it was going to break. "BBBRR," again the bow in her body increases. Her breasts now rose from the floor. Only her stomach and abdomen were supported. Her legs and upper body were pulled back.

"The purpose of the bondage is to make the victim feel helpless. At the same time it is made to inflict the maximum amount of pain. After a while, the victim will do anything to get out of the ropes. During the training, the victim will be placed into bondage almost 24 hours a day. We feed the victims with IV's. This makes it less messy, especially when you want to ass fuck the victim. You do not have to bother with enema's to clean out the victim each time." Michael continued to explain the procedures in training a new slave to Steve.

"Just one more thing and we will be ready to go." Michael picked up another rope and slipped one end over her head, making a slipknot and attaching it to her neck. He pulled the rope back and as it tightened, Sara had to pull her head up or the rope would begin to strangle her. Michael attached it to the spreader bar and tightened it. Sara groaned through the penis gag. Michael ratcheted the rope, forcing Sara to raise her head higher or start to choke. She now had to keep her head up high or begin to suffocate. "Grab the other end of Sara. Let's bring her in the kitchen so she can see what has happened to her daughter."

Becky had suffered almost the same fate. She had heard a commotion at the door after her mother went to answer it. As soon as she stood up, two men burst through the door. The first one caught her as she stood up and punched her in the stomach. She fell to the floor, attempting to suck in air. Hands grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. She struggled for air, her lungs attempting to suck in the air that was pushed out by the punch.

"Take your last deep breath, cunt." Justin grabbed the wadding he had in his hand. He pushed his fingers in her mouth. "Open up, bitch." He pulled her mouth open, his fingers pushed in her mouth making her gasp at the way she was being treated. He began to push the cloth into her mouth, her cheeks beginning to bulge out from the large amount of material being pushed in.

Becky cried out as the rough fingers forced themselves into her mouth. She felt dry cloth being stuffed in, the material quickly soaking up her saliva, her mouth becoming dry. She could feel her cheeks begin to expand as the cloth continued to be pushed in her mouth. "MMMMMDGGGHHHH," she cried, the cloth now pushing further back into her mouth, heading for her throat. More cloth was pushed in and she began to wretch as some of the material began to slide into her throat. She felt tape being wrapped around her mouth, preventing the wadding from coming out. Her mouth was stuffed, her cheeks bulging, her gag reflexes continuing to choke on the material in the back of her mouth.

"Get used to it bitch, it's going to be there for a long time." Justin pinched her nose tight. "This is what will happen if you don't obey."

Becky's body began to buck, she was beginning to get lightheaded. She struggled, her lungs gasping.

"Moan if you are going to obey me, cunt"

"MMMMGGG," she cried, "MMMMMGGHHH," please let me breath again she prayed. She felt the fingers leave her nose and she sucked in as much air as she could through her nose. Her chest heaved, her lungs beginning to inflate again.

"On your knees," his hands pushing Becky to the floor. Her wrists were grabbed and pulled up into the air.

Becky felt a heavy, rough rope wrapped around her wrists and than pulled tightly. She groaned in pain as her fingers began to tingle from the tightness of the ropes. Her arms were pulled up high, forcing her breasts out as her body was pulled taunt. She felt a hand push out on her right thigh, forcing her to spread her legs open. A slap this time and a command for more, forcing her to spread open for them. She felt something placed between her knees. A strap was attached to each knee and a bar was placed, keeping her knees from moving back together.

"That's a spreader bar between your legs. That will keep you open for us. We will have access to your pussy and asshole and you will not be able to stop us. Now we need to tighten you up a little, we don't want you going anywhere," Justin beginning to pull the rope from her wrists over her head and down toward her ankles. He tied the rope to her ankles, pulling tightly.

Becky heard a noise and felt the ropes tighten. Another noise, again tighter. Her body stretched backwards, her head pulling up, staring toward the ceiling as she was pulled backwards. Her back felt like it was going to break as she was forced backwards, her breasts now pushed up high, aiming toward the ceiling.

Sara gasped in surprise when she saw her daughter. She was bound tightly, her back arched, her head pulled back, her breasts thrust out. Hands were beginning to run over her young body, squeezing her breasts a pained look on her face. Her mouth was jammed with something, allowing only occasional grunts of pain. Her cheeks were bulging.

"Looks like it's going good, Justin. I like the way you got her bound, it really accents that young, tight body. Steve, there are different methods to train a slave, based on age. Young girls, like Becky do better when humiliated. Notice the way she squirms as Justin runs his hands over her body. Even though it is painful for her to move, she does not want to submit. If you did that to her mother, she would allow it. He will begin to expose her body, first her tits, than her pussy and ass. He will not take off all of her clothes, it is much more humiliating to be stripped partially naked. Before we leave, Justin will masturbate her in front of her mother. Even though she is bound, he will force her to cum. As for her mother, older women must be trained differently. That is why she has the ring gag in her mouth. Justin is going to fuck her in her mouth. He has a very long cock, it will fit nice and tight into her throat. He also has a tendency to shoot large amounts of cum. She will be forced to swallow it, the penis gag pushing it back down her throat. By what I understand about Sara, she does not like oral sex. That is why we are going to do it, especially in front of her daughter. Older women are better as pain slaves. They are good for whippings and torture."

Becky's body ached all over. She was bound and stretched backward. One of the men was running his hands over her body, squeezing her breasts. She squirmed, trying to avoid the brutal hands as they pinched and pulled on her breasts. She could only make muffled noises, the padding in her mouth preventing all noise. Every time she moved the pain rushed into her arms and legs. She felt her blouse pulled, the buttons popping out onto the floor. She felt the cool air on her stomach, she knew they could see her bra. The bondage prevented her from seeing what they were doing to her, she could only see her captors staring down at her. She knew her mother was brought in and placed near her. A hand moved under her bra and pulled it up, her breasts pulled free, the cool air making her nipples hard and erect.

"MMMGGHHH," she cried in the gag as rough hands grabbed her naked nipples and began to pull and twist them. "MMMGGHH, GGRRR," her body trying to twist away but only incited new pain in her bound body. She felt her nipples pulled from her body, stretched out, the fingers twisting them.

"Nice tits and nips on this bitch," Justin's fingers molesting her body. He moved his hand down her stomach, unsnapping her shorts, the zipper pulled down and yanked them down until they would go no further because of her spread legs. "RRRRIIIPPP," the shorts fell to the floor, a pile of rags.

Becky squirmed in the ropes as hands moved down over her panty-clad abdomen, running over her body, toward her pussy. The large hand grasped her pussy and squeezed it tightly. She felt a finger push forcefully between her pussy lips, pushing her panties into her pussy. "AAGGGHH," she cried, the finger moving up and down her pussy slit, her wetness soaking her panties.

"The cunt's getting off on this, her panties are soaked," Justin yelled out to the others. His fingers grabbed her pussy again, squeezing even harder.

Becky felt humiliated, she was being sexually abused and stripped and she was getting wet. She could not see her mother's face, but she knew that she was watching her humiliation. She heard the tear of her panties, her pussy now naked. The hands reached out again, this time running over her naked abdomen. One hand reached lower, lightly grazing over her sparse pussy hair. Becky felt a finger reach out and split her pussy lips apart and slide along her wet pussy slit. She could feel it slide all the way down, almost to her anus before moving back up again. She shivered in fear as the finger began to masturbate her. Becky felt her pussy get wetter as the finger pushed her pussy juice along her slit. Two fingers now moved down her slit, spreading her pussy lips even further apart. They reached down to her pussy and one finger began to enter her tight pussy. "MMMGGG," she moaned in her gagged mouth. The tight bondage did not allow her to move away from the finger and it slowly and forcefully entered her pussy, now hot and wet. "AAAGGGHH, MMMGGGGHHH," the finger now pushed into her tight pussy up to the second knuckle. Becky's pussy was very small and tight. She had only been fucked five times and her boyfriends cock was very small. She could feel it pull out and than push back in, this time going deeper.

"This bitch has a real tight pussy. She hasn't been used much. She should bring a pretty penny," Justin continuing to run his finger in her tight pussy. "I can't wait until I get my cock in this bitch and ride her for a while. I'll loosen her up real quick." He pulled his finger from her pussy, it felt like it was trying to grip them as he pulled out. He pushed back in, this time two fingers spreading her open. He could hear her moan in pain as his thick fingers wormed up inside her pussy, forcing her to open wide from his masturbating fingers. Becky bucked in the tight bondage, pain radiating through her body as the stranger masturbated her.

Becky could feel another set of hands reach out for her breasts. They squeezed her tit flesh hard, fingers seeking out her nipples. They were still hard and erect. The hands pinched hard on the ends and began to pull on them, stretching them from her body. Her nipples were pulled and pinched as she felt the fingers in her pussy push in deeper, spreading her unused pussy to open wider. When they were in up to the knuckles, she could feel them begin to spread open, her pussy straining to accept the brutal fingers fucking her pussy. "GGGHJHHHHH," she cried as they spread her pussy open, the fingernails digging into the sides of her delicate pussy tract. The fingers pulled from her body, her pussy forced to stretch open as they were kept spread as they were pulled from her body. When they were almost all the way out, they moved together as they pulled from her pussy. They rushed back in, forcing her open again, her muffled "GGGMMMMGHHH," coming from her lips as brutally ripped into her body. "GGGGRRRHHHH," she moaned as they sank deep into her pussy, the fingers battering against her cervix as they pushed in deep. She could feel them twisting and turning inside her body, the knuckles rubbing harshly over her pussy. They again pulled out from her pussy, her lips closely slowly as the fingers disappeared.

She felt the finger running down her slit again. This time it moved slower, running over her naked and exposed anus. Her tiny anus looked so small and pink, shaped like a tiny star. Her body continued to betray her, her pussy soaking wet, running down her thighs from the forced masturbation, her body trembling as she felt the finger run over her defenseless anus. She could feel the wet finger run over it, each time a little more pressure put on the finger, her anus forced to slowly open. It felt strange to Becky as the thick finger began to enter her anus. It slowly began to expand, the finger lightly circling, pushing into her, her anus forced to open. "AAAGGGGHHH, MMMFFFFF," her body trying to jerk away, but her tight bondage forcing her to accept the cruel ravishment of her virgin asshole. Her anus accepted the finger and began to grab it tightly as it forced itself deeper into her body. "GGGUUUUGGGGHHH," the finger pushing relentlessly into her anus, her sphincter muscle forced open wider as it bore into her anal tract, entering her rectum. Two fingers pushed back into her pussy, spreading her open wide again, this time with a finger pushing deeper into her asshole. She had never felt so full, fingers now stuffed deep into her body.

"Grab her clit, let's see if we can make this bitch cum," he ordered. Cruel fingers pulled back her clit hood and grabbed her hard and erect clit. It stood out over _ inch, begging to be used.

Becky bucked in her tight bondage, her clit now grasped tightly between two fingers, pulling and pinching, two fingers in her pussy crawling around inside her like tiny animals and a thick finger plunging in and out her tight asshole. She could feel an orgasm coming on. Please, don't make me cum in front of them, please, she thought. The fingers continued their masturbation of her tender body, forcing her to moan in pleasure.

"Cum for us, Becky, show your mother what a cum slut you are," the humiliation overtaking her emotions as Justin finger fucked her. Becky's body began to buck in the tight bondage, trying to escape, yet at the same time accepting the fingers masturbating her near virgin body. Her asshole sucked the finger in deep, grasping it tightly as the two fingers in her pussy continued their relentless masturbation. Her clit was swollen and hard, the finger grabbing it cruelly, the pain adding to the pleasure.

"I think little Becky is going to cum for us," Justin said, his two fingers pushed deep inside her. He could feel Becky's pussy grab them tightly as if she did not want them to leave.

"GGGHHHHRRR, AAWWWWW," moaned Becky, her first cum overtaking her body. While she had been fucked before, she had never been brought to an orgasm. The boys were too interested in getting themselves off and did not seem to care or want to give Becky her pleasure. Her body bucked like a horse as the second cum overcame her, her body shaking from the intensity. "GGGGGRRRRGGHHH," the gag preventing her from screaming, the pleasure engulfing her body.

"Well, Momma, I think your daughter is a cum slut. She's bound like a bondage whore and being masturbated by four strangers and she cum's like it was natural. I can't wait to stick my cock in her pussy and rape her hard." Justin looked at Sara, "now its your turn to suck my cock, let's see if you are as much of a slut as Becky is."

Justin moved over to where Sara was lying, bound tightly. Her head was pulled up high, her mouth held wide open by the ring gag. They had removed the penis gag from it, she would now receive the real thing. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants off. He sat on the floor in front of Sara, his crotch only inches from her face. He pulled his shorts down and his ten-inch cock sprung from it, slapping Sara in the face as it was released. Sara tried to move, but the rope around her neck prevented all movement.

"Now, Sara, I am going to stick my cock in your mouth. I want you to rub your tongue over it and bathe it." Justin moved closer, his cock moving between her split lips and entered her hot mouth. He pushed it in over three inches and held it there, waiting for Sara to obey.

Fuck him, I'm not going to do anything, Sara thought. She almost gagged as she felt the hard cock enter her mouth. She had never sucked a cock before and she was not going to let him be the first.

"I kinda figured you wouldn't be too cooperative, but that is what we are good at. Motivation. That is why we like Mother-Daughter combinations. It makes it so much easier." Justin turned to Steve, "would you mind showing Sara why she is going to lick my cock with her tongue."

Sara saw Steve move toward Becky. Becky was still bound back, her breasts and pussy spread open for them. She saw a whip in Steve's hand. It was a short black leather whip, only one strand, but looked very hard. Her tongue went quickly to work, running over Justin's cock but it was too late. She could only watch as Steve raised the whip up and brings it harshly onto Becky's spread pussy, slapping hard between her pussy lips.

Becky screamed in her gag as the most incredible pain filled her body as her pussy felt like it was torn. "MMMMFFFF, AAAGGGHHHHH," she yelled, her body bucking in the ropes, the pain intensified by the bondage. Oh, God, she thought, please don't do that to me again, please Mom, do as that want.

"That's much better, Sara, you must learn to obey. It will be a lot less painful for you and Becky if I don't have to repeat myself." Justin felt Sara's tongue running over his cock, his precum dripping from the head, as she performed like a French whore. Justin began to push his cock further into her mouth as her tongue continued to bath his cock.

"GGAAAGGGGGHHH," Sara felt the cock push into the back of her mouth, her gag reflexes beginning as it tried to enter her throat. It pulled out, only to push back in again, this time even deeper. "GGGAAAGGHH, AAAAHHHH," the cock making her gag again, this time staying in her throat, her gagging milking the cock. She felt a hand on her throat, feeling the large cock now deep in her throat. She began to get lightheaded as she sucked in large quantities of air through her nose.

"Sara, you have such a nice tight throat, you are squeezing the cum out of my cock." Justin pulled his cock out of her throat, keeping it in her mouth. "Tongue fuck me or it's the whip for Becky."

Sara hurriedly ran her tongue over his cock, tasting the cum leaking from the head. It tasted salty and stayed in her mouth, refusing to go down. She knew that he would soon cum and it would shoot into her mouth and she would be forced to swallow it or choke on it. She continued to massage his cock, hoping to make him cum soon, anything was better than his cock in her throat. She felt the cock push back in again, the gagging and choking beginning again. Tears ran out of her eyes as it pushed deeper into her throat, her gagging almost constant now.

"This bitch gives a great face fuck, her throat is sucking the cum out of my balls." Justin pushed his cock hard once more into her throat, holding her tightly by her ears as he pushed it in further than before. He was ready to cum. He pulled his cock out of her throat and let it lie on her tongue. He could feel her tongue begin to work on his cock again, just as he began to cum.

"CCCOOOFFF, GGAAGGGHHH," Sara choked as the first wad of cum shot out of Justin's cock and sprayed into her mouth. Her tongue bathed his cock, the foul tasting cum filling her rapidly. She swallowed hard, the first load going into her stomach, just as the next load shot into her mouth. Again, her mouth was filled, some of it running down her chin as she was having difficulty swallow the large amount of cum filling her mouth. The choking was making it difficult.

"What a good cunt you are, Sara, you might not like sucking cock, but you sure do a great job at it." Justin let Sara run her tongue over his now deflating cock as he saw her still trying to swallow the cum he deposited in her mouth. He pulled his cock out, her tongue following it as it left, not wanting to Becky to suffer for her refusal.

Michael watched both of his new slaves before him. Sara with cum dripping down her chin and Becky with her own cum running down her thighs. "See how they react, Steve. Daughter was made to cum and Mother was forced to suck a cock and they both did it willingly. It will be a pleasure training them. Let's get them out of her and get them to their new home. There they will be raped, both vaginally and anally. There is no better way to get a woman's attention than having a big cock up her asshole.

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