Sex Show

by Claude Raines, Editor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Gang Bang, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kim and Rod's adventures in Tiajuana in 1958. Kim goes wild!

by Baddad

Sex Show Editor's Forward

This is not a story I wrote. It is, however, one I really like. I've only seen it posted one time, and the only site where I found it is now gone. I have been unable to contact the author, so, to prevent it from disappearing, here it is again. I have taken the liberty of slightly editing it for clarity and to eliminate minor typographical errors, but the body of the story is unchanged.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do.

Claude Raines

P.S.: As you read the story, you may notice that there seem to be some parts missing. If you have any of those, please provide them, as this is all that I have.

Part One

I was stationed in San Diego, California, in 1958. I had a girlfriend, Kim, at the time and we went to T-town in Mexico one night. The main street was lined with bars and shops selling everything you can imagine. One bar in particular caught our attention. It advertised a live sex show with real performing animals. We wondered what that was all about and the admission was free if you had a woman with you and so we went in. There must have been about forty couples inside all sitting at small round tables and high-backed chairs. There was a lighted stage up front and a band was playing some bad jazz. We sat down and ordered drinks. When they came we asked the waitress when the show would start. "In a few minutes" was her reply.

Sure enough, a drum roll started and the curtains parted. There in the center stage was a naked woman on a leash with a dog collar on. She was on all fours and was being led around by a big man with a mask on. Suddenly, from the side came about six male dogs. The masked man made the woman freeze in place with her legs slightly apart and her ass in the air. All the dogs started SNIFFING her and one started to lick her and growled at the others.

He unsheathed his big cock and then he mounted her and with her hand guiding him, he slid his cock into her. She seemed to stiffen up a little and he got his knot into her and it was growing bigger and bigger. We could see it get bigger as it came out with each thrust until it finally got too big to come out anymore and she was tied to him.

He increased his stroking speed and came in her. She hollered it was hot but she could not get loose. He tried to turn around but the man prevented it and in about ten minutes, he came loose.

Her pussy was hanging wide open with cum streaming out of it and another dog was sniffing and then mounted her and started fucking her but this time she reached back and took hold of the knot to prevent him from knotting with her and so it went until she had been fucked by all six dogs.

The masked man then led her out into the audience so we could see her up close and see that big gaping pussy. Two more men came out and they picked her up and carried her back to the stage after some of the men in the audience had stuck all kinds of things into her pussy.

They put her on a narrow padded table on wheels. They sat her down on the table with her ass in a seat on the edge of the table. The seat could move back and forth on a track down the center of the table. They put her feet into stirrups that were hinged to swing out from the end of the table to either side. "Now that she has been stretched out," said the masked man to the audience, "Watch this."

And with that a donkey came walking out from the side and stood by the woman on the table. Kim nudged me and said, "There is no way she can fuck that donkey. Look at the size of him."

"Let's watch and see," I said.

One of the men did something to the table to lower it to the right height to fit under the donkey. They pushed the table and the woman sideways under the donkey and then with a man on either side, they pushed her feet wide to each side and locked the stirrups in place.

One of the men reached under the donkey and began squeezing his cock and soon, it came out of the sheath. He held the cock in the right position while the two men on either side pushed he table back an inch at a time until the donkey's cock was firmly pressed against her pussy.

"It's not going to fit," Kim whispered in my ear.

"If it does, it's going to smart a little," I said.

The two men pushed the table back again and we saw the lips of her pussy stretch and then the massive cock started to slide in. His cock was about eighteen inches long and about four or five inches in diameter. She took about half of it and then one man unlocked the chair seat her ass was on so it could move freely on the track back and forth. This, I was later told, was to keep the donkey from going in too far and injuring the woman.

The donkey stroked in and out in rapid motions and she cried out that he was getting bigger inside her and suddenly, cum gushed out around his big cock and ran down her thighs and puddled on the table. It kept gushing out with each thrust. He must have come in several cupfuls.

Finally, he slowed down and started to withdraw. The two men on either side quickly unlocked the stirrups and pushed her feet closer together and as soon as his cock came out of her with a loud sucking sound, they pushed her sideways out from under him.

They pushed her feet apart again and locked her legs wide open again and rolled her out into the audience. We all got a too look at that big pussy. Some guys even put coke bottles up her. One guy had brought a large stick of bologna and shoved that into her about a foot. He pulled it out and several other guys fucked her, adding their cum to the donkey's.

I'll tell you about the gang-bang and when Kim got brave and put on a show of her own. This will be in the next installment of the SEX SHOW.

Part Two

In part one, the woman who had been with the dogs and then the donkey was taken off stage to be cleaned up for the next performance. I looked over at Kim and saw her look of fascination and awe.

"Umm, that made me hot," she said. I noticed that she was squirming around in her seat. All five foot one and 112 pounds seemed to be vibrating to an inner song. Her long black hair had slung to one side and covered one luscious pert breast.

Suddenly, I became aware that the Master of Ceremonies, a beefy man with a gravel-like voice, was announcing a contest. The winner would get a one-week vacation at the Ritz in LA.

"Oh," Kim said, "that would be great."

The MC went on to fill in the details of the contest. "I need four women to volunteer for our speed gang bang."

Kim looked questioningly at me and I nodded ok and said, "If you think you can handle it."

That was all it took. She was out of her seat and on stage in a flash. I looked at the other three women there and decided Kim was the best looking and the sexiest.

One woman was about five foot eight 130 pounds with short blonde hair and had large moon shaped breasts. Kim had a tiny waist and this woman was rather thick-waisted.

The other two women were about alike, both about five foot four 120-130 pounds, medium hair, light brown in color and average sized breasts with some waist but not as spectacular as Kim's.

The MC explained that the men would divide up into four teams, one for each woman and she would have to make every guy on her team cum in the shortest amount of time. Kim had a very responsive pussy and I knew she would probably win.

"Ok guys," the MC said, "come up on stage and I'll divide you up. First," he said, "take off your pants and underwear and line up." The MC walked down the line looking at our dicks and divided us up so that each woman got about the same variety of dicks by size as the others.

"Get in line behind your woman," he said "and when I say go, you know what to do." There were five eager men lined up in front of each woman. They had the women lying on their backs on a table, not unlike a tall coffee table, and her legs were spread in anticipation. I had not been picked to be in Kim's group but I didn't mind.

"Go!" shouted the MC and the first man on each team raced up and inserted his cock in the woman. He would pump furiously and the woman would pump and wiggle back. As each guy withdrew with cum dripping from his cock, cum started to run from each of the four pussies.

I was at the end of the line in my group. The largest cocks were last. Talk about sloppy seconds I grinned to myself, how about sloppy fifths.

Suddenly it was my turn. I had drawn the woman with the short blonde hair. Her legs were spread wide and her hole was bubbling with cum. I quickly inserted my cock and felt her pussy contract, squeezing me as I had never felt before. I gasped and then started to cum.

I looked at her and said, "How did you do that?" and before I could ask any more, she grinned and said "Lots of yoga exercises."

There were at least two men left in each remaining group when the MC announced a winner but said the women had to finish up all the remaining men in her group.

I walked over to where Kim was happily humping away. "I'll take you on a vacation for being such a good sport," I said.

"Heck," she replied, "I love this" and humped faster as the guy's dick pulsed and withdrew glistening and still spurting cum.

The last guy in her group shoved his dick in so hard that cum squirted out all over his legs. They pumped and groaned for a few more minutes and then it was over.

Now, all four women were through. They stood up and the MC said, "Turn around and bend over and show everyone your gang-banged pussy."

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