Ralph, You're a Good Dog

by Tony Masters

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cuckold, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband suspects wife is cheating, but why and with whom? With the help of peanut-butter and the family dog, he learns the truth and gets his revenge.

Jeff pretended he was asleep, as his wife got ready for bed. Earlier, when he had asked her for sex, she had begged off, claiming stomach cramps. Now she was humming to herself, as she blow-dried her strawberry-blond hair. She seemed, happy. Jeff loved his wife, Lensey, more than his own life, but it had been nearly a month since he last touched her. Each night, and each morning she had a new excuse for refusing him. He knew it wasn't because she disliked sex, because she was the hornyest woman he had ever known, and he'd known some women. This one beautiful woman, however, was slowly killing him. Jeff knew she was cheating.

He had first become suspicious three weeks ago when the phone-calls started. If he answered, the caller would hang up. If Lensey answered, she would laugh and tell me it was her mother, or her sister, or some girlfriend's girlfriend from her high school days. Jeff knew it was a guy, probably some son-of-a-bitch he saw every day.

There had been other signs. She lied about where she was going, and underestimated the length of time she would be away. She neglected little rituals she had always performed, that said she loved him, like trimming the crust from his bread, when she made sandwiches for his lunch. It was something he'd never asked her to do, but she had always done it, automatically, without thinking.

Her toenails were painted a dark red, something she hadn't done since they were married. She had considered it a waste of energy, because no one would see it besides them. Apparently she was now showing them to someone.She had bought new underwear, and new sexy lace nightgowns, yet the first he had known of it, was when he ran across them at the bottom of the clothes hamper, and they smelled strongly of sweat. That was the day he went through every drawer and cabinet in the house, looking for evidence of infidelity.

The only thing incriminating he could find, was a fragment of paper bearing a phone number and the words, "Wear something nasty."

The number was to a small motel in Webster. He had found the note stuck to some chewing gum on the sole of her best black high heels. The handwriting was Lensey's. Any one of these things wouldn't have worried him. From his experience with women, he'd learned the only thing a man could count on, was that a woman would change every day. Together, they spelled adultery.

Finished brushing her hair, Lensey walked to his side of the bed to turn out the lamp. He caught her about the waist and pulled her across his body. She was so surprised he was awake, at first, she made no move to stop him as he untied the sash of her robe. Beneath, she was nude. The moment he pushed her legs apart and moved between them, she tried to pull away.

"Damn it Jeff!" she snapped, "What are you doing?"

"Just trying to exercise my husbandly prerogatives," he replied.

"I told you I don't feel well. I have a headache."

"You said you had stomach cramps," he reminded her. "You had headaches on Sunday and Tuesday, heat rash on Monday, and were just too tired on Wednesday. Of course, last Saturday, you had menstrual cramps. I'm not sure it's the same thing as today, since you don't really talk about these illnesses until I get horny."

"What are you suggesting?" she asked. "That I'm making this up."

"Are you?"

"I can't believe you asked me that," she almost sounded shocked.

Jeff moved down her body and off the bed to crouch between her legs. He contemplated the narrow strip of bright copper hair between her thighs, and traced with a finger, the crease of her vagina.

"A man would have to wonder what's going on, if his woman suddenly stopped loving him," he said. "Is there something I should know?"

Lensey opened her mouth to speak, stopped, and appeared to consider what she might say. She groaned in disgust and relaxed her body.

"All right," she said in a tense voice, "If you need it that badly, let's do it."

She uncovered her breasts and turned to stare at the wall, her attitude saying, "Have your fun, but I don't have to participate."

He recognized the ploy. What she was expecting, what usually happened when she did this, was that Jeff would feel guilty, change his mind and give up, hoping for a better opportunity some other time. What she didn't anticipate, was the terrible need he felt, and the fear that this might be the last time he would ever hold her. Even after all the years they had been together, the sight of her lovely body beneath him was all it took to bring Jeff to stiff erection. When he penetrated her, she gasped in surprise. She hadn't expected him to go through with it, and he had violated the unspoken rule that before he fucked her, he had to go down on her.

Normally, he loved to eat her sweet pussy. He loved to make her go crazy and wet with his tongue. The thought that her other lover had been there before him, ruined any desire he might have had for oral sex. Jeff pumped her hard and fast. Wanting to hurt her in a way he had never done before. He wanted to tear her sensitive tissues, make her so sore she would have to stay home and cancel any meeting with her lover.

She winced now and then, closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip, as he pounded away at her delicate pink inner lips. Unprepared as she was, she felt tight, and he knew the friction was doing as much harm to his penis, as it was to her vulva. He wanted, no, he needed, to cum inside her again, to claim her for his own, one more time. For some reason, he couldn't finish. He was rubbing his penis raw and she was beginning to fight him. He had to force her arms over her head and hold them there.

Suddenly a shutter went through her body and she cried aloud. He felt her passage become slick and pulsate around his dick. Now Jeff could move freely, so he began shafting her to the hilt, pulling his glands out to her swelling pussy lips, and driving it in until his balls slapped her ass-hole. A moment later, she began rocking her pelvis and moaning, then threw back her head and shouted.

"Oh god! Oh mother-fucking shit! Aaaaah! Yesssss! Yesssss! Oooooah!"

He'd never heard her carry on that way before. He almost lost his wad, but he was still angry, and he was still hurt. The raw power of his emotions made him stronger. He wanted this fuck to last forever. He wanted to make her remember him.To his surprise, that last orgasm seemed to have driven her into a sexual frenzy. Her legs went up. Her ankles crossed over his back and she started pounding his ass with her heels, as if trying to force more of him inside her. Her face was flushed with animal passion, her breaths short and loud, and sometimes she chanted with abandon.

"Fuck me! fuck me! fuck me!... shit!... shit!... Oh damn!... Oh motha... fuckin... damn!... aaaaah gaaaadah!"

She came so hard her vaginal muscles caught his dick like a vice, and she shook them both, as if caught in an earthquake. As the spasm subsided, Jeff pumped her faster, shaking her with his thrusts, making her grunt, as each stroke drove air from her lungs. She shoved her pelvis back at him, her cunt making wet sucking sounds as they slammed together.gain, she threw back her head and yelled her ecstasy, but her strength was fading and there was nothing to stop him from short-stroking into her hot, slick passage.

He felt the burning rush of semen explode from his testicles and he buried his swollen tool in her womb. Once, twice, three times, he groaned like the dying and emptied hot, sticky man-cum into her churning depths. When he could, Jeff rolled over to her side and lay there gasping for breath. She was having the same problem. They were quiet for a long time. She broke the silence.

"You never did that before," she said.

"I never had to."

"Maybe, if you had... ?" the thought trailed off into silence.

"What?" Jeff asked.

"Never mind," she said. "Just go to sleep."

With that, she got out of bed and went to the bath, shortly he heard the shower running. He drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

He awoke chilled, in an empty bed. Panic seized him until he heard Lensey's voice in the living room. He looked at the clock. It wasn't due to alarm for another hour. He almost went back to sleep, then he realized the phone hadn't rung, so she must have called someone. Jeff slipped out of bed and moved to the bedroom door. He heard a one-sided conversation.

"I know," she said. "Yes, I promised, but he didn't give me a choice. What did you want me to do, make him suspicious?-- I'm not going to tell you that.-- No, it's none of your business.-- Okay. Three, or four times.-- Yes, that many.-- Well, you asked. I don't know what's gotten into him. Do you think he suspects? He's not stupid you know, he just doesn't notice things."

She listened for a moment, then said, "He trusts me. I feel like shit, slipping around this way.-- Look, it's been nice, but maybe we should stop it now. I never wanted it to go this far.-- Yes, I love you too, but he's my husband. You'll have other women after me.-- No. Don't lie. We both know how you are.-- Stop it.-- No. Stop it!-- I really think we should just cool it.-- No. You wouldn't!-- Please don't tell him!-- All right.-- All right! I'll do it, but it'll have to be here. He goes in this morning, but has to work four hours tonight on the evening shift. He might call.-- Yes, I'll wear the red one.-- Yes, I'll let you do anything you want, but no more pictures.-- You promised.-- No.-- No! You promised.-- Okay.-- Okay, I'll see you then.-- Love you too.-- bye"

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