Round Up

by KK

Copyright© 2002 by KK

Sex Story: Imagine that your wife is the object of a sexual scavanger hunt held by an elete sportsman club and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Voyeurism   .

It's been a year now since all of this started. The time has gone by so fast that I decided that I had better write this story now while everything is still fresh in my mind even though the final chapter of this story is still six weeks away on December 31. Actually this whole thing started almost exactly one year ago on the weekend before Thanksgiving (for readers outside of the US, Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November). The following account details the pertinent events of the last twelve months.

It was about ten o'clock on Saturday night and I was sitting on the bed waiting for Mary to come out of the bathroom with great anticipation, meaning I was already getting an erection. When the double doors to the bathroom opened, Mary was standing in the doorway wearing a black bra and panties, black stockings and a garter belt. Whenever Mary dresses like that I know we are going to have some great sex.

As Mary approached me I stood and put my arms around her and we began to dance to the soft rock CD I had playing. As we danced I began kissing Mary's mouth and neck.

I positioned us so that we were standing in front of the large mirror on Mary's dresser, then I moved behind her and rubbed her breasts through her bra and pressed my erection against her beautifully shaped and firm buttocks while she watched herself in the mirror. When I slipped my hand inside her panties and began to tease her by just lightly skimming my finger tips over her vulva Mary tipped her head back against my shoulder and closed her eyes. As I continued to play with her pussy she began to make little cooing sounds in her throat.

After a couple of minutes of this Mary turned to face me and gave me a deep tongue kiss and began kissing her way down over my chest and down my stomach as she sank to her knees in front of me. Once on her knees she pulled my shorts off. Then she cupped my balls in one hand as she kissed the very tip of my cock. I was already beginning to secrete pre-cum and as she pulled back I could see a strand of the thick clear liquid extending from the tip of my cock to Mary's lips. I watched as Mary ran her tongue around her lips gathering the shinny strand and drawing it into her mouth. Then she stuck her tongue out and flicked it across the head of my cock creating a new strand of sexual liquid this time trailing from my cock to the tip of her tongue. Without breaking the strand Mary ran her tongue under the head of my cock and pulled her tongue and my cock into her mouth. What followed was one of the most fantastic blow jobs she has ever given me.

I was very close to climaxing when Mary stopped, stood up, and kissed me. I could taste my excitement on her lips and tongue. When she broke the kiss she said "It's my turn" then she sat on the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees in front of her and began kissing my way down from her face to her breasts. When I got to her breasts I pulled her bra straps down off of her shoulders and pulled the cups down to expose her beautiful pear shaped breasts. I took one in each hand and gently massaged them as I alternately licked, kissed and sucked on her nipples. Mary loves this and it often brings her to an orgasm and this time was no different. Mary tipped her head back and grabbed my head with both hands and held me to her breast as she climbed the mountain of her orgasm. When she finally descended again, Mary relaxed and lay back on the bed. As she did I started kissing my way down over her stomach to the top oh her panties. At this point I pulled the gusset of her panties to the side and inhaled the wonderful scent her pussy gives off when she is sexually excited. I used my tongue to slowly trace the lips of her labia then I separated them and pushed my tongue inside Mary's pussy. As usual she tasted wonderful and responded to my attention and was soon in the throws of another orgasm.

This time when she came down from her orgasm she told me to come inside her, so I stood and positioned my cock at the entrance to Mary's well lubricated vagina and pressed forward till I was buried as deep in Mary as I could get. For the next fifteen minutes Mary and I bounced around the bed in several different positions until I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot a load inside Mary's pussy from behind and then collapsed on top of her.

Afterward we cuddled for a while, then Mary fell asleep and I turned on the television to see if there were any good movies on.

At 1:00 AM I was just getting ready to turn the TV off when the phone rang. As I picked up the phone I was expecting it to be a wrong number and I think my irritation was apparent in my voice when I said "Hello"

"Hello, is this George Hanson?" a voice unfamiliar to me asked.

"Yes it is, who's this?"

"My name is Robert Smith and I represent the Omega Sportsman's Club"

"I'm sorry, but I have never heard of you or your club. What is it you want?"

Mr. Smith said "I am sorry for calling so late but I need to set up an appointment to meet with you at your earliest convenience. I have an important matter to discuss with you."

I said, "Whatever it is you're selling I am not interested."

"I am not selling anything, and what I have to say will be extremely important to you and it's in your best interest to take this meeting."

I asked what it was he wanted to discuss with me that was so important and he said "I can't go into that on the phone. The way he said that made the whole thing sound a little suspicious, but I guess my curiosity got the best of me so I agreed to meet him in the bar at the Marriott Hotel near my office at five o'clock Monday evening.

As I hung up the phone Mary rolled over and asked, "Who was that?" I said it was a wrong number and she said, "I hate phone calls in the middle of the night."

Trying not to think about the call I started channel surfing until I came upon a softcore sex movie on one of the movie channels. On the screen a man and woman were in bed and the man was just starting to kiss and suck on the woman's breasts. As I watched this I thought about the phone call but I couldn't make any sense out of it. Why would someone from some sportsmen's club want to talk to me unless it was to get me to joint their club and since I had never heard of their club it couldn't be local. We live in a small city and I know all of the organizations in town. Suddenly I was aware that Mary was awake and looking at the TV. She asked, "What are you watching?"

When I looked back at the screen the man was kissing his way down the woman's stomach and into her pubic hair and was obviously headed for the promised land. As the man continued to move his head down between the woman's legs I slipped my hand between Mary's legs and ran my fingers through her pussy hair feeling the drying cum and her slightly swollen lips. Although the scene on the TV was not explicit you knew what was happening. I jokingly said to Mary "Does this give you any ideas?"

To my great surprise Mary said, "Yes. I want you to do that to me."

This was a first. Mary never wakes up in the middle of the night ready to have sex. Any time I had ever suggested it before she would say absolutely not. As I thought about what Mary wanted me to do while I continued to run my fingers through her matted and sticky pubic hair I wasn't sure eating her cream pie as something I wanted to do. Sensing my hesitation to go down on her messy pussy Mary kissed me on the ear and said "Please".

I don't know why but the idea of going down on her suddenly appealed to me and as if to accentuate that point my cock began to stiffen. I pulled the blankets off us and got between Mary's legs. As I lowered my head toward her, Mary took my head in both her hands and quickly pulled me to her pussy. The first thing that struck me was the smell of my semen. I didn't like the smell but it wasn't as bad as I expected and when I pushed my tongue inside her pussy the taste was not offensive. Actually I didn't mind the taste at all and I soon had Mary on her way to an orgasm.

After her orgasm Mary asked me "Do you want to cum in my mouth or my pussy?" I said, "Whatever you want is fine with me." With that Mary positioned her head over my cock and devoured me. I couldn't believe Mary was going to let me cum in her mouth as she had never let me do that before but when the time came she took my load in her mouth. Some she swallowed and some she wiped off with her hand. Afterward she kissed me leaving the taste of my own semen on my mouth then she rolled over and went to sleep.

On Monday I left work at 4:30 and I walked to the Marriott to meet with the mysterious Mr. Smith. As I walked into the bar I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the dark room. As I looked around the room I saw only four other people in the bar. There two men sitting at the bar, there was a women off to the right sitting at a table by herself and there was an older man sitting by himself to the left of the bar. As I stood in the doorway wondering if Mr. Smith was one of the people in the room the old man sitting by himself got up and came toward me. He looked to be in his mid to late sixties, with silver gray hair. He was very well dressed and he walked with an air of confidence that usually goes with old money.

As he approached me the man reached out his hand and said "Mr. Hanson, I am Robert Smith. I am glad you could make it." The greeting wasn't friendly it was business like. As he shook my hand he began leading me back across the room to the table where he had been sitting. As we sat down a waitress came over and took our drink order and left.

Mr. Smith didn't waist any time on small talk. He just started right in by saying "As I told you on the phone I represent a sportsmen's club"

"The Omega club isn't it?" I interrupted.

He gave me an impatient look and said "Actually Omega is not the real name of the club but we never use the real name in public. This is a very exclusive club and with a very elite membership. The whole purpose of the club is to provide exciting challenges and experiences for our members."

I asked what he meant by exciting challenges and experiences. Mr. Smith said, "We arrange for our members to participate in adventures that are out of the ordinary and not available to the general population. For instance we have arranged hunting trips to go after animals on the endangered species list, like elephant and rhino in Africa and tigers in Southeast Asia. SCUBA diving on old wrecks in shark infested waters, or snow skiing on mountains where the members have to be flown in by helicopter. This is only a partial list of the topics that I can discuss in public. There are many more adventures that are strictly confidential and for members only. Now this brings me to what I came her to talk to you about."

I thought 'Here comes the sales pitch.' Well I wasn't interested in joining any club and I doubted that I could ever afford a club like the one being described to me nor would I want to be a member of a club that would hunt animals on the endangered list. I certainly wasn't about to waste much time discussing it either.

Mr. Smith continued, "I specifically came to talk to you about an event we call the Round Up."

I immediately envisioned a cattle drive like in the movie 'City Slickers'. Did this guy really think I would be interested spending a week with a stinking herd of cattle? That is definitely not my style.

"The Round Up is the most popular event among the members. We only do it once every four years and the event lasts for a whole year beginning on New Years day and ending the following December 31st. Round Up is a contest in which the participants spend a year trying to seduce as many different women as they can and the winner is the member with the most conquests."

Suddenly I was interested even though I new that I could never cheat on Mary let alone spend a year doing it.

"When we first started Round Up there were very few rules which made for an uneven playing field. In order to make the contest fair we established formal rules sixteen years ago.

In a nutshell the rules are:

  1. Each participant must put up fifty thousand dollars.
  2. Expenses for the event come off the top the remaining money is split between the winner and his favorite charity.
  3. The rules committee establishes a selection committee made up of members not participating in the Round Up. The job of the selection committee is to select 300 women from all over the country to be the targets for the contest.
    - These women must be between the ages of 25 and 35
    - Be healthy and attractive
    - No addictions to drugs or alcohol
    - Be college educated
    - Be employed
    - And must be married and in a stable relationship
  4. The participants must avoid being caught by the women's husbands
  5. The seduction must take place outside of the woman's home.
  6. Proof on the conquest must be provided in the form of the woman's panties along with pictorial proof. Most of the participants video tape their conquests for the pictorial proof.
  7. After each conquest a copy of the pictorial proof and a check for $1000 will be sent to the woman's husband.
  8. At the end of the year a check for $5000 will go to any husband whose wife was targeted but would not allow herself to be seduced.
  9. To make the Round Up more interesting, more difficult and more dangerous the husbands of the selected women will be told about the Round Up, the rules and that their wife was selected as a potential target. The husband will be told that there is nothing he can do to have his wife removed from the selection list.

Now those are the rules. As of last Friday 35 members had paid their entry fees. Do you understand what I am telling you?"

I was a little slow catching on. I didn't even start to get suspicious until he said the women had to be married but I wasn't sure until he said that the husbands would be told about the contest, that he was here to tell me that Mary was on the Round Up target list. I should have know I wasn't being invited to join when he said the entry fee was $50,000. I began to get very angry. I asked, "Are you trying to tell me that my wife is on a list of women to be seduced and I have nothing to say about it?" It took everything I had to not jump over the table and deck this guy.

Mr. Smith look at me and said, "Yes, your wife has been selected. The only thing you can do is tell her about Round Up and hope that she resists all attempts to seduce her. In that case you will know you have a faithful wife and you will get $5000 as a bonus. Other than that there is nothing you can do about this. Anything these women do will be there own choice so the law can't help you and you don't want to try to expose us to the press because you can't really prove that we exist and the whole thing will make you look pretty dull and embarrass you wife and it will not stop us. I know you are angry right now but don't direct it at me. I am just the messenger. I am not part of the selection committee and I am definitely not a participant."

I still wanted to hit him but I was frozen in my chair by a feeling of being totally helpless. All I could manage to say was "Are you sure you have the right person?"

Mr. Smith smiled and said "Quite sure. Mary Hanson, 29 years old five feet eight inches tall, 125 pounds, hair brunette, blue eyes, very attractive, college graduate, works for large pharmaceutical company, married 7 years to George Hanson, 31 years old, partner in an independent insurance company. I don't think I need to go on."

"How was my wife selected and how did you get so much information about her?"

"Our selection committee spends the three years between Round Ups gathering information and making those choices. We start by buying subscription lists from the ten most popular women's magazines among women in the 25 to 35 year old age group. Then we mail out thousands of surveys to these women to gather the information we need."

"What kind of information?"

"We will send out a survey that claims to represent a particular magazine and say that they want to find out who reads their magazine. They ask about age, marital status, education, career, and income bracket. To the women who respond to this survey we will send others. One survey about successful marriages asks questions about the women's marriages to determine which women have good marriages with questions like How long have you been married? Have you ever separated for any length of time? Have either you our your spouse ever been unfaithful? Another survey addresses Health and Beauty. In this we ask questions about body condition, height, weight, overall appearance, exercise habits and so on. Then there is another survey on fidelity. We ask if the women have ever had an affair, ever thought about having an affair, and what kind of things a man could say to her that would make her interested in him. Information is gathered over a long period of time and a profile is built for each of the women respondents."

I was having a difficult time listening to all of this without jumping up and screaming 'What gives you the right to play with people's lives this way?' I had to stay in control in hopes that I could discover a way out of this for Mary and me.

Mr. Smith continued his explanation of the selection process, "After the survey results are in we usually have over 1000 profiles. The committee then reviews each of the profiles and sets aside what they think are the most interesting 500 for further screening. Members of the selection committee then go out and get photographs of these women and finally telephone interviews are done with the women."

"Telephone interviews? What kind of questions are asked during these interviews? Do you want to cheat on your husband?" I was beginning to lose my grip a little.

"Actually the phone interviews are just another survey. We just want to get a voice sample to go along with the photograph. With these final two pieces we go to work to select our 300 finalists."

I was stunned. I couldn't see anyway to force them to take my wife off of their list. I couldn't think of anything to say so I just sat and stared at Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith rose from his chair and said, "Well good luck young man." As he turned to walk away he looked back and said, "By the way like Omega, Bob Smith is a pseudonym." Then he left.

I sat for another half hour trying to get my emotions under control. I was thinking about what I was going to say to Mary about all this. I felt like I had somehow let her down by allowing something like this to happen.

When I got home Mary was in the kitchen fixing dinner. When I looked at her I could see why she would have been chosen for the list. She is very beautiful. When Mary heard me enter she turned and smiled and asked how my day was. I said, "You won't believe the day I had. We need to have a talk after dinner."

Mary looked concerned and asked what we needed to talk about. I told her it would wait till after dinner and I didn't want to get into it until then.

After dinner Mary took me by the hand and led me into the living room and sat next to me on the sofa. "Okay, what's the problem? You look as thought someone killed your dog."

I said, "I feel even worse." Then I told her the story starting with the phone call Saturday night. I tried to tell her everything except that it came out is such an emotional rush that I was sure I had overlook some of what Mr. Smith had said but I gave Mary enough of the facts that she understood what it all meant. She was to be the sexual target of at least 35 men who wanted to use her to win a contest. To say the least, Mary was very angry. When I was finished Mary asked, "How could they know so much about me? I may have answered some magazine surveys but I don't remember them. It's amazing that they can get away with something like this. This isn't one of your sick jokes is it?"

I told her it wasn't one of my jokes and I saw no humor in this situation. We continued talking about this for the rest of the evening trying to come up with a way out.

We didn't talk about the Round Up the next morning. We just ate breakfast in silence and went to work. That evening when I got home Mary was in the kitchen making dinner. I asked her how her day was and she said "Good" which surprised me a little. I asked, "Have you thought about what we're going to do about this Round Up thing?"

Mary smiled at me and said, "Yes. If any of the participants try to seduce me I will let them. After all it's quit an honor to be selected from several thousand other women don't you think?"

I almost choked when she said that. Then she started laughing and said "Do you really think there is some private club in the country that could put together something as elaborate as this Round Up thing? No way. This has got to be a practical joke site up by one of your buddies."

Now I hadn't considered that. I said, "Maybe you're right. I hope you're right, but I think we had better be ready in case it's not a joke."

Mary laughed and said, "It's a joke, take my word for it. The best thing we can do is not react at all. Don't let anyone know how upset we were yesterday. Then the joke will be on whoever put this together. You have to admit it is a good piece of work."

"I guess you're right, but what if it's not a joke?"

Mary smiled and said, "Well you don't have anything to worry about. I am not about to let anyone seduce me and take a chance on losing you. So how about you taking one of the top 300 women between the ages of 25 and 35 up to your bed and making love to her?"

Mary had already made me feel better and now I was able to joke about it too. "Which one of the 300 did you have in mind?"

Mary took me by the hand and said, "Come on and I'll show you."

For the next six weeks I kept hoping that someone would tell me that this was all a joke but no one ever did. I occasionally brought the subject up with Mary and always got the same response, "You don't have anything to worry about. This is a joke and if it's not a joke you don't have to worry about me being seduced by some spoiled rich guy trying to win a contest. Toward the end of the year I could tell that Mary was getting a little tired of my insecurities. In January I asked Mary to tell me if a guy even tried to flirt with her.

Mary said, "Okay. But no more questions about this. I will tell you if anything happens that you need to know about. Can you deal with that?"

I said I could deal with it and I apologized for being a pest.

It's funny how you can remember some things with such clarity. It was the sixteenth of March when Mary called me at work and said she had to work late that night. I remember the date because I had just signed an insurance deal with a large account and wanted to celebrate that night. So needless to say I was disappointed. On the way home from work that night I decide that I would celebrate my big deal when Mary got home. I stopped and got some Champaign and when I got home I put the Champaign on ice and placed several candles around the bedroom. Then after I showered and shaved I watched TV till Mary got home. She came in around nine o'clock. When she came in I grabbed her, kissed her and then I told her about the account I won. I told her I wanted to celebrate with her upstairs.

When we got up stairs Mary laughed at seeing all of the lit candles and the Champaign chilling next to the bed. She kissed me and said "Let me quickly shower and I will join you in our bed. You can pour my Champaign now. With that she went into the bathroom and closed the doors behind her.

There is bit of a voyeur in me. I have always enjoyed watching Mary as she dresses or undresses, especially when she has no idea that I am watching. When we first moved into our house I discovered a trick for spying on her in our bathroom. Our bathroom has a tile floor with a single strip of white marble under the doors. I found that I could lie on the floor and see Mary's reflection on the shinny marble surface. I occasionally like to watch Mary as she puts on her makeup in the morning because she usually does it in the nude. And I always enjoy watching her as a prelude to sex. It was with this in mind that I got down on the floor and looked at the reflection on that piece of marble as Mary got undressed. She removed her blouse and her bra then she removed her skirt leaving her standing in her pantyhose. I could feel my erection growing as I watched her standing there. I was focusing on her beautiful breasts as she began to pull her pantyhose down. I was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing panties. Before I could think about what that might mean she disappeared into the shower.

I couldn't remember Mary ever going out of the house without panties before but I wasn't sure. I thought about just asking her why she wasn't wearing panties but if I did she would know I was spying on her. I decided that it was probably no big deal and I shouldn't get all worked up about it., but I couldn't get it completely out of my mind.

When Mary came out of the bathroom I was still trying to think of a way I could ask her why she wasn't wearing panties. As Mary walked toward me I stood up and was just going to ask her but before I could she gave me a deep tongue kiss and put her right hand in my shorts and began stroking my stiff cock. Suddenly I had only one thing on my mind and it wasn't Mary's panties. Mary quickly dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. As usual she stopped just short of making me cum and got up on the bed and asked me to return the favor. I didn't hesitate. I went right down on her fuzzy peach and began sucking the juice from it. I immediately noticed something different about the taste of her pussy. It was different than usual but it was familiar at the same time. I couldn't figure it out and I was too excited to spend any time thinking about it. Mary has always been responsive in bed but that night she was even more so. We made love for over an hour and we were both exhausted when we were through. As we lay in each others arms, my softening cock still inside her pussy, Mary whispered "I love you " in my ear. Then she did something she had never done before. She let my cock slip out of her then she turned around and took it into her mouth. Then she swung her leg over my head and nestled her pussy against my mouth. I began to eat her cream filled pussy as she gently sucked on my cock. It took a long time before my tired cock responded. Mary and I continued giving each other oral pleasure until we both climaxed. After that we both went to sleep.

It was two weeks later on March 31st that I received a Federal Express package at my office. The return address was just a post office box in Los Angeles. When I opened the package two items fell out. The first item was an 8 mm video cartridge. The second item was a cashiers check for $1000. There was nothing else.

I was sick. I wasn't sure if I was going to vomit of not. I almost broke down and cried. I didn't know what to do. I wouldn't know anything for sure until I could see what was on the videotape but I was pretty sure what I was going to find. The first thing I was going to have to do was find an adapter so I could view the 8 mm tape on my VHS machine. I went immediately to our media department. I knew the guy in charge of the department and he let me borrow an adapter.

When I got home that night Mary, as usual, was in the kitchen making dinner. Mary look up at me and smiled and somehow I didn't feel angry at her. Yet!

I don't know how I got through the evening. Trying to act as if nothing was wrong while we talked about our day at work and then later watching TV together. Finally around 9:30 Mary fell asleep on the sofa. I woke her and suggested that she should go up to bed. She kissed me good night and went upstairs. I gave her time to settle into bed and fall asleep then I went out to my car and retrieved the tape and the adapter. I set my VCR up to play the tape then I went upstairs to check on Mary. I wanted to be sure she was asleep, which she was.

As I hit the play button on the remote I could fell my heart thumping in my chest. I almost decided not to watch the tape at all but I finally screwed up my nerve and hit the button. The first minute of the tape was blank then there was a flicker of light and movement but I couldn't make out what I was looking at. Then finally the picture came clear. All that was showing was a view of a room... It looked like a hotel room with a king size bed. In the upper left corner on the screen was the date and time. It said 03/16/99 6:00 PM. After about thirty seconds the pictured began to zoom in on the bed. Now the bed filled most of the screen. The scene went in and out of focus a few times and then finally there was a very clear picture of the bed. A few seconds later the picture went black. I paused the tape for a minute to think about what I had just observed. Some one had just set up a camera to videotape whatever was going to happen on the bed in that hotel room. My heart was still pounding, I had butterflies in my stomach and my palms were sweating. I hit the play button.

The screen was black for a few more seconds then the view of the bed was back on the screen. Now the time and date said "03/16/99 7:30 PM. I could hear noises in the room. I saw someone move past the camera and over to the bed. When the person sat down on the bed I could see that it was a man about thirty years old dressed casually and looking relaxed. He looked directly into the camera and winked. I heard a noise in the background and the man looked to his left then stood up as a woman entered the room. I recognized Mary even before I saw her face. After all I was expecting it to be her and I recognized the blouse she was wearing. The man put his arms around my wife and kissed he on the mouth and Mary didn't make any attempt to pull away. I knew then that my worst fears were about to come true. As they continued kissing the man lowered his hands to cup Mary's ass and pulled her into him grinding his crotch against her. As they broke their kiss I could see that Mary had her tongue in his mouth.

At that point an odd thing began to happen to me. Although my heart was still pounding, my stomach wasn't rolling any more and my cock was getting hard.

Back on the screen they continued kissing as the man kneaded my wife's ass. Then he sat down on the bed and I heard him tell Mary to remove her blouse. She did this slowly and seductively. When she dropped her blouse onto a chair her told her to remove her bra. She reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra and while holding it to her chest with one hand she lowered the straps from her shoulders. Finally she leaned slightly forward and let her bra fall on his lap. He looked at the bra then tossed it aside. He said, "Now remove your pantyhose."

Mary lifted her skirt just high enough that she could reach under and hook her thumbs into the waistline of the pantyhose and she pulled them down over her ass and down her thighs and then removed them completely. The man then pulled Mary to him and sucked her right nipple into his mouth. He did this for about a minute then move to the other nipple. While her was sucking on Mary's left nipple he put his right hand on her left calf and slowly ran his hand up the back of Mary's leg up under her skirt all the way to her ass. Then he moved his hand around to the front and in between her thighs. I could tell by the expression on Mary's face that he must be messaging her pussy.

After a short time the man removed his hand from under Mary's skirt and let her stand up straight again. Then he told her to remove her skirt. Mary unbuttoned the skirt in the back and pulled the zipper down and let the skirt fall to the floor. She stepped out of the skirt, picked it up and put in on the chair with her blouse. The next thing he said to Mary I didn't quit hear but I watched Mary slide her hand down over her belly and inside her panties and begin to finger herself. She had never done that for me. As Mary continued to play with herself I could feel my cock getting harder. I couldn't understand why I was so aroused watching my wife with another man.

Mary was still fingering herself when he reached out with both hands and pulled her panties down. Mary kept her hand busy in her pussy as she let him take her panties off. The man picked up Mary's panties and held them up to his face and inhaled deeply, then he rubbed the panties all over his face. Next he told Mary to sit and he stood up. He stuffed Mary's panties into his pocket then stood in front of Mary as he stripped off his clothes. When he was completely naked he moved in very close to Mary and began stroking his cock right in front of her face. When he had himself nearly fully erect he stopped stroking himself and just held his cock in the middle and told Mary to open her mouth, which she did. Then he moved toward her and put his cock into my wife's mouth. I could tell by the look on his face that Mary was giving him a fantastic tongue bath. I began to feel very jealous. Not angry, but jealous. I wanted it to be my cock in her mouth.

The man pulled back and let his cock pop out of Mary's mouth then he pushed her back on the bed and got down between her legs and began eating her pussy. He brought her to orgasm very quickly but continued to give her joy with his mouth and tongue. When he was finished eating Mary, he climbed on top of her and pushed his engorged member inside her waiting pussy. He very quickly got into his rhythm and Mary matched his pace.

While their sex was full of lust and was exciting it was obvious it lacked passion and certainly couldn't be considered love making. They tried several positioned and finally ended up with Mary on top. They were positioned so that I was looking directly up between their legs. I could see the beautifully rounded cheeks of Mary's ass and her little brown hole and I had a very clear view of this stranger's cock that was sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. I could tell by the wetness around Mary's opening that she must have had at least one orgasm, probably more. Suddenly I saw the man's thighs tighten up and he pushed into Mary very hard and held it there, then he relaxed a second then did it again. He did this several as he had his climax and pumped his semen deep inside my wife. When he was done they both lay still. I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene before me. I watched as his erection softened. Finally his cock slipped out of Mary's pussy followed by a small river of his cum.

Shortly after that Mary got up and gathered her clothes and went into the bathroom. Once she was out of the room the man got up and turned the camera off. The time in the corner of the screen just before the screen went blank was 03/16/99 8:15 PM.

I don't know why but I replayed the last ten minutes of the tape again before I turned off the TV and VCR and sat down to try to figure out what I should do now. As I was sitting there it suddenly occurred to me that March 16th was the night Mary told me she had to work late and didn't get home till 9:30. And we made love that night. I suddenly remembered that her pussy tasted different to me and now I knew why. Another man had been there a couple of hours before me.

Mary couldn't have know that she had been recorded having sex with that man. That was one of the things that had slipped my mind when I told Mary about Round Up. I knew Mary wouldn't have cheated on me if she knew I was going to get a videotape of the whole thing. Now I had to decide. Should I confront Mary with the video and if I did, what would I do then? I had to have a plan and until I knew what I was going to do I wouldn't be able confront her. Why had she done this to me? To us?

The next morning I tried to act like nothing was wrong. I watched Mary carefully to see if she was behaving differently but I didn't notice anything. That evening after Mary went to bed I got the video out and watched it again. I found my self with an erection again. I actually masturbated while watching another man fuck my wife.

After that I decided not to confront her with the evidence. I didn't think she would do it again and I didn't want to lose her over what I hoped was just a one time fling. Even so I decided that I was going to watch Mary very carefully and catch her in the act if she did it again. After that day I kept close tabs on Mary. If Mary said she had to work late I would park outside her office building and wait for her to come out and make sure she was going home. This went on for about a month without incident until May. On May 4th Mary called me at work and said she was going to have to stay late. When I got off work I went to her building and waited like I had several other times during the past month only this time she came out of the building at her normal quitting time. She was walking with a man I didn't recognize. They both walked into the parking lot but got into separate cars. Just when I though this might be a false alarm, instead of turning left to go home Mary turned right as she pulled out of the parking lot and the guy in the other car was right in front of her.

I followed the two cars as they left the office complex and drove across town and turned out toward the interstate. There were five hotels at the interchange. I tried to get closer so I would be sure to see were she was going. About two blocks from the hotels the traffic light changed just as I got there and I had to stop. I could still see Mary's car. Then a tractor trailer pulled into the intersection from my right and sat in the middle of the intersection waiting to make a left turn effectively blocking my view of Mary's car. By the time the truck completed it's turn Mary was gone. When the light changed I sped down the road to try and catch up but it was too late. I checked the parking lots of all five hotels and couldn't find Mary's car. I wasn't sure of what I should do. I thought about going into the hotels and looking in the bars but I wasn't prepared for that kind of confrontation so I went home.

Mary got home around nine o'clock that night. To look at her you wouldn't think anything was out of the ordinary. I asked her about her meeting and she said that the meeting was held at the Hilton Hotel out by the interstate. She said they had a good meal and an excellent meeting.

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