Round Up

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Imagine that your wife is the object of a sexual scavanger hunt held by an elete sportsman club and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

It's been a year now since all of this started. The time has gone by so fast that I decided that I had better write this story now while everything is still fresh in my mind even though the final chapter of this story is still six weeks away on December 31. Actually this whole thing started almost exactly one year ago on the weekend before Thanksgiving (for readers outside of the US, Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November). The following account details the pertinent events of the last twelve months.

It was about ten o'clock on Saturday night and I was sitting on the bed waiting for Mary to come out of the bathroom with great anticipation, meaning I was already getting an erection. When the double doors to the bathroom opened, Mary was standing in the doorway wearing a black bra and panties, black stockings and a garter belt. Whenever Mary dresses like that I know we are going to have some great sex.

As Mary approached me I stood and put my arms around her and we began to dance to the soft rock CD I had playing. As we danced I began kissing Mary's mouth and neck.

I positioned us so that we were standing in front of the large mirror on Mary's dresser, then I moved behind her and rubbed her breasts through her bra and pressed my erection against her beautifully shaped and firm buttocks while she watched herself in the mirror. When I slipped my hand inside her panties and began to tease her by just lightly skimming my finger tips over her vulva Mary tipped her head back against my shoulder and closed her eyes. As I continued to play with her pussy she began to make little cooing sounds in her throat.

After a couple of minutes of this Mary turned to face me and gave me a deep tongue kiss and began kissing her way down over my chest and down my stomach as she sank to her knees in front of me. Once on her knees she pulled my shorts off. Then she cupped my balls in one hand as she kissed the very tip of my cock. I was already beginning to secrete pre-cum and as she pulled back I could see a strand of the thick clear liquid extending from the tip of my cock to Mary's lips. I watched as Mary ran her tongue around her lips gathering the shinny strand and drawing it into her mouth. Then she stuck her tongue out and flicked it across the head of my cock creating a new strand of sexual liquid this time trailing from my cock to the tip of her tongue. Without breaking the strand Mary ran her tongue under the head of my cock and pulled her tongue and my cock into her mouth. What followed was one of the most fantastic blow jobs she has ever given me.

I was very close to climaxing when Mary stopped, stood up, and kissed me. I could taste my excitement on her lips and tongue. When she broke the kiss she said "It's my turn" then she sat on the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees in front of her and began kissing my way down from her face to her breasts. When I got to her breasts I pulled her bra straps down off of her shoulders and pulled the cups down to expose her beautiful pear shaped breasts. I took one in each hand and gently massaged them as I alternately licked, kissed and sucked on her nipples. Mary loves this and it often brings her to an orgasm and this time was no different. Mary tipped her head back and grabbed my head with both hands and held me to her breast as she climbed the mountain of her orgasm. When she finally descended again, Mary relaxed and lay back on the bed. As she did I started kissing my way down over her stomach to the top oh her panties. At this point I pulled the gusset of her panties to the side and inhaled the wonderful scent her pussy gives off when she is sexually excited. I used my tongue to slowly trace the lips of her labia then I separated them and pushed my tongue inside Mary's pussy. As usual she tasted wonderful and responded to my attention and was soon in the throws of another orgasm.

This time when she came down from her orgasm she told me to come inside her, so I stood and positioned my cock at the entrance to Mary's well lubricated vagina and pressed forward till I was buried as deep in Mary as I could get. For the next fifteen minutes Mary and I bounced around the bed in several different positions until I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot a load inside Mary's pussy from behind and then collapsed on top of her.

Afterward we cuddled for a while, then Mary fell asleep and I turned on the television to see if there were any good movies on.

At 1:00 AM I was just getting ready to turn the TV off when the phone rang. As I picked up the phone I was expecting it to be a wrong number and I think my irritation was apparent in my voice when I said "Hello"

"Hello, is this George Hanson?" a voice unfamiliar to me asked.

"Yes it is, who's this?"

"My name is Robert Smith and I represent the Omega Sportsman's Club"

"I'm sorry, but I have never heard of you or your club. What is it you want?"

Mr. Smith said "I am sorry for calling so late but I need to set up an appointment to meet with you at your earliest convenience. I have an important matter to discuss with you."

I said, "Whatever it is you're selling I am not interested."

"I am not selling anything, and what I have to say will be extremely important to you and it's in your best interest to take this meeting."

I asked what it was he wanted to discuss with me that was so important and he said "I can't go into that on the phone. The way he said that made the whole thing sound a little suspicious, but I guess my curiosity got the best of me so I agreed to meet him in the bar at the Marriott Hotel near my office at five o'clock Monday evening.

As I hung up the phone Mary rolled over and asked, "Who was that?" I said it was a wrong number and she said, "I hate phone calls in the middle of the night."

Trying not to think about the call I started channel surfing until I came upon a softcore sex movie on one of the movie channels. On the screen a man and woman were in bed and the man was just starting to kiss and suck on the woman's breasts. As I watched this I thought about the phone call but I couldn't make any sense out of it. Why would someone from some sportsmen's club want to talk to me unless it was to get me to joint their club and since I had never heard of their club it couldn't be local. We live in a small city and I know all of the organizations in town. Suddenly I was aware that Mary was awake and looking at the TV. She asked, "What are you watching?"

When I looked back at the screen the man was kissing his way down the woman's stomach and into her pubic hair and was obviously headed for the promised land. As the man continued to move his head down between the woman's legs I slipped my hand between Mary's legs and ran my fingers through her pussy hair feeling the drying cum and her slightly swollen lips. Although the scene on the TV was not explicit you knew what was happening. I jokingly said to Mary "Does this give you any ideas?"

To my great surprise Mary said, "Yes. I want you to do that to me."

This was a first. Mary never wakes up in the middle of the night ready to have sex. Any time I had ever suggested it before she would say absolutely not. As I thought about what Mary wanted me to do while I continued to run my fingers through her matted and sticky pubic hair I wasn't sure eating her cream pie as something I wanted to do. Sensing my hesitation to go down on her messy pussy Mary kissed me on the ear and said "Please".

I don't know why but the idea of going down on her suddenly appealed to me and as if to accentuate that point my cock began to stiffen. I pulled the blankets off us and got between Mary's legs. As I lowered my head toward her, Mary took my head in both her hands and quickly pulled me to her pussy. The first thing that struck me was the smell of my semen. I didn't like the smell but it wasn't as bad as I expected and when I pushed my tongue inside her pussy the taste was not offensive. Actually I didn't mind the taste at all and I soon had Mary on her way to an orgasm.

After her orgasm Mary asked me "Do you want to cum in my mouth or my pussy?" I said, "Whatever you want is fine with me." With that Mary positioned her head over my cock and devoured me. I couldn't believe Mary was going to let me cum in her mouth as she had never let me do that before but when the time came she took my load in her mouth. Some she swallowed and some she wiped off with her hand. Afterward she kissed me leaving the taste of my own semen on my mouth then she rolled over and went to sleep.

On Monday I left work at 4:30 and I walked to the Marriott to meet with the mysterious Mr. Smith. As I walked into the bar I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the dark room. As I looked around the room I saw only four other people in the bar. There two men sitting at the bar, there was a women off to the right sitting at a table by herself and there was an older man sitting by himself to the left of the bar. As I stood in the doorway wondering if Mr. Smith was one of the people in the room the old man sitting by himself got up and came toward me. He looked to be in his mid to late sixties, with silver gray hair. He was very well dressed and he walked with an air of confidence that usually goes with old money.

As he approached me the man reached out his hand and said "Mr. Hanson, I am Robert Smith. I am glad you could make it." The greeting wasn't friendly it was business like. As he shook my hand he began leading me back across the room to the table where he had been sitting. As we sat down a waitress came over and took our drink order and left.

Mr. Smith didn't waist any time on small talk. He just started right in by saying "As I told you on the phone I represent a sportsmen's club"

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