John and Sue
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, Slut Wife, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, White Couple, Black Male, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife gets sexy photos taken for her husband, she herself gets taken in a long and hard way.

I was just getting home one afternoon, at about my regular time. My neighbor was in his yard mowing his lawn. As I got out of my car he motioned me over. Curious, I walked over to the short fence dividing our properties.

"John, how long have you been married to Sue?"

His abrupt question and the serious look in his eyes caught me off-guard for a moment. I was wondering why he would ask me that, since him and his wife hadn't had much to do with us since we had moved into the neighborhood four years ago. They were not unfriendly, just an older couple, with kids grown and gone. We didn't have anything in common, so naturally we didn't socialize.

"Well Bill we have been married for just over eight years, and known each other for about twelve years. Why?" I was looking at him and he started to get nervous and dropped his gaze to the ground.

"Does Sue have brothers, or sisters that would come to visit? You know, close by, or close enough to drop in on a regular basis?" He was concentrating on a small weed near his foot now.

I was now getting the feeling something was on Bill's mind that concerned Sue, and my need to know was growing steadily.

"Gee Bill, Sue only has one sister and she is clear across the country. She is a fashion model and very busy at that. Why would you want to know about Sue's family?"

"Oh, no reason John, I was just wanting to know. You know you two have been living next to us for about four, maybe five years, and I don't know anything about you guys. I guess this old man just wanted to get to know you both a little better. No big deal John, not at all."

I thought that maybe Bill was lonely, as his wife had been visiting their kids in the Midwest for the last two weeks. I decided to ask Sue if we could invite him over for dinner one night this week.

"Hey Bill, why don't you come on over for dinner sometime, like say, oh, Friday? I'm sure Sue wouldn't mind, and I think we could talk some more, get to know you a little you know?"

"No, I can't make it over John, I have things to do." His response was very quick and abrupt. Now I was really thinking about his earlier questions and couldn't understand why he would have things to do on a Friday. Retired like he was, I knew that he hadn't been doing much of anything outside of the house, and he hardly ever left for anything. He turned and went back to his yard work without a word, almost as if he was pissed or something. I shrugged my shoulders and went inside to see my lovely wife.

"Hi honey, I'm home!" I called out to Sue to let her know I was there. She came into the living room and walking quickly hugged me, giving me a real nice kiss in the process.

"Oh John, I am glad your home sweetie!"

She was looking at me, still in my arms, and I noticed that she had just taken a shower because her hair was still damp. She noticed me looking at her hair, and stepped back out of my arms. She looked a little nervous for an instant. That look was quickly changed to a nonchalant one with a little smile.

"I got dirty cleaning the back yard today, so when I got done I decided to take a quick shower, before you got home. I wanted to be fresh and clean for you, you know, in case you weren't too tired to play."

She was really smiling at me as she said the last part. The one thing about our time together so far has been her almost insatiable need for sex. She usually wanted it at least once a day during the week, and several times a day during weekends. My own sex drive has been higher than some men and even though I was tired, I wanted her like you wouldn't believe.

Our sex usually consisted of my oral attention to her and then some good plain old-fashioned sex, nothing too outrageous or daring. One time I had tried to get her to try anal, and that had been a big no. Once in a very rare while she would go down on me, usually just kissing the head and a few licks up and down my shaft. I really didn't mind though, since she seemed to love my oral fixation on her sweet tight pussy. I didn't mind her not wanting to perform oral sex on me, and of course I understood about her not wanting anal sex. I could imagine how that would hurt and not probably be of much fun for her either.

She loved to have sex doggie-style, and to also be on top of me. Missionary was for those times she was in a romantic mood. She wasn't in a romantic mood tonight I could tell, so I was looking forward to a different position. I never knew what mood she was going to be in when I walked through the door after work, but usually she was in good spirits. Very few times had she not felt like having sex, even wanting it when she was sick a couple of times, which surprised me quite a bit. I would have thought that a woman being sick would just want to be left alone 'that' way. Like I said, her sex drive was pretty high though, so I knew after these years together she really liked sex, vanilla sex maybe, but a lot of it or a consistent amount anyway.

We would watch a few porno's once in a while, and she would seem to get engrossed in them. She never wanted to try out a lot of what was in them, her experimenting limited to how she would fondle or touch me. One time we had tried a little bondage, and she had liked it quite a bit, but I had never been able to talk her into letting me tie her up since. Oh well, I guess she had other ways of thinking about sex and I still had to learn what she would do, when. All in all a pretty much satisfactory sex life, even if a bit 'tame' by someone else's standards.

My job allowed her to stay at home, since it paid well. I had to travel once in a while, sometimes for as long as two weeks, but usually I would be home every night. She didn't like it when I had to travel; she really wanted sex every night. A couple of times I had been able to bring her along with me on longer trips, and we would have a great time, when I wasn't working. For the last year though she had been begging off on going with me on these trips. She claimed boredom while I was in meetings, not that I blamed her, after all a motel room can get pretty boring with nothing to do.

Sue has never been shy about her body, and dresses quite sexily. She has several bikinis, and the most covering one is still a two-piece. Her choice of clothes has been dresses and skirts. Her blouses are low cut and sometimes a little tight. She has a few very short dresses, or mini skirts rather. They are very tight and very short. She cannot bend over in them without showing her skimpy panties. I have always liked her to dress like she does. My mom had once made a comment about one particular dress she wore made her "Look like a slut!" I knew that my mom liked Sue though so I never made it an issue. Besides, my mom had dressed a little bit like Sue when she was young also.

About a year ago Sue had some photos taken of her by a professional studio. They were boudoir type pics, and they were quite racy. She had gotten nude in them and her poses left nothing to the imagination.

Sue had long blonde hair, and the hair near her pussy was matching so there was no question that she was a natural blonde. She trimmed her pubic hair to wear her swimsuits, but not more than she needed. I had talked her into shaving her pubes all off once, but she hadn't liked it when it grew back, being so itchy and all, so I had never been able to talk her into doing it again.

Sue always claimed to be so satisfied with my sexual abilities and prowess so I had never given thought to her cheating on me or me cheating on her. We were pretty well matched as far as that went, and she was my best friend, and I was hers. She would tell me pretty much everything and I her, so there were no secrets between us as far as I knew. I knew that I had never held anything back from her, so I was sure she hadn't either.

As we ate supper that night I mentioned to Sue about my earlier conversation with Bill and how he had acted so strangely. Sue was curious what he had started to talk to us about. I didn't know, so I suggested to her that maybe he was lonely or something. She agreed with that conclusion and we left it at that. She didn't seem to be upset or nervous about what he had said so I brushed it off as his not knowing how to start a conversation with me very well.

Later, after supper we went out to our pool in the backyard. Sue swam while I laid back and read a little bit in a lounger. When she finished swimming she came up to me and started to play around with me. Before I knew it she had my shorts down around my ankles and was straddling me. Her hot, wet, pussy was stroking my hardness so wonderfully. I couldn't last long, I think because of being outside, even if it was in our backyard fenced and private. After I came she rocked for a moment more and came herself. Hugging me, she held me firmly, her tight pussy holding my softening cock like a velvet glove. Soon we got up and went in to shower and went to bed, where she once more started with me and we had sex for a second time that night.

One week later, I had to go to our Midwest operations for a week and Sue didn't want to come with me. She had a real problem with this trip for some reason but I couldn't get out of it. She grudgingly accepted the fact that I had to go and seemed to be in a fairly good mood the day I left. I called her every night I was away. She wanted me to call her early in the evening so I would call around four-thirty or five each night. Almost at the end of my stay I found out that there were some serious problems with a contract and I had to stay for another week to straighten it all out. Sue was definitely not happy with that news, and really read me the riot act on the phone that night. I wasn't happy about it either, but I had no choice since my boss had insisted I stay and finish what had been started. His excuse was that I knew more about what was going on with that contract than anyone else in the office. He stroked me a little reminding me of a possible promotion coming up in the very near future. It would mean a little more travel but more money, a company car and better vacation time. I swallowed my pride and longing for my sexy wife and stayed for the duration.

My boss was a great guy to work for. He was about six feet one or so and pretty muscular. He worked out at a local gym. He was the easiest going person I had ever seen in the kind of job he had. His skin was dark, and he kept his head shaved. He wore glasses, and had a pierced ear. He often took me out for power lunches at a local club where we would watch the gals serving. He had comments about all of them, usually in a sexual undertone. He had met Sue at our last Christmas party, and had spent most of it talking to both of us, mostly Sue though. I knew that he had found my wife to be attractive, and wondered what he said about her while I wasn't around.

I was able to get the contract finished up three days sooner than anyone expected, and since I had the signed contract in hand, I just left that morning, catching a flight home. I arrived home before lunch. I stopped into the office and dropped off the contracts and headed home. As I pulled into my driveway I saw several cars there. I didn't recognize any of them. I was a little upset since I had to park down the street a little ways. I walked up to the front door and found it locked. I unlocked it and went in.

I called out for Sue as usual, and didn't hear anything. I figured that she had gone shopping; therefore she had locked up the house. I was wondering about all of the cars in the driveway, but didn't think anything seriously about it. Must have been the neighbors having company or something. I had remembered when moving in we had a problem with parking for a few days because of Bill's kids parking in our driveway while visiting. I decided not to call him about it and just let it be. He had seemed so standoffish since our conversation that day.

I took my luggage up to our bedroom and got a little surprise. Our bed was a mess, and Sue had clothes strewn all over the place. This was unusual, since Sue was a very tidy person. As I set my stuff down I noticed stains and wet spots all over the sheets. Now I was getting a little worried. What had she been doing? What was up with all of this mess? I knew that I hadn't told her I was almost done with the contract, thinking to surprise her by coming home early, but I thought that she would have had the place cleaned up pretty good. She really hated messes, and would get on my case if I left anything out or not cleaned up after myself. I had a bad feeling about all of this and was thinking that I really didn't want to know too much more. Right now anyway.

I heard something in our backyard, sounded like people laughing and joking around. I looked out our bedroom window but the sunscreen over our deck blocked my view of our pool. I went down to the kitchen and looked out over our deck to the swimming pool. The last thing I would ever have thought to see in my house or in my backyard slammed into my vision. Sue, naked, straddling a man on the lounger and another man behind her. There were men I had never seen before fucking MY WIFE. There was another man in front of her and she was giving him a deep throating like in the porn videos we had watched together. There were more men around, some standing and a few in the pool swimming around. They were all naked, and they were all well hung. The other defining sight was their color. The men were all very dark skinned blacks. Sue was obviously enjoying what she was doing and as I watched, the man in her mouth started to cum. He shot most of his load in her mouth, down her throat. Then he pulled out and finished cumming, spraying her face. She caught it all wiping what was on her face off in her hand and then licking it off. She smiled and looked over at the man stepping up to her face. "Come on baby, I want more of this chocolate cream now!"

I was so shocked that I must have stood there at the kitchen sink for about ten minutes. I couldn't move. Frozen in time as my whole paradise flew past me into oblivion. I was hurt, so deeply hurt. Stunned, a feeling of dizziness washed over me and I started to throw-up. My wife was being gangbanged, and loving it. She was doing things that she had never done with or for me. She was cheating on me in my own house. Now I think I knew what Bill had been hinting at that day out front. He must have seen or heard something to cause him to suspect what was going on, and was trying to find a way to let me know. I wasn't sure what I should do.

I saw that one guy was filming all the action going on out there with my wife obviously the 'star' of the film. I couldn't believe that Sue would have let these guys fuck her like they were, let alone FILM her debauchery. I saw a stack of videocassettes on a nearby chair. I couldn't take any more of this heart ripping torture at all. While the camera's cold glass eye recorded everything going on out by our pool, and the camera man giving compliments and making suggestions to the participants fucking my wife, I went down the hall into our bedroom.

I had my things still packed and debated leaving. I remembered reading something once about a situation like this and how that guy had told anyone reading that story to not leave the house, to make the cheating wife leave. My hot tears were running down my face and I didn't even notice as I walked out of our room that there was a naked man now in the hall. He grabbed me as I walked toward the kitchen. He pushed me against the wall.

"What do you think you are doing there motherfucker? Who the fuck are you? What the fuck are you doing crying like a little baby?"

He was holding me tightly and I found myself unable to get free from his grip. I finally brought my knee up and kneed him in the groin, hard. He let loose of me and as he fell to his knees groaning, I kicked him in the head. My anger was up to full tilt now and I was going to take it out on this bastard. I kicked him quite a few times before I realized he was out cold. I walked away from him and looked around to see if anyone else was nearby or if anyone had heard us.

I went out to the kitchen and saw that Sue was still being royally fucked. She was bent over our deck table now and taking one guy into her mouth while another man was fucking her. I couldn't tell where he was fucking her, although it looked like she was taking him into her ass. I could see that the guy with the camera could see where she was being fucked though, since he had it almost in her crotch from underneath.

I went back to the hall and grabbed the man I had knocked out and pulled him out into the front yard to one of the cars. I pushed and pulled him into the back seat. I went back into the house and got my things and hid them in the closet. It was getting close to four o'clock and I knew that Sue would need for these men to either leave or be very quiet while she waited for my phone call.

As I was sitting on our bed I looked into the closet and saw the shotgun that her father had given me on our third anniversary. He had jokingly said it would keep Sue on the straight and narrow since she didn't like guns. Obviously an incorrect observation I thought as I remembered that day. He had a large collection of guns and liked to shoot quite a bit. I hadn't grown up around guns and was a little afraid of it. He had shown me over several weekends, how to shoot it. I had become quite proficient at using it and usually kept it near the bed and some shells in my dresser drawer.

I loaded it up and laid it on the bed next to me. I wanted to shoot everyone out there, but I knew that if I did, well, I would have to blow my brains out in the end. I had too much respect for myself for that, so I decided to scare the holy living hell out of those fuckers and maybe really put the fear of God into Sue at the same time.

As I walked out on the deck a couple of the men looked up at me and noticeably went a few shades whiter. Sue was still being fucked only now they were back on the edge of the pool in the lounger and didn't hear or see me come out of the house. The cameraman was sitting on the steps going out to the pool changing a cassette in the camera. I aimed the shotgun at them and by motioning to them got them in a small group. The guy with the camera set it down on the table, turning it off. His hands were shaking and he looked like he was about to start crying. The two guys with Sue hadn't noticed me yet, since they were back out on the lounger by themselves. I motioned the men in front of me to go out there next to my whore wife. As we approached one of the guys fucking my wife saw me with the shotgun and said something to the other guy. They stopped fucking Sue and pulled out, trying to get up before I got to them.

"No! Don't stop now! Come on, I need those huge hard cocks. I want your black baby sperm." She was almost whining when I startled her.

"Sue, I think you have had enough for today, don't you?"

She turned around and saw me for the first time. Her eyes got very large when she saw that I was holding the shotgun in my hands. She started to cry.

"John, don't do anything stupid. I can explain. John, don't shoot!"

She had cum running down her legs; her breasts were shining in the sun, wet with even more of that same stuff. There was something on her left breast, dirt I thought. Her lips were puffy and real red looking from sucking all of their cocks. Her hair was matted down and even dripping in cum. Her pussy had been completely shaved bald and her pussy lips were hanging down an angry red color. Standing there in front of me I could still see her once tight pussy was gaping open. She turned to grab a towel from the ground next to the lounger and as she bent over I could see her asshole gaping widely. Cum was running out of it in large drops, running down her legs to join that from her pussy.

I then noticed a tattoo on her back, just above her asshole. It had been recently put on since it was still scabbed over a bit. Whoever had done it would have had to have had her totally bottomless since it was in her crack almost to her asshole. It was writing and as I looked I saw what it said. 'Black cock only'. As she turned around I saw that it wasn't dirt but a tattoo on her left breast. It said; 'black satisfied'. Underneath it was a large black cock and balls. I looked up at her face and saw that she was still crying. The men had run off by now, evidently grabbing their clothes and getting the hell out of Dodge while I had been looking at my once prim and proper loving wife. I heard their cars starting up as they left. I was so shocked and stunned that all I could do was look at my once lovely wife, who now looked like a used up whore after a long busy night. At least what I could imagine what a whore would look like after a busy night. I had never seen a whore after a busy night. Matter of fact, I probably couldn't pick a whore out of a line-up at the police station, except for the one in front of me now, my wife, the whore.

We stood there for a bit just looking at each other, now both crying. I finally dropped the gun and went back into the house. I noticed that the cassettes were still in the chair, and the camera was still on the table.

I was in the den trying to sort out my thoughts and what I was going to do now when Sue came in. She had showered and dressed in a robe. She came up to me and was apologizing and still crying. She was trying to get me to look at her but I just couldn't look her in the eyes. She had betrayed me far worse than I could have believed possible. I was numb and her being near me almost made me throw up. I wouldn't talk to her and she was blabbing on and on. My insides were twisted up and I was wound up tight too.

"It's not what you think John. I was forced into doing this and I had no choice. You must understand John. Please, I still love you John, this hasn't changed my love for you." She was getting more desperate as time went by and I was getting tired of hearing her lies. How could she have done this to me? Why would she allow those men to use her like they had? Why had she been enjoying it? What did I do now?

"Just go to bed Sue, you fucking slut!"

She looked at me shocked.

"How dare you call me a slut! I'm your wife. I certainly deserve better than that from my own husband." She was mad at me for calling her a slut. I catch her in the act with a gang of men, black men at that, and she gets upset when I call her a slut.

"Well Sue, you were fucking about five or six black men in our backyard, and you had obviously had one or more in our marital bed. What the hell do you call a woman who would fuck and suck more than one man at a time, and her husband not being one of them? I would call her a FUCKING SLUT, you WHORE!"

Sue burst into tears and sobbing, ran from the room locking herself in our bedroom. I went out and got the shotgun, cleaning it up and putting it away in the guest bedroom. I grabbed the camera and tapes on the deck table and put them in the closet in the guest bedroom also. I then went to our bedroom door and unlocked it. Going in I saw her still in her robe crying. She was lying on the still messy bed. I got my things out of the closet and was leaving the room.

"What are you doing? Your not leaving are you? John, please don't leave me!"

She got up and still crying tried to enclose me in her arms. I shoved her away and pushed her onto the bed. MY marital bed. The bed messed up with cum from those men, who had been fucking MY wife while I was gone. I looked at her and found that I had very strange feelings beginning to surface.

I felt angry, angrier than I had ever been. I felt used, betrayed, and for some strange sick reason, a little turned on. I had been cuckolded and my faithful wife had become a slut. She was nothing but a slut for black men who had used and abused her. They had tattooed her and marked her for themselves. She was no longer just my sweet, loving wife. She was some kind of bad dream, a nightmare really, that I was going to have to deal with somehow. But still for some vague reason, it turned me on. I was ashamed to think that I could be turned on watching the love of my life cheat on me like I had witnessed.

Seeing her being fucked so thoroughly and seeing that she had enjoyed it and was still enjoying it as I watched had been kind of like watching a porn flick. I had been a little turned on, even though I was so angry and upset. She had looked so, well, great, getting fucked in all of her holes, and she had been covered in cum from those guys, well that was a turn-on to me for some reason. I didn't like the feeling that I had when I had been out there with the shotgun, and I knew that I had almost done something that could have cost me dearly.

"We'll talk in the morning Sue. I can't think straight right now, and I am so mad with you that I couldn't think straight enough to know what to do now. You have broken my heart, shattered it into so many pieces. I doubt that I'll ever be the same man again. We definitely won't be the same couple again. You took our love and honesty for each other and tossed it on the garbage heap. You have acted like a cheap two-bit whore. You have destroyed our friendship, our marriage, and our love. I will give you a chance, one chance only, tomorrow. You can try to explain this, this, this fucked up mess we are in now. I don't think you will be able to convince me of anything but divorce but I will give you your one chance in the morning."

I went to bed a very troubled person. My sleep was not good, tossing and turning most of the night. I could hear Sue once in a while, crying and sobbing. Eventually I got a little sleep, and when I woke up in the morning I hoped that I had had a very bad nightmare. When I walked out into the kitchen though, there were reminders of the night before. There were cups, glasses, and wine and beer bottles lying around the sink. On the deck, the lounger with big wet spots and cum stains all over it. The deck table with puddles of cum near where she had been getting fucked. Sickened all over again, I went to the fridge and got a bottle of orange juice and went to the bathroom. I showered there and then went into the living room to wait for Sue to come talk to me, and try to explain what she had been doing. I hadn't recognized anyone last night. I didn't know where she would have met these guys or anything. I called in to work and took the rest of the week off, thinking that I was going to have a full plate getting my soon to be ex-wife out of my house, and cleaning up the glaring reminders of her betrayal.

When I told my assistant that I was taking the week of she was upset. She said that my boss wanted to talk to me about something very important and needed me to be present at work today. I told her I had some very personal problems and there was absolutely no fucking way I was going to be in for the rest of the week. Since I had never spoken to her that way, she was shocked. She really got the message though and told me she would give the boss my message. I told her to tell it to him exactly like I had just told her. She said that she would repeat it verbatim. I hung up the phone and made myself a strong drink. This was going to be a long troubling day.

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