Laura, Matt and Rob

by Mr Spitroast

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Desc: Sex Story: This story describes the crazy day when I bumped into my lovely ex-girlfriend and ended up in bed with both her and her new boyfriend.

Hi there. My name's Matt and this is story of the crazy day I bumped into my old girlfriend and ended up in bed with her and her new boyfriend - a night I still can't believe actually happened!

I first met Laura when I was in my very first semester at university. I had come back for Christmas and had gone out with my old friends, the first time we had been together for months. Anyway one of the girls who I didn't actually know that well decided to bring her younger sister out that night - this was Laura.

As the night went on, we chatted and got on really well until it was quite clear she fancied me. So after she gave me a flirty peck on the cheek, I asked her for a proper kiss - and the rest is history really. We started going out and I fell madly in love for her.

Laura was only 16 at the time and was the sexiest little thing I had ever gone out with. She was only about 5"3 and had shoulder-length brown hair and bright blue eyes. But I was more interested in her cute rear and lovely little tits. I labelled them 'tennis ball tits' because they were beautifully proportioned - and caught the eye immediately. Laura also had a really pretty face, very much the 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth' look that suggested innocence which could be corrupted.

As it turned out, this assesment was spot-on. It turned out that Laura was a virgin. She had given some guy a blow-job the summer before but had never had full sex with a guy - and after three months of waiting I got to be the lucky man who de-flowered her.

We went out for a year, and it really was a voyage of discovery for us both sex-wise. The peak time was when we went on holiday to Spain and basically fucked all week, in every position under the sun. I also enjoyed seeing her go topless on the beach - especially when groups of guys came and sat near us and I could see them sneaking a peak at her bouncy 16-year-old tits and cute little nipples.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and as the year came to an end it became clear we were growing apart. I was getting more into my universty friends and she was studying for important exams. We started rowing all the time, until one night at a party we had our final row and she called a halt to the whole thing. With tears in her eyes Laura told me that 'she'd always love me' but that she would be better off being on her own. It was a hard one to take.

In the two years after that, I never really managed to replace Laura. I had a couple of flings with other women but they never really compared to her cute, natural grace. I started to miss her like crazy.

The hardest part came when I heard she was seeing someone from the same village as me during one summer when I was home from uni. I was very much single and dreaded the thought of bumping into the two of them together - knowing that this new guy was kissing those beautiful nipples, getting sucked off by that sweet mouth or fucking her from behind. It was almost too much to take.

But as the summer wore on, the inevitable happened and I bumped into Laura.

It happened as I sat on the bus home from work and she got on at the stop after me to come to my village to see her new man. When she saw me her face lit up and she came and gave ma a big hug before sitting down in the seat next to me.

"How's it going then?" I asked.

"Not bad", she replied, "Pretty much just getting my things together before I go to university.

So we chewed the fat for a bit and she told me how she was off to study a three-year course and had been buying new clothes ready for the move.

"So how are you getting your stuff down to uni then?" I said, "Is your mum going to drive you down."

"Erm, we'll probably go in Rob's van, he's my errr boyfriend."

And there it was. This dirty bastard had a name. Rob. Rob, the guy who was doing my girl. I hated him already.

"Oh right", I replied, "I'd heard you'd started going out with someone in the village."

"Yeah, he's a nice guy. He's got his own place so I'm pretty much living there at the moment. It's a bit nicer than living with my mum and dad!"

So this guy was not only getting his filty hands on Laura but he had his own place as well. My jealous streak was in full effect. Then I saw that my stop was coming soon so I decided to take the plunge and see if Laura wanted to see me again.

"Hey Laura, do you fancy meeting up for a drink one evening?"

"Erm, well it might be difficult. I still have trouble getting served and I'm pretty short of money anyway.", she replied.

"Oh well never mind", I said, disappointed, "another time perhaps."

"Well Matt, if you wanted to, you could always come over to Rob's for a drink tonight. We could watch a vid or something. Rob would probably like to meet you, he's only seen your picture."

I spent a few moments thinking it over. It was going to be strange chatting with Laura with this new guy in the room. What if he started touching her up when I was there? It might be too much to take. But I put these doubts to one side, just glad for the opportunity to see Laura again.

"Ok, I may as well", I said, "There's plenty more to tell you about."

"Great", she replied, "Rob lives at 29a Elm Street, come over around 8 if you want."


"And bring a bottle of wine with you!"

"I guess you still love your wine then Laura?"

"Yeah, we both do. In fact you might be better off bringing two bottles!"

I laughed and we said our goodbyes before I got off the bus. I had just over three hours to get ready. It was a really strange feeling, it was like preparing for a date - but knowing that the girl's boyfriend would be coming too.

So at 8pm that evening I made the five minute walk to Rob's flat. I wore a pale blue shirt and dark blue jeans. Laura had always liked me in blue and I'd be lying if I said this didn't influence my choice of colours for the evening.

I rang the doorbell and waited. No-one came for a couple of minutes and I started to wonder if my ex had played a cruel joke on me. But then I saw the familiar girly figure of Laura come running down the stairs and she opened the door to me.

"Hi Matt", she said, "Have you been standing there long? We couldn't hear the doorbell over the TV."

Laura looked slightly flustered and was a bit red in the face. I knew this look - she'd been having sex! This was borne out by her clothes, she had a white vest top on and no bra - and her nipples were standing to attention, poking out through the white cotton. What a sight! If anything Laura had got more sexy with age, and her little black hotpants finished off the look with aplomb, the fabric sticking to her cute little round butt.

You see, Laura had always had a gift for looking really hot in her slumming clothes. I suppose when you've got a great little body you'll look good in almost anything!

"That's OK", I replied, "I've only been here about a minute."

She let me in and led me up the stairs. We went into Rob's flat and she offered to take my coat.

"Thanks Laura", I said, "Wow this is a really nice place."

"Cheers pal", came a voice. This was clearly Rob."We've pretty much spent all summer doing it up!"

As Rob came into the hallway, the first thing I noticed was how similar he was to me. We were both roughly 5"10 tall with fair hair. He looked like a nice guy, and he had a big smile on his face.

Laura introduced us and we shook hands. I handed Laura the bottle of white wine I had brought with me and she gratefully accepted.

"Thanks Matt, I'll put this in the fridge", she said, "We've already opened a bottle of red if you want to help us finish it off?"

"That'll do nicely", I replied, "Cheers Laura."

"Take a seat Matt", said Rob gesturing for me to sit down.

"Thanks.", I replied, sitting down in a comfy armchair, leaving the sofa to the loving couple.

Rob and I chewed the fat for a few minutes while Laura prepared the drinks. He talked about his job at a local brewery whilst I told him about my studies, and how I was hoping to get a job as a journalist when the course was finished. It was all very pleasant I was surprised at how well me and Rob were gelling. If I was in his position I'd be slightly suspicious about a former lover turning up but Rob genuinely seemed to be enjoying my company.

Laura came back in with three very full glasses of Red and sat herself down on the sofa next to Rob. Her nipples were still poking through the white cotton of her little vest top and it was difficult not to keep glancing at them. I was hoping that Rob hadn't noticed me looking, though to be honest he was probably enjoying the view himself!

As we sat there having a giggle and talking about rubbish, my mind started to wander back to the days when me and Laura were having sex virtually every night. I remembered one night in particular when Laura put her hair in pigtails and wore a little schoolgirl outfit. I had pulled down her white panties and given her a fast and furious fuck from behind whilst opening up her blouse so that her tits fell loose.

It was a difficult mental image to shake off as we sat there talking. It was strange thinking that Rob and Laura probably had their own dirty episodes to remember.

It was even stranger that as we sat there, the main thing that me and Rob had in common was that we'd both used this cute young girl in every conceivable way. Since this girl had become a sexual adult we had probably both cum in her mouth on her tits and best of all inside her pussy and watched the cum dripping out. Wow, if they could both see what I was imagining, they'd probably kick me out!

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