Rugby Club

by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mandy talks her sister into taking her to the Rugby club on Friday night. She doesn't believe her sister's stories but ends up doing everything conceivable including letting a big black mutt invade her anal passage.


I wish that fucker'd get his prick out my ass, it bloody well hurts.


Still it's my own silly fault, I had to insist on coming hadn't I. Even though my sister warned me what would happen. I didn't believe her did I.

"Yeoh!" Now some fucker is trying to get his prick into my pussy while the other bastard is still reaming my ass.


For weeks I'd been pleading with her to take me to the rugby club and for weeks she'd been refusing.

"Do you have any idea what goes on in the Rugby club?" she had finally asked.

"Yea a lot of neat guys get pissed and sing a lot of dirty songs and touch the girls up a lot," I replied.

"You have no fuckin idea do you."

"What's up, afraid I'll steal your boyfriend or something?"

"What, you, don't make me laugh."

"OK so why can't I go?"

"Because if you do you'll get the ass fucked off you."

"I've been fucked before," I replied.

"I rather expect you have. How many times?"

"Couple of dozen."

"Ever been fucked in the ass?"

"No! Well actually once. I didn't like it much."

"Ever been gang banged?"

"Only at Timmies, party. It was great I came and came and came."

"OK If you really do want to go to the Club be round at my place seven sharp on Friday Night. Put your hair in pigtails and wear your school uniform."

"Why my school uniform?"

"Because you're going to be a sexy school girl. Might as well give them a thrill. Oh, and wear your tightest blouse and shortest school skirt."


He's got to be fuckin kidding, I can't swallow that. The other fuckers are still reaming my ass and pussy and now oh gawd it's in my throat! I'm going to suffocate!

Seven on Friday saw me knocking on Tracie's door. She answered still wearing her dressing gown.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked twirling around.

"Not bad but you'll have to loose the bra and panties," she replied.


"Loose the bra and panties. No underwear allowed in the club."

"You're kidding right?"

"No I'm deadly serious. No undies, and if there's any hair on your pussy there's a razor in the bathroom."

"You've got to be joking."

"OK Mandy. Bye bye, I'll see you next week. I've got things to do."

So that was her little game, piss me off so I wouldn't go. I'd show her so I headed off to the bathroom.

"Got rid off the hair and panties," she asked when I returned. She didn't have to ask about the bra as my tits were completely visible through the tight white blouse.

I pulled my skirt up giving her a full frontal of my now hairless pussy.

"I hope you're ready for this little sister. You're going to get the ass screwed off you tonight."

Now I knew she was kidding. Off she went to get dressed.

What the fuck was happening now. The three pricks had dumped their loads in my three openings. The guy in my throat, who had thankfully allowed me to breathe, had dumped most of his wad into my mouth but there were great big dollops of his splatter matted into my hair. They had me up on my knees and someone was pulling my ass cheeks apart. What the fuck! someone was finger fucking me.

Tracy came back and wow! what a tart! Loose white crop top didn't quite cover her boobs. Black micro mini, more a belt than a skirt. Red nylons, suspenders and black heals. I had never known Tracy to dress so brazenly. Perhaps she hadn't been joking. Had I made a mistake. No she's only trying to get me to go home.

"Oh shit!"

What the fuck was he doing. He had at least four fingers in there.

"You cant' get any more fucking fingers in there?" I shouted, trying to turn my head to see what was happening.

"Relax baby plenty of room for more."


"That's it baby my whole fuckin hand's in there. Just relax and I'll give you the fist fucking of your life."

As we drove to the club Tracy's skirt rode up and her pussy was completely visible.

"You're just trying to piss me off aren't you?" I asked.

"Think so? I'm just trying to persuade you to go home before you get hurt."

"Why would they hurt me?"

"Oh they won't do it on purpose. No it's worse, much worse than that."

"What the fuck do you mean?"

"Just wait and see."

"Oh gawd!" It hurt.

The fucker was pushing his hand in and out of my stretched twat. What the fuck did he think he was doing. Oh thank fuck, it's out. thank fuck. Now some guy's shoving his cock in me.

"Hi guys' this is my little sister Mandy and she's hot to trot," Tracy announced to everyone as we entered the club.

There must have been eighteen lads and a dozen girls sitting around the bar. Oh shit! six of the girls were topless and another two were completely naked. Two more were giving guys blow job and one was getting fucked. Tracy hadn't been kidding. I'll make a bolt for the door.

I was beginning to relax and even cum a little. The guy reaming my pussy was being gentle.

"Oh shit! What the fuck now?"

"Relax doll, just seeing what you can do," the fucker kneeling behind me said as he shoved a couple of fingers into my ass.

"Hi Tracy, I'm Paul," said the guy sitting closest to us.

"Hi Paul, nice to meet you."

"Come over and suck on this," as he undid his zipper and pulled out a huge cock.

How do I get the fuck out of this. Me and my big mouth.

"You asked for this now put up or shut up," giggled Tracy.

Gingerly I knelt down and took his knob end between my lips. Shit it was big, and it tasted salty. He took hold of my pigtails and pulled my head down into his lap.

"Swallow it baby, I know you can do it."

I couldn't believe he was cumming so quickly and the cunt wanted me to swallow his cum. Oh shit no he wasn't. He wanted me to swallow his dick. Pull back, try to break free but it's no use. He has my pigtails firmly in his hands and is pulling my head down. His knob end is pressing against my tonsils, I'm going to throw up. Gulp. The fucking thing's in my throat.

What the fuck now. Someone was pulling me to my feet but the prick was still embedded in my throat. Shit he's spreading my ass cheeks. Now his cocks pushing its' way into my pussy. How the fuck do I stop this. I need to breathe. I'm going to suffocate.

"Hey Billy, the bitch's taken my entire fist in her ass. Hurry up and shoot your wad and I'll see if she can take my other fist in her twat as well."

Oh shit, how did I get into this. Perhaps Tracy could get me free. Where the fuck is she. There she is, kneeling over there. What the fuck? They're trying to get the wrong end of a whisky bottle inside her. Why's she letting them do that. Why the fuck am I letting them do this.

Just then the guy in my pussy dumped his load and slipped free. They were spreading me wide open. What were they trying to do, find out what I had for breakfast.

"Yeoh!. Please stop. It hurts. Please no more."

"Relax doll, you can take this, and more, or so your sister says."


"Hey lads, the pretty little schoolgirls' taken both my fists inside her at once."


"Someone plug that trap while I fist fuck the bitch."

"Gulp Glug. Swallow."

A fuckin cock was down my throat. Oh shit what the fuck. I have to get out of this. It hurts like fuck. Please stop. Oh Shittttttttt!.

"Hey lads, Do you reckon she'll take a couple of bottles?"

Please no. Not after the fists. If this fucker gets his prick out of my throat I'll scream. Great he's pulling it out.

"Gasp. Gasp. Gasp. Gulp Glug. Swallow."

Shit it's back in my throat again. Please no. Nooooooooooooo.

"Come on Martin. You'll need to spread her wider than that or it'll never go in. Come on wider! Wider!. That's it it's in, just a little deeper and I'll spread her ass so you can shove the beer bottle in."

Oh gawd. I can't take this I'll pass out. And this bastard's suffocating me with his big fat salty prick. I bet he hasn't washed it for a week.

"Gasp. Gasp. Gasp. Gulp Glug. Swallow."

"OK Martin. I'll pull her ass apart you slide the fat end in. Shit the bitch's tight. You wouldn't think I just had my hand in there. Just. A. Minute. I'll. Have. It. There, get the fucking thing in. That's it, all done. Now I'll just push them both as deep as I can. OK that's it, all in.

"Glug, glug, glug."

I was swallowing a load of cum. Fuck, those bottles hurt like hell. What the fuck were they doing now. Someone was picking me up, I'm lying on the bar, their spreading my legs wide.

"Please no stop. It hurts."

"Relax doll. The guys just want to see me bottle fuck your twat and ass."

My knees were up in the air and held wide apart. The bottles were being worked in and out of my aching holes. Oh shit it hurts. It hurts.

"Please stop. Please no. No more. It hurts... Oh shit I'm cumming I'm cumming. I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggg. I'm cummmmiiiinnnngggg.

I woke up lying on the bar, the two bottles still inside me. The lads had left me alone. They were torturing some other poor shit. Where's Tracy, Over there.

"Tracy, you OK."

"I'm OK," she panted.

"What's wrong?"

She was kneeling on top of a table on all fours, knees apart, head resting on her arms. Slowly she shuffled around. Holy shit, she had a whisky bottle in her ass.

"You OK," she asked.

"I'll survive. What the fuck are they doing now?"

"Rasdus is fucking Janine."

"Who the fuck's Rasdus?" I asked.

"Hey lads, Mandy wants to see what's happening," shouted Tracy hoarsely.

The mob parted and Oh no. Not that. They couldn't. A very pretty girl with long blond hair was kneeling on the floor. A great big black motherfucker of a dog was straddled over her and appeared to be fucking the shit out of her.

"They've shoved a beer bottle into her twat so the dog has to fuck her ass. He's just got his knot inside so they'll be stuck together for ages," said Tracy.

"Knot. What the fuck's his knot?"

"It's the bulb at the end of his prick. Once you've got it inside it swells up so you can't pull free."

"I suppose you know all about that do you?" I asked mockingly.

"I've had it in me a couple of times. Hey lads, Mandy wants to fuck Bouncer?" My sister shouted.

"No I fuckin don't."

"Come on Doll," someone said. "You've been a good sport so far. Do you want Bouncer to fuck your pussy or ass. Or perhaps you'd like to blow him?"

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