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Desc: Sex Story: Another of my true swinging experiences. Starr is hot, but to come is hotter when I get both of her daughters, 16 and 15. Still to come is the story of me introducing mom and both girls to the biggest and hottest black cock in the universe.

This is the story of Starr a young woman that I met a few months back.

Starr is about 30 something, slender with blond hair and a knockout body.

She is about 5' 7" and 110 to 120 lbs. She has no marks or scars on her body and her tits are firm, not flabby. She states and I now know it as fact that she has two teenage girls. You would not know it by looking at her, that is how well she has taken care of herself. Starr is not a beauty queen, but neither is she a sluff off.

The first time I met Starr was at one of my favorite massage parlors. This one has a hot tub and several massage rooms. I had been to this place several times before and all the girls have been friendly there. I love to sit in a hot tub and have the girls massage me in various places as we sit there together. Usually this will always lead to one form of sex or another. I am always satisified when I leave there and the girls do not rip you off. Well this one time I went in there was this new girl that greated me and she told me that her name was Starr. I immediately like what I saw of her so I told her that I wanted her, not one of the other girls. So she took my fee and we went off to one of the rooms. She asked me the standard stuff, what do you want to do, and are you a cop. I told her that I wanted to get in the hot tub with her and that I loved to eat pussy so we could get out after awhile and I would eat her until she screamed.

She said that sounded good to her so we stripped down. When Starr removed her panties I was pleasently surprised. She was bald between her legs. I love to eat bald pussies and I told her so, she just smiled.

We got in the hot tub and Starr immediately came over to sit with me and I must admit that my cock got rock hard right away. Normally it takes a few minutes of stimulation before it reacts, but not this date. As I was rubbing my hands all over Starrs beautiful body my cock was throbbing.

She reaches down and takes it in her hand and is slowly rubbing it up and down. Then she looks at me and asked me what I wanted to do about this.

Referring to my rock hard cock. I told her that this was very unusual in that I don't normally get that hard anymore and that I would like to stick it in that bald pussy but I did not bring a condom in. She said not to worry and reaches for a small box off to the side and guess what, she had condoms in there. As Starr is unrolling the condom on my cock I was afraid that it would come off in the water and told her so. She said it won't have time and as she unrolls it down to my public bone she stradles me, facing me and immediately lowers herself onto me. As my rock hard cock is going up inside that shaved pussy I was in seventh heaven. Normally the girls will not do this, only hand and mouth jobs. Starr was different, she was hot and she was horny. Starr is now riding my cock, her arms around my neck, mine around her back, grabbing her ass cheeks and enjoying the ride. As I look her in the face, I could tell that she wasn't just performing a service for me, she was also enjoying herself.

We are looking into each others eyes and neither of us expected it but we ended up in a deep passionate kiss. Starr was really riding my cock and I could feel her muscles contracting inside her pussy. Between that and the deep, wet tongue kissing we were doing we both reached orgasism at the same time. I could hear her moans and felt her pussy twitching as she shot hers and I mine in the condom. Starr breaks the kiss, reaches down with one hand and wrapps her fingers around my cock to keep the condom from coming off. She then tells me to stand up and as I stand out of the hot tub Starr takes off the condom. She then leads me back to our room and asks me if I wanted a massage, I said no, I wanted to eat that pussy.

Starr gets up on the massage table and scoots down to the end so that her legs were hanging off the end and her pussy was right at the edge.

I took one quick look and immediately dove in for the feast. Starr is one hot woman and loved it. I was eating away, licking and sucking on the love button and she is climaxing. Her belly is raising faster and faster and she lets out a deep breath and I feel the contractions in her pussy. I love this when it happens. I kept licking and sucking and before long she was climaxing again, then again and again. Her hands were now on my head and she was pushing my head down into her pussy. I knew that I had found a rare woman that loves multipule orgasisms. As her hands were forcing my head harder into her pussy I knew also that she liked it a little rough.

So I started nibbling on the clitoris and sucking the fluids out of her pussy. As I covered her pussy with my lips and sucked real hard Starr let out a loud moan and bucked her ass off the table and had a real hard deep orgasism. I let up, took my mouth off her mound and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and she was smileing. As I watched her I could not help but fall in love with her. After all, she was my kind of woman. She loved sex as much as I did and enjoyed it as much. My wife and I are mostly compatible but she is grossly overweight and it is sometimes hard to please her. Starr opens her eyes and they sparkle with contentment and lust. She says that was be best orgasisms she was had in many years. I was happy that she was satisified and I get up on the table with her and we just hold each other tight for a few minutes. Then she stirs and says it is now my turn. I said but I already had mine. She said no, you have not had my speciality. Then she gets off the table and starts licking all around my cock brushing it ever so slightly with her tongue every now and then. Starr then licks my balls and sucks on them one at a time. She then goes to my now growing cock and slowly sucks it into her mouth. What she was doing with her mouth with my cock in it I do not know, but it was working. I was getting near another orgasism. Starr then proceeds to deep throat me and then slides back up to the tip, then back down for another deep throat. I exploded and she is drinking it all and sucking the last drop out of my very soul. When Starr quit she looks up at me and says, "Now we have had each others speciality". I was so happy and contented and I guess it showed on my face, as hers did earlier, because she says, " that good hoh?" I said yes, reached up, pulled her to me and kissed her again on the mouth. We sat there and talked for a few minutes before my hour was up. I was so taken back by Starr that as we were dressing I asked her if she ever met people outside the massage parlor. She said, well that depends, I said on what, she said on the guy, and being that this was only her second day working at the massage parlor she didn't or hadn't. I was confused but I thought I knew what she met. So I asked her if I could meet her again, but this time only us two and no time limit. She looked at me and smiled and said that anyone that could bring her to more and the best orgasism she has ever had, she could not let get away. She gave me her home phone number. Then asked that I be very discrete because she had two teenage girls. I promised her I would be and that I would contact her in a couple of weekswell the next time I was in memphis I did just that. A young girl answered the phone and I asked for her mother. She said she was working and would be home after a certain time. Being that this time was three hours away and I could not wait that long I asked the young girl if she had her moms work number, she said no. So I said thank you and hung up. I knew where the massage parlor was located but I did not know the phone number. So I drove there and surprise, the place is closed. What now, I drove to another one of my old stomping grounds and asked the girl at the desk if she knew Starr. She looked at me kind of funny like why was I asking her. So I told her that I was looking for Starr, I was her regular

(lied a little) and that when I went to the place where she worked it was closed. She said yes they closed it temporarily but it would be open again in a couple of weeks. I said fine but what about the girls that were working there. She said a couple went to this other place near there ( one that I had never been to) but she did not know what happen to the others. I was devistated. Here I was looking forward to a good time with Starr and was sure I would have one, but I could not locate her. The girl must have seen how hurt I was because she said that she could be just as good. I looked at her, she was cute and young, early twenties but I told her that I didn't mean to hurt her feelings but I doubted it. She shot back and said try me. Well what does a guy do that has just been propasitioned. I told her I was not rich and only had so much money on me.

She asked how much, I told me $50 and she looked at me and asked how I thought I was going to get any action with that. I said I wasn't looking to pay for any action, I was looking for my girl. This girl stood there for a minute then surprised me. She said, well it's been a slow day, I guess $50 is better than nothing. I looked at her a minute then said what the hell.

The girl told me her name was kay spelled kai, and led me through the inner door after she locked the main door. Wheen we got to the massage room she took me to she told me to get undressed and she would be back in a minute. I told her to wash that pussy good because I wanted to eat it.

(I learned along time ago that the human siliva will kill almost any virus and I also knew that there were no reported cases of aids being passed on from eating pussy so it was safer than intercourse). Kai turned to look at me then went out of the room. I stripped, got a clean towel from the pile, placed it on the table and layed down. I a couple of minutes kaicame back in, locked the door and started taking off her clothes. When she was totally naked she turned around. Before me stood a young woman of 20 (she told me later) she weighed about 140 lbs, was about 5'10", had large breasts about 38 and the hairiest bush that I had ever seen. She had one tatoo on the top of her left breast of a heart. Other than that

(I do not like tatoos on women) she had a nice firm body and I love firm bodies. Kai came over to the table and started massaging my legs and feet. When she got up a little closer to me so that I could reach her I placed a hand around her waist and pulled her to me to suck on those breasts. She reached out and was massaging my cock then put oil on it and was continuing the massage. I told her to stop because I would loose my load real soon. She quit and continued to massage my chest and arms.

I reached down and placed my hand on that hairy bush and discovered that she was all wet down there. I immediately inserted two fingers in her pussy and was giving her a good wailing and sensed that she was really enjoying this so I quit and told her to get up on the table. She did and I pulled her to the edge, spread her legs and dived into that hairy pussy.

My tongue was licking the clit and I was ramming two fingers up inside of her as far and as fast as they would go. Kai was humping up to meet each push of my hand and I sensed that she wanted moore. I then placed my thump on her ass button and slowly eased it in. Kai was really digging this and I got as much of my thumb up her ass as I could, the fingers in her pussy and I was squeasing them together when she let out a deep breath and climaxed. I am not one to let up right away because I love to bring women to multi orgasisms but kai told me to stop. I raised my head to see what was the problem, still had my thumb in her ass and two fingers rammed way up inside of that pussy. Kai said that was great but she wanted something else. Something else? What was I in for? She told me to get her that bag over there, she pointed to a duffle type bag. I reached back with my free hand, still keeping the one in place, got the bag and handed it to her. Kai took out two sex toys, one big thick black vibrator which reminded me of jim's big black cock and one smaller vibrator. This last one was about the size of my cock. Kai didn't have to tell me what to do with them. I took the smaller one, poured some oil on it and was inserting it in her ass beffore she could say anything. As it went up her ass I turned it on and her body started vibrating and quaking. The big black vibrator was still in kais hands and she was now inserting it herself inside her pussy. After she got it about half way in I took it and turned it on and pushed it the rest of the way up inside her pussy. She was humming and vibrating all over the table. As I saw kai lift her ass in rythm to the vibrations I again bent down and sucked on her clitoris. The moment my tongue touched it kai was shooting orgasisms and moaning. We kept this up for some 10 minutes and she was now sweating from all the sex action and orgasisms she was having. This action was also having an effect of me and my cock was hard and needed some action. I immediately thought of the vibrator in her ass, (after all it was the same size) so I looked around for a condom and found several in her bag. I ripped one open, slipped it on my cock and stepped forward for the kill. I pulled kai down to the edge of the table and took the vibrator out of her ass and immediately inserted my cock. I knew she knew what was going on but she did not protest, only helped me by pushing back further. After my cock was buried deep in her ass in started to fuck her for all I was worth. I would pull back a little and ramm forward. As I rammed forward, my public bone would also hit the base on the vibrator in her pussy and push it even further up inside her. Kai was now really humping and going to town. She was grinding her ass on my cock and as I exploded she had herone big orgasism and her whole body shook and she lets out the biggest and longest sigh that I have ever heard. After a few seconds I withdrew my now placid cock from her ass and she took the vibrator out of her pussy. Kai was smileing as she looked at me and asked if that was good.

I told her it was. She then asked if I thought she was good enough to make her my regular. I said yes, but was lieing because the only regular I wanted was Starr. Well kai and I got dressed and as I was leaving I asked her if I could have her phone number. She told me she only met guys here. I knew right then that I would not be back, unless something happened that I could not find Starr again.

After I left that place I found a phone and called Starrs house again hopeing that she may be home or called. The daughter said she was not home yet but to call her after a certain time. That was to late for this date so I headed home.

A week later I was again in memphis on saturday and called Starrs number. She was home and we made arrangements to meet.

After I met Starr we went to a motel and I was like a little kid that had just gotten a new bike. I was some happy because I knew that this would be one fun filled day. After we got to the motel Starr and I waisted no time in getting naked and I was still in love with that body, firm, slender, smooth and one smooth bald pussy. We washed and then went for the bed and I don't recall who was eating who first. My mouth was on the smooth bald pussy in short fashion and her mouth was sucking on my now very hard cock. Starr was deap throating me and I was enjoying it more that life itself as by her body actions she was on my tongue action on that pussy clit. When I was just about to explope Starr lets up and looks at me, I in turn did the same and we laughed at each other. She said that she was looking forward to our meeting since the last time we were together. I told her the same and that I had been down a weak earlier and had called her house but her daughter said she was working. As Starr was changing positions to sit on my rock hard cock she said that Melanie,her oldest daughter told her someone called twice but left no messages.

About this time Starr is lowering her bald pussy on my cock ( she did but a condom on me) and I can not tell you how hot and wet she was. Then she started working those inner muscles and I knew it would not be long before in shot my load and didn't want to. So I told Starr that I was near my boiling point. She just clamped down even harder with those trained pussy muscless and was riding up and down as fast as she could go. I pulled her foward on my body, breast to chest and mouth to mouth. As our tongues exchanged siliva I climaxed in a long hard, deep down to my toes climax. Starr did not so she kept up the rotating action and kissing and in a flash she also had a climax as her body shook and she moaned.

We layed together for a few minutes as my now very soft condom shethed cock slipped out of her pussy. Starr leaned up on her arms and rolled over next to me and I rolled with her and took one of her breasts in my mouth and started sucking. Starr has small firm breasts and she loves to have them sucked on. My hand was also now rubbing her pussy mound. I was sucking away, harder and harder and I guess I got carried away and I bit down on the nipple and Starr flinshed but also shot her ass off the bed to press the mound into my hand. I let up and was going to apologize for hurting her but she surprised me and said that that felt good. Well, I do not normally hurt my women but Starr was different, she liked it a little rough so I bit down again and harder. Starr was humping up to my hand and I slipped two fingers in that tight, hot wet box and was finger fucking her and biting her nipples. I thouight that if she liked it rough on the breasts, maybe she also liked it rough down there also so I tried it a little rougher and she reacted more and more. I was pounding my fingers and hand in her pussy as hard and fast as I could and Starr is loving it and starts climaxing. As she started the climax I stuck out my thumb and as my hand shot back into her pussy, the thumb rammed into her ass and Starr shot a big orgasism and as I did it again, she shot another and another. After a few more orgasisms and minutes I took my mouth off her tits and licked my way down to that beautiful bald pussy. As soon as my tongue hit the clit Starr shot another orgasism and this one lasted a few seconds as my tongue flicked the love button and my fingers were deep in her pussy and my thumb was buried in her ass.

After Starr came back down to earth she reached down and eased my thumb out of her ass. Said it felt good, but also hurt. I said that I guessed it was a good hurt. We laughted again and she told me that is why she liked me so much, I was an expert at pleasing women and I knew how to make light of things and break the spell. Speaking of spell, it had only been a few minutes since I shot a big load, but with all the action I was doing to Starr, her body reactions and her lovelyness, my cock was hard again. Starr was not aware of this at first but when I got up on top of her with my hard cock pressing against her belly she soon was. The first condom that I filled with cumm had since come off and I did not have another handy so I just layed like that with my cock on her belly and was slowly rubbing it on her. As our mouths met again and our tongues intertwined Starr reacches down and grabbs my ass cheeks, one in each hand. Our humping one another was now getting out of hand and as I pulled back to move forward again Starr did not move with me and my cock now found heaven and went home. For a splitt second I thought of pulling out, but what the hell, the damage was already done. If she had and diseases I already had it. So I through caution to the wind and rammed forward. As our public bone crunched together we became more and more fierce in our love making. Starr was grinding up to meet me and I was slamming down into her. Our mouths were locked together, tongues duelling and I shot my hot seaman deep into her belly and Starr was having another hard, hot orgasism. We rested in one anothers arms and was enjoying the bliss of the event for a few minutes before either of us moved or said a word. Finally Starr told me that I had nothing to worry about. She had not screwed bareback since her and her old man spitt over five years ago. She said she has been very careful and always used a condom in the few times that she has let anyone screw her. Then she got quiet for a minute and the expression of her face got real serious and she was turning white when she said that however, she was not on the pill. I laughed and now it was my turn to ease her mind and I told her not to worry, I had a vasectomy many years ago. So she would not get pregnent. She squeazed me harder and we locked lips again. Starr broke the kiss and got up and I was puzzled as to why but she soon returned with her bag and set it next to the bed. I asked her what that was all about but she just said not to worry, just enjoy. I had every intention of doing that. As Starr layed back down she stradled me and her pussy was now sitting on top of my limp cock then she lowered herself down and was laying ontop of me and I loved it. Starr then asked all kinds of questions, she wanted to know when and how I got into swinging etc. Etc.

I was honest and told her all, told her that I was started into swinging when I was 23 and my wife at the time, and I attended a wife swapping partywith three other couples and enjoyed it so much that we kept it up for a few years until we were divorced (nothing to do with swinging), since then I have had several hundred partners. She said she could tell I had alot of experience because I was good. As we layed there for allmost an hour I was telling her all about my life and the many experiences I had.

Told her about my facination with white women and black men, about the girls and their dogs, about the girls in denmark and their animals, I just unloaded all on her. As I told Starr about the the young red headed girl that jim, amber and I broke into the call girl business with her mothers approval I noticed that Starrs breathing was become faster and her body was reacting. Her nipples were becoming harder and I noticed that her pussy was again starting to excrete juices. This made me react and before either of us knew what was happening, my cock was hard and inside her hot, wet pussy. Starr sure is one hot lady and I loved it and her. After we settled down again and I deposited my sperm in her womb I asked her about her life.

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