Very Wild Night

by Linda Jean

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Desc: Sex Story: A Story from my younger years, I watched a little, did a little and had a whole lot of fun

I have to tell you this is one night I will never forget. It was a Saturday afternoon when it all started. My brother Bill was away for the weekend on a scout trip, and even though he was away, I still made our Saturday meeting with Jake, his brother Peter, and Jerry. Duke belongs to Jerry so he always brought Duke along after school and Saturdays. Sundays were the only days we would never plan for. I went and met them at the old house, we did our thing, and when they finished, Duke did his thing and then we all left, trying to figure out if we could get together tomorrow. It was left up to me to call Jake when we got home from church.

It was my plan to get home, take a shower, and change clothes before supper just as I do every Saturday when I meet the boys at the old house. I had sperm seeping out of me, along with dried sperm on my inner thighs that had already seeped out. Now this is not new to me; in fact, I get a real nice feeling knowing that when I walk sperm from the boys and dog leaks out of me and at times drops on the sidewalk. I walked in the house and my mother met me at the door. "Where have you been, young lady? We have been looking for you," she said very anxiously. For a moment I thought I had been found out, but before I said anything, she went on, "Your brother fell up at camp and they think he broke his foot or ankle. We have to go up to the hospital and pick him up. I called your Aunt Bev and she said you could spend the night there and stay with Jacky. (She is my 17-year-old cousin). Being just 14 she and I had very little in common, but I liked my Aunt Bev and Uncle John. So I thought it would be cool.

I asked Mom, "Why can't I go with you to get Bill?" Mom said, "we don't know what is going to happen, so it would just be easier if you stayed here while we are gone. We'll get back around 2 or 3 a.m., and we'll just come pick you up after church. Now go get in the car, your father has already put the blow-up mattress and your sleeping bag in there. We have to leave now."

I could smell the sex coming from me, I was glad I was standing in the open doorway. Today was a little different that usual, most of the time the boys and I would just fuck one time, and then Duke would have his turn. I would put whatever I wore over there back on and come home with Bill. However, today for some reason, Jake wanted seconds after Duke fucked me, which never happen before. When he did, well, Peter and Jerry had to do it a second time also, so I was really smelling myself as I stood talking to my mother and, on top of it all, I felt very excited thinking that maybe she could smell me.

I was wearing my dark blue pleated summer jumper with a frilly long-sleeve blouse. You may recall that my folks forbid me to wear long pants or shorts; the only time I wore such cloths was for PE, where in the summer I wore shorts and the winter I wore sweats. Dad and Mom wanted to raise me as a girl. (As they put it, only tomboys wore pants and jeans. A real young lady wore dresses and skirts. Of course, real young ladies also wore panties -- something I stopped doing many years ago.)

I got in the van and sat in the back seat. I opened my window so my odor would not fill up the van. Aunt Bev and Uncle John lived on the outskirts of town in a very big single-story ranch-style house on large piece of property with rolling woods all around. While I had never been at their house myself I was going by what my mother told me. They would always come to our house or to the family functions. Aunt Bev was my mother's sister and she, I thought, was pretty enough and had the body that she could be a very lovely model. My father and Uncle John had had some problems and that is why we never went there as a family prior to today.

As we drove there, I could tell that my parents had told us the truth, their little ranch didn't have any cows, horses or pigs. They didn't have any other houses anywhere close to them and driving in from the road I think we drove a mile before actually seeing their house. Aunt Bev met us as we drove up; she was holding this huge collie by his collar who was barking like crazy. Daddy unloaded my stuff and as my mother kissed me goodbye she whispered in my ear, "Honey, you need a bath." Dad kissed me with a strange look on his face as if he was trying to figure out if the smell came from the ranch or maybe me. As they drove off, Aunt Bev said, "This is Laddy. We thought he was a she when we first got him, so we had to change his name from Lassie to Laddy. He is very frisky, let him smell your hand and get to know you." I stuck out my hand and he smelled it, then licked it, but then he smelled the air. Me. I began to pet him and talk to him as Aunt Bev held on to him. I knew he could smell me, I bet he could even smell Duke. Aunt Bev and I stood there as Laddy kept trying to get his head under my jumper. She said, "I think I'll leave Laddy outside and Jacky can bring him in when she gets home. What's in the bags, dear?" I told her, "It is my overnight mattress and sleeping bag."

She told me to go inside first so she could let Laddy go, I did, then she came in and she took me to my cousin Jacky's room, showing me the twin beds. She told me I should sleep on the bed closest to the wall, that Jacky slept on the bed closest to her bathroom. Now I really like sleeping on my overnight bed, it is one of those that has its own motor and it blows up in one minute and it feels like a waterbed. I asked my aunt if she would mind if I used my own airbed because I liked it so much. She told me it was up to me and if I wanted to use it I could put it on the floor between the bed and the wall. I took it out of the bag plugged it in and showed Aunt Bev how fast it blew up and she smiled as she said, "Whatever makes you happy, Linda. Now get washed up and we'll eat."

She walked out and I used my cousin's bathroom to wash myself off and clean myself up. Using some of her perfume I put a little on before going out to the dining room. Uncle John was already sitting down at the table when I walked in; I gave him a kiss before sitting down. I asked, "Where is Jacky?" Aunt Bev said, "Oh, she's on a date, dear. This was such short notice that she doesn't even know you're staying tonight. We expect her around midnight or so, and you two can talk in the morning." Uncle John said, "Maybe we should leave her a note so she doesn't freak out when she sees Linda in her room." Aunt Bev said, "Don't worry, dear, you know Jacky she loves Linda. She'll be fine with her staying in her room."

After dinner Uncle John and I sat watching TV and after Aunt Bev did the dishes, she sat down and read. Around 8:30 Aunt Bev put down the book and came over to Uncle John's chair and she gave him one very long, very hot kiss, saying, "Honey, I'm a little tired, I think I would like to go to bed now. I think if you join me you won't be disappointed." She then gave him another hot long kiss and when they broke the kiss Aunt Bev said to me, "Honey, would you please turn off the lights when you go to bed? We're a little tired and we're heading to bed." Uncle John said, "Oh, leave the hallway light on for Jacky." I said, "OK, but I'm a little tired too, I think I'll go to bed myself, see you in the morning." We all said goodnight and they walked to the other end of the house.

To give you an idea just how long their house is, I think you could fit a football field from goal post to goal post from one end to the other. Now I know that my Aunt and Uncle were not going to bed to sleep, I know that sexy look that Aunt Bev had. My mother has that same look when she is horny and wants dad to screw her. I had no intention on going to my room. Since daylight savings time had not started yet, it was already dark outside, and I intended on sneaking out. Since Jacky had those small mini blinds I was hoping that Aunt Bev and Uncle John had them on their bedroom windows. I was also hoping that they would have one out of kilter so I could peek in and see what they would be up to. The minute I walked out the back door, Laddy was right at my ass. I kept swatting his face away as I walked out to the wooded trees, then I made my way around to the other end of the house, hoping they had left a small light on so I could look in.

As I made my way around to their side I could not believe my eyes, I saw three huge sliding doors and light pouring out from their bedroom. I knew I needed to stay out of that light and as long as I did they could not see me. However, even knowing this, I still decided to stay in the wood line. I choose a big tree just out of the light shining on the ground and I guess you could say I was in shock at what I saw. Uncle John was standing alongside this double relaxing lounge with his pants at his ankles. Aunt Bev was sitting on the edge of that lounge wearing only a black bra and black thong panties. The way I knew they were thongs is, she had her legs wide open and her hand was working her hole and clit as she held Uncle John's big cock with the other hand as she worked her mouth up and down his fat shaft.

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