New Partner

by MsMarie

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Desc: Sex Story: A story about a woman who finally strikes out on her own from her abusive husband and finds solice with the family dog.

I was angrily racing around the house packing all my clothes! I had no life here and I was going to file for a divorce as soon as I could but right now I was going to get all my things together and get the heck out of Dodge! Al was due home from work at 5pm sharp and to avoid any confrontation I wanted to get all my personal things out of the house by then. It would be a lot easier on both of us if I just left! Al had just become too abusive to put up with any longer! I'm sure there are many women that can relate to this story! And perhaps not just the abusive part! I had packed all my clothes and had called a moving company to move some of the furniture... The extra bedroom suite, bureau of drawers etc... but only the essentials that I would need! I had no need to try and take anything that wasn't mine, but just to get out of there.

As sort of an after thought I called my dog, Blackie to come with me. I hadn't done much thought on this and didn't have but an apartment to keep him in, but I had no thoughts about letting him stay with Al. Blackie was my sole form of companionship during the first few days of my separation and I often cuddled up next to him while watching TV.

Blackie was always a very attentive and loveable dog and very smart! He knew when he was expected to do something... and often times seemed like he could almost read my mind! He was a great companion and when we went for walks was always right beside me! He quickly protected me against anything that he thought might be a danger... And I often had to tell him it was "ok" when someone would stop to talk to me.

One evening I was feeling pretty lonely and after moping around the apartment for a while I decided to break my depression by giving Blackie a bath! I poured a tub full of hot water in the middle of the floor and then called the dog! He has never really enjoyed getting a bath, but he really never gave me too much trouble either! He reluctantly got into the tub and even though the water was warm he seemed to shiver. I caressed him all over and smoothed his fur to try and calm him. He was a mongrel dog weighing about 100 lbs. My ex used to refer to him as a junkyard dog, but I loved him and he was certainly a faithful dog, good companion and a wonderful protector! I didn't need to worry about any young punks in the street when I had my dog with me! When he was angry he could strike a chord of fear in any man!

Well, he was finally calming down and I was gently splashing warm water up over his back and starting to soap him down. I enjoyed soaping him up as much as any dog owner would but as I started to soap his chest and lower abdomen and play with the little mounds of soap, I found myself washing his private area. I don't know what came over me, I guess I was sort of curious, but felt hypnotized and as my hands started playing with his sheath and watching in awe as his penis started to poke out of it's sheath! It was mostly a morbid curiosity that made me continue in sort of a seductive manner after his penis started to harden! I couldn't resist the overpowering urge to continue the manipulation, and continued to play with him watching in fascination as his cock started to grow and grow! He was huge! I had no idea that his cock was so big and felt a little naughty as I continued massaging him and while nobody was around (the dog certainly wasn't going to tell) and there was no danger of being suddenly disco vered, I still felt nervous! Was this my own sexual energy making me feel nervous? I could feel the tension in my body build as his did and as his penis grew larger and larger I felt a strange affinity towards him and a "responsibility" to satisfy him! I could feel my heart beating faster and my breath shortened and I was amazed that as his tension built, my tension did too! When he started humping my hand and I could feel the urgency and power of his thrusts as his excitement built, mine did too! When he came, I also felt physically released! Now I say that to mean, not that I came, but that "we" had been building to "his" climax and "we" reached it! I quickly finished washing him and dried him off, my pulse still pounding, my face flushed and my breathing still labored. My mind raced as I thought how terribly deviated I had just been and how I fought to clear my head of all such thoughts.

Later that night I was sitting on the floor watching television and he was lying next to me when I again thought about how big he was and how utterly sexual it had felt to cause his orgasm, to feel the power of his forceful strokes as he began to hunch my hand. I wondered what it felt like to be male and penetrate a female... I wondered what it felt like when he came! The way his cock pulsated when he shot his cum I could actually feel the strength of his climax as I held his cock while he was cumming! It throbbed and pulsated with a force much stronger than Al's. Afterwards he had licked me in the face (a doggy kiss) as sort of a way of saying that he loved me and I had thought that he was more appreciative than Al, my Ex. He was more male than my Ex! His cock looked to be almost twice as big as his! But this was terrible! I couldn't believe what I was thinking! Here I was with my dog sitting on the carpeted living room floor actually thinking about the possibility of having sex with my dog!

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