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Desc: Sex Story: Dione is desperate to become a cheerleader in her new school. But first she has to get through the notorious interview - chaired by the Football team.

Dione looked over enviously at the table of five girls at the top of the dining hall. It was her first week at this college - her parents had moved across the country and she had to go with them - and she was already missing the popularity she was used to.

"That's the cheerleaders," said Mandy, her first, and currently only, friend. "The black girl, that's Lucille Marshall," she continued. "She's in charge."

"Oh," replied Dione. "Are they popular then?"

"Popular," exclaimed Mandy, "they rule the entire fucking college. If they don't recognise you then you're a no one." Dione winced. She had been a cheerleader at her last college and knew how important it was in the popularity stakes.

"See those two girls they're talking to?" said Mandy. "They're lickin' ass to get in the squad. Sasha, one of the cheerleaders, had to drop out. Rumour has it she got caught fucking one of the tutors and got expelled."

Mandy looked over as the two girls hurried away amidst shrieks of laughter from the cheerleaders. Lucille was clearly the leader.

"How do you go about getting' in then?" she asked.

"Your joking aren't you?" came the reply. "Nobody knows how to join 'em. They got some ritual to get in. They hand pick new recruits."

Dione grinned. She had been through that before just last year, and it meant sucking off the quarterback, but a face full of sperm was worth the cred of being in the squad. She got up from her seat, took a deep breath, and made for the group.

"Where you going?" asked Mandy.

"I'm gonna get me noticed," replied Dione.

"Hey ladies," said Dione confidently when she reached the table. "Rumour has it you're looking for a new member."

"And what you gonna do about it, girlfriend?" replied Lucille, without looking up.

"I was lead cheer at my last college, and I'm fucking good at it."

"Uh-huh," said Lucille, still without looking at her. "You're a fucking confident little bitch, aren't ya?"

"At my last place, I earned it. I plan on doing the same here. I don't intend being left behind with the geeks, I wanna be where the cool is."

Lucille raised her head and stared at her. "You gotta go through the interview," she barked.

"I've done that before," replied Dione. "Tell me where it is and I'll be there."

"You aint been through our interview yet missy. You confident?"

"Fuckin' right," said Dione. "I'll do anything to get in."

"Anything huh?" laughed Lucille. She looked at her girls, who laughed with her. "OK then. There's a practice game after school tonight. Meet us outside the lockers at four." With that, Lucille turned to her pals and started chatting. Dione turned and walked back to her table satisfied that things were about to get back to normal in her world. Mandy just shook her head.

Dione looked at the clock above the lecturer's head. It was quarter to four. She couldn't stop thinking about her impending interview. She wondered what it would be like. She'd enjoyed being a cheerleader - the parties, the attention, the sex. She had fucked most of the team - the good looking ones anyway, and had even had a threesome in the lockers one afternoon after practice. She was confident that this interview would be a formality - and hopefully an enjoyable one.

By five past four, Dione was outside the locker room. The team had already gone out to warm up, and she had basked in the looks, comment's and whistles as they passed her by. She always dressed cute, and today looked especially sexy wearing a short, checked skirt, tight white shoulder strap top, and sandals. She was quite tall, about 5ft 10 and had long light brown hair. She was very slim and athletic, with long, toned and tanned legs. She had smallish breasts, 34B, but they were firm and complemented her tight, flat midriff, showed off perfectly by the top. She heard the girls coming around the corner and leaned nonchalantly on the wall. As they came closer, she eyed them up. Lucille was in front, flanked by two blonde girls. Behind were another black girl and a brunette. Lucille had an athletic figure, with large tits that wobbled slightly as she walked. Dione knew she was easily as sexy as any of these girls.

"You're keen then?" said Lucille.

"You fucking bet I am," replied Dione. Let the interview begin!"

"OK," grinned Lucille. She beckoned to a storeroom across the hall. "In there," she barked. Dione was a little surprised, but just smiled and casually walked across and into the room. One of the blondes went in first and switched on the light. The rest entered and the door was pulled shut.

"If you wanna be one of use, you gotta prove your worth," said Lucille. "We ain't just part of the team, we're a way of life." Dione knew this, and nodded. "We have high standards and don't just let in anybody. You gotta fit." Dione nodded again.

"The interview is a ritual you gotta follow. This is your last chance to get out. Still wanna play, bitch?" Dione pulled her shoulders back and stood tall. "You wanna get the fuck on with it, or what?" she replied hotly.

Lucille smiled. "OK, white girl. Get naked!"

Dione jumped with surprise, and started to wonder how extreme this interview would be. But again, she was desperate to join and, well, she'd been butt naked in front of plenty of girls before. She smiled again, and lifted the top up over her head, revealing her perky tits. The room was a little cold, and her nipples were starting to stiffen. She loosened her skirt and let it drop to the floor, then in one move, pulled her panties done over her ankles. Lucille looked her up and down. "Mmmm, you got the right body, bitch. How many times you had it fucked?"

"Plenty often," replied Dione, pleased that her body had been noticed. "I fucked most of my old team, even two at a time on occasion." The girls giggled. "You might have potential," said Lucille. "Now, sit on that table and put your legs up in the air."

Again, Dione was surprised, but went along with it. Lucille moved over to her. "No -one ever tells about our interviews. And that includes you. If you wanna stay the distance, you do as your told and keep the fuck quiet. Got it?" Dione nodded. Her heart had started beating faster, wondering what they might do to her. She'd never done anything with another female before, but was starting to hope this might be the chance. She felt her shaven pussy begin to moisten. The idea quickly left her head though, as Lucille beckoned to the brunette. The brunette opened a bag and produced the biggest dildo Dione had ever seen and handed it to the leader. Dione's eyes widened as Lucille walked towards her. Without saying anything, Lucille placed the dildo at Dione's hole. She looked her straight in the eye and pushed it into her pussy in one thrust. Dione jolted back and let out a small cry as the dildo ripped into her cunt. She usually liked to get really moist first. Lucille pushed the dildo in as far as it would go then stepped backed. Dione focussed in front of her to see one of the blondes pointing a camera at her. She blinked as the flash went off.

Lucille spoke to her. "We've got a picture of you now with a 14 inch dildo sticking out of your cunt. If you mention the interview to anyone, ever, this picture will be all over college. We'll make your life so fucking miserable, you won't last until the end of the week. Got that?" Dione nodded. Lucille ripped the dildo back out of her pussy and licked it. She ran her lips around her mouth. "Mmmm, your pussy takes good, bitch. Your interview starts after the game. Meet us outside." With that, the girls turned and left the storeroom.

Lucille lowered her legs and sighed. Her heart was beating fast. She was still surprised by what had happened, but was pleased that she was still in with a chance. She smiled at the thought of the quarterback that had commented to her earlier - she'd prefer his cock in her pussy instead of the dildo at the interview.

Dione sat and watched the game from the stand. The team were good, the cheerleaders even better. They had short tight uniforms that would show off her legs, stomach, and tits superbly. They were sexy and her heart paced at the thought of being there for the next game.

The game finished, and Dione waited for the players and cheerleaders to leave the pitch before rushing down to the locker. The girls were on a bench in the hall, and they acknowledged her when she joined them, but kept chatting. The coach went in and a few minutes later came back out. He smiled over at the girls. "See ya at practice tomorrow," he said. "Well done out there, you guys are always worth a few extra points." He moved off quickly down the corridor. A couple of minutes later and a gang of players exited the locker room. They all shouted comments to the group, one of them came over and snogged one of the blondes. Another whispered something in Lucille's ear. Lucille smiled, and as soon as the group had left the hallway, turned to Dione.

"OK then girlie. Your interview starts now. You wanna be the sexiest fucker in college then now is your chance to prove it. Follow me." She turned and walked to the locker room. Dione walked behind her, her heart rate quickening as they entered the room. The other girls stopped at the door, leaving just Lucille and Dione to walk in.

Dione's eyes widened and she surveyed the locker room. There were five guys stood in the middle, three blacks, and two whites. One white guy and one black guy had towels around their waists; the other three were naked. She spotted the QB who had spoken to her earlier. She smiled as she looked down to see his large cock. This was one QB she wouldn't mind sucking. Lucille kept walking towards the showers, but beckoned Dione to stop when she got to the benches in the middle of the room.

"Hey guys, I got a surprise for you," she shouted into the shower cubicles. Two more guys appeared from the steam, also butt naked. The first guy was black, about 6ft7 and very well built. Dione gulped when she looked at him.

"This little bitch here wants to be one of us," continued Lucille. "She's up for the interview." The big black guy strode towards Dione. He looked her up and down and grinned. "We're the interview panel."

Dione's heart was racing now. She scanned the room again - there were seven guys in there, all well built with big cocks - she couldn't help but look at their cocks. She felt her nipples stiffen as she saw the size of them.

The big black guy spoke to her again. "My name is Dan, these here are my hommies, " he said as he looked around the room.

Dione made a point of smiling at everyone. "Hi, I'm Dione."

"OK, Dione," said Dan. "We have a simple interview process here. First, we take a look at your CV then you take part in a little, shall we say, practical demonstration." Dione's mouth had dried up and all she could do was nod. Her confidence was draining fast. "Oh, fuck," she thought, "what have I gotten myself into?"

"So," continued Dan, "let's start with your CV." Dione looked at him blankly, then across to Lucille. Lucille was grinning widely now and signalled for Dione to strip off. Dione quickly looked round the room again - all the guys were now in front off her. The nerves were pounding in her stomach now. She breathed deeply, and pulled her top up over her head for the second time that afternoon. She noticed a couple of the guys nodding as she revealed her gorgeous, firm breasts. One of the white guys - the one from the shower - reached out and cupped one tit in his hand. He ran his thumb back and forth over nipple. She always liked that, and felt a tingle, as her nipple became rock hard. He bent down and sucked the other one, until it too was stiff. She breathed in deeply as he moved away. She was growing in confidence with the immediate attention and pulled the checked skirt quickly down to her ankles. The feeling of seven pairs of eyes watching her near naked body was starting to excite her. She even noticed that Lucille was staring at her. She looked straight back at Lucille, determined she was not going bottle out.

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