Asleep In The Park

by Shadow Deamon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: young girl falls asleep in the park and is awakened by dobermans

My name is Chantal and I am 18 years old, earlier this year a horrible thing happened to me that changed my life forever. Up until this time I had only kissed a boy, and not much more. I was innocent and my body was sweet, pretty, and untouched, at least until that day.

It was a warm summer day and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather.

So I put on my pretty new red hat and my matching spring dress. I told my mother where I was going, just like a good girl should. To my surprise she told me to stay away from the woods near my house. When I asked why, she told me that there was a dog pack that was eating the neighborhood cats and scaring children. I assured her that I would keep far away from the woods, but was very disappointed because this was exactly where I wanted to go. However, being a good girl I listened to my mother and went to walk in the other woods on the other side of town. It was a long walk and far away from any houses, but I didn't mind since it was a nice day and as I walked a let the sun shine on my face and warm me. By the time I got to the woods it was the middle of the afternoon and I was very tired. I followed one of the trails far down into the woods, until I came across a small meadow. "What a wonderful place to lay in the sun and take a nap," I thought. So I laid out the blanket I had with me and proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.

I awoke to a sharp pain on both my wrists, afraid but still disoriented I looked at my wrists and saw two large Dobermans. Each one had one of my wrists in his mouth and was forcing my hands and arms over my head. I screamed and screamed, not only because of the pain but also because I was so afraid. But I was in the woods on the other side of town, not in the woods by my house so there was no one close enough to hear me no matter how loudly I screamed. I heard a low growl coming from in front of me and looked down to see another large Doberman bearing his teeth and looking at me. The two dogs held my hands tightly in their mouths, so I was helpless to do anything to stop this third one.

"My God" I thought to myself "they are going to kill me and eat me like they did the neighborhood cats." This thought made my heart race even more then it had been and almost made me pass out. The third dog began to sniff over my body slowly, I watched as he worked his way up my legs. His wet nose sometimes touching my flesh and making me shiver in fear. As his nose reached my tight young pussy he stopped, he looked up at me and I saw the lust and cruelness of his gaze. He bent his head under my dress and gave my innocence a long wet lick through my panties.

Well of course I tried to close my legs to protect my womanhood from the beast, but he quickly began to rip at my thighs with his claws. The pain was unbearable, "please stop, please it hurts me," I begged. Even though I knew he could not understand me and that he would not stop if he did. Tears were running down my cheeks as I tried the best I could to resist opening my legs. I could feel the claws scrapping my legs, making large red welts on me. He was digging into me like he would dig in dirt to bury a bone. Ripping my dress to shreds. Not being capable of standing it anymore I opened my legs, but he still scratched on either side, ripping off the rest of the dress and even shredding my panties. I began to scream out again as loud as I could, even though I knew it wouldn't do me any good.

Trying to avoid being scratched to a bloody pulp, I opened my legs as far as I could exposing my pussy to the dog's lusts. Amid my screams and cries he stopped clawing and positioned himself directly between my legs, he slouched down to block my legs from closing and starting licking me intensely and recklessly. The rough sharp tongue began to hurt me almost instantly, my hips were bucking trying to keep the painful tongue out of me.

"My sweet virgin hole has never been touched and now it is being abused and taken by a dog," I thought to myself. It was almost too much to endure, as the animal toyed with my pussy nipping me and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt me and liking it. All the while the other two Dobermans held my hands solidly, keeping me completely without defense. I lay there, my legs spread and being forced to accept the animal's abuse.

The dog on my left let go of my hand and started to walk over my body, quickly I tried to lower the hand to protect my pussy from the tongue that was tearing it apart. The dog on the left gave me a hard bite on the hand and helplessly I returned it over my head. Now the dog on the right also let go and moved down my body. I was completely helpless, the three behemoths were now free to violate my body to their delight, with no way for me to stop them. I was far to afraid to try and cover myself again knowing that they would bite and hurt me. The other two dogs, free of holding my hands, now took up positions on either side of me and began to rip off the top portion of my dress, in an instant they were through my dress and ripping off my bra.

I laid very still afraid of being bitten, while they quickly began to savagely lick my breasts.

My firm young boobs and nipples were being roughly treated by their tongues. I arched my back as the dog at my snatch again gave my pussy lips a hard nip, making me yell in pain.

My pussy was being filled with the dog's spit, my breasts still being abused by the other two animals. My nipples began to grow hard by impulse, giving the merciless rapists the perfect targets to taste and abuse. I cried in pain as my body was abused from all sectors, unable to defend my frail sex organs, the dog on my right saw that my mouth was open and rammed his muzzle into my mouth, licking deep into my throat. I tried and tried to get him out but his muzzle forced the back of my head against the ground while his tongue explored my throat, the other two were content to keep violating me. My pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as my mouth was violated from the long tongue, so much pain, and I knew it was only the beginning. The dog at my breasts began nipping harder and harder until a trickle of blood to come from the nipple, I wept solemnly on the other dog's tongue. Not knowing what to do, but knowing that I did not want my tit devoured I reached down and began to stroke his cock, hoping to calm him. He jumped and growled when I first touched him, but quickly he began to hump my hand, thankfully he also began to lick my breast more delicately. I felt like such a slut, here I was being licked in the snatch, mouth, and breast by dogs and now I had to masturbate one of them.

My pussy couldn't take any more punishment and my legs closed firmly around the dog.

This must have made him angry because he bit my labia very hard and made me almost swallow the other dog's tongue during my scream. The one in my hand began to grow and the cock came out of its skin, he was huge much larger then I thought anyone or anything could be. The dog at my pussy, still angry, backed away and began to growl loudly. I knew then that he must have been the leader because the other dogs also backed away from me. "What are they going to do to me now," I thought. "Oh no not that they couldn't be thinking of doing THAT."

The dog at my head took a mouthful of my hair and pulled upwards, causing much pain.

The leader took my left leg in his mouth and began to pull me over. The combined effect made me roll over onto my stomach, raised up on my hands. I felt a authoritarian nip on my ass, so i quickly got it in the air also. I knew they would have me as they wished and that there was nothing I could do to stop them. Tears ran down my face as I was about to take my doom.

The leader climbed my back and wrapped his strong paws around my waist, his weight held me in place, unable to move. I could feel his wet cock growing and touching the side of my ass. The leader began to rock against my it, making his cock grow to an immense size. One dog licked my dangling breast as the other licked my face and lips. I tried to keep one of the dog's tongue out of my mouth, but the dog at my breast would nip me and make me scream, this opened the way for the dog's inhuman tongue. The leader positioned his now massively hard cock at my tender pussy, he lurched into it and I screamed in agony. It hit my pussy and blunted against my hymen, again he rocked but this time harder, my hymen burst open lubricating his way with my blood. The dog at my front was Frenching my mouth as I screamed, taking me as he wished, the other dog also seemed to enjoy my swaying breasts as their leader entered me. The leader slowly, painfully fed his huge meat into me, my virginity had been taken by a dog. The dog on my breast began to nip harshly again and I knew what he wanted, I gripped his still semi-hard cock and began to jerk him.

The leader built up a good rhythm inside me and continued to stretch my pussy to its limits. The dog at my mouth decided to complete my humiliation and mounted my front, his large disgusting cock right in my face. Moaning in pain from the violation of my pussy made my mouth an easy target for his cock, and he wasted little time in ramming it deep into my mouth. I could taste the salty precum as he worked it against the back of my throat, it was choking me. Both dogs' knots filled my poor ravished body, rocking me, pummeling me, intertwining me helplessly. The leader and dog in my mouth forced me to work between them now. The leader would thrust me hard with his powerful legs forcing me deep onto the dog cock in my mouth, then the dog I was sucking would catapult me back and force my pussy deeper onto the huge leader's dick. My life was now a nightmare i was being forced to be made their rape bitch, being gagged and stuffed by the cocks, forced to jerk off the third, i just wanted it to end. The dog in my mouth began to moan and jerk erratically, his cock throbbing inside me, while without my consent my pussy began to respond to the cock abusing it, grabbing it and massaging the massive muscle, my body seemed to be responding in ways i had not ever experienced. Just the the cock in my mouth seemed to explode and hot cum ran down my throat, I gagged and coughed as it filled me. He removed himself from my mouth and walked a short distance away to clean off his obscene cock.

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