Pigging Out

by Helen Aronsson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young woman finds pleasure with boyfriend and his new 'mate'

Hi, my name is Helen and I have a story to tell

I'm 35, a bit on the plump side and blonde. 10 years ago I was neither 35, plump or blonde. I also wasn't single and that's how my story begins. My boyfriend, whom I loved very much, was a guy out of the ordinary. Fit, smart, an enthusiastic and inspiring lover, well mannered, well spoken and, to say the least, well hung. My parents owned a dairy farm in the southernmost part of Sweden. They also bred pigs, since the yield from the cows alone wasn't enough to sustain us. For reasons of convenience, I still lived with my parents. Work was only 2 km away and I had half the house to myself. My boyfriend, who lived in the next town, came to visit as often as possible. We usually spent our time fucking away like rabbits, morning, day and night. We tried almost everything, every hole, every position. Even a little WS in the bath. At least I THOUGHT we tried almost everything. As it turned out, my boyfriend wanted to take matters a little further and I was drawn into it by accident. A willing victim of my own unbridled lust and readiness to try anything

Oskar usually volunteered to do some of the chores in the stables and pens. Mainly feeding the cows and pigs for the evening. He took his sweet time doing it and I was usually in bed with three fingers up my snatch by the time he was finished. He loved to see me masturbating, I am always extremely wet and the smacking sounds drove him nuts. We often had mutual masturbation sessions where he would jack off while I had four fingers pumping my cunt in pace with him. It was an excellent way of timing our orgasms. Sometimes my fingers and his cock would trade places as his spasms began, and he would bring us both off that way, or he would just shoot his load on my cunt and hand while I came.

My dad was ever so pleased with the way Oskar was performing his tasks. Dad had a back problem and was only too happy to leave some of the work in my boyfriends competent hands. One night I was waiting and waiting and... waiting. I was wet and ready for whatever Oskar had in store for me, but where the hell was he? It was about 10 pm and he should have been finished feeding the animals by now. My parents had gone to bed an hour ago and I missed Oskars's cock. Little did I know that it was already at work.

A little miffed by his neglect, I put on my coveralls and scampered across the lawn towards the stables. I could barely make him out through one of the dirty windows, but not what he was doing? I could hear him mumbling, but nothing else. I decided to sneak up on him and scare the piss out of him, as I had done so many times before. I quietly opened the outer door and proceeded towards the inner. Oskar would be standing to the right, and I would be out of view until I was practically on top of him. I crept around the corner and there he was, turned away from me. Well, he could possibly have picked me up in the corner of his eye. He was still standing in the same spot, mumbling. His hips were moving in an not altogether unfamiliar manner. It took a few seconds before I realised what was going on. My God! He was fucking one of the sows! I could neither believe my eyes, nor could I turn them away from the bizarre act that was taking place right in front of me. I couldn't breathe, I felt my blood turn to ice and then start to boil. My next thought was to put my foot in his backside so hard, he and the sow would have to be separated surgically. But I couldn't. As sick as it may be, I had to see it all. Behind a couple of bales I would have the perfect perch. I inched my way there as silently as I could. Actually I could have marched in with a band and Oskar wouldn't have noticed a thing. Once behind the bales I made a peep hole between them and started watching the show in earnest. I could now se his cock slowly sliding in and out of the sow.

She was one of the young ones and had never been inseminated. Well, she was getting hers now and getting it good. Her eyes were closed and she was drooling. Clear fluid was coming out of her cunt as well. She was having the time of her life! I had never thought that humans and animals could enjoy sex together. At least not men and female animals. I knew dogs fucked women quite happily, but this was beyond belief. Oskar was going very slowly savouring every inch of what must have been a very tight vagina. He was almost turning it inside out every time he withdrew. The sow was secreting heavily and the pool of cunt juice on the floor told me they had been at it for a while. Oskar mumbling was now discernible and words like: "-God, you're tight ! -This is so fucking good!" were whispered to the happy pig. Something was happening to me as well. My knees hurt of course, but my crotch seemed to be on fire. I opened the lower zipper on my coverall and reached inside. I was stark naked under since I had just left my bed. Jesus, my dripping was enough to rival that of the sow. I had soaked my coverall completely through. I thought I had wet myself, but the slippery feel of the goo in my crotch gave me away: I was turned on beyond belief. I opened the zipper a few more inches and managed to slip two fingers into my cunt with an audible 'plop' My other hand tried to find my clit within the cramped confines of my clothing. I finally managed and started to rub myself as I feasted my eyes on the scene before me. Oscar was picking up speed now. "Slurp, slurp, slurp" went his cock in the sow. His breathing got shallower and I knew he was close. So was I. He came with a deep grunt, almost sounding like a boar. I was only a few seconds behind him and fell backwards as my body first tensed up and then went limp. Had he heard me? No, he hadn't. He still had his cock in the sow, but it was slowly shrinking, letting their mixed juices seep out onto the floor. I rose. It seemed the only sensible thing to do. I knew he would see me on his way out and I didn't want him to see me lurking between the bales. To this day I have never been able to adequately describe the look on his face as our eyes met. A mixture of horror, shame and surprise. He stopped breathing. His prick was still hanging out of his coverall, covered in slime and dripping. He was paralysed. I walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

- This is a very unusual way of being cheated on, I said to him. No answer.

- What does she have that I don't, I asked.

I pushed him aside and put my hand over the sows swollen cunt lips. I parted the lips with my index finger and slid it in to the third knuckle. It WAS a tight cunt. The sow backed up against my intruding finger, obviously enjoying it. I slid another one in. I had, to this, day never touched the sex of any creature apart from my own and my boyfriends. It was warm and slippery and it smelled not at all bad. The pigs were regularly washed and I knew that was what dad and Oskar had been doing this morning. I started sliding my fingers in and out of the sow while I was looking Oskar straight in the face.

If you want to fuck the pigs, at least have the courtesy to bring them off, I said to him.

Wh... what, he stuttered.

I said, it's not nice to leave a girl before she's satisfied and this one clearly has a bit left to go. Well, are you going to do the honours or am I?

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