by Natasja

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman's nightmare becomes reality when she's raped an humiliated.

Just a sunny day in Holland. It's a friday and I took the day off. It was a hot day that day, and everybody kept their clothing limited to the minimum. I was sitting on a terrace, in front of a bar, wearing my sneakers, cute white socks, a short skirt with a black silk string underneath, and a large shirt, with the arms cut of. The holes which were left when cutting the arms off were a bit bigger than I wanted them to be. They were as big as the hole where my head goes through. And when that hole is just covering the end of one shoulder, it has slid down the other. I gave up the struggle pretty quick and left it like it is, with one shoulder exposed. I thought about wearing a bra, but decided it was too hot, and if I kept my arms beside me, it would be OK.

I enjoyed myself on the terraces, looking at people passing by, having a drink, smoking a joint (It's Holland, yippee), and having more drinks. I started to feel a bit woozy, enjoying the effects of the joint. I slide down my chair a bit and stretch myself out. After all that time in the hot sun I had become sweaty and I didn't realize that when I strechted myself, not only did a part my legs a bit far, but I gave a guy sitting nearby a great view between my parting legs, as well as on my tits, who were well visible through my wet shirt. After a huge yawn and another stretch that seemed to last a minute, I moved to a less compromizing position.

I ordered another drink, and started rolling another joint. I didn't see the guy's eyes flashing up and down from my crotch to my breasts. After finishing the joint I noticed that all the drinks were having an effect too.

I stood up and walked inside to go to the toilet. Walked to the back of the empty bar, were even the bartender had gone outside. I opened the door to the toilets. Then I suddenly got a hard push. I hit the wall face first, was a bit dizzy, but only for a short time. I felt my string being ripped from underneath my skirt. Before I could react, my buttocks were being thrust a part followed by a sharp pain in my ass. I wanted to scream, but a hand covered my mouth. A second hand coming through one of the holes in my shirt, hastile grabbing my tits, and giving them a rough rub. When the hand shot down betwen my legs and penetrated me, it finally struck me what was happening. I could hear him whispering to me. "That's what you were looking for, isn't it. Showing off outside, letting everybody have a good look at that horny little body, you were hoping someone would fuck you, you little slut. You love my cock in your tight ass, I can feel your wet cunt."

I started to struggle, but his weight pushing me against the wall and the feeling that my ass was stretched to the limit by his fast pumping, made me give up. He didn't take long, but when he pulled his dick out of me and threw me on the floor, he had been effective. I was completely in shock as he left.

I grabbed my clothes, got dressed and staggered back to my seat. I needed another drink. I was still unable to speak and it took me 2 hours to realize I had to get home. Because I was in shock I didn't realize that one of my tits was almost hanging out of my shirt, and the other sideways exposed through a rip in the shirt.

I got home unscaved, and quickly took a shower. Still a bit confused I didn't even dry up, but put on the shirt I was wearing before. I laid down on the bench and started to think about what I had done to deserve this. But I only got a few minutes before the doorbell rang. I looked up and saw a man waving at me and showing me my wallet. I must had left it at the bar. I went and recieved my wallet, thanked the man and gave him some money for returning it to me. He then asked me if he could have some water, and I showed him in. I proceeded him to the kitchen and gave him the water, as you do. He drank it slowly and I didn't see him looking. Because I didn't dry up after the shower, my nipples were visible through the shirt, not to mention what was visible through the rips at the side. The bit of the shirt covering my backside also seemed to be glued to my buttocks, it must have been quite a sight. But I wanted him out, and I walked towards the front door. I didn't see him looking at my backside, my mind had drifted, due to the events earlier, and I had hardly looked at him at all. At the frontdoor he stopped, looked at me and thanked me for the drink.

I wished him well and closed the door. Still feeling completely empty and tired, and as if my strenght isn't returning. I staggered back in to the livingroom and fell down on the sofa again in the same position. A position which caused the shirt to cover less than it should, and the man must have had a clear view from the window. But again I didn't realize. As I didn't notice passerby's who stopped and looked through the window. I was just beat and remained in that position, almost like in a coma...

After a few hours I finally got up, and I took another shower, a long one. By the time I got out, it had gone dark. I didn't bother to put on the light, I walked straight into the bedroom, and fell exhousted, face first, on the bed. I fell asleep and started to dream about this great guy, romantic, handsome, the works.

I dreamed we had a romantic evening and we went back to my place. We sat down on the couch and before long we were kissing. He put his tongue gently into my mouth and I wrapped my tongue around his and started sucking softly. I felt his hands sliding over my tits and towards my pussy. Gently he massaged it, and did a great job. I spread my legs and felt him sticking his fingers in me. My pussy got all wet, and when I shivered and moaned, he knew I had an orgasm. Then he put his dick in me and started to fuck me. My mouth became all sticky and I thought I had begon to drool. He pulled his tongue away and my mouth tried to follow him. His tongue then returned to my mouth and I started gently biting and sucking, and wrap my tongue around his. Although he fucked me really gently in the beginning, it became harder, still giving me about 2 more orgasms. Then he put his tongue further in my throat. He pushed in all the way to my throut and I felt I was about to choke. This waked me up.

I opened my eyes and saw that what I thought to be a tongue was in actual fact a big, hard cock. Immidiatly I felt a great load of warm cum being shot down my throat. He pulled away, and as I looked around my eyes widened.

The room is filled with men, all of them naked, and all of them with hard cocks. One of them is taping everything with a videocamera. It's the same guy who returned my wallet. He must have gotten his hands on my keysor something, and decided I looked good enough to fuck and wanted to share me with some friends. I realized that the first tongue wasn't one, and that I sucked a dick! And if that wasn't enough, I had several orgasms. And they had it on tape! They now have a movie of me fucking, sucking and comming.

I heard someone say "Oh good, the cunt is awake, there's no fun in fucking a corps", and they all came closer.

I felt the man who was fucking me trying to push his dick further in before he shot his load. He looked at me, smiled, and one more time, banged his dick deep into me before he pulled out. My wrists were grabbed and pulled in opposite directions. Same thing with my legs. One man wriggled his way underneath me, and pushed his fists against my shoulderblades. Because my arms were pulled aside, my tits stuck up in the air. I felt hands grabbing and rubbing them, and the same thing happend to my legs. I felt hands touching them al the way up to my pussy. A sudden gust of air escaped me as I felt the first one on my pussy. They started rubbing me everywhere, I got the sensation that I was floating in the air, with the air replaced by hands. This went on for ages and I couldn't help having an orgasm when the fingers started entering.

They then threw me on the bed, and I heared them saying "Yeah, we thought you'd like that, and I bet you want more, don't you, you fucking slut." I shook my head slightly, but I was to embarressed to look at them. They were raping me and I orgasmed. And more than once. I felt like crying, but somehow I couldn't. I had stopped to think, all I can remember now is feeling really low.

It was obvious that the men now felt that itwas their turn. I was dragged halfway off the bed and I felt a dick between my buttocks. It was the man who was underneath me. He didn't enter, he just made his cock slide up and down through my crack, pushing by buttocks together from the sides. After several of those 'wipes' he brutally rammed his dick into my asshole.

I wanted to scream, but was unable to produce a sound. Because of the sudden thrust, we slid of the bed, on to the floor. I quickly tried to get up, but his hands grabbed my hips, and his dick stayed in my stretched asshole. He laughed and sayd;" You're not going anywhere, you whore. I'm enjoying that tight asshole of yours to much. And the deeper I go, the tighter it gets. But you like that, don't you, you little wet cunt." He was now on his knees, leaning back, with me on top of him, also on my knees. He pulled my hips backwards, while he pushed his forward, and spread his knees and mine as well... He forced his cock in so deep, I thought he was going to end up in my throat. My body reflexed by throwing my head, shoulders and chest backwards. The man behind me grabbed a tit with one hand, my hair with the other and pulled me even further. I was with my knees widely spread, on the floor, hanging over backwards.

The man with the camera was cheering as he did closup shots between my legs, taping my pussy and the dick that was pistoning in my ass.Then he moved up, past my breasts and up to my face. With one hand he wiped my hair out of my face, grabbed my chin and held the camera right in front of me. Then he let go, and while moving backwards, lowering the camera, he smiled and said:"Just so that everyone can reckognize you..." I hardly heard what he said. When he got out of the way, three men came walking behind eachother towards me. The first stepped over me, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my face against his crotch. He rubbed his dick all over my face. Then he jammed it in so deep I can hardly breath. The second man also stepped over me and put his dick between my tits and pushed them so hard together I thought they were going to burst. The third pulled me up by my thighs and rubbed his cock slowly over my cunt. Up and down, making me feel his big, hard cock brushing against my little pink lips. I had been struggling to get away for some time, with completely no effect, and my strength was fading. My body was bouncing in different directions, depending on where the hardest bang came from. My pussy had also been entered and simultaneously this cock entered with the one still pounding in my asshole.

The man that was slamming his dick deep into my mouth came, and I felt my tongue being covered. I had to swallow it, to avoid choking. The man stepped away and I looked up. At that moment the guy who was raping my tits came too, and I got a load of cum shot into my face. My head was being pulled back again and another cock entered my mouth. My strength had gone and I was lying there like a ragdoll. My body moved on the rythem of the pounding cocks.

They all came. In my mouth, over my face, between my tits, over my hands, in my cunt and in my asshole. And all of them had more than one go at me. A couple of guys couldn't get it up anymore, but were so much enjoying the use of this cheap slut, that they decided they haden't had enough fun. Just as I thought the intensity was fading, as one dick slid out of my cunt after dropping off yet another load of cum, one of them pushed his fist in my pussy. I gasped for air again, still unable to do the one thing I want to do, scream.

It seemed they had found something new, and when the cock pistoning in and out of my asshole shot his load in me, he is instantly replaced with a hand after the cock pulled out. Again a fist. I could only produce groans and gasps for air. I was being banged up and down the bed, spreading my legs as far as I could to relieve the pain. Unfortunaletly the men seemed to enjoy the picture they were seeing, and moments later, there was is a halfhard dick dangling in front of my face. It's owner grabbed my hair, and pushed my head against his crotch, rubbing his dick over my face. I heard him talking to me "Hey Natasja, if you want it hard, you'd better suck it and you like it hard, so suck it, bitch".

He pushed my head against his hips so hard it really hurted my face, and I knew, or at least thought, it would be stupid to refuse him. So I opened my mouth and his dick popped in, much to the liking of the man. "See, you're nothing but a cheap slut. Suck, whore."

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