Judy 1: Judy's Bedroom Surprise

by Claude Raines

Caution: This Bestiality Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Zoophilia, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Big Breasts, Slow, beastiality sex story.

Desc: Bestiality Sex Story: Hot teenage virgin Judy is surprised and gangpopped by family dogs.

The following story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental, though historical events or people may provide a starting point for this story.

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Note on the numbering of my stories: the format I use for number is <name> <story #> -< serial #>; <name> is the name of the central girl; <story #> is which story it is, in order of starting; <serial #> is the number of the story in that series if there's more that one. Thus Diane 1-1 is the first installment of the first story about a girl named Diane. Its sequel, if written, is Diane 1-2, whereas Diane 2-1 is another story entirely (though it might be about the same girl; see below). A story named Diane 1A-1 is a variation on story Diane 1-1; Diane 1-3A1 is a variation on Diane 1-3.

Note on these stories: I find the "first time" stories very interesting so I have chosen to write several different versions of these stories. These stories do not comprise a series of sequential stories unless specifically stated to be such; instead, they are alternate stories based on some of my different fantasies going back to high school and the young women I knew then. Names have been changed... to protect the guilty. Enjoy the story!

Judy Martinelli looked happily at the note on the kitchen table: her mother wouldn't be home until after 7PM, so she has the house to herself for three hours, until her brother Ken and sister Gwynne get home after 5:30. Three hours! She can do anything she wanted! First, chase the two dogs, Mutt and Jeff, outside in the backyard with Cody, then she can have some fun.

Three minutes later, all three dogs are inside and she's not strong enough to get Mutt or Cody out; the only one she can get out is Jeff, the beagle mix. Opening the back door hadn't been a good idea, since Cody, the huge sheepdog - St Bernard mix, had promptly bulldozed his way into the cool house. Shrugging to herself, irritated, she starts stripping her sweaty clothes off; after all, they're just dogs and can't talk.

Releasing her 36D tits from their confinement, she sighs as she rubs the soft pale skin; her hard brown nipples stand out from the silver-dollar-sized circles of puffy flesh topping the soft creamy mounds. She pushes the satin globes up into a mountain of titflesh, her throbbing nipples pulsing obscenely against each other. "Oooh, that's so good! Mmmmm!"

At that moment, Jeff starts howling at being alone in the backyard. "Shit! Damned dog!" she tries to ignore him, but he keeps getting louder. If he doesn't stop, the neighbors will complain again. "C'mere, Cody. C'mon, boy, c'mere Cody!" Cody raises his head, looks at her and goes back to sleep. "C'mere Mutt! Mutt! Come!" Mutt the lab opens one eye and closes it again. "Cody! Mutt! Come here right now!" She stomps her foot; the dogs ignore her, but her ripe tits jiggle enchantingly with the effort. Outside, Jeff's still howling.

"Damn dogs!" she goes to let Jeff back in; he'll keep howling until he's with his buddies. "Why can't Ken teach you dumb dogs to obey somebody else!" she mutters to herself. She's clear to the door when she remembers her top; after a moment, she opens the door anyway. If the neighbors see her, they'll get an eyeful, but she's too mad and too horny to care. Jeff doesn't hear the door until she yells "Get in here you stupid dog!" and sees her standing topless in the doorway, her round bare tits shining in the sun.

He barks happily and dives back inside, brushing past her bare legs. She slams the door "Now lay down and be quiet! Stupid dogs!" Jeff flops down on the living room floor with the other two; he doesn't care what Judy does as long as she lets him be with his buddies. In the kitchen, Judy strokes her sensitive tits again "Aaah! That feels so good!" Her tight little pussy is still gushing juice from standing half-naked in the doorway; it's the same itchy feeling she gets from cheerleading.

She squeezes her big teenage tits; she loves that feeling! Somehow, she knows it would be even better if a boy was doing it, but after two of her older sisters got pregnant, her mother watches her so close that she's probably going to graduate from high school still a virgin. "It's not fair! I'm probably the only virgin left in high school! I wish..." she giggles "Wouldn't Claude or Billy love to see me now! They'd come in their pants!"

That gives her an idea. "So, boys, what do you think? Do you like them? Don't they look good?" She pulls her left nipple up to her mouth and sucks for a minute "Yummy! Don't you want some?" Judy cups both titglobes and offers them up to her imaginary lovers. "See? They're delicious!" She moans; her fantasy lovers are getting her so hot!

"What?! You want me to take my shorts off? You naughty boys!" She squeezes her cuntmound through her red shorts and panties; there's a dark wet spot spreading from her sopping pussy. "Well... I suppose. But you can't touch!" She giggles again; this is great, even if she really wouldn't show off like this. Billy would tell everyone in town... That's odd; Claude dates girls, but nobody ever says anything about what goes on... Would he tell?

She gasps as a shudder racks her virgin slit at the thought of stripping down like this for Claude. Maybe she should; if the fantasy's this good, how good would the reality be?

Judy slides her hands up over smooth olive-skinned belly to soft silky white tits, shuddering at the soft contact; her fingers sink into the soft tittymeat and she gasps at the sensations radiating from her nipples and tight dark cunt. Her hands glide downwards again, catching at the elastic waistband of her red shorts. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" she teases "If I take my shorts off, anything could happen." The wet spot is getting bigger, and there's a drop of liquid emerging from the leg of her shorts.

Spinning in place, she dances to the music in her head; seemingly of their own will, her hands slowly start to push the elastic down over her hips. Turning her back to her invisible lovers, she wiggles her round bottom at them "Do you like my bottom? Do you want to see more?" Half of her tight little ass shows above the waistband now, and her pussy's melting into steaming-hot girl-goo; one liquid thread's heading for her knee and she's feeling so good!

Pivoting back, she humps her hips toward the living room; the smell of hot pussy fills the kitchen as she bumps-and-grinds; the top of her black bush showing over the top of her shorts matches the long silky hair brushing over her big tits and stroking the dark nipples. Judy pants; the air in the kitchen feels thin and burning hot as she sways seductively. In the living room, the dogs stir in their sleep and their cocks start to swell.

Her hips rock back and forth as the red shorts slowly inch downwards over her flat belly, then her hands abruptly drop as the shorts finally slide off and drop to the floor with a sodden sound; she steps away from the soaked fabric "Well boys? What do you think? Ooh, I'm so hot!" Her thin nylon bikini panties are almost transparent with wetness where they cradle Judy's raven-haired mound like a lacy white slingshot loaded with a juicy plum. "Do you like me? How about from this side?" as she pirouettes like a ballet dancer; her plush white tits stand up full and round with her arms over her head.

Her satiny white bottom's nicely rounded and her gauzy panties are pulling up into the crack of her ass as she bends over, displaying her long tanned legs and tight dark pussy. "Now boys, you can look but don't touch. Naughty, Naughty." She does another bump-and-grind then spins back to display her soaking-wet mound to her fantasy lovers "Doesn't that look good? Don't you want to kiss it?" She moans as her pussy spasms again; there's another creamy drop of slick girl-juice tracing a path down the inside of her suntanned thigh.

"What?! My panties too? That's sooo naughty, you nasty boys." She giggles at the thought that she's acting like a bitch in heat; she may not be a bitch, but she's definitely in heat. "Oooh, you say the nicest things to a girl! Well, maybe..." she pulls her panties clear up between her curvy creamy cheeks. "Do you like that? OH! That's naughty! Do it again!" Lost in her fantasies, she doesn't hear the dogs stirring at the musky smell of hot pussy.

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