Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carol finds a naked man tied to a tree and near death. She nurses him back to health and they try to find out who did that to him.

Carol started walking from the stable to her log cabin when she saw headlights on the road leading to the ranch. She lived alone in the one bedroom, one bath cabin so she was aware of anything out of the ordinary in her world. She watched the headlights and they appeared to be stationary. Carol ran to the cabin and got the 60 power spotting scope that had been her father's. Without turning on the lights in the cabin, she focused on the headlights to try and figure out what the occupants of the car were doing. The car was over a mile away and the snow was stating to fall a little faster than when she had been bedding down the livestock. She could make out two figures moving out from the trees and getting back into the car. As she watched, the headlights started to move and she could see that they were moving away and heading for the state highway. Carol wondered what they had dumped off into the trees. The car appeared to be a large SUV or small van. She could not make the car out at this distance and the visibility was decreasing by the minute. Carol stood at the window as the headlights turned and disappeared. The snow was coming down at a steady pace now and she knew that there would be a considerable accumulation by morning. Carol started getting mad that someone would dump trash on her property. She decided to see if she could find out if the trash had anything in it that would allow her to identify the dumpers. She walked to the stable to saddle her horse and get to the trash before the snow covered it.

He raised his head as he regained consciousness for a few minutes. He couldn't see out of one eye and it felt like every bone hurt. Blood kept dripping into his one good eye and he had to keep blinking so that he could see. He tried to move but he couldn't. He was not coherent enough to realize how badly he was hurt. He thought to himself that it was very cold in the trees and that he should get to his house. He was wondering who had done this to him and if anyone at home would help him. As he lost consciousness he realized that he couldn't remember where he lived. He wondered if he had a home or anyone to hunt for him. As he lost consciousness he fell against the ropes tying him to the tree. The bullet wound is his side was bleeding badly and his entire face and body had numerous cuts. He was naked and the cold was fast sucking the heat from his body. A coyote had already smelled the blood from several hundred yards away and was starting toward the critically injured man.

Carol started for the site where the car had dumped the trash. She had put her revolver in her sheepskin jacket and had picked up an old blanket to wrap the trash in. The fact that some people were so inconsiderate as to dump trash on someone else's property infuriated her. The horse picked his way along the road toward the trash site. Carol did not push the horse too much as she did not want to make him slip and hurt himself or her. As she neared the site where she had last seen the car she started looking for the trash that the car had dumped. She could just make out where the tire tracks of the car were and she knew that the tracks would be gone in a few minutes as the snow was falling at a steady rate now. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a small movement. She peered into the underbrush and could just make out the coyote hiding from her. Her senses were suddenly heightened, as she knew that the coyote would never allow her to get this close until he was either after game that was injured or if he was tracking her. She quickly assured herself that she was not the target. She knew that coyotes would rarely stalk a human much less a human on a horse. Carol pulled her revolver and sent a bullet into the underbrush a foot in front of the coyote. The coyote scrambled for the safety of the trees and she knew that he was still close enough to keep an eye on her.

Carol got off of the horse and started searching for whatever the car had dumped. She led the horse a short way into the trees being careful to not allow the horse to become afraid. She had to keep the horse with her or the coyote might spook the horse and she knew the horse would run back to the stable. If that happened she would have to walk back to the cabin. Even though she knew she knew the coyote would rarely attack a human, she didn't like thought of having to walk through the snow to the cabin. Carol saw the bloody thing on the tree a while before she realized what it was. She tied the horse securely to a tree, as she knew that the horse would spook if he smelled blood. She hoped that the coyote was as cowardly as most of them are, as she did not want the horse to be spooked by the coyote either. Carol walked to the tree and saw that it was a man tied to the tree. He had been severely beaten on his head and his body. He was also naked and she saw that he had been shot. The blood from his injuries was making it hard to really assess his injuries. Carol walked to the horse and got the old blanket. It would not be big enough to be much good but it would help a little. Carol was not really sure if he was dead or alive. She put the blanket on the ground, wrapped him in it and put the body on the horse's saddle. She got on the horse and maneuvered herself onto the horse and into the saddle and pulled the body onto her lap. The man's skin was cold so she could not tell if he was alive, as he was not moving at all. Carol started back to the cabin.

When she got to the cabin she gently pushed the body forward and slide out from under the man. She got down and slid the body from the horse. Carol struggled with the body, as he was large man. With considerable difficulty she got him in the cabin and pulled him in front of the wood stove. She still could not tell if he was alive or not. Carol rushed outside and grabbed the reins of her horse and led him to the stable. She knew that although the man might need care they both would be in deep trouble if the horse were allowed to die in the freezing weather. She unsaddled the horse and threw some feed in his trough and made sure he had water. She ran to the cabin to check on the man to see if she could detect any signs of life. The body was still in the same spot that he was when she had left. She quickly uncovered him so that she could find out if he was alive and if he was, to check on the extent of his injuries. Carol saw that he was alive but just barely. She ran to get her medical bag and than got a large pail of hot water and all of the washcloths and towels she could carry. She washed the man down completely and started dressing his wounds. The man had been beaten severely over most of his body. She noticed that several toes were mashed as though they had been hit with a hammer. The gunshot wound had stopped bleeding and Carol did not work on that until she had stopped the bleeding on the numerous wounds on his head and body.

As much as she dreaded it she started cleaning the area around the bullet wound. A check of the wound indicated to her that the bullet had not hit the intestines or any vital organs. Carol silently hoped that the bullet didn't make a turn after it went into his body. She took a pin and stuck him in his side. He didn't even twitch so Carol knew that she could work without giving him an anesthetic. Carol probed for the bullet and dug it out as gently as she could, which was none too gentle considering how deep the bullet was. Carol stood up and viewed her handiwork. The man had about 30 cuts on his head and body, several broken toes and a simple fracture of his leg. She had to put in about 50 stitches on his body and about 20 in his face. She felt that he would recover all right if infection didn't set in. She gave him some antibiotics and looked over his body to make sure that she had not missed any injuries. She again noticed that he was a big man in more ways than one. The man's one uninjured eye fluttered open and he looked at Carol. "God, I hurt," he said softly. "What's your name?" Carol asked. He replied," Susan," and lost consciousness again. Carol chuckled, "I don't think so, cowboy."

Carol got several old blankets and ripped them into stripes about 4 inches wide and wrapped his arms and legs loosely in case any frostbite had started. She put a heavy coating of Vaseline on his face to hold in the moisture and heat. She then got a 0 degree sleeping bag and put in on the floor far enough from the woodstove so that he would remain warm but not get too hot. Carol was exhausted from the care that she had given him and the tension of the experience. She lay down on the couch and was soon sound asleep.

Carol occasionally cleaned him and put lotion on his body and cleaned his dressings. He rarely moved or gave any indication that he was alive. She force fed him soup and tried to get as much water in him as possible. The storm had dumped about 30 inches of snow on the ranch and they were effectively shutoff from the world. Carol could not get out to call on the farms in the area so she cared for the man pretty much full time. Carol found some of her father's clothes that she thought would fit the man if and when he woke up. Her father was about the same size as the injured man.

The farm was fairly isolated so Carol did not have many visitors. Those that did come to the farm were usually farmers or ranchers bringing their animals by. Carol liked it that way. She had pretty much withdrawn from society since her husband had died from the Desert Storm disease that had killed many but that the Pentagon had refused to acknowledge existed. They had only been married about 6 months before he went to the Saudi and Iraqi desert. When he came home every thing was fine for about a year and then the illnesses started. The illnesses were hard to describe and doctors did not know how to treat the illnesses that had so many different symptoms. In her mind Carol told herself that her husband had died of the illnesses. What had happened really she refused to think about. One morning he had got up before dawn, saddled a horse and rode out. She had gone looking for him later that morning and found him on a blanket curled up in a fetal position. He left a note that he could not stand being sick anymore and had sent a bullet into his brain. A part of Carol had died that day. The people who knew her understood her feelings and honored her wishes. They watched out for her for a while and then life drifted to the way it was now. Any human contact was strictly business.

Carol came into the cabin after feeding the livestock to get a cup of coffee. As she walked by the sleeping bag she noticed that the man had his eyes open and he was staring at the ceiling. "Well, cowboy," she said, "I see you are awake." The man did not answer, only turned his head to look at Carol. "Would you like some soup?" she asked. The man didn't answer. "Let's try and get you to sit up in a chair." She said. "It's not good laying on the floor all the time. It took her about ten minutes to get him into the plush chair that was about fifteen feet away from where he had been laying. Carol sat on the sofa and asked, "What's your name?" The man thought for about a minute and said, "I don't know." "How long have I been here?" Carol looked at him, "About a week ago you told me your name was Susan." He looked at her quizzically, "I don't think my name is Susan but I don't know what my name is." "Does Susan mean anything to you?" she asked. He shook his head no very gingerly. "What happened to me?" he asked. "I was hoping you could tell me that," she replied. "I think somebody doesn't like you." "You were shot and beaten almost to death." "They tied you to a tree, I guess they thought you were dead or almost dead." "I got you just before a coyote did and I brought you here." "I thought you were dead when I got you in the cabin." "Where is this place?" he asked. "I don't live here do I?" Carol chuckled, "No you don't live here this is my ranch and I live alone." The man leaned his head back on the chair and lost consciousness again.

Carol went and got a cup of coffee and sat at the dining room table. She thought to herself that this man could be in deep trouble. Surely whoever did this to him either thought he was dead or thought that he could not survive the beatings and gunshot. She had never heard of anyone being beaten that severely. They had taken his clothes to ensure that he would not survive. Maybe they had not realized that the cabin was so near to where they ditched the body. There was a lot of hatred against this man. Carol looked over and saw that he had raised his head and was looking around. She got a can of soup from the cupboard and heated it just enough to take the chill off of it. She went to him and fed the soup to him a spoonful at a time. After he had completed about half the soup he turned his head away to indicate that he had enough. Carol got the clothes of her father's and dressed him. Carol stood up, "OK cowboy, we're going to start getting you to move a bit," she said. She got him up and walked him over to the sofa. "Now, in a couple of hours we're going to walk you back to the chair," She told him. He groaned, "It hurts." "I know, but it has to be done," she said. This was the start of his recuperation. Everyday Carol would increase his travels a little more. By the end of the fifth day after he had come around he stopped fighting her and assisted in his walks. Within two weeks he was walking gingerly on his own.

One morning about three weeks after Carol had found him and brought him to the cabin. She looked at him and said. "Well cowboy, I think we had better get you into the bathtub." "You're beginning to get ripe and I don't think water will hurt your wounds." Carol removed his clothing and his dressings and checked his wounds. He had healed enough that hot water would not open any of the wounds. She drew a tub and helped him into the bathroom. She put her arms under his and assisted him into the tub. He lowered himself into the tub slowly. "This feels good." He said. Carol left him with instructions to soak a while and then wash up. She cautioned him not to try and get out of the tub himself. After about 20 minutes she went into the bathroom and got him out of the tub, dried him off and got him dressed. He walked out of the bathroom under his own power. For the next several days he slept about 12 hours a day.

Carol was at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee when the man walked in from the living room. "Is my name cowboy?" he asked. Carol smiled, "No, that's just something to call you since I don't know your name." "Sit down and get a cup of coffee." "Who are you?" the man asked. Carol sighed, "My name is Carol Conroy and I own this ranch since my father died about a year ago and I live alone.' She still did not consider the man a resident of the ranch although she did not have any idea of when or how she could get rid of him. "Do you work anywhere?" he asked. "I'm a veterinarian and I work the ranch," she answered. "That's how I knew to patch you up." "I know that I am not supposed to practice on humans, but I didn't have much choice," she added. "I'm also a farrier," she said. "What's a farrier?" he asked quizzically. "I shoe horses."

"Where is this ranch?" he asked. "Utah," she answered. "Those mountains in the distance are the Wasatch Mountains." He looked puzzled, "How did I get here?" Carol brightened, "Don't you belong in Utah?" He looked about to cry, "I don't know where I live but I know that I am not from Utah." Carol smiled, "Great, least you remember that you don't live in Utah, that's a start." "When I look outside I don't see any buildings," he said. "Are there any buildings where you live?" she asked. "Sure, a lot of them," he said like she must be dumb not to know that. Carol smiled, "See, you're starting to remember a little." "You said that I told you my name was Susan, I feel that is a name I should know," he told her. "I don't know why I think I should know Susan." Carol continued with her questioning, "Could it be your wife or daughter or mother?" 'I don't know," he said quietly. Carol pressured him, "Think about the night that you came here, do you remember a fight or anyone beating you." "I've been thinking about that," He said, I remember two men but I can't put a face to the men or why they did it." Carol continued questioning him for about a half an hour but he could remember nothing new. Carol decided to not pressure him any more for a while.

Carol worked around the ranch for a while and took "cowboy" with her. She convinced him to start helping a little to get his body moving. He pitched in and started to realize that he missed working although he couldn't remember what his work used to be. When Carol went in to get a sandwich he continued working in the barn. Carol was sitting at the kitchen table when he walked in. "Is there an airport around here?" he asked. Carol thought for a minute, "None close other than a few landing strips on ranches, why do you ask?" "It just came to me that I know airplanes and I thought I might be a pilot or something," he said. Carol asked several questions and could find no reason to believe he was a pilot.

Carol suddenly thought of an avenue that they had not explored. "How about the internet?" she asked. "Maybe we can look up missing persons." She went to the computer desk in the living room, pulled up the server and searched the missing persons databases. The databases were mainly for children and the few adults did not match the man she called cowboy. She spent about two hours on the Internet searching every database that she thought might lead them to a clue. She shut the computer down and they went back to work in the barn.

When they came into the cabin they were both so tried that they skipped dinner. Cowboy took a shower first and went to bed on the foldout cot that Carol had set up in the living room. Carol went to her bedroom and got her nightclothes and drew a bath. As she lowered herself into the hot water the aches and pains slowly melted away. She soaked and let her thoughts roam about the man and the impact he has had on her life in the past month. She wondered who this man was. He was a very handsome well-built man and he seemed pleasant enough. She wondered what their relationship would have been like under normal circumstances. She felt sorry for him as he knew little about himself and that there was someone out there that would probably kill him if they knew he was alive. She started to soap her body and her hand went between her legs. She started to rub herself and continued until she had an orgasm. She hoped the "cowboy" had not heard her when she called out when the waves of pleasure swept over her. She had not done that in a long time.

Carol woke up early, pulled her robe on and went downstairs. "Cowboy" was lying on the cot and had thrown the covers away. He had apparently gotten too hot sleeping in front of the wood stove. She looked at him still asleep. Her gaze traveled down his body and she gasped as she realized that he had a morning erection. He is a large man she thought as a tingling started between her legs. She watched him for a few minutes then turned and went into the kitchen and started the coffee. Her thoughts kept returning to his erection. She forced her mind to think of something else. "Good Morning," he said. Carol almost jumped out of her skin. She was almost afraid that he would know what she was thinking. She got up without saying anything and poured herself and him a cup of coffee. "I've got to go into town this morning to pickup a few things," She said. "I don't think that you should go with me in case one of the people that are after you are there," "Will you be OK here on you own?" she asked. He agreed that he should not be seen yet and told her that he would be fine here on his own. He asked her to lie out some work for him so that he could keep busy. They ate a couple of slices of toast and he went out to the barn. Carol got dressed and got into the pickup truck and headed for town.

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