Welcome Home, Daddy!

by oafish

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: After years of total separation; a mutual, dream-fullfilling family reunion.

When we finally met, the nervousness had lasted, maybe... fifteen seconds! Our souls just knew each other, intimately, and without reservation. We laughed and yelled incoherent noises of uncontainable joy and greeting, nonstop, for about twenty minutes, as we grappled and gambeled about in the hundred-plus degree desert heat. Finally, we took our blissful bizzareness inside to avoid both heat stroke and the 911 wrath of outraged neighbors.

It was about ten minutes later...

Wrapped in a couple of damp towels, an exquisite vision of loveliness came slowly floating down the long, shadowed hallway towards me. One long, bare arm was cocked above her head, balancing the turban about her wet hair. The slim fingers of her other hand held the horizontally striped folds of the second towel about her tall, lanky beauty. There was the barest suggestion of an impish smile playing at the corners of Shannon's mouth as each gliding stride displayed the smooth length of an incredibly pale leg. The intermittant glimpse of damp, red-gold curls, coyly peeked from under the split of the towel as she sashayed from her bath. My gaze shuddered up each long, graceful curve as she approached until I was lost in the dialated, dark pools of of her glittering, green, upturned eyes.

Wrapping my arms about this humid beauty, I was engulfed in the light, yet musky odor of her cleanliness. Our lips met in a soft, exploratory caress, the sweet softness of our nibbling and tender sucking building, as her body seemed to languidly flow against my own.

My tonguetip was teasing and dancing with hers, when my hands found the high, rounded firmness of Shannon's terrycloth covered, athletic ass. Burying my tongue in her deep, throaty moan, I squeezed the ripe fullness of her buns, as waves of desire rippled the softness of her belly against the beginning of my swelling erection.

Nobody spoke.

Her warm breath now caressing my neck, her pelvis slowly rotating against me, I felt the dampness of the towel fall from between us as her nipples speared my chest. I could feel my swelling tumescience split the fly of my boxers to throb against the still damp, cloying softness of her pubes.

"Daddy... I've dreamed about this day for sooo long now! I can hardly believe you're really here!" Shannon softly cooed in my ear.

Keeping one hand kneading a bun, my fingers spreading and curling into the just-bathed dampness of her lovely ass-crack, my other hand glided up over her young hip and stoked past her taunt waist to travel along the grooves of her ribcage. My thumb pushed up into the resilliant firmness of her young breast as my fingertips encircled it's roundness. Gently squeezing and pulling, I could feel her heart thudding in her chest, as her long, hard nipple strained in my fingertips.

Kissing up the long curve of her neck, I mumbled, "Fifteen years I've been cuddling you in my dreams." And with a sudden, little, catch in my throat, wetly sucked her fleshy earlobe hungrily into my mouth.

Shannon clenched her ass, capturing my questing fingers, as she arched her back. Her pelvis ground against the growing firmness of my cock, as her curls salaciously scrubbed my engorged, sensitive, dickhead. My gaze traversed the smooth, glowing, youthful skin, from her chin down the long, graceful curve of her neck, to watch the pulse of her rising excitement pound at the base of Shannon's throat. The flushed, still-damp surface of her freshly showered chest led to the high-held perfection of twin, creamy white globes. Small, dime-sized, deep pink aureola had thickened to support the jutting of her fully engorged, hyper-extended, quivering nipples.

Bending forward, while thrusting my hips, I kissed and nibbled down the softness of her neck in time with her moans, as my cock sought to force it's way through her coppery forest, into the window to paradise. Then, continuing to knead the firmness of one incredibly perfect breast, my fingertips flailing it's stiffened nipple, I tightly slurped the other hot, half-inch protrusion into my mouth. She squealed in surprised delight as half of her young tit followed and my nether fingers probed to spread her, by now, hotly dribbling lips from behind. Shannon's ass was trembling as my hard cock slid between the heat of her thighs.

She moaned with a pent-up, manic hunger when the rock-hard mushroom of my dick forced it's way to slide through the slick, steamy, furrow of her hot little hole. Lifting one leg to perch her thigh on the shelf of my hip, Shannon gasped as my rampant pole pressed against the entrance to her horny, sucking twat. Still obscessively chewing on her achingly hard nipples, I groaned as I canted my pelvis and felt her pussy spread to sloppily spread it's juicy tenderness tightly across the tip of my blindly probing cock.

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